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I started this journey in the middle of February... I've lost 6 pounds now!!!! I'm almost to my firs ALYSSAJESUIS 5 PROUDMOM04
3/4/18 1:33 P
Feeling great this Sunday morning...75 min walk at the lake is's routine now for my Sunday KAKONOLADY 7 BANEWLAND
3/4/18 3:22 P
I'm an elf. What are you? ALLYLIZZY 81 BIGBROTHER323
4/3/18 3:17 P
Finally in size 12 jeans! Down from size 18. Goal is size 10. MUSICLADY923 150 MUSICLADY923
3/28/18 8:38 P
Just trying to keep myself motivated to keep going! It’s getting harder to see results as often as i GOLDIEFOXX 142 ROSEANNECARLSON
3/4/18 6:36 P
Do you see this?!? I did it!!! I did it!!!!! I finally dipped into the 150s!! I have been cruising a JESSICA_G23 206 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/4/18 9:53 P
Need some advice?? Never in my life owned a pair of skinny jeans until these were handed down to me. TMP0418 306 CHELLE_2909
3/20/18 4:41 P
Good morning from Montana! Just a reminder to enjoy life. Sometimes weight loss can stagnate or not AGENTPANDA 15 LIZZIE138
8/6/17 9:21 A
Lost 16 pounds in 30 days. Yeah!!! DFNICELY 10 PROUDMOM04
8/6/17 8:52 A
Really overcast here today. Hope you all have a fantastic Sunday!! TWEDEE777 9 LIVEDAILY
8/6/17 4:34 P
Posted a photo GSHUTTO 13 ORTATK
8/6/17 10:38 A
Hadn't posted since I started using spark people back in February, started at 293. Monday, I got do G91708 29 MIAMI_LILLY
8/6/17 12:02 P
So ready to lose this weight starting weight 229 Goal 180 First pic of my body .prayers that I can Q47673 29 I_ROBOT
4/27/17 9:07 P
Hello! I just gave birth a month ago and I'm the heaviest I've ever been at 200lbs. I want to eat we ASHLEYISAMEXICA 34 KAYCEPGH
4/28/17 6:33 P
FINALLY!! ONE-derland! I know it just barely, but MISSHARTUNG1 272 TCDRAGON54
4/28/17 6:02 A
Lost 83 lbs as of today. Had to share! JROMAGNO 138 PEARLEMMA
4/27/17 11:29 P
Tomorrow is my 6th month anniversary of being drug free after an 8 year long battle. It will also ma PHOENIXRISING87 305 JOSHVA
5/20/17 5:36 A
Good morning is weigh in day and I weighed in at 261.8 lbs, which means I lost 8.8 THEJACKIEDEAN12 303 MISSYCAMERON
9/19/17 8:43 A
So today I am officially in the 150,s. 30 pounds down... started on Nov 1 @ 189 and today 159. Thank ASTERZUK 4 JENNFOS2009
7/9/17 8:30 A
I cried, I swear I cried. I weighed in at 145 toda MCRAYCRAFT 2522 SISREEHENRY
2/25/18 1:47 A
Weighed in this morning and for the first time in SGARLETTS 1316 TACONIC1
7/16/17 8:21 P
I am down to 300pounds! Whoohooo! BMGH85 21 BMGH85
5/6/17 6:41 P
Baby steps...I had my ultimate weight loss goal wrote down on here and it really made me want to cry MANDM156 6 TSHAWGER
4/21/17 7:25 A
We Are In The Air! No New Team Sign UpsTil Spring CERIUSLY 80 CAREBEARS2077
12/26/17 5:46 P
95 lbs down and wearing size 10 dresses today! Sta AJ0708 3083 TACONIC1
7/16/17 8:20 P
My Birthday was last week. Normally at work a big DMCBRYER 35 LENGZI
5/27/17 4:10 P
12/23/16 10:17 P
4/18/18 11:19 P
What's everyone having on Christmas day PLANANAN 63 MRSFANCYLADY
1/14/17 12:17 A
I did it!!! I FINALLY did it!!! This week I reac BABYGURL45 1132 TB_SHUGAPIE
6/5/17 12:50 P
Got weighed at dr office today. I am finally below P7058PGA 192 NIKKII19
5/17/17 9:32 P
12/14/17 5:35 A
I'm at 164 pounds today. I started at 329 pounds o AUTIEJ 3057 ROSIEOSOCAL
2/27/18 3:34 A
what is one thing you are thankful for today? CAZJOY1 1648 NAPPY2HAPPY
4/25/17 5:12 A
How were you AWESOME today?? MOMMY2MADILYN 795 HEARTMONY13
11/23/14 6:57 P
what are you drinking right now? RENE333 69042 RAYNAC3
3/5/18 8:35 A
Hello! PROUDMOM04 5 IRISH813
10/22/12 7:25 P