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Today i am grateful that even though I woke up with weird red splotches on my arm and chest, they ha PLAINJANEDOE 5 YMWONG22
6/19/18 7:50 A
10 hr work day throwing cases of product, and 80 degrees out made me cut this short, but I got somet 2AWESOME4U 10 TCANNO
4/27/18 3:28 A
#nsv #nonscalevictories I can touch my opposite elbows to opposite knees when I do bicycle crunches PLAINJANEDOE 6 PIPPAMOUSE
4/27/18 12:35 A
How often do you guys excersize? BOYMOM93 9 CHRISJ14
4/7/18 10:57 P
Came to bed instead of having Second Dessert PLAINJANEDOE 6 PIPPAMOUSE
4/7/18 11:49 P
So today my first day of trying to lose weight. I just got married and I and so sad how big I am in KELLYREYNOLDS03 191 MARIAN326
4/8/18 8:10 A
Amd thr day ends with me sobbing too This is neber going to get any better PLAINJANEDOE 7 DIXIE-LUSH
4/3/18 12:47 A
Today I showered, checked my mailbox, and took out the trash. #fightingdepression PLAINJANEDOE 11 CONNIET88
4/2/18 8:54 A
Ugh I have the Sunday Night Flu again PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
3/25/18 7:38 P
Today is my rest day... I have cleaned the kitchen, done a load of laundry & walked 10 minutes on th GYPSYMOTHER76 23 1DAY-ATA-TIME
3/18/18 8:41 A
Need some advice?? Never in my life owned a pair of skinny jeans until these were handed down to me. TMP0418 306 CHELLE_2909
3/20/18 4:41 P
Yesterday's post-run selfie. PLAINJANEDOE 7 GEORGE815
3/4/18 11:50 A
My first grasshopper pose. So i did at least 1 thing right today. PLAINJANEDOE 15 GPALMER29
3/4/18 5:38 P
Time to put my work face on. Time to pretend that I didn't cry the whole flight back yesterday and w PLAINJANEDOE 9 DIXIE-LUSH
2/28/18 11:39 A
2/9/18 7:58 A
My intention as I am doung my chores, getting ready, working out, is to be patient and gentle with PLAINJANEDOE 2 PATSYGO
2/7/18 3:36 A
2/4/18 12:23 P
Yin yoga for hips and shoulders PLAINJANEDOE 3 XNANNY
1/28/18 12:00 A
Post-run primary series, with lots of modifications PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
1/27/18 5:53 P
This week's post-run selfie! Warm enough to run wi PLAINJANEDOE 2 HAWKTHREE
1/27/18 5:51 P
A little slower than usual bc of all the mud...but mud means that the world is thawing! PLAINJANEDOE 3 GARDENSFORLIFE
1/27/18 6:12 P
Post-work yoga: 10' power flow PLAINJANEDOE 2 RDCAGAIN10
1/25/18 8:59 P
Stretches, arm balances, and inversions PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
1/25/18 9:00 A
When I say go pop bang, When I say high throw up your thing Move to the beat do the 2-step swing An PLAINJANEDOE 3 PAMMYLBEAR
1/25/18 9:14 A
Yoga class for back and spine PLAINJANEDOE 2 _LINDA
1/25/18 9:09 A
1/24/18 3:17 A
Spine-strengthening creative flow PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
1/23/18 7:30 P
Stretches, arm balances, and inversions PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
1/23/18 7:30 P
Backbend-infused vinyasa flow PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
1/23/18 7:29 P
I can be your treble, baby, you can be my bass PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
1/23/18 7:27 P
Today i am grateful thst the nightmare I had last night wasn't real. PLAINJANEDOE 7 CARMACHAMELEON
1/23/18 5:33 A
Yoga w/Kassandra - upper body yin PLAINJANEDOE 2 TIF
1/22/18 7:21 P
This morning I am grateful that it will be warmer than it has been PLAINJANEDOE 5 LESLIELENORE
1/22/18 5:57 A
I have been doing yoga every night before bed. I'm trying to do this for a month and then start doin MONYBOLOGNA 10 MONYBOLOGNA
1/24/18 2:24 A
Yoga with kassandra - yoga for body love and self-acceptance PLAINJANEDOE 4 VEGANMUM
1/21/18 7:30 P
The first of two photos from yesterday that I took for an instagram yoga challenge...where my cat is PLAINJANEDOE 20 LVBIKER
3/4/18 10:00 A
Yoga with cassandra - full-body yin. I dont understand why yin classes seem to be at least 75% lowe PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
1/21/18 2:32 P
1/21/18 8:39 A
I got up, but the Cooper-dog has gone back to dreamland, I am going out to walk while he snoozes on. LESLIELENORE 24 CHERIRIDDELL
1/22/18 1:41 A
Primary series post-run ( with many modifications lol) PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
1/20/18 5:25 P
1/20/18 8:47 P
1/20/18 5:54 P
Power flow with advanced balances PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
1/19/18 6:42 P
This morning I am grateful that I was warm enough to sleep last night, and that I woke up with motiv PLAINJANEDOE 3 SADIEMYERS
1/19/18 11:14 A
This morning I am grateful that i got permission to have a humidifier in my office, and that there a PLAINJANEDOE 6 TIGERNELS
1/18/18 2:32 P
Oh boy, I don't feel so good...hoping it is not the flu. Maybe it is just the crazy cold and wind. PLAINJANEDOE 4 SADIEMYERS
1/17/18 10:09 P
This morning I am grateful for • 2 kitties on the mend • a job with flexibility that allows me to c PLAINJANEDOE 4 LITTLEREDHEN8
1/17/18 4:27 A
Movement and Meditation in the jungle (20-min class followed by 5 min of meditation) PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
1/16/18 8:16 P
Stretching, arm balances, and inversions PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
1/16/18 10:37 A
1/16/18 9:53 A
1/16/18 9:52 A
Beginner handstands with kino PLAINJANEDOE 2 CDS427
1/15/18 8:52 P
Backbend yoga postures class PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
1/15/18 1:53 P
Kino yoga - Playful Dolphin PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
1/15/18 1:53 P
Kino Yoga - backbend madness PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
1/14/18 5:30 P
Peak pose, flying pigeon PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
1/14/18 12:39 P
Today i am grateful that little cat woke me for br PLAINJANEDOE 4 FIDDLISH
1/14/18 9:37 A
#BeforeAndAfter. This is my before my now and im sad i cant believe how big i am i didnt even real SARAPITCH 67 KAKONOLADY
1/14/18 7:25 P
This morning I am grateful that Wrigley ate a little bit in spite of his cold (and he sounds awful!) PLAINJANEDOE 6 SADIEMYERS
1/11/18 11:59 A
Getting close to #forearmstand #pinchamayurasana PLAINJANEDOE 21 VEGANMUM
1/18/18 9:06 P
Hello friends. Found out today that my grandmother had a stroke and is in the icu. Without her love, JUSTSTICKWITHIT 102 VIRGINIAGIRL
1/11/18 6:46 P
My 106 year old Great Aunt passed... she will be missed. The pic is from 2014 when I took my grandda JANZDIET2014 30 COMEBACKKID12
1/11/18 11:52 P
Lil Cat at the vet...he has been wheezing and coughing for the past 2 days. At first I thought he ha PLAINJANEDOE 15 TMP0418
1/10/18 6:26 P
Splits pose and vinyasa flow class PLAINJANEDOE 2 CONNIET88
1/10/18 8:55 P
I've been on here about a week and I've lost 2 lb this made me pretty happy until this morning I too BLUTHER16 37 JFAIT3
1/10/18 9:32 P
Top: August 2018. My first controlled crow. Bottom: Today post-TurboKick PLAINJANEDOE 19 OPTICALXILLUSIO
1/10/18 11:27 P
Post-turbo stretching and arm balances PLAINJANEDOE 2 HOLLYM48
1/9/18 10:11 A
First Turbo of 2018! PLAINJANEDOE 2 HOLLYM48
1/9/18 10:11 A
Core stability vinyasa flow PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
1/9/18 10:06 A
Hooray, my fav part about winter is as always that the best weather is while i am trapped inside PLAINJANEDOE 4 HAWKTHREE
1/8/18 5:46 A
Thos mornimg i am grateful that my alarms went off on time. Trying not to be full of hate as i go ba PLAINJANEDOE 7 RAEVEN85
1/8/18 3:09 P
Shoulder-opening yoga class PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
1/7/18 6:17 P
Today I am grateful that my car started right away with no problems after not being moved for almost PLAINJANEDOE 3 PLAINJANEDOE
1/7/18 2:49 P
My "starting photo" for peacock pose. It ain't pretty but my wrists and arms feel great and I can fe PLAINJANEDOE 6 MUSTANGMOM6
1/7/18 3:55 P
Neck and shoulder tension release PLAINJANEDOE 2 YMWONG22
1/7/18 10:36 A