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List Your Best Beauty Over 50 Tips - Prizes! ICANINSIGHT 29 ICANINSIGHT
8/23/19 10:54 A
2019 Chat - Let's Talk! ICANINSIGHT 519 TRESSWANN
8/23/19 3:59 P
Time for a change! I chopped off my hair today and it feels fantastic! MIAMI_LILLY 24 ALLYLIZZY
8/23/19 1:11 P
I have never posted on here before but I'm so very proud of myself today. I started 3 years and 3 m POOLEYBREN 245 POOLEYBREN
8/22/19 4:34 P
Skyscraper Day Maintenance Challenge JEANKNEE 401 JEANKNEE
8/23/19 1:03 P
Today is my 35th Birthday AMYMBUNCH 202 DLDMIL
8/17/19 7:54 P
I’m a weaver and wove this gorgeous towel. I took a picture of it next to two of my favorite kitchen THE_FAE 50 THE_FAE
8/17/19 3:41 P
A little slower than yesterday but still good 😁 HOOAH19766 16 PATRICIA-CR
8/14/19 12:55 P
Joy of joys.. .a beautiful magnolia tree in full bloom deepite the cold winter. And my little one sa INCREDIBLE_EM 14 ALLYLIZZY
8/14/19 10:27 A
I feel so discouraged all the time. I have no confidence. I gained 25 lbs over spring and I’ve been L-RIOT 38 QUIETDEE
8/13/19 7:00 P
ENCOURAGE ME PLEASE. I've lost 40 pounds and have 10 to go -- my goal is by October 12. Thanks! RUTHIE254 214 QUIETDEE
8/13/19 6:45 P
August Question of the Day ICANINSIGHT 67 2SNOWCRANES
8/22/19 11:17 P
Introduce yourself here! ICANINSIGHT 185 PAMBACH
8/9/19 8:57 P
I have lost 30 pounds so far. Im halfway there! #BeforeAndAfter J47851 103 VIRGINIAGIRL
8/12/19 1:17 P
#BeforeAndAfter I don’t pay as much attention to t SIMPLYKEN32 54 LIVEANDLAUGH
8/7/19 11:04 P
They say, “Go Hard Or Go Home”.. Well, I just Go Hard AT Home! I’m a mommy of 5.. 2 of which are twi SIMPLYKEN32 24 KAREN_EDMONDS
8/7/19 10:42 P
How many cups of water today (or yesterday)? SNARDEESNIFF 17685 HEALTHYANDFIT27
8/23/19 3:08 P
Today I weighed in at 19lbs less than 3 months ago! I'm so psyched to have made it! Only a couple lb GARC0166 41 ALLYLIZZY
8/5/19 11:27 A
Good evening.., pic from last night KEENA47 36 MIRAGE727
8/5/19 12:10 P
Frankly, I am struggling lately. Decided to remind myself of just how far I have come and that slow PAMBROWN62 28 PAMBACH
8/3/19 5:45 A
Say it in A WORD! ROG190 3638 HEALTHYANDFIT27
8/22/19 9:15 A
So today is my first day and I can honestly say I have never posted a full body pic SMKW1991 131 OCIKAT
8/4/19 12:23 P
So it is the 1st day of a new month. Here I go starting over and this time I will succeed. No more CELTICCAPERGIRL 40 EO4WELLNESS
8/1/19 3:35 P
#BeforeAndAfter SPIDERLADY1313 76 123THERESA123
8/3/19 1:08 P
I’ve not been on SP for almost a year. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last April and since then KARMANNPOWELL 23 BILLIELDANN1
7/31/19 8:03 A
8/1/19 12:18 P
Ugh...not that great a week, but I won’t give up 💪 Hope everyone has a good tomorrow! JER-BER 18 BLESSED2BEME
8/1/19 1:44 P
As long as we keep moving forward we are winners. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 48 GABY1948
8/1/19 12:17 P
Dinner! 😍 LALAP1012 15 KAYDE53
7/30/19 10:55 P
2nd day back at it MCOLLINS28 13 MOSLEYG1
7/29/19 10:30 P
I made it!!! I reached my goal of 150 yesterday, and today I weighed in even lower than my goal at 1 ALLYLIZZY 257 REDMANCHRONIC
8/20/19 10:43 P
Oh my, my, my..... If this picture doesn't inspire & motivate me to eat healthy & stay active... N CINDY247 84 VIRGINIAGIRL
7/29/19 11:45 A
Not bad right? IAN2409 34 TIGERSEYEHEART
7/29/19 11:02 P
I need some new low calorie snack ideas! What is your favorite snack? JENNIFERBR51 28 JENNIFERBR51
7/27/19 2:18 A
I had a girls day out with a friend today. This was lunch. I was so proud of myself. And it was deli BEVERLY1501 23 CFRIEDMAN44
7/26/19 11:24 P
All together I’ve lost 72 pounds wasn’t easy but I’m so proud of myself TYMESHA1 126 TYMESHA1
7/30/19 5:03 P
Down 86 pounds from my highest weight, but not done yet. There have been lots of ups and downs, but JANETEMILY 38 GMACAMI
7/23/19 12:58 P
Before and Current, never stop. RENZRYD 118 ARNETTELEE
7/23/19 7:33 A
Decided today is the day to start over and make positive changes in my life. No one else is going to MYHEART29526 33 DININA48MN
7/21/19 2:59 A
I went shopping today and did really well. I got 2 new dresses for work, 2 light weight sweaters, a CJSLOVE 106 LIZZIE138
7/21/19 11:00 A
I did my first warrior dash today! I finished in 54 minutes and completed all of the obstacles. ANGFAR 22 _RAMONA
7/21/19 2:01 A
165 lbs, 15 to go. This has been a slow journey. Since 2012. Monday I am starting a nutrition/ cl JENNYRENN 48 JENNYRENN
7/21/19 7:47 A
This was such a tough workout! I pushed myself and in the end I was proud of myself....proud that I DISCOVERING_VAL 11 _RAMONA
7/21/19 2:00 A
I’m really excited! I lost 19 lbs. in 31 days. Simply tracking and keeping my calories under1900. I DANSC1952 17 KOALA_BEAR
7/19/19 5:13 A
But I'm going to keep at it 😆! KEI2LYFE 16 _RAMONA
7/17/19 9:09 P
Today is Day 1. I have 93lbs to lose. This is my very first photo, weighing in at 241lbs... the bigg IROCHELLE 248 NANLTHOMPSON
7/28/19 11:01 A
The first pic was taken January 10th and the second was taken today, July 14th. Still got a way to g NEVAPATE3 160 PUPPYTUMMY0
7/15/19 8:07 P
Flex Friday: Transformation Edition. Early in my lifting journey and now. Still and always a work in LORI-K 32 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
7/26/19 6:44 A
60 minutes, cleaning at work, straightened up at home, and vacuumed #moveit WORKINGWOMAN31 12 GERRYH2
7/13/19 6:28 A
Posted a photo SJOYOUS 30 NANASUEH
7/14/19 11:00 A
#BeforeAndAfter SANDIJANE82 67 THOMPSONK23
7/14/19 9:18 A
I was probably closer to 280lbs in the first pictu MSJESSICARENEE 62 _RAMONA
7/12/19 3:00 A
I am still in disbelief. 121 pounds gone in 13.5 months. I have had my good days. I have had my BEAGLEGIRL79 306 TREKPURRSON
7/19/19 8:27 A
Happy Tuesday, Spark friends! OBIESMOM2 27 REGILIEH
7/10/19 11:21 A
Slow and steady... KATIE777KT 37 GMACAMI
7/10/19 2:46 P
I havent gained much weight since getting to my goal (155, im 5'9") but I've gotten way out of shape M86265 27 MDOWER1
7/6/19 9:09 A
My beautiful grand daughter watching fireworks 🧨🎇💥 CGARR442 14 PRAIRIECROCUS
7/5/19 2:50 A
Sugar free wedding cake snow cone!!! BAM!!! SHIRLEYABAGWELL 7 PRAIRIECROCUS
7/5/19 2:52 A
Anxiety and stress sucks CATHYMARIE2014 12 ELFISHER56
7/7/19 10:51 A
I guess im dense, but it was only TODAY that i finally "SAW" a difference between last year and this HEATHERK53 45 KHALIA2
7/12/19 1:06 P
#BeforeAndAfter Huge change!! Donated to a worthy cause! CUPKAKE137 37 CUPKAKE137
7/4/19 8:39 P
Today is my first day of not drinking pop, and stretching in the morning. Feel pretty good LITTLEBABIES18 37 HAPPYDAZ1
7/2/19 10:24 A
May Day Maintenance Challenge JEANKNEE 489 BAPEARMAN
7/3/19 12:19 A
A few photos from today’s walk. It’s been another tough week, but better than the past few. Honest AMYINTHEWILD 34 LEAHANDD4EVER
7/9/19 3:59 P
This is my neighborhood park in Hawaii. Yesterday PELESJEWEL 42 SUSANM18
6/30/19 9:14 P
Had a pretty good day Not as hot but still in Hi 80s and very humid. Drinking my water. Got my shop LIVINGLOVINLIFE 23 PATRICIA-CR
6/30/19 12:04 P
Too Much Info! JANIEJ65 6 KATHLEEN624
7/4/19 6:16 P
My brand new Grandson Avery ! HIKEMOJAVE 114 BCHARIE
6/26/19 4:40 A
Great day! Daytime date with my honey. Personal record at the gym. My face not as red after workout, CJSLOVE 23 ALLYLIZZY
6/24/19 11:44 P
#BeforeAndAfter I've never posted a b/4 pic, but since today is my birthday (69!) I decided to take LLOURAY 168 123THERESA123
6/25/19 10:08 A
Today was rest day so I have been sewing. I am making a fabric panel of the village where I live. He STATSCAT 22 ELENAWEST1
6/23/19 8:27 P
Today is hopefully the 1st day of the rest of my life. Wish me luck! MARKUS_11111 56 KMF2019
6/20/19 11:04 P
6/20/19 10:03 P
6/19/19 10:40 P
i really tried today to do better than yesterday- LEANJEAN6 37 CKOUDSI617
6/22/19 2:43 P