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Is anybody here using Spark America? I don't want to set up an account unless I'll use it. What is i MOONBEAR7 11 LUANN_IN_PA
8/3/21 8:15 A
Good Neighbor Day Maintenance Challenge JEANKNEE 49 NELLJONES
8/4/21 7:08 A
Dear Sparkfriends, thank you so much for your friendship, motivating me, and helping to keep me acc JUSTSTICKWITHIT 32 ALLYLIZZY
7/26/21 3:48 P
Bagpipe Appreciation Day Maintenance Challenge JEANKNEE 479 JEANKNEE
7/28/21 1:58 P
I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and I realized something. For so many years I was in a phas DRBENGSCH2021 18 1STBUCKETITEM
7/14/21 7:57 P ic_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6766312 PAMBACH 3 GEORGE815
7/3/21 11:50 A
Wrote a blog here the other day hoping it will be of help to my fellow Sparkers. Here is the link: h PAMBACH 7 GEORGE815
7/3/21 11:50 A
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Saturday!! Yesterday was a pretty good day y’all! I drank the wa TEXASHSMOMOF3 28 CD3802882
6/20/21 8:43 A
One of my favorite views and a great way to get a workout on! Kayaking and hanging out with my hubby DARIALEIGH 43 NAVYWIFESKI
6/19/21 7:22 A
Beef roast, broccoli and quinoa for dinner!:) 😋 Have a fun night! NAVYWIFESKI 34 ISNESS
6/19/21 11:11 P
Roast Pork Loin, Sweet Potato, Black Beans, Garlic Sauerkraut, Pickled Asparagus and Almond Milk... CATWMNCAT 26 PATRICIA-CR
6/15/21 8:20 P
Hello friends, tomorrow I have an intestinal procedure, and I would be thankful for a warm thought o ISNESS 38 ALLYLIZZY
6/15/21 12:34 A
How it started and how it’s going. Down 114 and getting closer and closer to goal. I am going to mis JEN097 59 PWILLOW1
6/14/21 5:05 P
5/29/21 12:25 A
6/11/21 8:52 A
The scale has not moved in over a week but for the first time in over 6yrs I don't have a gap in my EMVARGO 37 PAMBACH
5/25/21 7:00 A
Star Wars Maintenance Challenge JEANKNEE 440 BAPEARMAN
5/26/21 12:06 A
Chicken Stroganoff w/ Broccoli over Whole Wheat Noodles and Olives... forgot to add the Greek Yogur CATWMNCAT 26 OMATRIPLETT
5/20/21 10:48 P
Goodbye, my furry companion for 14+ years. I’ll miss you. 😢💔 4A-HEALTHY-BMI 64 DSJB9999
5/22/21 4:42 A
I got up at 3 am in order to meet my goal so I walked 2.82 miles this morning in 63 min. Which pushe BOMBCHELL23 30 75HEALTHYME
5/20/21 1:23 P
Thank you to all who are praying. Here is a bouquet of flowers just for you..... PS: yes, got my 9 DARLENEK04 15 WHITECAT19
5/20/21 11:47 A
I don’t care how many times I fall down this girl always gets up RAJYABO 21 CHANGINGDEDA
5/17/21 11:32 P
I went jogging today for the first time since I rolled my ankle about a month ago. It's kinda sore n PLUTONIANGIRL87 18 GOODGETNBETR
5/18/21 5:48 A
End of week 16 Down 38.7 Lbs LME412 35 ALLYLIZZY
5/14/21 1:34 P
#BeforeAndAfter NADIYA07 36 SPARKGRL303
6/12/21 7:32 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Thursday!!! So y’all I kinda did a thing yesterday. 🐽🐽🐽 We h TEXASHSMOMOF3 38 AZMOMXTWO
5/13/21 10:30 P
Every morning, I give myself a mini pep talk and review my goals for the rest of the month. Keeping CLEARLIGHTCLARE 31 -POOKIE-
5/14/21 6:07 A
What Motivates you to check in with SP every day? LOSINGSEVRYTHNG 396 SPARKLINGME176
7/16/21 2:19 P
Got a massage relaxing.....and my 9 cups of water down....My day is made. Now if I could DARLENEK04 31 WHITECAT19
5/12/21 11:54 A
Get back to goal challenge 4A-HEALTHY-BMI 226 4A-HEALTHY-BMI
7/18/21 6:56 P
5/11/21 7:58 A
Did you #eattherainbow🌈 today?!?! I got my five! Brekkie was protein over steel cut oats with one s STILLSPARKLEIGH 31 BARBIEE52
5/11/21 11:05 A
5/11/21 12:08 A
Hey my beautiful sparkies ❤ Hope you all had a won TMP0418 44 ALLYLIZZY
5/10/21 1:24 P
Both of my brothers and I addressed the mess that was the one brothers backyard. It was completely o LESLIELENORE 48 MARYJOANNA
5/9/21 2:33 P
Helllllooo! My sparkpeoples!!! Biscuit here! Sissy is eating and isn’t giving me any! She said “I on BISCUITANDSISSY 25 ALLYLIZZY
5/8/21 12:22 P
#BeforeAndAfterHello everyone. Hope you are all well. I'm recovering from spine surgery and strugg LEWOODS55 21 COUNTRYKID3
5/7/21 6:12 P
5/3/21 9:34 P
325 lbs today. This is me and my beautiful grandson I have to live for. Hi everyone! Goal is 220 MANDYMORSE2019 60 DANCINCAJUN1
5/4/21 12:21 A
Day 1 235lbs. 1 mile walk POUNDSOFF10 45 LITTLEFLOWERTC
5/2/21 11:26 P
Posted a photo PAMBACH 20 LIZZYMITCH
5/1/21 9:05 P
#metime wear make up #BeforeAndAfter SHERRYDONALD3 3 FELICIA1963
4/29/21 9:02 P
#BeforeAndAfter SHERRYDONALD3 21 ZELDA13
4/30/21 1:34 A
I have now lost 40 lbs in 13 months. THIS 5 gallon container full of water would weigh that amount. SISSYFEB48 35 CHEIVOUS
4/29/21 2:02 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 8 ERIN_POSCH
4/28/21 10:59 A
Down 13.5 pounds since Christmas Day! About a 1/3 the way to the ultimate goal. Yippee!! 🎉 JUSTME_MRSK 85 OOKLATHEMOK
4/27/21 6:53 A
Hi, new to this group and looking forward to being able to make a change in my life style of eating NANASUE03 21 DININA48MN
4/22/21 1:51 A
6/3/21 2:14 P
It's been so long since I started this and I just want to be a healthy weight. It physically hurts M-N-MS 18 CHERRYZMB60
4/14/21 8:10 P
5 pound lost. I’ve lost an equivalent of a chihuahua 😆 PIXIE71 15 NOCALORIES
4/10/21 11:54 P
I haven’t done this yet, but this will probably be my reaction. NANHBH 20 ERIN_POSCH
4/11/21 9:14 A
Just joined today. I’ll start my journey tomorrow- 4/11/21 MALVERN335 32 STARGLOW77
4/10/21 11:45 P
Hi everyone! Just got signed up and ready to hit the ground running tomorrow!!! HUMMINGBIRD1934 35 CLSYLADY
4/11/21 2:45 A
Dinner - Chicken, strawberry and pecan salad with feta and raspberry walnut vinaigrette!:) 😋 Enjoy NAVYWIFESKI 19 ISNESS
4/9/21 8:56 P
Message Removed CD23454842 10 ALLYLIZZY
4/9/21 11:54 A
Before and After: My Journey started on Oct 9,2018. Down 165 lbs so far with another 20 lbs to go. GRNEYEDSPANIARD 136 CHERRYZMB60
4/9/21 7:49 A
10lbs down! CEL3131 78 CHEIVOUS
4/8/21 2:53 P
Hi All! My name is Shannon and I just joined right now! Man, my whole life I have been overweight. SHAEMARIE21 25 GRNEYEDSPANIARD
4/5/21 8:52 P
For the first time in my weight loss/maintenance journey I can see that I look like a totally differ JOINMYJOURNEY 237 MJ7DM33
4/5/21 10:37 P
8 lbs down! Hard work and eating better works! DAVIDSGIRL01 23 DEBBRALE
4/5/21 2:56 A
Message Removed CD27273419 49 AFWWTX
4/1/21 11:25 A
Happy Birthday to me! 13 lbs from goal, celebrating 71 years and counting on more. Life is good. BTINCHER2001 219 PLCHAPPELL
3/30/21 5:17 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 23 SIMPLY_JAE
3/27/21 8:29 A
World Meteorological Day Maintenance Challenge BAPEARMAN 366 NANHBH
3/24/21 6:54 P
Posted a photo 75HEALTHYME 11 JAMER123
3/20/21 9:52 P
3/20/21 2:19 A
Come join the fun! DBEAU57 13 MADEINBRITAIN
3/19/21 7:21 A
Message Removed CD15148152 32 ALLYLIZZY
3/19/21 6:26 P
3/15/21 8:48 P
Officially met my 50 pounds lost goal! 💪#BeforeAndAfter HDYOUNG05 185 MARCOSTYX
3/16/21 7:05 A
You can start today, or you can start “whenever”. You can make one good meal choice, or you can eat YOGA1973 8 DEBINATOR
3/14/21 8:33 P
NSV- Lost another 5 lbs so this is my reward I got a 14k white gold byzatine rope ring for myself i GRNEYEDSPANIARD 21 TLV106
3/10/21 10:52 P
#BeforeAndAfter BETSYBOO41 116 SKEETSGAL
4/9/21 10:43 P
Ain’t it the truth? Gotta love the the furballs lol... Good Night Sparklers; see you tomorrow 😴🌛 YOGA1973 23 ERIN_POSCH
3/9/21 10:55 A
Asking prayers for my cat Carissma. She seems sick and listless. AOKDIET21 30 SERENASEA
3/8/21 12:46 P