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Making a plan is better than fearing the future! #goalfeats JSTETSER 35 GARDENSFORLIFE
3/5/21 10:30 P
#FabulousFriday I have been affirming that I would be under 200lbs in one week's time but 5 days sin HEALTHY4LIFE360 30 GARDENSFORLIFE
3/5/21 10:30 P
Got my 2oz in before my ☕️ #amwater YOGA1973 19 STILLSPARKLEIGH
3/5/21 10:33 A
Decided to cut all my hair off. There was so much damage and breakage from dye. Starting anew along WRITERSQUIRREL2 40 CATWMNCAT
3/4/21 10:53 A
An emergency foster kitty, been here 5 days. I named her Ebbie (Ebony). She’s 8 months old and was i MIMAWELIZABETH 27 KAYDE53
3/4/21 12:33 P
Accidentally remembered the water after first sip of coffee. 2 oz, because H2O in more than a little YOGA1973 39 ERIN_POSCH
3/4/21 12:32 P
Week 2 of quarantine & I have not been doing well... I am not moving enough... And my Husband is g CINDY247 37 AMYINTHEWILD
3/4/21 9:20 P
I can't believe I did it. I got up at 4:50am to ride my bike (indoor) and did the 30 minute spin wit AMYJACQUES61989 44 SUSANLEUEN
3/2/21 10:56 A
So here is the friendly orange cat trapped recently, playing hide and seek with me. He would pop out MIMAWELIZABETH 37 SLIMMERKIWI
3/3/21 4:36 A
Happy March Y'all and Happy Birthday Month To Me ! BARROW6 39 SHERRYMATI93
3/5/21 8:06 P
Posted a photo DRHODES1000 23 COUNTRYKID3
3/1/21 8:39 A
It's amazing how fast a day can derail! I ended up working not my plans and it wasn't the best track KARRENLYNN 20 SANDYKK53
2/28/21 7:07 A
starting my fitness journey today. I am extremely nervous. please send good vibes and encouragement! SOPHIEKIBI 14 EVIE4NOW
2/28/21 9:12 A
Half Marathon #37! I had a huge GPS failure but I learned something new about my Garmin...and I won' RENEERUNS 19 GMACAMI
2/28/21 11:44 A
5 hours out in town around the embankment like yesterday, I plan to do this every weekend for a walk BECCA199207 11 -POOKIE-
2/28/21 2:31 P
HAPPY SUNDAY SPARK FRIENDS!!! Enjoy your Day and Night ! Keep Smiling FLASUN 32 JAMER123
2/28/21 10:39 P
Joke time: The voices in my head may not be real but they have some good ideas😲🤭 TWIGBISKIT5 20 SPEDED2
2/27/21 8:42 P
I’ve done a pretty good job of maintaining my weig CLEARLIGHTCLARE 26 PWILLOW1
2/27/21 1:15 P
Making changes! #goalfeats JSTETSER 42 TOMATOCAFEGAL
3/1/21 11:21 P
I think many of my issues are just lack of exercise. Yesterday I leashed my dog and took a little w OZARKMARY 5 ALLYLIZZY
2/27/21 1:04 P
I'm meeting my challenges! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 13 LIS193
2/27/21 4:05 A
worked out with gramma again this morning FRITZYS_MAMA 12 1CRAZYDOG
2/26/21 7:13 P
Hummus and veggies for lunch. Greek salad for dinner. #eattherainbow MARSHASHADOW 9 SUNQUEE
2/26/21 2:54 P
Water hater.... so starting out slow. First 7 days- 32 oz of water daily. I have to work up to that AMYJACQUES61989 7 LDCRITT
2/26/21 7:39 A
Purging my house of unwanted stuff. #goalfeats JSTETSER 39 PICKIE98
2/27/21 1:44 P
Love yourself ❤️ SASSYSUNFLOWER 26 MJ7DM33
2/26/21 11:17 P
My face has really thinned out WRITERSQUIRREL2 20 OZARKMARY
2/25/21 4:53 A
#trackingcomp plete Tracked everything and planned rather well! WYTCHHAZYL 7 GERRYH2
2/25/21 7:28 A
2/25/21 11:23 A
Im so proud of myself i didnt realize that i have worked out everyday for the past 12 days thats my 3TIMESAMOM 16 PLCHAPPELL
2/25/21 5:59 A
can do 2 more pushups in a minute this year than I could last year! at least I know my arm workouts FRITZYS_MAMA 9 RYCGIRL
2/25/21 7:34 A
🎉Today is my husband's 74th Birthday! 🎂 Damn, that's OLD!! 😉 PYNETREE 10 SPEDED2
2/24/21 10:53 P
2/24/21 8:07 A
I did it! I hit (surpassed even) my first weight-loss goal! On to 127. Just 17 pounds left and then SHERIMBECHTEL 94 KAYDE53
2/24/21 6:12 P
Posted a photo LJBOWSER1 19 CHERRYZMB60
2/24/21 7:48 P
#BeforeAndAfter SHERRYDONALD3 163 JUNETTA2002
3/2/21 9:48 A
I might just be cooking a little bit bit of chili! Vegetarian mince, fine chopped mushrooms and som -POOKIE- 24 SPARKLINGME176
2/23/21 2:18 P
After my lovely sunny Spring day yesterday, we're back to gale-force winds and grey skies today. My SWEETENUFGILL 30 LIS193
2/24/21 3:46 A
A few days ago, I got the good news that the radiation treatments had shrunk tumors in my body in th FSTEWARTLA 16 COUNTRYKID3
2/22/21 8:35 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 39 KAYDE53
2/22/21 3:22 P
2/22/21 8:13 A
Posted a photo BOOKNUT52 34 COMEBACKKID12
2/22/21 4:30 P
Grateful for warmer weather in San Antonio Texas area. Getting water today AOKDIET21 21 7STIGGYMT
2/22/21 12:49 P
2/21/21 11:29 A
Good Morning Sparkers ✨ Following My Soul Today.... it always knows the way 🥰✨ #wellness STILLSPARKLEIGH 21 BARBIEE52
2/21/21 5:55 P
Posted a photo DAN1964 11 LORI-K
2/18/21 9:39 A
Posted a photo FOTOLEXIC 28 JAMER123
2/19/21 10:23 P
Paint each day with your heart's desire. Shoot for the stars & let nothing hold you back. Hope you GRANDMOTHER20 23 COUNTRYKID3
2/17/21 8:45 A
Good morning sparklers. You know I post a lot of funny stuff to keep our spirits up. I hope that a DM2020 24 75HEALTHYME
2/17/21 9:08 P
One if my reasons to wake up in the morning- that beautiful smile KYLIE314 19 DAIZYSTARLITE
2/17/21 9:56 A
Since I've been staying home more than normal due CINDY247 63 PATRICIA-CR
2/17/21 5:18 P
happy healthy Tuesday everyone we got quite the snow fall last night hope you are all warm and safe. ATRAILHIKERJO54 45 75HEALTHYME
2/16/21 6:58 P
Today - well yesterday technically I turned 38. A Valentine's Day birthday is always nice people rem KRISTILED 24 ALLYLIZZY
2/15/21 12:44 P
I found another solution to sweeten my morning coffee without added calories-- cant wait to try it! LHILGENBERG 15 RO2BENT
2/15/21 8:22 A
2/15/21 8:41 A
Don't worry. Spring is coming! #goalfeats JSTETSER 39 LIS193
2/16/21 3:55 A
2/15/21 7:47 A
2/14/21 5:58 P
Happy Valentine's Day to my beautiful Friends! Hope your day is as special as you are. I'm so luck SWALLIS7 24 FURRYMOM1
2/14/21 9:23 A
Still making progress! #BeforeAndAfter TEREKAT 31 FURRYMOM1
2/14/21 9:23 A
2/14/21 8:15 P
Happy Valentine's Day. LoveYourself First JUSTJ2014 16 KAREN_EDMONDS
2/14/21 8:56 A
2/13/21 1:59 P
Good morning Sparklers! Am off to Vinyasa Yoga in about an hour and fifteen. Have an incredible day YOGA1973 15 YOGA1973
2/13/21 12:46 P
2/13/21 6:37 P
Here is a dress I would wear! MIMAWELIZABETH 22 CATWMNCAT
2/13/21 11:50 A
Going to the Doctor today #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 15 MIMIOH
2/13/21 7:40 A
Posted a photo BOOKNUT52 21 SANDYKK53
2/12/21 8:01 A
I'm back after about 2 months, not sure why but I just stopped. Stopped wearing my fitbit, tracking LISAKATZ218 7 GEORGE815
2/12/21 2:01 P
Taking care of me! #goalfeats JSTETSER 28 JAMER123
2/13/21 10:33 P
Message Removed CD5241267 28 AZMOMXTWO
2/13/21 6:56 P
Message Removed CD5241267 32 AZMOMXTWO
2/13/21 6:57 P
Posted a photo BOOKNUT52 21 PIZZA5152
2/11/21 7:38 A
“If you invest nothing, the reward is worth little.”―Richelle E. Goodrich SWEETNEEY 30 KATHYJO56
2/11/21 3:22 P
This is a collage of one of three cats who were trapped but aren’t getting released back outside. I MIMAWELIZABETH 11 CATWMNCAT
2/11/21 11:29 A