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Daily chat OOLALA53 149 JMAHNKEN
6/22/18 6:25 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 8 CLO333
6/22/18 7:33 P
#nsv This was a good morning! I put on clothes that didn't feel like they were way too tight. I'm ATHARP74 6 ATHARP74
6/22/18 1:14 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 9 LUANN_IN_PA
6/22/18 12:58 P
Hint of a rainbow this morning. OBIESMOM2 9 REGILIEH
6/22/18 1:44 P
Trying out a healthy version of tostadas for breakfast, could eat all three for about 600 calories b TAZGIRL92 9 TAZGIRL92
6/22/18 2:03 P
Day number 33 of getting out of the house and exercising. Doing some walking today. The weather is ZZYYGGY3 4 ALLYLIZZY
6/22/18 12:53 P
new to this team HARLETHEART 2920 OOLALA53
6/22/18 12:54 A
LBM- what is my life about between meals? +/- OOLALA53 398 OOLALA53
6/22/18 12:21 A
New Binge-Free 21 Days Streak! Join us! MARYONE 40096 CHANGING-TURTLE
6/22/18 1:02 P
How are you doing on No S? HISLOVEENDURES 2074 RAWCOOKIE
6/21/18 3:32 A
Eating Less by Gillian Riley OOLALA53 16 OHMEMEME
6/19/18 3:09 P
Thinking about where I was 7 months ago and while I’m not where I would have hoped to be by now I’m HARRINGBONE825 27 MDOWER1
6/13/18 8:34 A
Hit my step target today. KIN_SEEKER 3 ZRIE014
6/13/18 12:48 A
I’m worried because we have family coming to town, and I’m scared I will get off track. They do not MOMMAKW 10 ISNESS
6/13/18 8:54 P
Question....Post massive cheat day and I started my day off really well. I made a banana smoothie wi HESSESPRINCESS0 6 FRISKYCRITTER
6/9/18 7:38 A
Yellow corn tortillas, tuna, black beans, spinach, avocado, salsa, tomato, and onion tacos. Love!!! RCCKLAHORST 18 PRAIRIECROCUS
6/9/18 3:21 A
I've gained 120 pounds since I went on disability in 2007. What a disgrace! I think, I hope, I'm f LORIBRANHAM 28 LORIBRANHAM
6/9/18 11:09 A
So ready for the weekend, going to move it big time! TWEETYKC00 9 BONNIEMARGAY
6/9/18 4:16 P
Just joined. Need to lose 50 lbs to reach goal. I'm 49. Just had knee surgery. So exercise is a lit SWEETPEA695 14 COOKWITHME65
6/10/18 6:10 A
Mission... .Wednesday -WRKNG2ABTTRME- 10 TRACY_E
6/11/18 12:17 P
Trying to do my best.... #fitnessfeats COOKBREN1 5 OOLALA53
6/6/18 11:44 A
I get lots of exercise opportunities with my grandson and his dogs. COYOTESPIRIT2 2 OOLALA53
6/6/18 11:43 A
We're so engaged in doing things to achieve purposes of outer value that we forget the inner value, JUDY1676 3 NANASUEH
6/7/18 12:04 P
Today is a day of rest for me. I walked 2 to 3 miles for 5 days in a row. Gotta let myself rest. GLINDAGOODWITCH 2 OOLALA53
6/6/18 11:42 A
"Mistakes are proof that you're trying." NANASUEH 11 CATDUCK1
6/6/18 1:01 P
A man is in bed with his wife when there is a rat-a-tat-tat on the door. He rolls over and looks at NANASUEH 10 JUDY1676
6/6/18 4:01 P
Has anyone tried Slimvance? I was skeptical--but-- I have seen results! Starting at 205 and now I'm ERAYNA93 4 KAMINKA
6/6/18 3:11 P
Finally made it to 178 working on my second goal now .... went from 199 pounds to 178 in a year CLRUBRIGHT 10 ALLYLIZZY
6/6/18 3:51 P
Just finished a cardio video on SparkPeople TV. I didn't know it was there or it could be Chromecas JLBLACK78 2 OOLALA53
6/6/18 11:37 A
People who internalize weight stigma [ use self-blame and criticism] are 3x-6x more likely to have m OOLALA53 3 STACYELLEN1
6/18/18 6:11 A
How do you handle cravings without giving in to them. I'm having cravings like crazy today! SARAHNRICKY1 7 OOLALA53
5/30/18 3:19 P
Upped my tracker to have a goal to reach 6000 steps a day. I was finally hitting 4000 reliably KRISTINALAMBERT 3 VIRGINIAGIRL
5/30/18 4:02 P
SparkPeople’s exercising videos gets the heart pumping for sure! Thnx Nicole😩🙃💕 #moveit JACKJACK91 3 FBAILEY24X
5/30/18 4:26 P
Motivation is hard to come by these days but I need to get this weight off. Since turning 40 losing FLUFFEDRESS 7 VIRGINIAGIRL
5/30/18 4:02 P
462 5-30-18 It IS so fun creating a new show, it's been awhile for me. I have about 150 mar SPARKLINGME176 5 NANHBH
5/31/18 6:38 A
I am humbled, I could only swim 1 complete lap across this Olympic size pool.I’ve been swimming in s PELESJEWEL 22 BTINCHER2001
6/4/18 5:25 P
The OMAD – One Meal A Day –thread MEDDYPEDDY 22 INACAR
6/21/18 7:58 P
This is on the wall of a number of school classrooms that I work in as a substitute teacher. However BERRY4 15 BERRY4
5/30/18 1:21 A
178.6 pounds I'm use to 140! I've got to change this! HEATHERLE74 5 OOLALA53
5/30/18 1:09 A
I dont know why some days in starving and consume 1500 calories easy. And other days I don't hit 1,0 KAELAM13 4 OOLALA53
5/30/18 1:07 A
10 hour FULL day at work. Didn’t get my steps in, things were so crazy 😜... but I got my water in! BIZZIEE 7 SUMMARAH
5/30/18 11:29 A
Day 109/20 – I belong to the category of people who never have to struggle with sugar cravings or bi MO-U-GO 3 EO4WELLNESS
5/30/18 2:22 P
I go back and forth from doing keto(lazy keto) or counting calories. I also do intermittent fasting KIMK87 6 OOLALA53
5/30/18 1:03 A
Had beer can chicken for dinner SABRINA1679 17 LASTDIET2017
5/30/18 4:14 A
Water aerobics in the rain... hardcore:) TENNESSEEMOM 5 PRAIRIECROCUS
5/30/18 1:02 A
Share your daily food for thought MEDDYPEDDY 48 OOLALA53
5/29/18 1:02 P
May Chat LINDA! 90 LINDA!
5/31/18 11:48 P
went on a walk with my uncle and my boys. we walked almost 3 miles and go our 10000 steps in for the NIKKILETTEF 4 OOLALA53
5/28/18 2:29 P
Good but hard day for me a veteran👨‍✈️. I remember 20 year old men falling and dying near me. Somet AOKDIET21 13 I-AM-TITANIUM
5/29/18 4:18 A
Anyone doing the 5/2 diet?? DEBORAHKELLOGG 8 ELYSIAN_DREAMS
5/28/18 6:40 P
Yep had to make something on my day off👍spinach bacon egg muffins. Freezer was getting low on these MYAN1959 17 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
5/28/18 7:15 P
Feeling bummed about having few bites of pizza last night... and I was doing so good about staying a BINA-80 4 PATSYGO
5/28/18 3:40 P
Starting over again for the millionth time! Hoping to stay on track this time around. I have over 10 BUTERFLYMOMMA 6 NOMOREFAT99
5/28/18 3:40 P
Daily Chat... TAMMAE 1472 PENNI68
6/22/18 10:18 A
May - Green, Yellow, Red RAWCOOKIE 14 OOLALA53
5/26/18 2:39 P
Decided to put in my 10,000 steps at a local marina, including climbing 20 stories at a Hyatt. OOLALA53 1 OOLALA53
5/26/18 1:14 P
My apartment complex sucks. I had to report 3 maintenance requests today! I am so happy to be moving LR237787 3 OOLALA53
5/25/18 10:42 A
Posted a photo RASMUSSEN5 9 BARB3284
5/25/18 12:06 P
down 20 lbs today 1.8 to hit under 200 hoping to hit it by next Friday when I leave for vacation hav HELENBROWN1979 8 ALLYLIZZY
5/25/18 4:49 P
Finally 199.8 today! I've never been under 200 in my adult life. Picked up my phone to take a pictur THELENA 10 JEMADE
5/25/18 2:11 P
Try Hula hooping for a fun, full body workout. We are having a new healthy habits challenge in Hula SIMMONSCORNER 6 SIMMONSCORNER
5/26/18 6:55 P
7 bottles of water down. I think I need to drink a little slower. #h2whoa SUZEEQ13 5 AMBERBBY02
5/25/18 11:10 A
I'm enjoying day even though I gain 2 lbs Overall I'm still happy 😊 school getting ready to get o KOSHAUBREY8 12 GEORGE815
5/25/18 12:36 P
Down about 9 lbs today. For some reason my Spark tracker says I’ve only lost 2.8 lbs but I know the SCHMID70 18 GEORGE815
5/25/18 12:34 P
Just weighed in this morning and met my goal of 4% down in the last 30 days!! I’m actually under by BEACHTIME9 6 ALLYLIZZY
5/25/18 4:46 P
Don't look at as diet and exercise. More like nutrition and training. It helps in transitioning to a SCOTT_A460 3 RETAT60
5/25/18 10:41 A
Lunch, dinner, dessert/snack all planned and mostly completed. #foodfeats ALEXTHEHUN 3 1CRAZYDOG
5/25/18 2:31 P
Gardening is surprisingly strenuous - especially in the hot sunshine. #fitnessfeats ALEXTHEHUN 3 EMPEAMCC1
5/25/18 4:32 P
3 mile workout done. On to yard work. Have a good Friday #moveit KARANW 5 1CRAZYDOG
5/25/18 2:25 P
Today, I'm not looking at the scale. I've exercised for 22 days straight and watched my diet, yet I GADGETCC 5 ISNESS
5/25/18 11:55 P
Today is the last day my hubby ever takes his baby to school, this is the last day I ever pick her u CHRISSYWILSON80 13 CHRISSYWILSON80
5/29/18 9:23 A
Venison, potatoes and carrots in the crockpot for dinner tonight. CHRISSYBENTLEY3 31 CHRISTOPHER63
5/25/18 12:14 P
Little did I know 2 years ago today my BP was 198/ MOMS3KIDS 14 ALLYLIZZY
5/25/18 4:34 P
My strawberries! Last ones from these plants. Gotta get more next year because the daughter plants d CHRISSYBENTLEY3 35 CHRISTOPHER63
5/25/18 12:11 P