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Scary Movies alphabetical order PLANTPOWERGIRL 550 PLANTPOWERGIRL
8/17/19 11:04 P
Harry Potter (A-Z) EEBERHARDT 26243 FALKEN1996
4/30/19 9:26 A
Disney A-Z (characters, movies, rides, etc) MATCM81 12759 ARNETTELEE
8/14/19 6:47 A
Actor and Movie - Lets Get 500,000 Posts! TARANITUP 192869 TOMMYG226
8/20/19 8:11 A
A - Z Occupations KAEDE... 119720 ALLTHINGSNEW81
8/19/19 9:18 A
Movie...Actor. ...Movie...Actor BUTIFULDAWN 19276 LIZZIE138
8/11/19 12:31 P
Actor...Movie. ...Actor...Movie BUTIFULDAWN 16021 OOKLATHEMOK
8/20/19 3:26 A
Actor... Movie... actor... movie MYSTRAL_CERCE 36149 LIZZIE138
8/18/19 2:29 P
8/19/19 3:21 P
NEW!! Last names A to Z WOLFSPIRITS 18701 HANDYV
8/20/19 12:15 A
Snow More Excuses~ Chit Chat KPACE7 774 PATTI24
2/15/19 8:00 A
Good morning Spark family. Hope your 2019 is starting out great. Mines started out being sick and ERICALEAHA 10 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
1/11/19 1:35 P
1/11/19 3:53 P
#BeforeAndAfter This should say #BeforeAndDuring. There is no after. If you don't keep working it y DOUBLELSMOM 95 SUCHADIVA215
1/29/19 7:23 P
10 months apart on my journey and I am so proud of myself. It if wasn't for all of you and your dail TASHADSLOVE93 179 HEART261
1/23/19 11:35 A
Crazy how different just my face looks! #BeforeAndAfter JACKIEJ8181 163 JACKIEJ8181
1/12/19 1:03 P
8 pm I have all the points for the day plus a fitness goal of 100 push-ups 😁 SIXPACKEDDD 2 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
1/10/19 8:46 P
Was here 8 years ago. Will take a few days to add my foods and info and goals again. Hopefully ready OKIELIZ 2 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
1/10/19 8:45 P
Doing great. No diet sodas for 3 days. Getting used to water #h2whoa HONEY333 7 BONNIE1552
1/11/19 7:33 A
I'm pretty excited!! I walked my 4 miles today, 5 minutes faster then tuesday!! FINMAN5150 4 ALLYLIZZY
1/11/19 12:04 A
Summer dreaming! I haven’t worn shorts or a dress w/o thick panty hose since I was 6 because of thi AMYINTHEWILD 141 IAN2409
4/16/19 7:18 P
#BeforeAndAfter 18lbs difference. Instead of XL ans maternity, I'm getting into larges. I can wear a ODDR1NA 154 TNPEACH5
1/11/19 11:21 A
25 yrs Sober. Got my chip. Stood up in front of a bunch of strangers, said my name, told a brief sum HOLLYBARKER1 305 HOLLYBARKER1
1/11/19 8:48 P
I’ve got a ways to go yet but I’m making progress! JRKESTLER 72 ARNETTELEE
1/8/19 5:32 A
Lots of walking today ! INKBUD 10 GEORGE815
1/7/19 9:43 P
Made a commitment in 2018 to get healthier for my daughter. Lost 55 lbs so far! MARAHCHRISTINE 142 GEORGE815
1/7/19 9:46 P
Made the Taco Soup off of the SparkRecipes app... and it’s AMAZING!! 290 calories per cup serving, i AUBURNANGEL07 37 AUBURNANGEL07
1/8/19 10:06 A
Still at it! I’ve maintained a 40-pound loss which is great. Now it’s time to get rid of another 40! RRUSSELL46 86 ARNETTELEE
1/8/19 5:32 A
This is a size 22 jean from Avenue! I am about to cry I was able to button it like nothing! At my he ZENYAW 140 _CARPEDIEM_
1/17/19 9:24 A
Day 1 last Wednesday. The heaviest I ever been. Si SINGLET8229 220 WYRAM1
1/8/19 12:48 P
Chicken Corn chowder on the stove for lunch...sometimes you just need some comfort food. CTRUSTY1983 3 CTRUSTY1983
1/6/19 12:41 P
My Mileage Footsteps page from my bullet journal. I accidentally made my 200 highlighted before gett OBSESSEDHIKER 9 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
1/6/19 12:29 P
My progress so far MSTEIN819 15 MDOWER1
1/6/19 3:03 P
Down one pound after my first week! #progress #onepoundatatime It's early, but at least I'm on track TH3PH03NIX 17 BBFABSTAR
1/6/19 1:29 P
My other why- my wife and I working out together at Orange Theory Fitness ! MSTEIN819 10 GARYLHYDE
1/6/19 1:32 P
Posted a photo MLEMAX 7 AMUGGINS
1/6/19 2:36 P
Round two of my healthy living I'm down 85 pounds TMP0418 150 DOLPHINAGGIE
1/9/19 11:45 P
On New Year’s Eve I spent my evening packing up my old clothes that are too big on me now and organi ALLYLIZZY 204 BLOGGSJOE118
1/6/19 8:55 P
I joined premium today! For less than one Tim Horton's breakfast a month, I'm doing something positi KRISTACULAR86 7 -AMANDA79-
12/29/18 2:20 P
OK. So, I got a particularly onerous task off my SparkCoach Own My Day list, and while I was at it, RREDFORD5 13 PELESJEWEL
12/28/18 6:42 P
Just reminding myself to stay on track and to show you, it is possible. RENZRYD 173 CSROBERTSON621
12/28/18 11:21 P
I swear! 😂😂😂 N33D2LOSE50 13 UMUCGRAD
12/28/18 6:09 P
Wanted something sweet today after work so i pulled the container of silk yogurt i had in the freeze BRENTLEESMOMMA 14 SJH6149
12/28/18 6:58 P
Dinner tonight 325 calories for one whole one 😋 c TMP0418 30 YMWONG22
12/29/18 9:25 A
I have gotten off of our Spark community way.. I have started logging my food and exercising again.. MBLANKFORD 16 JHADZHIA
12/30/18 12:08 A
Another MOVIE game...see if we can keep this going LEELEE9682 48649 DIVAGLOW
8/20/19 2:47 A
12/18/18 3:36 P
Hey there Spark fam! Happy Monday. Have a great night 😘 SHELLIE1964 7 FROSTY99
12/17/18 9:26 P
9k steps to go.. Itd be nice if your body would obey your mind without question. JACQUELYN-L-FIT 9 YMWONG22
12/17/18 11:13 P
Had a million excuses and what felt like road blocks everytime I turned around today....but I manage GHELBY 23 TLV106
12/17/18 10:20 P
Tonight when I was thinking about what to make for dinner, I thought of ordering pizza since I’m off MM1993314 24 FISHGUT3
12/17/18 9:07 P
Day 1 for me. Probably a harder time of year to start with eating right again (with the Christmas me FITMUM83 25 2020NEWB
1/5/19 10:47 A
12/18/18 8:55 A
Ate breakfast within 1 hour of getting up. That was after cats taken care of and bed made. Got dre WENDYHARPER45 4 TOMATOCAFEGAL
12/16/18 9:53 P
Good morning! No one at home notices when mom makes a change or can wear something she hasn't worn i MYKDSRDRVNMECRZ 45 SHOWKINDNESS
12/16/18 11:03 P
I'm so lucky I like plain sweet potatoes. #100Days #wfpbno INTUITIVEEATING 17 MNNSAIDE
12/16/18 2:51 P
12/16/18 8:41 P
Good morning Sparkers . Day 356 sugar and gluten-free. This morning I went back to Fencing . It has STEEPERSLOUNGE 15 LORIANNA62
12/17/18 1:35 P
I'm so grateful for this weather ❗ Y'all have a great Sunday 🌹 MAYDAY62 26 MAYDAY62
12/16/18 6:09 P
Hi guys! I haven't forgot about the spark world. The older kids are in basketball and both my husban KOBRIEN13 13 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
12/15/18 7:40 P
Let’s buy a needy child a gift. Find a family that needs help during Xmas and help out. MARKDORENE 5 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
12/15/18 7:39 P
The more I "eat a rainbow" the more I reinforce the good habit. The less I miss past bad food choic SPINACHROCKS1 6 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
12/15/18 7:39 P
suddenly realized that if I'd put well over 2200 miles on my old exercise bike and it was quite lite WALLOWA 6 WALLOWA
2/11/19 10:14 P
Does wrapping presents count for anything? Lol CHERYLE51 4 EDLEAR
12/16/18 4:26 A
Day one with my new Planet Fitness membership!! Let's do this :) KYRELYSE 7 PELESJEWEL
12/15/18 10:07 P
I wanted some macaroni and cheese but its obviously not the best choice so I added a quarter of a se JENP813 9 RIVERBENEDICTA
12/16/18 12:02 A
Posted a photo F5-FURY 33 MIAMI_LILLY
12/16/18 1:39 P
Really great news to share. Annabelle Grace is now off the ventilator. And she is a "mini me" of her SISSYFEB48 43 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
12/16/18 10:22 P
Love this, my dessert tonight, soooooo good! CARRIEMETODAY 14 EVANS1848
12/15/18 11:51 P
Great 3.5 mile walk at McDonald Woods Forest Preserve this morning VICKI27655 16 EDWARDS1411
12/14/18 6:50 P
From 214 to 139!!! Haven’t weighed this since 1990!!!! I’m so happy ❤️❤️❤️ MOMS3KIDS 188 JOYALESCO
12/14/18 5:23 P
I did something good for my health: I got a mammogram! GRATTECIELLA 21 YMWONG22
12/15/18 11:24 A
We had 2 baby birds on our deck this morning. SO cute & small! I stopped & talked to a Vet, on a sco SPARKLINGME176 15 YMWONG22
12/15/18 11:25 A
Yesterday I began trying some exercise for the 1st time. I have been nervous adding this in as one 908887 9 AGEE1944
12/14/18 4:41 P
I avoided staff lounge doughnuts and hot coco. I had a 100 calorie muscle milk instead.... little t FUNAFTER45 11 FUNAFTER45
12/16/18 11:02 A