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1/23/18 12:32 P
Well I slept in till 1pm!!! Trying to get my sugar under control and it’s getting there and it’s mak BMGH85 4 BMGH85
1/25/18 10:03 P
I am a travelling sales person on the road each week to new places, living out of hotels trying to f ELAINECD00 12 CMG21414
1/22/18 5:26 P
Is it just me or does anyone else feel like their eating the same Thing all time? KSF312 3 COYOTESPIRIT2
1/22/18 4:26 P
Starting at 280. Let's lose 100lbs JESSACE0 36 NOCALORIES
1/22/18 8:34 P
Hey everyone! I am a #newbie here and my goal is to lose 60lbs by August... I am going on my first c KATRINA1431 9 BSPORTER66
1/22/18 3:39 P
I had been so stressed that the back of my neck was in such great pain I thought I may have had a st MS-MIMI 3 OKOBOJII
1/22/18 2:39 P
Hard to drink today,. No heat in office. 57 drgrees in here #h2whoa CKEYES1 6 MARYGOLD5
1/22/18 7:53 P
I've lost 120 lbs. 30 more to go! Why is the last stretch SO HARD! 😅 SARAHEERICSON89 304 SARAHEERICSON89
1/23/18 6:56 A
Of course they have free pastries at orientation. I will not partake! Coffee only! EVAOLIVER 4 ROBINVOTAW
1/22/18 2:10 P
I've been using myfitness pal and it has all my foods and recipes...does anybody know if I can trans DI_CHEZ 3 LUANN_IN_PA
1/22/18 10:06 A
First real progress marker and it wasn’t my scale, made a huge gain in my blood sugars; still high b PROJECTMH2018 3 OKOBOJII
1/22/18 9:35 A
For almost a week I have given up soda. This week I am going to work on tracking everything I eat an MEGANS2018 4 MONJUANGARCIA
1/22/18 12:13 P
Can anyone tell me how much is it to go premium? What is the difference between the two ? J225165 6 LUANN_IN_PA
1/22/18 9:14 A
Hello everyone! Tomorrow makes a week with SP and so far I’m loving it. A few things that have gotte LILI1987 5 OKOBOJII
1/22/18 8:07 A
I drink hot herbal tea or water from my fruit infuser to get to my 8 glasses. If I make it, I get La OKOBOJII 2 WENDYBEGLEY73
1/21/18 10:49 A
How do you make those weight loss trackers that show up after people post something? BVANN1986 2 OKOBOJII
1/20/18 9:37 P
No soda with my pasta dinner, tonight, added veggies instead of pasta sauce, not eating after 8pm # KELLIEBEAN 7 MIRAGE727
1/21/18 2:03 P
Got veggies with my chicken sandwich instead of chips. ~yay me~ #eattherainbow DEERLADY45 8 RDCAGAIN10
1/21/18 7:40 P
Congratulations SparkPeople team mates for all that you do to make yourself more healthy. And just REJOHNSON3 2 OKOBOJII
1/20/18 9:31 P
This whole "New Year New Me" thing isn't cooperating! LOL I'm finding I'm weaker then I realize. Fo DISCOVERING_ME 8 MYTIMEOK
1/20/18 1:00 A
Day 1 with sugar cut out .... oh how the difference sugar makes coffee AMANDAMARIE714 9 AMANDAMARIE714
1/19/18 4:41 P
I'm sick with an upper respiratory infection and also have an ear infection too. Haven't felt well b MONICAGAILXOXO 2 OKOBOJII
1/19/18 4:18 P
Does anyone know how many calories are burned doing the delicious dance series from body groove? SHARONGREGG73 3 OKOBOJII
1/19/18 4:13 P
"Lose Weight, Feel Great, Starting Today!" SP shilling for Jenny Craig now? I want to see this as mu SPICY23 2 OKOBOJII
1/19/18 4:08 P
Beautiful sunny day! Didn't even mind the wind! 😊 Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! SPIFFYRIKI 4 BARCELONAME
1/19/18 4:19 P
I would love to hear any thoughts on the Keto diet BUTT3RFL1 6 MYWAYHIWAY
1/19/18 6:56 P
Hey there! Has anyone else comeback to SP from a long absence? Lol i've been on SP since 2008, recei ROXY257 9 BERGEN127
1/19/18 3:04 P
Why does it make my husband mad for me to do my workout? And what can I do about this? Please does a SEEKHEALTHYLIFE 11 DANYGIRL40
1/19/18 11:36 A
Words to live by on my first day 😊 CASEY_9684 10 RDCAGAIN10
1/19/18 11:34 A
I've been stuck in the 240s for about a year now. It seems like every time I make a little progress COLEYBANANA 2 OKOBOJII
1/19/18 9:57 A
It's the weekend! And we have a family wedding on Sunday. Our wedding celebrations last two days and TOLOOSE40 20 TOLOOSE40
1/19/18 12:38 P
What are some good healthy dinner ideas for very picky eaters? My boyfriends a meat,potato and chees JENNALUE22 4 BEBAUGH1
1/19/18 12:21 P
It's a great day! Got up when my alarm went off, did my morning Yoga with Adrienne, had a glass of w OKOBOJII 2 SHRINKINGLULU
1/19/18 10:36 A
Reached Onderland!!!! 😀🙌 SBEAR5 121 ROCKYCPA
1/19/18 9:53 P
So I have been on this weight loss journey for some time... Once I lose the weight I gain it right b LNPAVOLKO 5 ALLYLIZZY
1/19/18 11:49 A
So I have an issue that I always seem challenged with—tracking my water! Is the “rule” still minimum JULZ09 11 BROWNCHRISTINE8
1/19/18 11:09 A
Trying to get back on track and loose some of this regained weight. I came to far to throw it all a DORICANADY 3 _LINDA
1/18/18 9:04 A
I’m so frustrated! I have been doing this for 3 weeks. I eat 1200 calories or less each day. I eat a MARCYP13 10 MARCYP13
1/19/18 6:24 P
Pep talks! Get your pep talks here! CASEYTALK 80 LIVELYGIRL2
5/20/18 3:50 P
I love how positive this feed is! Every time I log on I scroll through and everyone is so supportive JRKESTLER 3 OKOBOJII
1/17/18 4:21 P
Here is to the next 12 weeks.. gotta focus on small goals to make it #smallgoals PRINCESSAMARIE1 7 SPARTANJAI
1/17/18 4:53 P
Run in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy absolutely no idea where this is 😳 CGARR442 9 CGARR442
1/18/18 1:35 P
Making my own flavored water with fresh fruit and water. No sugar added. Not bad. #h2whoa BLYONS996 3 KERRIBERRI86
1/17/18 4:27 P
I have been working with a few co-workers in work who have struggled for years with trying to lose w MAMMYSHER 6 MSMITCHELL2696
1/17/18 11:53 A
Does anyone have some tips on "brainwashing" myself to exercise after work? I'm finding it to easy t THOMS96 11 THOMS96
1/17/18 11:15 A
I am very proud of myself. I actually got up early in order to exercise before getting ready for wor WHITTY_ONE 5 FREEDOM339
1/17/18 11:15 A
Traveling today and really hoping I can find some healthy eating options! Wish me luck! BBQUEENMEL 3 MSMITCHELL2696
1/17/18 12:01 P
I’m not sure if it’s rain but I’m sooo hungry already. Today is the second day that I’m low on energ BINA-80 9 BINA-80
1/17/18 3:40 P
Hello! 😌 I came across this app today and so far I love it. I’m marking today as the official start LILI1987 52 LILI1987
1/16/18 8:39 P
Trying to get the hang of this platform.😂 Still a tad confusing. CSHORTLIDGE4 3 OKOBOJII
1/16/18 3:27 P
I just shoveled about 8 inches of snow from around and on my car. Can I consider that my workout for PAMMIESUE81 8 LYCAN1
1/16/18 2:02 P
I’m new here and am looking for a good group of people to help keep me accountable! I’m 37, two wee BBQUEENMEL 35 KOSHIE1
1/16/18 2:39 P
1/16/18 12:52 P
Still waitng for heating oil.. Feel total alone. My treadmill is dead. To cold for me to go outside BUDDHALADY 9 STR458II
1/16/18 7:40 P
Can someone tell me how I’m supposed to NOT think about food? I’m trying to lose about 25-30lbs but BRUCE00WAYNE 12 KERRIBERRI86
1/16/18 12:55 P
does cooking for a spouse make you fat? FUNGI777 56 TOTALPACKAGE12
1/27/18 3:34 P
Spark Friends...this is my second week , I have been very diligent. I lost 4 pounds my first week, I SHIRLEYJOE85 6 LOTUS737
1/11/18 11:16 A
Garmin wt loss challenge team? BF20PERCENT 2 OKOBOJII
1/11/18 10:23 A
Did a girlfriends dinner last night and overdid it of course. Pretty proud of myself though when I DANYGIRL40 7 OKOBOJII
1/11/18 10:10 A
Is it time to be over this cold yet? CHRISSYWILSON80 4 SILVERSPARROW04
1/11/18 11:20 A
New year New me Goal of 130# MFURILLO 8 MFURILLO
1/16/18 3:57 P
Was feeling and acting super lazy all morning until I scrolled through here and got some much needed JOZELYNN 3 JOZELYNN
1/10/18 4:19 P
What do you all do when on shark week. I'm gonna try not to weigh myself SARAG87 5 MYTIMEOK
1/10/18 4:40 P
I'm starting slow this time, just cutting back on eating out first. 3 days of bringing food from hom SIGNALSELLER 3 LTRINH9
1/10/18 3:41 P
My bf & I live in Hawaii, and we like to celebrate our Hawaiianniversary for each year we've lived i GREENSUBMARINE 3 OKOBOJII
1/10/18 3:11 P
Hello all. I’ve recently joined back here after 7y HEATHERDP 7 HEATHERDP
1/10/18 9:23 P
Quit drinking big red soda alot and start water more. Need lost weight thanks TINAYWILL 3 OKOBOJII
1/10/18 3:07 P
Anyone ever use the app DietBet? PAIGE2017 4 LIVEDAILY
1/11/18 11:27 A
It's a bit warmer today. Determined to bundle my youngest in the stroller and hit the neighborhoods. JOZELYNN 2 OKOBOJII
1/10/18 12:37 P
Censored once again! Threatened with BANNING from Community feed. If that means it will be gone from JSIELKE1944 12 JSIELKE1944
1/16/18 11:31 A
I have no idea what's going on today but I have ZERO motivation. I've been doing really well the pas JOZELYNN 6 JOZELYNN
1/10/18 3:50 P
Woke up beating my self-esteem up. Wanted to give up before I even got out of bed. Plus my hubby is BJTMOUSE7 4 LAPPEROO
1/10/18 11:24 A
Morning is there a spot I can update my weekly weigh in or daily? SHERRYHALL625 4 SHERRYHALL625
1/10/18 10:23 A
Jillian Michael's 30 Minute Shred yesterday (Level 2 - it was challenging!) and a brisk walk at lunc KRISKECK 3 AMYG5025
1/10/18 10:58 A