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San Clemente beach trail. How did I forget my running shoes ? I managed the 2 plus miles to the pie GGRSPARK 16 7STIGGYMT
4/23/18 7:34 A
4/23/18 5:08 A
Completed my 7day no soda challenge. Feeling so proud #goalfeats #nosoda ROOHI245 19 ORTATK
4/23/18 6:59 A
Wishing you health and mobility BONNIEMARGAY 9 MBPP50
4/23/18 1:57 P
Weight going down again just what I want. COLOURFULL 17 ORTATK
4/23/18 6:58 A
You can do whatever you want to today except feel sorry for yourself. That never helps. MOONSHADOWE 11 LITTLEREDHEN8
4/23/18 5:38 A
I’m new, so just learning the way things work HARMANSHE63 15 ORTATK
4/23/18 6:58 A
Hilly walk with the wife, our friend and the Labracadabrador. What a treat! BONNIEMARGAY 21 MBPP50
4/23/18 1:57 P
Wishing all a positive, productive, and goal reaching week. PAMBROWN62 20 SPARKLINGME176
4/23/18 1:21 P
Please join me on a seven day drink 8 glasses of water Challenge. Motivate, hydrate, feel great! htt CAROLYNINJOY1 17 EO4WELLNESS
4/23/18 2:02 P
Posted a photo MISSDORRIE 7 RDCAGAIN10
4/23/18 6:37 A
Did you get your workout in? OLDSKOOL556 39 SKEMERICH
4/23/18 9:27 A
Are You Walking and/or Running Today? MJRVIC2000 29869 SKEMERICH
4/23/18 9:27 A
Did you overeat at your last meal? IAMJOYFUL2 14546 LVMS61516
4/23/18 1:19 P
How many cups of water today (or yesterday)? SNARDEESNIFF 14333 LVMS61516
4/23/18 1:18 P
How motivated are you today? Scale from 1-10 OODELETEDOO 46462 LVMS61516
4/23/18 1:18 P
Are You Happy Right Now? SMYLEERED 37662 LVMS61516
4/23/18 1:18 P
Are you feeling Positive or Negative today? BIGMAMA4U 55903 SKEMERICH
4/23/18 9:25 A
Are you at peace and grateful right now? IAMJOYFUL2 12619 LVMS61516
4/23/18 1:17 P
New kettlebell has arrived! Very excited about having a play with it. It'll still be a while before K-BOBETTY 17 JOC36BROWN
4/22/18 9:04 A
Posted a photo PRVCY1961 13 JOC36BROWN
4/22/18 9:04 A
It’s the first race day of the season - 5K today. NANHBH 44 ROCKYCPA
4/22/18 1:10 P
I broke my toe, and was deadly afraid of losing ground so I started doing seated/lying down workouts MERLUSYNE 21 YMWONG22
4/22/18 10:06 A
Good morning everyone! I hope that everyone slept well. I slept with squirt under my chin lol. Hes s WALTSGIRL74 23 AMYINTHEWILD
4/22/18 3:50 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 23 PATRICIA-CR
4/23/18 8:42 A
4/22/18 9:15 A
Did you take your vitamins today? HARLEYANGELONE 55430 LVMS61516
4/23/18 1:19 P
I walked 30 minutes & when I wake up I will do more 🌷 #moveit BBFABSTAR 14 BONNIE1552
4/22/18 5:09 A
Okay, I have to say, I watch horror movies and this scares me more. I apologize for what you are abo PEAPIE4LFE36 27 LINDAC75
4/21/18 7:39 A
Second day of being a nanny for my favorite one year old. He was so excited to see me and the Labrac BONNIEMARGAY 28 ROCKYCPA
4/21/18 4:12 P
#motivate DIVAGLOW 28 LGRIMM66
4/22/18 8:52 P
4/21/18 6:10 A
Hilly walk with the wife and the Labracadabrador BONNIEMARGAY 20 MBPP50
4/21/18 1:52 P
Posted a photo QUARTERMASTER3 19 JENNI814
4/21/18 7:36 A
Today is our 44th Anniversary. Dinner & $1 'ritas 🍹at Applebee's! PYNETREE 217 1CRAZYDOG
4/22/18 11:48 A
"Stay positive, work hard, and make it happen." NANASUEH 7 JUDY1676
4/21/18 3:09 P
Make the right choice. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 10 SPEDED2
4/20/18 11:16 P
They fit. I haven’t been able to where these all winter. Arizona Jeans size 5 Petite. I keep havin SHADOW2SOU1 10 MDOWER1
4/20/18 4:08 P
Posted a photo MLBSLK 7 JTHEALTHY1
4/20/18 2:16 P
Am so thankful for the journey. Am so proud. Here's to keeping the weight off and staying healthy!! MIZFENTON 25 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
4/20/18 10:34 P
Enjoyed a wet walk this morning with my fur baby. Love my Maximus NATASHA_D1 36 JAMER123
4/20/18 11:36 P
I started WW 2 years ago this June. Here are my face to face comparisons. Then, 1 year and now. KIMBERAKA 71 ZUZUPETALS10
4/20/18 3:08 P
Leading a healthy lifestyle prior to pregnancy has made a HUGE difference during this pregnancy!! On SIMPLYKEN32 109 PWILLOW1
4/20/18 10:02 P
#BeforeAndAfter Six months and 30 lbs down. 175 was goal one. On to goal 2 and more toning. #progres ICEDNCFIRE 60 DLDMIL
4/20/18 8:18 P
4-20-18 I can't believe it! I made it to my first weight goal of 160! I've been trying to do this fo ANNA4318 267 KIPPER15
4/20/18 9:16 P
I've lost 25lbs! KEETER4U_09 104 KEETER4U_09
4/20/18 10:59 A
My Easter Cake was a huge hit this year, I’m proud SHANDRA49 228 SASSYSUZAZ
4/19/18 8:16 P
In five hours of caring for my favorite one year old today, there was at least half an hour of lifti BONNIEMARGAY 11 CATHYSFITLIFE
4/19/18 2:23 P
Wishing you health and mobility BONNIEMARGAY 7 CATHYSFITLIFE
4/19/18 2:22 P
Sending a bright spot of spring to those whose spring hasn't arrived yet. I hope you had a wonderfu CAROLYNINJOY1 18 SPARKFRAN514
4/19/18 7:30 P
Today's blog is: "Clearing out the closet and getting ready to clear office." I got too fatigued. CAROLYNINJOY1 14 SPARKFRAN514
4/19/18 7:28 P
Good morning. Good, good morning! 😁 I lost another inch off my arms, now 11.5 inches. Yay! TIGERSEYEHEART 28 LORI_LIFTS
4/20/18 11:59 A
finished a virtual race! that makes 2 so far this one was 22.4 miles! can't wait to get my t CREATEJOY2 12 CREATEJOY2
4/19/18 2:39 P
4/18/18 9:08 A
Posted a photo 1980GG 6 S57396
4/18/18 9:56 A
Early morning exercise, coffee, strawberries and watermelon for breakfast. Off to work and healthy ANDYLATG4 43 ZUZUPETALS10
4/18/18 4:32 P
Posted a photo TINABEANA16 115 MICHAELPACH
4/18/18 5:48 P
4/18/18 10:50 A
42 yrs today and the first healthy birthday ever! I'm gonna make the best of this day thank you spa TMP0418 308 JAY61
4/18/18 8:14 P
10 miles on the bike this morning #exercisebike #cardio #fitness #exercise #bike #health #weightlos GOLDIEFOXX 106 TESSWILDFLOWER
4/18/18 12:13 P
Did a 5k color walk this weekend with my mom and daughter! JAYNEMAE 6 _LINDA
4/17/18 1:16 P
Wahoo! -5 lbs!!!! 84KLVA84 23 LIZZIE138
4/17/18 3:56 P
4/17/18 11:36 A
Good Morning... BEZZYWIFEY 47 CGARR442
4/17/18 7:54 P
After a month, these are my results. Its only a face shot, but I can see a huge difference! ESTEVES02 62 DININA48MN
4/17/18 11:22 P
Just another shot from the Grand Canyon. This one is from our hike out of the canyon. I got out by MICHIGANHIKER 36 PWILLOW1
4/17/18 10:07 P
So, I was told to drop coffee from my diet. I’m be BINA-80 21 JAYNE3013
4/17/18 1:45 P
30 days PiYo= 2 lb loss and 7" overall.. Mini vaca at grandfather mountain Linville NC, "top of the ALEOPARD 151 YBBHAPPY
4/20/18 11:50 A
No longer have to apologize for sitting next to people on a plane! #nsv Phoenix, here I come! Oh FREEDOMBOUND18 124 QSHEPP
4/17/18 6:46 P
Walked 12 miles one day on my South American adventure! MEADSBAY 94 CLO333
4/17/18 4:16 P
Transformation Tuesday KIMBERAKA 209 DLDMIL
4/17/18 7:13 P
Homemade no added sugar, only fat from egg (no butter) wholemeal banana breakfast muffins. With drie -POOKIE- 14 RAWCOOKIE
4/17/18 3:44 A
#BeforeAndAfter I lost 12 pounds this month for a total of 59 pounds less in 5 months, Thanks to al OLIE07 129 BONNIE1552
4/17/18 7:49 P
Cutting calories doesn't mean you have to go hungry. Eat the right ((healthy)) foods, stay hydrated, LYNN_BROWN 41 CATSNCOFFEENY7
4/16/18 8:10 P
From 10/16 to 12/17 i feel so much better TORIEA 227 FIDDLISH
4/16/18 9:05 P