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6/24/18 11:40 P
~*~ ROLL CALL 2018 ~*~ BEFIT018 253 NOCALORIES
6/24/18 8:00 P
Does prepping count for exercise I been cutting onions and peppers for 2 hours ๐Ÿ˜ญ TMP0418 31 LIZZIE138
6/24/18 9:59 P
I almost skipped the gym today. Almost. Instead, I walked longer and farther than Iโ€™ve been able to NEWCINDY2018 16 SRIVERS1
6/24/18 7:44 P
She is the love of my life and, where all my strength comes from.๐Ÿ˜— F5-FURY 12 JAMER123
6/24/18 11:51 P
Wow.. can't believe I actually did it!! Life is good!! What a journey. I have learned to love myself AKIMBRE1 244 LIZZIE138
6/24/18 9:57 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 10 ROCKRS
6/24/18 7:45 P
Back to try again. If I fall 99 times but get up 100 I can still cross the finish line. At the rate MICHIGANHIKER 26 PELESJEWEL
6/24/18 8:59 P
Day 1 if #h2Whoa! DONE โœ… Love my bottle. #h2whoa WEISTERJ7 4 FITSTARLIGHT
6/24/18 8:22 P
One day this will be a before shot. Right now is a "I've lost 20 lbs and many more to go" My daught LAM200514 20 LAM200514
6/24/18 9:20 P
Donated small bags of clothing to Goodwill and prepared 2 more to give to Teen Challenge. Even my cl SASRA1 10 NOCALORIES
6/23/18 11:07 P
Busy time for me. It is official - Justin had his Eagle Scout Court of Honor last night. I am an E RUFFIT 9 GLORIAZ
6/24/18 10:26 P
#BeforeAndAfter before and not to be again JUST2LAUGHATU 15 TCANNO
6/24/18 3:52 A
15 months and felling good. Down 47 lbs and 27 inches MMMX392076 67 RSTEINER1313
6/23/18 11:41 P
Today is my birthday...57. Of course I ate more than normal but that's ok. I really enjoyed my day. SYLBA61 66 SYLBA61
6/24/18 7:08 P
Decided to sign up for a 2-mile walk while my husband did his 5k. I was told that both races starte JAVAJESS21 40 CZECHRN
6/23/18 11:46 P
6/24/18 3:50 P
Started this challenge today. Did 35 minutes of exercise when I normally would not have done any exe SHERREB 4 NOCALORIES
6/22/18 9:50 P
I have some exciting news Iโ€™d like to share. I no longer wear plus size clothing! Yesterday was the ALLYLIZZY 234 DOLPH79
6/23/18 8:37 A
Just do you, whatever that may be. Don't waste time trying to convince people of your worth. Take th RENDERED-FAT 8 NOCALORIES
6/22/18 9:44 P
Dared to buy some smaller clothes, went from 14 to 6. I was shocked in dressing room, and got a bit PINEMB 5 NOCALORIES
6/22/18 9:43 P
#BeforeAndAfter 68lbs down 28lbs to go HOBBERJP 21 DCWILLIAMS831
6/22/18 9:54 P
Geez 3 hours of unpacking, organsing heavy lifting and more painting. Wow, what a workout. Lol, stil GIGIT6742 16 NOCALORIES
6/22/18 9:35 P
#BeforeAndAfter THELMA6430 29 ALLYLIZZY
6/23/18 2:09 P
#statisticsfortheday I have lost 31lbs and 59inches off my whole body 5 inches down from June 1st to DEMONCLOWNZ666 26 PURPLEMOON1
6/23/18 2:25 A
Posted a goal RAEJAMES172 90 ALLYLIZZY
6/23/18 2:07 P
Look how close I am to being able to do a pull up! 2AWESOME4U 104 K-BOBETTY
6/23/18 6:20 A
6/22/18 12:27 A
6/22/18 12:24 A
Started at 202. Goodby forever 170s. Next goal - five pounds to the land of the normal weighted. Aft BETTRISSGO 45 APACHEROSE66
6/22/18 8:47 A
โ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธ yes! ~*~SPUNKI~*~ 18 CSROBERTSON621
6/21/18 11:48 P
Itโ€™s been awhile! Still working out! Now a volunteer strength and conditioning coach. Working on my TXSUNSHINE512 24 TESSWILDFLOWER
6/22/18 5:11 A
Feeling good today! Meeting my Spark goals! #BeforeAndAfter MRCYCAMRNN 24 ALLYLIZZY
6/22/18 2:04 P
This is a fun comparison for me to do. Roughly 2007/2008 timeframe and my most recent photo. #Before TXSUNSHINE512 64 ALLYLIZZY
6/22/18 2:01 P
I am not where I want to be yet, but Iโ€™ve come a long way. Itโ€™s time to set some new goals, and this LKMANNING7 90 ALLYLIZZY
6/22/18 2:00 P
hope everyone had a happy healthy Wednesday TRAILWALKERJO54 6 NOCALORIES
6/20/18 11:08 P
For 6/21 The right time to wake up is NOW. The right time to smile is NOW. The right time to do som SPARKFRAN514 6 ILOVEROSES
6/21/18 10:29 A
Stuffed green pepper for dinner only 275 calories ๐Ÿ™Œ HELLOHOLLY76 14 CHRIS3874
6/20/18 11:59 P
Focus on your goals! Never give up! GARDENSFORLIFE 14 CATHYSFITLIFE
6/21/18 1:29 P
Apparently I need to start planning meals on Wednesday with enough wiggle room to go to Yogurt Mount LKMANNING7 22 DOLPH79
6/21/18 7:55 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 13 ZRIE014
6/21/18 12:47 A
6/21/18 1:30 P
Good afternoon Sparkers. Great NSV I wanted to share. Yesterday I was walking in front of my friend PAMBROWN62 117 1CRAZYDOG
6/21/18 1:22 P
Posted a photo FOXYHOGG 6 SRIVERS1
6/19/18 11:45 P
Drink lots of flavored water and stay hydrated! SISSYFEB48 9 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
6/20/18 4:17 A
71 days since my last soda. An 8 week โ€˜meltdownโ€™ to transition into a Keto diet. One mini-vacation JLINDAUE 32 STENOQ
6/20/18 11:36 A
#BeforeAndAfter Just a reminder for me to stay on MUSICLADY923 75 MDOWER1
6/20/18 9:08 A
Veggies from my garden this evening! AMBLEEBEAR2152 55 SMALLERMELORIE
6/24/18 11:50 A
Posted a photo FOXYHOGG 10 FITGIGI0102
6/19/18 11:47 P
I finally made it out of the 300s!!!! JENNMELREILLY 144 MBLANKFORD
6/20/18 8:00 A
A week in and I feel good about what happened in 7 days! Muscle pain on day 5- led to a day of rest STLMTL 3 NOCALORIES
6/18/18 10:13 P
Had 2 of my 3 sisters at the gym with me this morning ๐Ÿ‹๏ธโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ‹๏ธโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ‹๏ธโ€โ™€๏ธ KIKIE1973 30 NOCALORIES
6/18/18 10:11 P
14 months w/o soda or alcohol. MARSHASHADOW 15 FITWITHIN
6/19/18 9:16 A
Posted a photo TFOSTER1978 11 GABIRUSZCZAK
6/19/18 12:48 A
Posted a photo MARIAK88 12 LAH1222
6/18/18 11:52 P
15+ Minute walk with the kids. ๐Ÿ˜ Saw a family of geese on the way back. #moveit ANNAJUNE1218 21 CATHYSFITLIFE
6/19/18 8:04 P
The way our lives are reflect how we live... pay it forward...see a need fill a need. I am honoured BRANDYLEIGH78 13 PRAIRIEOMA
6/18/18 11:12 P
Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present. SPARKFRAN514 11 NANHBH
6/19/18 7:07 A
Today is day 1 of 30. This pic is a reminder of what I do not want to look like MSSBETTYBOOP66 26 GABIRUSZCZAK
6/19/18 12:46 A
2 more lbs bite the dust. 65 down. RWILLCUT 9 TESSWILDFLOWER
6/18/18 6:16 A
items that remind me to keep going....not to mention it is by my desk at home and if I mess up every LIVEYOUNG2 12 CHEROKEE1946
6/17/18 10:20 P
Today I started my journey of becoming sugar free. INSPIRE12 4 CHEROKEE1946
6/17/18 10:21 P
6/18/18 8:09 A
Back at it, back on mental health meds. Hopeful to start back and lose weight. Been here before, los APORTER78 28 WLHOPE
6/18/18 2:30 A
Finally got to fit in my Grandmother's skirt ๐Ÿ’ž #nonscalevictory AMYMBUNCH 19 BRLEE165
6/17/18 11:28 P
Working now on the other #100 pounds KIKIE1973 121 ALLYLIZZY
6/18/18 1:55 P
I donโ€™t have many before pictures because I used to hate getting my picture taken. Now I am down 64 ISLANDGIRL49 170 ELISAGAL1
6/18/18 8:04 A
Got my walk in a little early today - don't want to miss out - creating a habit of movement is my go 1MOM93 4 NOCALORIES
6/15/18 8:47 P
Still drinking, but finished 8 on day 3 of my 28 day challenge. #h2whoa SEEKINGGIRL 5 1CRAZYDOG
6/16/18 6:43 A
Morning walk with my little the hill out of the way in the beginning of our walk...and on FINDINGBOBBIE 14 MADEINBRITAIN
6/16/18 3:05 A
I'm excited to get back on track. Nothing can stop me now! IPHILLI9000 4 NOCALORIES
6/15/18 8:42 P
6/15/18 8:40 P
6/15/18 10:30 P
I have a park pot luck tonight and drank 2 16 oz bottles of water. Not planning on eating too much. BEVIEG41 8 MADEINBRITAIN
6/16/18 3:03 A
6-15-18 Tomorrow is my DH b'day & our great niece baby shower, & Father's day for my Uncle. (He's be SPARKLINGME176 13 RUSSELLFORD
6/21/18 12:29 A