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12/6/19 11:13 P
Three points, is three points CHACHIDAWG 28295 NITEMAN3D
12/6/19 11:01 P
Wow, another 3 points! DEW1960 12399 NITEMAN3D
12/6/19 11:00 P
I get three points for this? MARTINFRIED 26844 NITEMAN3D
12/6/19 10:47 P
12/6/19 4:34 P
Today, I felt like eating because I was really sad about something. I thought about whether I wanted CAREGIVERBEAR 12 _RAMONA
12/6/19 9:38 P
Woo hoo Im on the roll!!! Where's my kitchen crew 😁 and all my taste testers at??? Little bit of ve TMP0418 25 EO4WELLNESS
12/6/19 9:53 P
Lunch today. Forgot to pack salad dressing, which saved me 137 calories! The veggies were so fresh, AGABAI 15 DEDICATED2ME32
12/6/19 5:44 P
Apparently, my streamlining of the Travel and Employee Reimbursement processes is appreciated. I wa MCASKEY6 12 LIVEANDLAUGH
12/6/19 9:54 P
Questions here. Been starting to lift weights for about 2 months now. I can tell I’ve slimmed down b MSMITH211 9 GMACAMI
12/6/19 5:45 P
Points on the wheel?? MSB4L1 4090 NITEMAN3D
12/6/19 3:52 P
12/6/19 9:08 P
This is day 2 with my new hearing aids in Having a bit of fun getting them into my ears but I will CHRISCARRINGTON 4 GEORGE815
12/6/19 4:10 P
My Introduction KITLANE2171964 4 LIVINHEALTHY9
12/6/19 8:11 P
A bit late to post, but had breaded tilapia, with baked potato, carrots and a biscuit for dinner ton HEATHERFEATHER0 21 ALLYLIZZY
12/6/19 12:24 P
Finally got a shot of the Great Blue Heron today that I've been chasing for a couple months. I knew NITEMAN3D 37 GABY1948
12/6/19 2:54 P
Tonight's delicious low carb dinner. Shrimp scampi over a bed of fresh garlic spinach and a stuffed FASHIONROADKILL 23 _RAMONA
12/6/19 1:49 A
im new JJONES90504 7 NITEMAN3D
12/5/19 1:20 P
Is it my machine or has this site been running more slowly in recent days? NITEMAN3D 11 NITEMAN3D
12/5/19 1:16 P
Diet Soda...Yay or Nay? DIZZZY_BLONDE 1459 JEFFGIRL
12/6/19 11:13 A
Spark Points MACGRAW 14452 CHEIVOUS
12/6/19 10:03 A
#dinner tonight. ESTHER_R 19 PRAIRIECROCUS
12/5/19 3:40 A
I made 8,302 steps today. It was a strange day for me but at least this worked out. JOANN25 7 PRAIRIECROCUS
12/5/19 3:44 A
Had hoped to get to 25000 by midnight. Walking Man. JAMESEVER 20 YMWONG22
12/5/19 9:56 A
I wasn’t expecting to get this many steps today, nice surprise. ⭐️ ALLYLIZZY 31 TMP0418
12/5/19 9:03 P
This was supposed to be my 7th day but somehow my Spark Challenge disappeared and I had to start ove WATHENCR 7 1CRAZYDOG
12/6/19 9:25 A
When you eat 2 chocolate chip cookies on your rest day and are just about to let the guilt seep in w DEDICATED2ME32 16 EVIE4NOW
12/4/19 10:43 P
Great on the calories and I had a lot of activity too. Thank you God for another great day. SCTT123 2 NITEMAN3D
12/4/19 6:15 P
Organic dinner salad - spring mix, carrots, gourmet medley tomatoes, broccoli, sunflower seeds, crou BUFFBY50 18 _RAMONA
12/5/19 1:34 A
Hunger strikes AYALATORREZ 16 BOB5148
12/4/19 5:21 A
Back to the gym, but getting some physical therapy in for the hubs too. He has a bad back injury, so KITTANY 9 PRAIRIECROCUS
12/4/19 4:31 A
Today was an excellent day for me. I had a doctor appt. with my new heart specialist. He had resu JOANN25 13 1CRAZYDOG
12/4/19 3:10 P
Three hours in the dojo tonight is allowing me to participate in Taco Tuesday!! #tt #tacotuesday #ka DAD_AINT_HIP 29 1CRAZYDOG
12/4/19 3:11 P
How do you take the suggested meal plans off of your food log? New to this 🤓 SARAHSTEVENS101 5 NITEMAN3D
12/3/19 10:26 P
Hi all! Well got my exercise in- but may have accidentally gotten into the peanut m&ms at work- a KENNYBARBIE12 39 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
12/6/19 1:31 P
12/4/19 8:41 A
Today is Day 2 counting calories AND being off soda/sweets again since I got off the Keto diet atte DEDICATED2ME32 15 _RAMONA
12/4/19 1:37 A
I had a nice walk. I feel good. ROSARIOISABEL75 27 ARNETTELEE
12/4/19 4:39 A
My day got away on me. I am glad I was walking around a lot. Got my miles in without trying. #mov LEARN211 11 BONNIE1552
12/4/19 7:33 P
Reboot in Progress KRISKAY1962 4 BOBBIESOCKS-46
12/6/19 2:58 A
12/6/19 3:31 A
Portobello mushroom & bell pepper veggie fajitas topped with pickled red onion, avocado, and pico de DUCKTURNIP 25 KNYAGENYA
12/5/19 7:31 A
First time in over a year that I have reach my goal of 10,000. I was also able to track my food and ESTHER_R 29 SWEETCANDY75
12/6/19 10:36 P
Too tired to squeeze in even 4 mins of Tabata. But over 9000 steps at work today. Just tired. 8 d STORKBYTE 6 TABATHA_CAIN
12/3/19 7:03 A
2,524 Days Later... DLUCYU 4 NITEMAN3D
12/2/19 8:35 P
Hello everyone! I am new on this website. My friend told me about it and I had to hop on! IAMLIVIN 6 GEORGE815
12/2/19 9:57 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 16 NANASUEH
12/3/19 10:09 A
Salmon, California Blend, and parsley noodles. Thank you, Wonder Wife! 😍 NITEMAN3D 6 AMYINTHEWILD
12/3/19 10:11 A
OK, last month of the 2010's. "Good riddance " I say to it. Hope that a much better decade is dawn TRENTDREAMER 5 TEENY_BIKINI
12/3/19 5:06 P
Day 1 was a success. Food prepped and ready for day 2. CSM15314 4 GEORGE815
12/2/19 9:54 P
What's playing in your car/walkman/radio right now RIVETPA 2043 DLP655
12/3/19 6:21 P
The sky in California right now. ALLYLIZZY 20 CHEIVOUS
12/3/19 12:13 P
What I Cleaned and Organized in December 2019 TRAVELBUG12 5 LUANN_IN_PA
12/5/19 4:59 P
Food Addict In Recovery HEALTHYIN2020 3 LIVINHEALTHY9
12/3/19 7:12 P
Today, I’ve reached my max weight ever. I’m disgusted with my self and my husband said “I don’t want LATINANYC 6 KOALA_BEAR
12/2/19 1:53 A
A "GOAL" suggests something attained by prolonged effort and hardship... This makes me think of Olym CCSGOLD 12 SNUZYQ2
12/2/19 2:14 A
That's Odd - I just started this not even 5 minutes ago for the Spark Oklahoma team but I guess ever PROVERBS31JULIA 8 PROVERBS31JULIA
12/2/19 5:54 P
Back again! DEEBREF52 4 NITEMAN3D
12/1/19 4:27 P
back for the umpteen time CAROL0512 6 BOBBIESOCKS-46
12/6/19 2:28 A
My choices have dramatically improved by taking whatever I feel is appropriate for me. ie. Lowest po GGRSPARK 17 GARDENCHRIS
12/2/19 11:12 A
Posted a photo ANIMAI27 12 _RAMONA
12/2/19 1:11 A
I learned something important this Thanksgiving. For the past month I have tried to eat clean and dr NTHOMAS02 7 EVIE4NOW
12/1/19 5:37 P
I derailred at Thanksgiving, trying to get back on track. I've been extremely tired. 1972SANNLOVETT1 6 EVIE4NOW
12/1/19 5:33 P
new here as of today (11/30/19) TINAMADELENE 4 NITEMAN3D
12/1/19 2:31 A
Joined a few days ago, hello SparkPeople! MINDBODYFOCUS 6 LIVINHEALTHY9
12/1/19 7:55 P
I’ve decided after a lot of soul searching that I’ KONIGSBERG 53 KONIGSBERG
12/2/19 7:45 A
Treadmill walking has now increased to 20 minutes. I walk the maximum incline of 15 degrees at 2.5m FLYINGTIGER 14 1CRAZYDOG
12/1/19 11:38 A
12/1/19 6:14 P
PUSH -UPs are Challenging, but I am slowly getting better at it, which is my NSV for the day! I was PELESJEWEL 32 LUCKYDOGFARM
12/1/19 2:36 P
I really want to become enthusiastic about losing weight THISTIMEFORS1 6 FRISKYCRITTER
11/30/19 4:21 P
I felt really bad yesterday i eat to much and i eat after 8:00 SMH i will not do that again it only DIXSDA 6 QUADCMOM
11/30/19 2:53 P
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving 😁 LOS101 23 L_DROUIN
12/1/19 2:14 A
Ok team I am in need of hitting the gym and increase my running. #itsgametime DHAV2002 5 PRAIRIECROCUS
11/30/19 5:32 A
Down another pound and feeling confidence is growing...gotta keep my eye on the prize an JENNDAVIS25 7 FRABBIT
11/30/19 10:56 A
Another delicious meal prepared by my man! Glad he loves to cook cause my baking wouldn’t get me ver KIMMYG420 13 L_DROUIN
11/30/19 5:56 A