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Hey everyone...a little about me LEARNING2DANCE 6 NANCYPAT1
8/10/20 9:42 P
Living healthy and happy HEALTHYLIFE34 5 NANCYPAT1
8/10/20 9:40 P
♥ -:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-: -*♥-* . . . the only thing constant is change. Whatever yo 1CRAZYDOG 7 GARDENSFORLIFE
8/10/20 11:00 P
Hi! Always following but first time posting. I'm one of those "slow" weight loss persons, but really DFARINHA2 19 SUZIEEQ91
8/10/20 10:54 P
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 18 KOSHIE1
8/10/20 11:27 P
Thanks for all the encouragement friends! It was a great day tracking it ALL! The calorie burn on HI STILLSPARKLEIGH 22 KESTRYLL
8/11/20 12:17 A
Happy Monday! MSROZZIE 29 EEJAA70
8/11/20 12:01 A
Got myself up and walked 17 minutes with Leslie Sansone. Then took an 11 minute walk outside. I had RAMONA1954 6 GARDENSFORLIFE
8/10/20 11:02 P
I have to remind myself of this... MILLER-S 14 STILLSPARKLEIGH
8/10/20 9:28 P
Please do not allow anyone, and this includes yourself, to talk you out of getting the mental health LOTTALOX 9 MJ7DM33
8/10/20 9:21 P
Hey Big "Bird" This is by far the weirdest looking bird to visit my bird feeders, to date.🤣😂😁 HIGHVIBEHEALING 22 ATHLETELORI
8/10/20 10:46 P
I'm happy with all of my decisions today. Plus 20 min cardio, 10 mins of yoga, and push mowed. LAM200514 18 PURPLEMOON1
8/10/20 11:54 P
Posted a photo LAURIE9404 6 STARMONICA
8/10/20 9:26 P
Day 3 of intermittent fasting and my neck is basically pain free (Doc said he thinks I have the star LISA2321 17 SUZIEEQ91
8/10/20 10:55 P
TLL July Travel Game KRYS210 18 NANCYPAT1
8/10/20 8:30 A
Say it in A WORD! ROG190 4157 NANCYPAT1
8/9/20 1:55 P
Posted a photo SLIMMERKIWI 21 LIS193
8/10/20 3:38 A
Good Morning Spark Family! Happy Sunday!! ☀️ Thanks for all the birthday wishes for my newest teena TEXASHSMOMOF3 38 GRAMMY065
8/9/20 11:01 P
Have a splendid Sunday! "Those who find me find life" Today's Healthy-Happy Do List . . . 🌟 Imp JAMESEVER 10 NAVYWIFESKI
8/9/20 2:02 P
I see that I am motivator of the day. I understood it last time, but this time? I so appreciate the CVRONEK 25 SPARKFRAN514
8/9/20 9:55 P
Good morning! Hope you have a blessed Sunday. LINDALEE24 17 LIS193
8/10/20 3:37 A
Spent more than 5 hrs planting more than 30 plantings including flowers, trees/shrubs, and even seed LARTOON 15 GEORGE815
8/9/20 3:03 P
This year on Halloween my family and I will be going to the Renaissance faire. I'm making my costum FLORIDABELLE83 13 GEORGE815
8/9/20 3:04 P
Garden visitors. I hope you all have a blessed Sunday. Take some ME time for yourself! RUTHIEBEAR 21 WALLAHALLA
8/9/20 6:31 P
Good morning SparkFam! It's a beautiful sunny Sunday morning here in PA. It's lawn mowing weekend, s LIVINGHEALTHY16 176 TEXASHSMOMOF3
8/10/20 6:57 A
Out of the 190s! FOTOLEXIC 35 JAMER123
8/9/20 8:42 P
Inspirational Thoughts ~ DGFOWLER 28 GARDENSFORLIFE
8/8/20 10:27 P
Sparkle And Shine Spark Fam! ✨☀️Today I will REST and track water 💦 and food 🌈 as the day unfolds. STILLSPARKLEIGH 50 PCK12J
8/10/20 6:56 P
Brand new calf and his mom. What a cutie! Little angus bull, already sold. JEWELRYLOVER 26 ALOHAALO
8/8/20 6:21 P
Breakfast - I like this plain yogurt alternative much better than plain actual yogurt!:) 😋...Hope y NAVYWIFESKI 34 FLASUN
8/9/20 5:31 A
Good Morning Spark friends!! CYNMIL 18 KOSHIE1
8/8/20 10:33 P
I need to pull out that iron and get some core work done! EVIE4NOW 44 FELICIA1963
8/8/20 12:33 P
8/8/20 10:22 A
Heyyyy sparkers! Today is the day! Today I reached my goal weight!!! #BeforeAndAfter MISSMONMON 278 KAYDE53
8/8/20 9:11 P
Posted a photo LJBOWSER1 41 ALOHAALO
8/8/20 6:20 P
TLL Share a Goodie 2020 KRYS210 507 RIDLEYRIDER
8/8/20 7:44 A
Good morning 🌞 M33624 8 NANCYPAT1
8/7/20 11:16 A
I'm still working on making better choices and turning them into habits! RYDESKS 6 ROSIE432
8/7/20 11:29 A
We all went out for a lovely walk today! Pups are learning how to properly leash walk and we learne SACREDSAYRAH 10 CFITZ1
8/7/20 11:19 A
About sums it up EVIE4NOW 17 QUARTERMASTER3
8/7/20 4:31 P
My grand-doggies ZUCCHINI8 10 DENNIS99707
8/7/20 11:22 A
Great neice wearing her 4th Birthday Unicorn crown! 🎁🎂🎁 #lildiva CINDY247 112 JER-BER
8/9/20 11:30 A
I’m cha-cha-ing my way to the beach for the weekend!! WOMANOFSTEELE 30 ERIN_POSCH
8/7/20 12:14 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 15 CATWMNCAT
8/7/20 1:53 P
Wishing everyone a fabulous Friday. Enjoy a safe and healthy day. GRANDMOTHER20 13 RICHE38
8/7/20 12:36 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 15 GABY1948
8/8/20 12:16 P
"Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receive NANASUEH 9 SPEDED2
8/6/20 9:49 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 20 GABY1948
8/8/20 12:15 P
Running...the most expensive free sport there is! :) IOWAGIRLRUNS1 26 GEORGE815
8/6/20 3:40 P
Sure I can see it in my face and feel my clothes are looser but for this data-driven girl, nothing g DANCINGGARDENER 15 GEORGE815
8/6/20 3:36 P
"It says 'Showers expected' but there's not a cloud in the sky." NANASUEH 24 GABY1948
8/8/20 12:14 P
I first tried running on my journey through sobriety. I sucked. I hated it. I wasn't fast. But then J2002HEIDS 13 AMYINTHEWILD
8/6/20 10:29 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 12 GABY1948
8/8/20 12:15 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 14 SPEDED2
8/6/20 9:49 P
4 years to get here. #weightloss MKIRBY1987 263 _RAMONA
8/7/20 2:37 A
Posted a photo NANASUEH 24 GABY1948
8/8/20 12:14 P
Well, here I go. I have gained 40 pounds in two years. Haven’t been to the gym in 7 months and have LILMEMEJEAN 114 KOSHIE1
8/6/20 5:48 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 18 GEORGE815
8/5/20 1:47 P
I am sharing a pic of me, which I rarely do. It is my last day with my boyfriend and at the beach. I BOMBCHELL23 8 JRDUPREE
8/6/20 12:36 A
Happy Humpday everyone enjoy your day ☕😉🍵 ANNIEROKOV 18 CHERRYZMB60
8/5/20 5:57 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 19 TERMITEMOM
8/5/20 9:12 P
Things I love about walking in my country neighbor LJBOWSER1 18 LJBOWSER1
8/5/20 3:18 P
I'm feeling more empowered and in charge of my wellbeing baby steps 🐾🍊🐾🍒🐾🤹‍♀️ BEELADY56 22 KATHYJO56
8/5/20 2:37 P
We survived Isais. Power is out and may be out for days. We have a generator to run a few things. RUTHIEBEAR 24 SILVAS7
8/5/20 11:52 P
Does anyone have ideas for healthier alternatives for good campfire food/snacks? We are going campi SARAHLAYNE01 19 1BLAZER282005
8/5/20 7:43 P
Getting ready to go back to school. I think the d NEWRUNNERCLARE 76 COOKWITHME65
8/7/20 7:32 A
🍒🥝🍊 rainbow breakfast LAM200514 31 PWILLOW1
8/5/20 3:19 P
Hey Sparkfriends: Let's get moving and making healthy choices! 1HAPPYSPIRIT 34 PATRICIA-CR
8/6/20 11:59 A
Posted a goal 10XPERLB 26 LIS193
8/6/20 3:37 A
This is my hilly walking trail on my property in Arkansas. The impact we have on nature is clear. TOMSTONE1 28 MWHIGGINS
8/5/20 5:06 P
8/5/20 11:10 A
TLL Best part of today was... KRYS210 354 NANCYPAT1
8/4/20 5:55 P
Good morning! What an awesome Tuesday this is. We are all the products of the choices we make. Ch BANEWLAND 12 GEORGE815
8/4/20 4:31 P
One of my hibiscus blooms. Heavy rains and winds today. I have indoor exercise planned. I have al RUTHIEBEAR 26 AQUAGIRL08
8/5/20 2:12 P
The first thing in my mouth today, 16 oz of water. This is destined to be a good day. Now, for coffe BRUCELANGLEY 24 GEORGE815
8/4/20 4:32 P