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TLL Share a Goodie 2020 KRYS210 154 NANCYPAT1
2/26/20 7:28 A
2/26/20 9:02 A
My poor babies are sick again one that's been deal TMP0418 34 -POOKIE-
2/26/20 2:16 A
2/25/20 9:15 P
Remember to eat your fruits and vegetables everyda FWELLINGTON4 21 GEORGE815
2/25/20 2:42 P
Day 1 : weight 240! 30 days til my Gastric BiPass. Told I had to lose 15 lbs to get the surgery. CALIBOOBEAR1 9 GOALS2020
2/25/20 5:47 P
the burn I got from tricep dips was unreal by the 9th rep! I had to give my right hand a right menta BECCA199207 10 ALVEDAPERO1
2/25/20 11:01 P
Day 1. A new diet starts today. I'm on. Caloric restriction til my gastric bi pass. I hope I can los CALIBOOBEAR1 16 NAVYWIFESKI
2/25/20 4:09 P
How my lunch looked yesterday: Spinach and feta quiche with side salad, potato salad and a red cabba BECCA199207 8 HARLEMPAPILLON
2/25/20 5:38 P
my lunch today was tomatoes and egg on sour dough. Never tried it before in the local cafe but I was BECCA199207 7 GEORGE815
2/25/20 2:41 P
Good Morning/Afternoon Spark Family!! Happy Tuesday!! Man this day just totally got away from me!!! TEXASHSMOMOF3 33 AQUAGIRL08
2/26/20 8:14 A
Working by myself today because I'm getting over a cold and everybody scared I have the coronavirus HOOAH19766 34 AQUAGIRL08
2/26/20 8:11 A
How did you feel when you woke up this morning? CD13444141 12797 MISSDAISY23
2/25/20 10:56 P
A nice simple dinner after a long day. ANTMAID81 25 FAITHANNNB
2/24/20 5:03 A
Before I head to bed. I just wanted to thank you all for your support and kindness. Y'all rock the h FIREBRTHR 12 STILLSPARKLEIGH
2/24/20 6:55 P
I lost 3 pounds this week! TYMBERWOLFE 24 PATRICIA-CR
2/24/20 9:24 A
Nailed it!! ST3PH 9 RYCGIRL
2/24/20 10:03 A
2/24/20 5:02 A
Usually we only have a lovely breakfast on Saturdays but today my daughter @j_mcc_85 made us a quick NVRGIVINGUP 14 TMP0418
2/24/20 8:22 A
Day 23 of exercising every day for the month of February πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈπŸ™‚ ST3PH 15 RYCGIRL
2/24/20 10:02 A
Going to mom's Mon.-Wed. Keep Sparking, friends! TREKPURRSON 20 1CRAZYDOG
2/24/20 3:35 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 22 CHEIVOUS
2/24/20 10:56 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 23 PLCHAPPELL
2/24/20 5:34 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 18 JUDITH316
2/24/20 4:53 A
TLL Best part of today was... KRYS210 279 NANCYPAT1
2/23/20 11:40 P
Started at 238 I now 220. Hit my first mini goal. Now onto my next mini goal of 215. JTROXELL 17 _RAMONA
2/23/20 3:04 P
Funeral yesterday. Made bettter choices for the lunch but I still need to do better. I can't go ba DDDRIZA126 12 MOOKBALL
2/23/20 9:11 A
Just starting back, it felt good to move my body in a positive way. CLSYLADY 6 _RAMONA
2/23/20 3:03 P
SUNDAY SILLY! Woke Up Hungry.... What To Eat?!?! πŸ€” Definitely want to be a warrior πŸ˜‰.... ok I am i STILLSPARKLEIGH 49 PCK12J
2/24/20 12:00 A
happy healthy Sunday everyone- have a peaceful day! TRAILWALKERJO54 20 NIKKINIKKI136
2/23/20 7:27 P
Posted a photo CHRISTYW09 43 _RAMONA
2/23/20 3:25 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!!! Happy Sunday!! Yesterday was a glorious day! Well my eating was way TEXASHSMOMOF3 38 KHALIA2
2/24/20 2:00 P
2/23/20 11:14 A
We have rain, finally HAVASUROSE 7 NANCYPAT1
2/23/20 8:34 A
Don’t give up! MISMISSYV 19 _RAMONA
2/23/20 3:08 P
Hope your path is going great ! It's a battle for me πŸ™†πŸŒŒπŸ™ BEELADY56 15 _RAMONA
2/23/20 3:11 P
Happy Sunday everyone M33624 38 _RAMONA
2/23/20 3:17 P
Have you eaten a rainbow today? I have! Red grapefruit Orange carrot Yellow swede Green leek Blue bl -POOKIE- 26 GABY1948
2/25/20 9:38 A
Good morning from Maine. Kayla had to say hello as well. Another chilly Sunday. CLIFF-R 52 KAYDE53
2/23/20 6:43 P
Good morning! Definitely feeling better today! Starting a new morning routine of stretching exercis CINDY247 49 STILLSPARKLEIGH
2/23/20 1:50 P
Mornings like this make me feel ALIVE! Time 8:57 am! Got this day moving! CHERIE682 7 GEORGE815
2/22/20 2:44 P
Vacation time! It's not anywhere exotic, but it's a welcome break from work drama. Plus, I get to sp FLUFFY83 13 GEORGE815
2/22/20 2:43 P
"Could you not teach too much today? I'm running low on available memory." NANASUEH 20 GABY1948
2/25/20 9:40 A
"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant." Robert Louis Stevenson NANASUEH 15 KHALIA2
2/24/20 2:05 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 11 SPEDED2
2/22/20 11:47 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 14 GABY1948
2/25/20 9:40 A
Posted a photo NANASUEH 22 KHALIA2
2/24/20 2:03 P
Good morning everyone!! NYGGRL 9 GEORGE815
2/22/20 2:38 P
Good morning Spark friends. Happy Saturday! hope everybody's feeling good and having a great day. I CARLOSLAKELAND 22 GEORGE815
2/22/20 2:38 P
Good morning. Cold and sunny in my neck of the woods. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 18 GABY1948
2/25/20 9:40 A
I fell waaaayyyy off the wagon this past week and PIXIEDUST04 7 GEORGE815
2/22/20 2:39 P
2/22/20 2:39 P
2/23/20 8:04 A
Hard week.. I didn't lose but at least I didn't gain. Happy weekend ❣️ Spark family MBLANKFORD 30 NANHBH
2/23/20 4:51 A
Interesting! NAVYWIFESKI 4 GEORGE815
2/22/20 2:41 P
Interesting! NAVYWIFESKI 5 GEORGE815
2/22/20 2:39 P
2/22/20 8:18 P
Good morning spark family hope you'll have a productive day 😘 Again I'd like to thank you all for TMP0418 107 -POOKIE-
2/23/20 5:27 A
I'm anxiously dreaming and waiting for the produce stands to open up πŸ˜πŸ’œ SWEETTEANFRUIT 101 MOMMACAT57
2/22/20 2:41 P
Whipped me up some pesto I made 3 containers 2 I'll freeze for another time. Gonna go good with my d TMP0418 39 -POOKIE-
2/23/20 5:27 A
Happy Friday Spark Friends! PELESJEWEL 37 CHARLEYGIRL5
2/22/20 5:51 A
Have a great Friday! ALLTHINGSNEW81 8 GEORGE815
2/21/20 3:14 P
Momma said there be day's like this. After a day of laying on the couch and watching a Rocky maratho DLBEASYRIDER 9 FISHGUT3
2/21/20 3:34 P
ACCURATE!πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Just Another Nut πŸ€ͺ Here Standing Her Ground! #growgrowGROW!! Happy Friday All 😁 STILLSPARKLEIGH 62 JRDUPREE
2/22/20 1:22 A
While watching The Biggest Loser this morning they offered a Planet Fitness membership with no money 777BILLIE777 6 GEORGE815
2/21/20 3:13 P
Can we block people here ? You know the ones that post 8 uplifting quotes everyday ?? πŸ™ˆ BUSYBERRY 14 READY201811
2/21/20 1:28 P
I started in September at 174. Size 12 now size 6. MIRANDAM1986 25 QSHEPP
2/21/20 4:58 P
2/21/20 1:54 P
20lbs down and I couldn’t be happier. Took longer than I thought. I learned one valuable lesson. Mak ERASKA2 59 ERASKA2
2/22/20 6:11 P
I should work from home more often! My fiancΓ© made me a crab and shrimp omelette! Yum!!! KIMMYG420 16 BYEFATNANNY
2/21/20 12:34 P
This is the first time in 9 years I have been below 190! Huge deal for me... there was always some s LADYBUGHOME 71 FISHGUT3
2/21/20 3:23 P
We have any unicorns today? I'm looking at you @STILLSPARKLEIGH , @SURFIE , @PELESJEWEL , @-POOKIE- ROCKYCATSMAMMA 10 DUCKTURNIP
2/24/20 8:40 P
Happy Friday! No dancing tonight -hubby has a swollen knee. Got an Amazon spending money from daugh FLASUN 33 CGARR442
2/22/20 10:32 P
It's FRIDAY! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!! My Valentine Day flowers are still look good. DEBSDAYS 58 GEORGE815
2/21/20 3:00 P
Non Scale Victory? ST3PH 45 MARYPHONE
2/21/20 6:33 P