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What is today's simple pleasure? OHIOKRISTEN 2230 IOWAGRAMMA
4/25/18 10:00 A
A-Z -- Goals People Have (good or bad) SAM60SUMTHINK 38 NANCYPAT1
4/24/18 9:39 P
4/24/18 8:44 P
TLL Share a Goodie Game 2018 KRYS210 474 NANCYPAT1
4/24/18 7:39 P
TLL - Spring Words KRYS210 148 RIDLEYRIDER
4/25/18 8:34 A
Wow i nearly cried when i logged in and eager to t SOONASICAN1 29 SOONASICAN1
4/24/18 5:02 P
Tryin to find good ways to increase protein. I’m not looking to cut all carbs, but I’m working towar NVRUNB4 6 JHADZHIA
4/24/18 12:44 P
The Fat Woosh!! Who knew? Finally googled it, had no idea our fat cells did this. Thanks for mention FITDIGGITY 15 PIPPAMOUSE
4/24/18 11:54 P
#200daysoftransformation day 113. For #transformationtuesday I'm going back eight weeks to #100dayso WILDHUNTRESS 3 JHADZHIA
4/24/18 12:43 P
Slowly trying to get back on track. First rule I am trying to follow is have a good and healthy brea JLEFEVERS24 7 JHADZHIA
4/24/18 12:42 P
I started a challenge & forgot to log it on Sunday. It won’t let me go back & enter data. It keeps MLBSLK 4 JHADZHIA
4/24/18 12:42 P
Old me before Sparkpeople CLMART3 6 GEORGE815
4/24/18 5:14 P
My daughter lectured me this morning about not having enough fruits and veggies in the house! LOL! GADGETCC 5 LJC10PERCENT
4/24/18 1:00 P
Eggs peppers and onions my fav👌 TSIMPSON32 11 GEORGE815
4/24/18 5:11 P
My Squirt likes scrambled eggs too! WALTSGIRL74 20 BECCABOO127
4/24/18 10:41 P
question of the day BEVIEG41 127 STITCHINGNAN
4/25/18 12:37 A
Buzz Around the Airport - Chat KALISWALKER 300 AFERRARI
4/24/18 9:53 P
Weather Report of the Day (TLL) KRYS210 1085 NANCYPAT1
4/23/18 8:31 P
4/22/18 8:16 P
NSV (non scale victories) RONDAJO56 26 NANCYPAT1
4/22/18 8:06 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 13 DEE107
4/22/18 7:58 P
I have really messed up my 1st week of the "NO" Challenge with just ONE weekend away from home!! Bu TRYINGINTEXAS 7 GEORGE815
4/22/18 7:31 P
While visiting our kids/grandkids this weekend I found the perfect journal!! TRYINGINTEXAS 8 GEORGE815
4/22/18 7:16 P
Another bike ride. It was great! If we could post OPTICALXILLUSIO 7 OPTICALXILLUSIO
4/22/18 9:29 P
Part 2 of tree removal. After F's timeout and nap he joined me for a selfie with transformer Hound.# LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 14 TIGERSEYEHEART
4/23/18 6:51 P
Beautiful day for a family walk! P_CLARK 15 GEORGE815
4/22/18 7:13 P
Can we add samsung health to spark people? YOGIOFFMAT 6 DIXIE-LUSH
4/23/18 10:28 P
Best day yet. Lots of yard work N260SNFIT 12 GEORGE815
4/22/18 7:14 P
It's a rainy day in Georgia so I got my lumberjack shirt on!! LOL I hope everybody's had a great Sun GPALMER29 17 CINDY247
4/23/18 6:41 A
First day here, hey everybody. Tracking my food and walked for 20 mins. I had to stop twice and now REBELGRRL75 13 GEORGE815
4/22/18 7:16 P
I’ve burned just under 1000 calories today!! Whoop whoop. When I log my exercise, it looks as though MAGHAY29 6 GEORGE815
4/22/18 7:30 P
Newest additions to my family REDE2GOYELLOW 17 GADGETCC
4/22/18 8:15 P
Today: raspberries, blueberries, cherries, carrots and pea pods. #eattherainbow JULIENSMITH 9 BONNIE1552
4/24/18 8:04 A
To celebrate my loss of 100lbs I increases my walking route not dubbled but I'm going to keep after POLAR63 9 GEORGE815
4/22/18 7:29 P
When you're food smiles back at you, you know the meal is going to be delicious 95% lean burgers wit DEMONCLOWNZ666 11 GEORGE815
4/22/18 7:14 P
TLL April Question of the Week KRYS210 22 BEACHCOMBER16
4/24/18 12:29 P
Hello I am new SALAM4545 8 RAINBOWFALLS
4/23/18 7:59 A
4/23/18 8:03 A
4/25/18 9:28 A
Happy Saturday!! I’ve been struggling with some health concerns and overwhelm related to my mom’s pa AMYG5025 5 NANCYPAT1
4/21/18 12:07 P
4/21/18 3:21 P
Today is our 20th wedding anniversary. I feel blessed that I found someone with the same level of cr LYONSFARM 21 DOLPH79
4/21/18 6:55 P
4/22/18 11:20 A
All of this for $10 at the produce rescue in Arizona. I have really upped my veggies since going to REEDSKI 14 MPLSKEN
4/21/18 11:25 P
Increasing steps, should I go up 1k a week or just explode and try for 15k from 10k? Have a great we LIL1IAN 12 JULIEA7201
4/21/18 7:35 P
Hit my personal best on the leg press today - 250 lbs for 20 reps and passed my old squat goal - up DRMOM4U2 9 DRMOM4U2
4/21/18 2:49 P
Does anyone have books to recommend for binge eating? I have a $1 Amazon digital credit, so I am pla YISKAMIRYAM 5 REEDSKI
4/21/18 1:17 P
Had a great workout this daughter made me try her jeans last night. I thought they wouldn't KAKONOLADY 6 BANEWLAND
4/21/18 12:39 P
I keep bottled water in the refrigerator. I try to drink it at different times all day. #h2whoa DILLPICKLES1 5 BILLTHOMSON
4/22/18 8:01 A
Started my morning off with a 3 min ab workout and a coffee shake. Later I may get some time on roll ROCKNMOM21 2 NANCYPAT1
4/21/18 12:01 P
4/21/18 12:14 P
Yea. It is to be 45 degrees today. First load on laundry on line & a sign spring is here. 45 minut BBBONNIE1 8 NEEDBU66
4/21/18 1:53 P
4/21/18 1:05 P
Posted a photo IMMARRA 15 LAH1222
4/20/18 10:03 P
One of my go-to's when I'm craving a sweet snack - an egg-white jelly omelet, but, in this case, fil DJAYBX 16 DJAYBX
4/20/18 5:42 P
Am I the only one who sees the difference #BeforeAndAfter OSHEAMINARD 9 KRISTINA_SLEE20
4/20/18 4:40 P
Life Hack: Just found out my pickles are zero calories. 😩😩😩 Eat All The Pickles!!!! LWALKERC12 5 ALBREDA1980
4/20/18 6:22 P
Took a 20 minute walk today in the middle of the workday...because I had the time and energy! MEADENEUMANN 5 RETAT60
4/20/18 4:14 P
350 calories Now this my friends was to die for 😋 chicken breast stuffed with 1tbsp light cream che TMP0418 36 PELESJEWEL
4/21/18 9:37 P
4/21/18 12:38 P
I need some advice..... I have my Fitbit connected its SP and it adds (in my opinion) a lot of calo ANNEBOO 11 ANNEBOO
4/21/18 9:43 A
Two mile walk after chasing my grand daughter most of the day. 💕 CGARR442 12 YELLOW09RED
4/21/18 9:02 A
Happy Friday everyone. Went to the gym this morning. 4 lbs away from my next goal. 16 lbs from my 1s CHITWN1 7 LILIANN400
4/20/18 8:06 P
Grapefruit, orange, veggie soup, salad, apple #eattherainbow ALIHIKES 6 GOULDSGRANITE
4/21/18 2:25 P
Had my second diabetes class today. It was about exercise and it's impact on glucose levels. It was LADY46TEXAN 2 NANCYPAT1
4/19/18 4:17 P
1) 4 goals set this morn. 2) Ate a healthy lunch 3) Will be cooking a healthy supper--baked orang TRYINGINTEXAS 8 LENNIEBINO
4/20/18 7:50 P
#BeforeAndAfter My boot feels heavier than the weight difference that its shows, however they say n TBOYD5000 3 NANCYPAT1
4/19/18 4:16 P
This has been a rough day, but I am holding strong on my food program. SLIMSHAPE18 3 ROBINVOTAW
4/19/18 5:40 P
I think I made my goal too easy lol. But at least it is motivating being able to meet it each day. DOTCHILATHAM 7 BONNIE1552
4/20/18 7:39 A
Strawberries, Blueberries, mushrooms, tomato, carrots, #eattherainbow CKEYES1 3 BONNIE1552
4/20/18 7:50 A
🗼🚲 57 minutes on my recumbent, 5mph, listening to Baguette Quartette, reading blogs and sipping wa RAERAERAE62 12 BONNIE1552
4/20/18 7:39 A
A sunny spring day in El Paso, enjoy your day. GIAARNOLD 6 SASHASMOM1122
4/19/18 5:16 P
happy healthy Thursday everyone TRAILWALKERJO54 28 MIYAMO
4/19/18 8:18 P
I am back and ready to Spark! 2LABS2LOVE 4 NANCYPAT1
4/18/18 4:04 P
4/18/18 11:35 P