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6/19/19 10:00 P
I think this may be the first time I have seen the second part of this quote. Thank you! It's too b MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
6/14/19 9:44 P
I love this one because it gives you points for the fitness you track in your fitness trackers so li IMLOCOLINDA 3 MT-MOONCHASER
6/5/19 11:50 P
Half hour mowing, Hour & 20 minutes general yard work.. MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
5/26/19 12:15 A
Well, the predicted rain didn't show up, so I got in some more mowing after work... Have about a th MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
5/25/19 12:07 A
I thinks I overdid it today, but I just HAD to get started on the mowing... Got most of the immedia MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
5/23/19 11:17 P
5/24/19 8:09 P
18 servings fruit and vegetables today including 5 in my lunch with brown basmati rice and chicken. -POOKIE- 71 _RAMONA
5/23/19 3:38 P
Funnies! Memes, Jokes or Whatever Makes You Laugh IMLOCOLINDA 246 IMLOCOLINDA
6/19/19 10:33 P
5/21/19 7:43 P
6/16/19 2:17 P
What a view! I do wonder how many extra calories pushing a baby buggy up and down the hilly clifff p -POOKIE- 21 MT-MOONCHASER
4/18/19 7:42 P
March Chat & Support RAINBOWFALLS 40 ROSIEJ1942
3/31/19 8:03 P
Weather Today Where You Live? IMLOCOLINDA 250 IMLOCOLINDA
6/19/19 10:16 P
Where do you live and how far is the nearest city? MTRANCHWOMAN 5 DGRIFFITH51
6/15/19 9:39 P
Onion, split pea soup, tomato, grapes, sweet potato, lima beans MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
2/26/19 10:24 P
Starting picture at 242 pounds. MTRANCHWOMAN 23 MT-MOONCHASER
2/22/19 10:02 P
Pictures from Around Montana IMLOCOLINDA 237 MT-MOONCHASER
2/7/19 12:02 A
Sorry I screwed up when I created this. Thought it was after midnight so now it's a day short...or a IMLOCOLINDA 3 MT-MOONCHASER
2/3/19 9:51 P
December Chat and Support GRAMMACATHY 57 ROSIEJ1942
12/31/18 8:17 A
Salad, Green Bean Salad, snow peas, Halo Orange... then I'll have a banana for dinner. I got it …. 7STIGGYMT 3 MT-MOONCHASER
12/17/18 12:32 A
6/19/19 10:29 P
Don't even have a good Chinese restaurant where I live. Ethnic food really not available here? Itali IMLOCOLINDA 5 IMLOCOLINDA
12/16/18 11:49 P
Thankful we got no new snow here (so far) and what we had is pretty much melted... MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
11/17/18 10:40 P
Thankful I made it home from Billings over some nasty roads and nasty weather with pretty strong win MT-MOONCHASER 2 IMLOCOLINDA
11/17/18 12:17 A
Thankful I have a few days of vacation this week. MT-MOONCHASER 2 IMLOCOLINDA
11/13/18 1:02 A
Sunday - Thankful for all our veterans, past, present and future!! MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
11/11/18 1:12 P
Thankful for a fairly good job. MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
11/9/18 10:46 P
Thankful all those nasty name-calling political ads are over. MT-MOONCHASER 3 PROVERBS31JULIA
11/13/18 9:33 A
11/6/18 11:50 P
Thankful I didn't have to go outside today in the crummy weather. MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
11/5/18 12:45 A
Thankful I have tomorrow off work... MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
11/3/18 9:56 P
I'm not sure how Spark totals these up. I see counts of 6, 7, and 5 and yet Spark says 26 servings.. MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
11/2/18 7:56 P
Onion, 3 servings pickled beets, banana, mushroom, onion, pizza sauce MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
11/2/18 7:52 P
why does it say “error parsing json” after I press the blue Post button? PROVERBS31JULIA 8 PROVERBS31JULIA
11/3/18 10:47 P
Thank you for this challenge. I have been needing this, lately I've been getting only 5-6 cups of w MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
10/29/18 8:24 P
Any suggestions for a good step tracker? Steps, calories burned etc that you don't have to choose to -POOKIE- 17 -POOKIE-
10/24/18 6:25 A
2 weeks in to tracking again. Proud! _COSMOPAULATAN_ 5 EUPHRATES
10/20/18 3:18 A
October Support and Chant RAINBOWFALLS 68 ROSIEJ1942
11/1/18 6:59 P
After a long, Long, LONG hiatus, I am 4 days back into Sparking. A lot of damage to undo, but I've _COSMOPAULATAN_ 6 MT-MOONCHASER
10/1/18 11:15 P
10/1/18 12:18 A
I see lots of room for improvement for me. I did up my game some and got 3 days w at least 10 min o MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
10/1/18 12:16 A
We going to do this for another month?? MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
9/30/18 8:53 P
Wednesday I finally got a reminder with a link to click. We can also access from START page... I'm MT-MOONCHASER 5 MT-MOONCHASER
9/26/18 11:10 P
I didn't get a reminder today for either challenge I am a member of. What's going on?? MT-MOONCHASER 2 IMLOCOLINDA
9/24/18 11:15 P
September Support & Chat RAINBOWFALLS 60 ROSIEJ1942
10/2/18 7:40 A
Way too much sugar today in that cantaloupe and the peaches. But boy are they good! IMLOCOLINDA 2 MT-MOONCHASER
9/10/18 11:04 P
Today (Saturday) is Linda's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!! And thank you for doing this challen MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
8/18/18 9:11 A
I've really done bad on this challenge … partly because I was a guest in someone else's house with l 7STIGGYMT 2 MT-MOONCHASER
8/6/18 8:22 P
A salad is part of a full Japanese breakfast. It’s beginning to look like a good idea, but I’m proba DESIREE672 4 IMLOCOLINDA
8/7/18 9:38 P
Some days are certainly easier to get to at least five than others... Of course if I would stick to MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
8/4/18 11:38 P
Thursday - Banana, spinach, tomato, raspberry, and today was entry day at the fair and I indulged in MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
8/2/18 11:42 P
Finally got some yellow beans for a bean salad. Had to order them on-line from WalMart. My local s MT-MOONCHASER 4 MT-MOONCHASER
7/26/18 6:56 P
Was up most of the night with my little beloved female bichon. Something just not right. So I had to IMLOCOLINDA 3 MARVELLYNN
7/25/18 9:14 A
Did a huge batch of pickled beets so they'll be ready to go to the field on Monday. Loaded up on pro IMLOCOLINDA 3 INTUITIVEEATING
7/24/18 8:24 P
Fit Fun For Summer Part 2 MOMTOMONKEYS2 5 MOM4HOCKEY
7/23/18 1:53 P
Sorry everyone, I've been sleeping a lot and barely eating.. just not feeling good. MARVELLYNN 4 MT-MOONCHASER
7/21/18 11:36 P
6/20/19 4:12 A
Banana, veggies on sub sandwich, coleslaw, tomatoes, cherries MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
7/13/18 9:20 P
banana & raspberries for breakfast, cukes and onions, asparagus, pickled beets, cole slaw, black oli IMLOCOLINDA 5 MT-MOONCHASER
7/10/18 8:08 P
What happened to Spark's daily tips? Or are they just posted the first few days?? No, fearless lea MT-MOONCHASER 2 IMLOCOLINDA
7/10/18 3:41 A
Fit Fun For Summer Challenge! MOMTOMONKEYS2 5 MOMTOMONKEYS2
7/10/18 11:50 P
2 ears of corn, and watermelon, snap peas, broccoli, Cole slaw, celery w/peanut butter! I want to co IMLOCOLINDA 5 IMLOCOLINDA
7/7/18 12:42 A
7/30/18 8:57 A
Banana, spinach, cabbage salad, grapes, tomatoes MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
7/3/18 12:21 A
7/2/18 1:56 A
I'm afraid I'm going out with a whimper... Banana, spinach, tomatoes, grapes, maybe I'll finish off MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
7/1/18 12:30 A
Anybody want to keep going for another 30 days in July? IMLOCOLINDA 4 MT-MOONCHASER
6/30/18 12:39 A
Friday - banana, spinach, veggies on a sub sandwich, grapes, tomato MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
6/30/18 12:21 A
Thurs - Banana, spinach, raspberries x 2, grapes, tomato MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
6/28/18 10:48 P
Wed - Banana, spinach, grapes, veggies on sub sandwich, tomato, raspberries MT-MOONCHASER 2 IMLOCOLINDA
6/29/18 2:34 P
Tues - banana, raspberries, onion x 2, spinach x2, tomato, grapes MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
6/26/18 10:17 P
banana, spinach, cabbage x 2, orange, grapes, tomato MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
6/25/18 9:48 P
Do you tie your Sparks nutrition and exercise trackers together? Yes, no? If yes, does it help yo DIANEDOESSMILES 12 KRISTINALAMBERT
6/29/18 9:08 P
Banana, onion, cabbage x 2, onion MT-MOONCHASER 1 MT-MOONCHASER
6/20/18 11:13 P