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Hmmm I think I will cook fish today... MSFIGGY 1 MSFIGGY
4/19/21 9:29 A
Happy Sunday y'all, it is getting warmer here on Mediterranean, ehhh I wasn't missing it.... I wish MSFIGGY 7 MSFIGGY
4/18/21 9:10 A
Good morning Spark family... (11:00 here...) Fasting is going good, I'm on the 4th day... Breaking f MSFIGGY 12 MSFIGGY
4/17/21 9:01 A
Ramadan started, so I'm thinking of strategies to combine both my religious fasting (from 04:30 till MSFIGGY 11 MSFIGGY
4/17/21 9:01 A
THANK YOU for all the kind words and supportive comments concerning the sudden death of my best frie MIMAWELIZABETH 18 PATRICIA-CR
4/14/21 2:02 P
I am new here. I'm a diabetic with other health issues. My level of activity is slim to none. Any su MP521972 17 CHERRYZMB60
4/14/21 8:05 P
Today is admitting day for me I guess.... In my previous post I noticed and gotto admit it to me and MSFIGGY 7 MSFIGGY
4/13/21 11:12 A
Oh my God, having anxiety since days, and keep trying deep breathing exercises... But Thank God, I t MSFIGGY 6 MSFIGGY
4/12/21 12:41 P
I want to admit here my addictions... Cheese, n more cheese, and all kinds of cheese..... Coffee, an MSFIGGY 16 NVRGIVINGUP
4/12/21 9:11 P
When I make a comment under another person's post, I can never find those post again... Do you know MSFIGGY 9 MSFIGGY
4/12/21 2:29 A
I will tell you something.... After long time I woke up happy and feeling good about myself, after a MSFIGGY 12 MSFIGGY
4/12/21 2:28 A
Abs are made in the kitchen WESPARRISH23 13 OPTICALXILLUSIO
4/17/21 6:28 P
1 a.m. here, I am still awake, making my customers meal preps ready, last minute orders... Ahh well, MSFIGGY 4 MSFIGGY
4/9/21 3:51 A
Redownloading and re dedicating tonight. My last post on here was close 2 years ago and I was battli KY_KAYLA 39 SHRINKINGABUELA
4/9/21 8:10 A
Magickal life... ✨✨ Almost New Moon!! 🌑 Is anyone else here into Meditation, cleansing, spiritualit DISCIPLINE1979 11 MELL65JOY
4/8/21 10:26 P
Breakfast and lunch together, brunch at 3 pm for t MSFIGGY 25 NVRGIVINGUP
4/16/21 11:27 P
Hello y'all (no I'm not from Texas, but i used to this y'all thing from friends lol)... Last night I MSFIGGY 16 FELICIA1963
4/8/21 8:27 P
Good morning from Minden, NV. NEPTUNE1939 5 FISHGUT3
4/8/21 11:57 A
Today I was checking instagram, after I ordered 2 burgers and fries with cheddar cheese (was plannin MSFIGGY 8 MSFIGGY
4/7/21 7:56 A
I am really wondering if my downstairs neighbours hearing my snoring sound like a lion roar..... Thi MSFIGGY 7 LUANN_IN_PA
4/7/21 9:45 A
The best part about logging on to SparkPeople is that it's all positivity for the most part. Sure, w KAY-SUPREME 6 MISSDORKNESS
4/7/21 11:06 P
Anyone have suggestions on meal planning? HARTNSOUL95 2 MSFIGGY
4/7/21 3:43 A
I need to learn to drop the self-hate, I’m not there yet which is why there is no picture of me. I h BECK_BEAR 6 MSFIGGY
4/7/21 3:37 A
Starting over after a long interlude. Feeling very discouraged and that it just may be too late. WREN360 7 MSFIGGY
4/7/21 3:35 A
Hello out there..... I’m a complete newbie here, literally just signed up. I’ve got about 60 lbs to SUNFLOWER147 14 COUNTRYKID3
4/7/21 8:10 A
2 pm brunch... I have a new habit of drinking coffee with sugar or sometimes with cookies in the mor MSFIGGY 25 FELICIA1963
4/6/21 4:04 P
Just a quick note here, for my new start again... Taking multivitamin, Vit D and Omega 3, not everyd MSFIGGY 9 GEORGE815
4/6/21 4:38 P
Hello all, long time ago I joined here (from country Turkey), and it helped me so much to get motiva MSFIGGY 25 MSFIGGY
4/6/21 7:50 A
Hello dear all, Again... After years... I'm back here with much much more weights on..... Ughhhhh... MSFIGGY 8 MSFIGGY
4/6/21 3:35 A
Today a friend who grows commercially brought us a couple artichokes & some brussel sprouts cut righ KOALA_BEAR 10 ISNESS
5/26/20 3:13 A
Name an old television show SWEETSILVER 75910 ALFBUNDY
4/22/21 9:04 A
Quick! What's the first word that comes to mind? LEANLIVIN 57730 ZOEYBLU
4/22/21 11:54 A
Post 7 messages for 21 points FLYER99 314761 PEGJW111
4/22/21 8:18 P
What kind of fruit did you last eat? HEYLADY51 37781 PATJOONWW
3/10/21 10:37 A
Post 5 messages for 15 points ERICFIT 457026 PEGJW111
4/22/21 8:20 P
Two words - change one BOBBIEDAZZLER1 168564 FIRYMIST
4/22/21 3:00 P
Please Introduce Yourself Here! SP_MELINDA 2282 MAJORMOM7
1/28/21 12:54 P