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Here’s a photo to reflect on during Holy Week. NANHBH 153 50YEARSAWIFE
3/27/18 1:41 P
My 100lb down before and after picture! AHONEYCUTT94 307 MUSTANGMOM6
3/5/18 3:00 P
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 16 JAMER123
1/24/18 12:19 A
Good morning everyone, well I made it back from my Halloween cruise last week and I'm happy to say t MOUCHE 7 MOUCHE
11/6/17 11:45 A
I was sitting on the couch last night eating a nasty bowl of lima beans and sausage watching a movie QUARKSPLITTER 32 MOGLO61
10/27/17 8:44 P
Good morning everyone, I'm leaving for a cruise this weekend, going to enjoy myself and try to make MOUCHE 7 LIZMARIE0803
10/25/17 4:27 P
Posted a photo JENLOUSAN 196 ALALADY
10/19/17 5:25 P
I've come a long way. Teen mom at only 16 years old, divorced and single mom of 4 children at 26 ye LALAP1012 302 LALAP1012
10/14/17 3:37 P
If any of you are familiar with the Boiling Crab on the west coast, you would know about the "Whole MOUCHE 6 MOUCHE
10/11/17 10:52 A
It’s my birthday! MISTRESSOHORROR 304 JOEU_56
10/12/17 7:54 P
I've been very discouraged lately due to weight gain, this reminds me that some things have changed AMANDADAWN1982 152 CSROBERTSON621
10/3/17 7:01 P
Have a great day fellow Sparklers! LAFRENAIS5 58 SPARTANJAI
10/3/17 4:56 P
Posted a photo MOUCHE 12 SILVAS7
10/3/17 11:11 A
Got in my car this morning and as I was going to back up I saw this. Aww, thanks hubby💋 I rode all MOUCHE 9 SILVAS7
10/3/17 11:12 A
I thought this one was important to make sure we don't have unrealistic expectations. It really help ISABEAUSROSE 20 EO4WELLNESS
1/19/18 2:45 P
We are off to the wedding--- Woo Woo-- LEANJEAN6 57 DSJB9999
9/22/17 2:55 P
Yesterday I had to put down my cat of 20 years - I am so sad today. SMORSEBVR 34 KATIE520
9/18/17 11:08 A
Last night dinner.... Tuna salad, reduced fat crackers, small salad with fat free dressing. Cals 3 MOUCHE 7 BRITTNEY39
9/13/17 12:15 P
Yay puppy ran with me today NEWHITE121 7 COUNTRYCAROL1
9/12/17 11:03 A
My stomach is definitely one of my biggest insecurities. It was over 100 lbs ago and sometimes now i THEJACKIEDEAN12 233 KATHRYNGC
9/27/17 6:53 P
Dinner last cut pork chop, side salad with fat free dressing. Cals 310, Fat 11g, Car MOUCHE 6 LIZMARIE0803
9/12/17 7:58 P
'I hate this colorful magic horse!!!!'..... clearly my pumpkin is not a fan of the carousel, huh??? CROD1830 17 MOUCHE
9/12/17 9:26 A
I made an Instagram to keep accountability. Follow me @tippingthescale so I don't feel so lame! I do S84747 195 GOIN4IT233
9/7/17 10:35 P
This isn't necessarily about physical fitness, but I felt the need to share this and I hope it encou JAPANGURL17 29 ALALADY
9/6/17 1:03 P
My little planning buddy ♡ helping me plan workouts, meal preps, and my goals with my new goal daily DANILEANNC 17 PENNI68
9/7/17 1:43 P
Posted a photo JENNAE93 212 R81883
9/9/17 3:24 P
9/1/17 9:43 A
Today is a crazy busy day. So I start with the One who is steady and constant. I'm so rich to have s FITANDFAITHFUL1 22 BG3129
8/31/17 10:31 A
I hit my Goal weight today! I went from 250 pounds to 149 pounds! I am now in the normal BMI range! JROSS375 49 ALABAMASUSAN17
9/27/17 12:02 A
Good Morning Everyone .. to keep my mind and body VEGANGIRL27 25 VEGGIEGAMMA
9/11/17 3:12 P
Today marks 5 months without eating meat or eggs!🍗🥓🥚🍔 FITSISTA79 20 MARIAN326
10/22/17 2:41 P
I love this and wanted to share with you all. I hope everyone has a blessed Monday! Hugs! SUNSHINE7018 8 TEDCABEL
8/21/17 1:34 P
61 and feeling great! -PAULA 262 KATHYJO56
8/22/17 12:18 A
I very seldom post pics of myself, but I recently turned 57 years old and I'm feeling kind of sassy MOUCHE 190 TCRANE522
8/16/17 7:20 P
Posted a photo JSABINSKE2017 26 KINDGIRL56
8/15/17 10:27 A
Traditional fare, responsible portions. SMURFS 16 MOUCHE
8/10/17 9:20 A
Tough journey for me SUNITAJHA09 113 JOY831
8/10/17 2:55 P
8/9/17 4:15 A
Last night dinner, boneless skinless baked BBQ chicken thigh, small salad with fat free dressing. 2 MOUCHE 6 AMING4ACES
8/8/17 11:40 A
Officially 70 lbs lost today! I'm also down from a size 24 to an 18. KITKATPOUNCE 292 WFTGATL
8/3/17 9:31 P
Feeling great down 64 pounds have 1 more pound to meet my goal 160 started off at 224 CRISTALO321 304 F5-FURY
8/8/17 8:10 P
What a great hike today! SMAXWELL90 7 MOUCHE
8/2/17 8:43 A
My before and during 😍😍😍 I see the progress and I am proud but still hard for me to post. I am tr MSUNEK 42 LYNNBELTONLOSES
8/20/17 2:07 P
My before pic it's really hard for me to post this honestly but my friend said you are a badass and SEXYSARAHLOVE 254 SCYANKEE46
8/2/17 9:47 A
Good morning everyone!!!! This is my last week of junior year so I just wanted to post a before and THEJACKIEDEAN12 179 CHINADOLL1520
8/23/17 5:43 A
Last night dinner, Shrimp and Bok Choy!!! MOUCHE 6 KKRAVIG1975
7/26/17 11:45 A
it's really hard to put this up but here we go! ANGELWINGS1996 43 MOUCHE
7/25/17 8:56 A
Last night I rewarded myself with crab legs. My favorite food besides Mexican tacos NOMASHOTCHEETOS 30 CARRIEMETODAY
7/25/17 10:33 A
Not a fan of taking pics. But I am pretty stinking proud of myself right now. (not the best pics but KKRAVIG1975 43 KKRAVIG1975
7/26/17 3:13 P
Posted a photo CHKCHNC 11 LRJUSTUS1
7/21/17 6:42 P
Side crow y'all!!!!!!! Aaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! PLAINJANEDOE 21 PLAINJANEDOE
7/21/17 3:24 P
7/21/17 2:59 P
8/18/17 4:50 P
Sometimes the scale isn't the only thing that counts, these pants use to fit me like a glove. #losin MOUCHE 105 KBOUGHE1
7/21/17 6:04 P
Some calories for work team.Honey bun cake. SWCHKLT 10 SILVAS7
7/24/17 9:16 P
Last night I had my own little crab pot!!! MOUCHE 4 MOUCHE
7/19/17 2:55 P
9/11/17 6:49 P
Don't text while driving today NEPTUNE1939 6 MOUCHE
7/17/17 9:22 A
The scale is finally moving again!!! Starting weight on April 1st was 210, goal weight is 150, curre MOUCHE 110 REEBJW
7/14/17 3:34 P
Pool again this am at 6 for an hour! SISSYFEB48 9 OOKLATHEMOK
7/14/17 12:23 P
This is for anyone needing hard words of encouragement this morning (including myself) hehe. Happy w NEWME 11 MARIRAWRS
7/15/17 7:30 P
Lunch today with seedless watermelon for dessert. ROLOHA 8 HOLLYM48
7/14/17 11:15 A
February 25 on the left, July 13 in the middle and right. 38 pounds so far. Feeling strong and con STINAPAG 23 MDOWER1
7/14/17 5:03 P
Some days are more challenging than others. Today is one of them! ASF220 10 BOLEBRON
7/15/17 6:05 P
Woo Hoo!!! Slow and steady still wins the race!!! MOUCHE 4 KAREN_EDMONDS
7/14/17 9:45 A
So close to hitting my 50lb loss goal!!! I can do this!!! MADMANSMAMA87 215 MCCALI59
7/19/17 12:21 P
Last night dinner, grilled turkey wing and country cabbage. I only ate half of the turkey wing. Cal MOUCHE 7 1BOBBI_62
7/10/17 12:24 P
On September 2016 I set out on an amazing journey for self love and happiness. At the starting weigh THEJACKIEDEAN12 323 ANNDANDY
7/11/17 2:24 A
Well I have hit my first plateau, I lost 20lbs my first two months and last month I only lost 4lbs. MOUCHE 3 CONNIEGILBERT
7/7/17 10:28 A
7/7/17 4:09 P
4th of July meal..... MOUCHE 6 HEATHER736
7/5/17 8:53 A
Finally found a super sweet one!!! MOUCHE 11 SCHECK5
6/30/17 1:49 P
For those of you who enjoy using wraps, this is another good one. 1/2 wrap..... 60 cals, 1.5g fat, MOUCHE 7 KATHYR46
6/28/17 10:53 A
Dinner last night. All of it done on the grill. SMONT7189 154 PWILLOW1
6/28/17 2:57 P
Last night, sautéed shrimp and asparagus in garlic and evoo 267 cals, 19 carbs, 7g fat, 18g protein MOUCHE 3 DEEDEEMOMMY23
6/27/17 10:18 A