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So I've lost 6 lbs in the last 2 weeks and would like to do a weigh in on here, but can't figure out JORDYB3 8 MAY_TO_MAY
5/20/18 5:58 P
Busy busy busy MOMMACASSEY 5 -POOKIE-
5/17/18 2:53 P
I just discovered something called Pizza jerky! It's a great keto snack! 8 grams of fat 4 grams of p MOMMACASSEY 2 MOMMACASSEY
4/2/18 10:56 A
Trip to the hospital means my husband is serious about change now. He's going to start the DASH die MOMMACASSEY 5 MBF06201
2/20/18 2:24 P
Furthermore... Here are the jars. Between these and the sourdough I have going, (for the family, I MOMMACASSEY 12 KETOGORDON
2/14/18 9:46 P
I've made it 41Β½ years without ever tasting sauerkraut, and now I have 2 jars of it fermenting in my MOMMACASSEY 13 CANDYLIND
2/13/18 11:53 A
Yesterday, I went to a class on making kombucha and kraut... Three cheers for gut health! MOMMACASSEY 6 -POOKIE-
2/12/18 4:31 A
When everyone in the RunBet is as glad it's almost over as you are... MOMMACASSEY 1 MOMMACASSEY
2/7/18 8:41 A
Whatever happened to being able to sleep in on Saturday? MOMMACASSEY 7 MOMMACASSEY
2/3/18 7:05 P
I don't know why my cookbook is called Bacon and Butter... #keto MOMMACASSEY 19 WLHOPE
2/3/18 10:05 P
Today's numbers #KETO ST3PH 11 KETOGORDON
2/3/18 2:10 P
I found this recipe in my Wicked Good Keto Cookbook, and it's my new favorite. Protein powder-based MOMMACASSEY 3 MUSICNUT
2/3/18 9:04 A
Brunch. Tuna with homemade mayo on 90 second bread (the texture seems better with course almond meal LRJUSTUS1 36 ALOFA0509
2/2/18 12:45 A
4 grams of carbs today... Back to doing well. My fasting blood sugar today was 102. Definitely nee MOMMACASSEY 5 -POOKIE-
2/2/18 3:13 A
I fell off my treadmill for the first time. Glad to have some spray-on medicine that was thick enou MOMMACASSEY 23 MOMMACASSEY
2/1/18 12:58 P
Lunch with friends contribution. Hopefully our friend makes those Indian inspired yogurt LRJUSTUS1 12 LRJUSTUS1
1/31/18 12:34 P
so today, I figured out how to take the treadmill off incline! MOMMACASSEY 5 MOMMACASSEY
1/28/18 10:14 A
Been just a little off track for a few days... Time to get back to it. MOMMACASSEY 6 ROBBIEY
1/28/18 10:19 A
Today's numbers #KETO ST3PH 13 PIPPAMOUSE
1/28/18 9:37 P
I ate SO MANY mixed nuts today. It's pretty much all I ate. Not quite #keto, but it has cleared up MOMMACASSEY 5 DYANNE4293
1/23/18 8:06 A
Dang! I'm supposed to not lose weight for the next 6 and a half weeks. Never thought I'd hear anyo BLESSOME 10 BLESSOME
1/21/18 11:37 A
This was shared with me in my diet bet game... MOMMACASSEY 11 REANNA087
1/20/18 2:15 P
Weigh day!!! Down another 1.4 pounds.. 41 pounds forever gone πŸ™‚ ST3PH 12 MOMMACASSEY
1/20/18 12:21 P
I'd like to say that the extra half mile I ran today really did me in, but the truth is, I was alrea MOMMACASSEY 21 MOMMACASSEY
1/20/18 12:20 P
I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've ever been PRECISELY on target. MOMMACASSEY 8 KATHYJO56
1/19/18 12:10 A
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 11 JAMER123
1/18/18 11:42 P
Guess I was exhausted... ST3PH 13 MPLSKEN
1/18/18 6:43 P
I have 20 minutes cardio dance this noon #moveit STARMONICA 4 PRAIRIECROCUS
1/23/18 1:57 A
My rendition of a buffalo chicken sub. 😍 It tastes exactly the same has 8 carbs and less than 500 c KSTEVERSON 19 ANNDIEDR
1/19/18 5:11 A
Woke up at 06:00, got dressed, straightened up the living room, read my Bible, did my devotional, go ST3PH 12 SONIAHUTCHINS63
1/18/18 12:09 P
School cancelled for a second snow day. This is southeast Texas, y'all. We don't have snow days! MOMMACASSEY 7 LISAMARIE2015
1/17/18 11:13 A
Chicken broth for breakfast, beef broth for dinner, and all I can think is, the chicken broth was be MOMMACASSEY 4 MOMMACASSEY
1/17/18 7:38 A
Indoor workout it is!!! SONILUMD 19 LISAMARIE2015
1/17/18 11:10 A
Gm It’s cold and icy outside here in Louisiana be safe everyone and stay warm KEENA47 17 KEENA47
1/18/18 4:17 A
So, I'm doing a RunBet to get back into the habit. And after today's grueling 1.5 mile run, I pulle MOMMACASSEY 2 KSTEVERSON
1/16/18 5:22 P
Posted a photo MIRAGE727 3 MOMMACASSEY
1/16/18 6:56 A
Two crustless quiches in the oven for the week.. Asiago & cheddar. #keto LRJUSTUS1 9 LRJUSTUS1
1/16/18 11:28 A
Rough day today. Child in bad mood. Husband in bad mood. I couldn't make it to the gym. Lost muc GADGETCC 5 MOMMACASSEY
1/16/18 6:54 A
School was cancelled for today... We'll be inside. MOMMACASSEY 3 -POOKIE-
1/16/18 8:45 A
Because I want my cookie and to be able to eat it tooπŸ™‚ #KETO ST3PH 3 MOMMACASSEY
1/15/18 1:46 P
Today's numbers #KETO ST3PH 8 MOMMACASSEY
1/15/18 1:44 P
Slept from 10:00 to 07:00πŸ™‚ ST3PH 15 MOMMACASSEY
1/15/18 1:43 P
No bacon for me. WALLAHALLA 5 ROCKYCPA
1/15/18 8:40 P
No ketone spilled today!! 😍😍 Ketosis, yay! πŸ€—πŸ€— MOMMACASSEY 2 DEDRA7270
1/15/18 8:20 A
Woke up at 05:50, showered, got ready for church, straightened up the living room, read my Bible, di ST3PH 10 ST3PH
1/14/18 12:05 P
When you're pushing yourself on the treadmill, trying to get a better pace and longer endurance... A MOMMACASSEY 6 -POOKIE-
1/14/18 1:56 A
Life makes you strong. MOMMACASSEY 9 KSTEVERSON
1/12/18 9:04 P
Got back to checking my ketones this morning, and they're moderate, yay! So glad for that, especial MOMMACASSEY 3 SUMMARAH
1/12/18 11:11 A
1/12/18 2:30 A
Roasted root vegetables are dangerously addictive! MOMMACASSEY 3 -POOKIE-
1/10/18 2:49 A
I over did it today, not crazy over did it but still. I had to go on prednisone again for my asthma KSTEVERSON 13 JRJAC1960
1/20/18 9:24 A
Today's numbers #KETO ST3PH 8 MOMMACASSEY
1/9/18 6:29 P
Yesterday, my 11 y/o was doing great at archery until someone said something mean to her. I decided GADGETCC 8 MOMMACASSEY
1/9/18 6:28 P
I goofed off three days in a row with my food, even though I exercised the scale still showed the co JESUSLUVSYOU 3 MOMMACASSEY
1/9/18 6:26 P
Anyone ever tried RunBet? I just finished my 4th run this week... All to get my money back. MOMMACASSEY 3 MOMMACASSEY
1/9/18 6:22 P
Today is a rest day for running... But I want to do something. Sounds like a weight day to me! MOMMACASSEY 2 -POOKIE-
1/9/18 4:07 A
Yup.. just a MOMπŸ™‚ ST3PH 9 LOVESWEETS2
1/14/18 5:17 P
Goal of the week: Push the boundaries of the comfort zones. Stretch yourself. Go beyond what is ne MOMMACASSEY 17 GADGETCC
1/7/18 12:01 P
Starting out the year right, in the 170’s, have not been here in many decades, lost weight over the MYWAYHIWAY 4 MOMMACASSEY
1/6/18 10:21 P
Some days are meant to be soup days. Beef & brussel sprout. #keto LRJUSTUS1 24 COOKWITHME65
1/7/18 5:35 P
Got my work out with my girls today we went and got a facecord of wood in -4Β° F loaded and unloaded. KSTEVERSON 10 DEEO12
1/8/18 8:04 P
Got this Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Watch today and I really enjoy It! Havnt had a watch in years, but I AMYMBUNCH 10 EO4WELLNESS
1/7/18 2:42 P
Made some awesome #keto fat bombs today. I made it up as I went just to try it. (And used my silicon PIPPAMOUSE 15 ANNDIEDR
1/5/18 5:28 A
Yesterday's numbers #keto @ZRIE014 keep your negat ST3PH 12 MOMMACASSEY
1/2/18 1:29 P
#keto i just got on the scales and realized that i have lost 8 pounds since Thanksgiving...never in I_GET_BY 14 SADIEMYERS
1/2/18 9:26 P
Day 2 of back at it 100% GITCHY1 3 MOMMACASSEY
1/2/18 1:26 P
I love this cartoon, but it is not me. I am purging as part of my New Year's Resolution. Tidy Hous GADGETCC 4 MOMMACASSEY
1/2/18 1:27 P Found this Keto calculator, it breaks down your re KSTEVERSON 2 MOMMACASSEY
1/1/18 1:59 P
Ok, full disclosure here. Back in June I hurt my leg while running and I feel off the wagon. I lost TANGOJAVA43068 13 TANGOJAVA43068
1/2/18 9:52 A
Celebrating the new beginning all day long! MOMMACASSEY 2 GOODGETNBETR
1/1/18 4:31 P
Relaxing days after the holiday... He's got his new tablet, plenty of newspaper, and easy access to MOMMACASSEY 3 HOLLYM48
12/27/17 10:51 A
12/22/17 7:31 A
I may have had the flu. Only one really bad day, just achiness and sleepiness... been taking medicin MOMMACASSEY 3 KSTEVERSON
12/21/17 3:41 P
Going to do a RunBet for the first time next month... I've done Diet Bet, but this sounds so much be MOMMACASSEY 2 KATHYJO56
12/14/17 12:11 A
12/13/17 9:28 P