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#BeforeAndAfter the last couple of weeks I've been LIL1IAN 176 KARENE10
3/16/18 8:54 A
Ready to kick this plateaus butt! Its been 5 weeks since I lost any weight and I know I need to get CPTNHOWDY4 8 IRONADONIS
11/15/17 11:15 P
Today’s trip at jcrew - I’m a 10!!!! 214 to 145 ! MOMS3KIDS 123 MYTIMEAW8Z
11/16/17 9:12 A
So when you don't have many calories left for dinner you improvise! Winner winner chicken dinner! MILL0679 5 IRONADONIS
11/15/17 11:14 P
11/10/17 7:13 P
So I fell off the wagon for a few weeks. Bad food MILL0679 5 NIGHTGLOW
3/17/18 5:57 P
Wahoo did good on calories today and finished this Monday with my own healthy homeade dinner coming BARISTAGIRL28 11 BARISTAGIRL28
11/26/17 6:59 P
Determined to lose more than .6lbs this week. Have a great night! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 33 COMEBACKKID12
11/7/17 8:44 P
Hey everybody! First time posting. I'm in the 300+ club, ugh. I've just started working with a dieti JCB86 200 SOUTHERNSUSAN23
11/7/17 8:31 A
But win it, you can! #tuesday #tuesdaymorning SPARKPEOPLE 80 MBPP50
10/18/17 6:01 A
I did it! MARIAN326 204 JUNES-HOPE
2/14/18 12:39 P
How are you doing this weekend Sparkers? Are you staying strong? Or, undoing on the weekend what y ASF220 14 BLAULKEIM
8/27/17 11:29 A
It's Saturday morning. I'm up drinking my coffee and getting ready to go to farmers market! Happy MILL0679 4 LILGRASSHOPPER
8/12/17 9:33 A
After losing sight of my goals a little (or a lot) this past week and a half, I am publicly recommit WHYTEBROWN 54 KATHYJO56
8/13/17 12:48 A
This morning I'm at my goal weight. When I checked the emoticon I was so shocked at the number I go KRAZZYLEGGS 305 MARIANNMC
8/27/17 10:47 P
Ok guys, I'm sabotaging myself in one way. Emotional eating. I have lost a total of 83lbs in a lit MILL0679 7 MILL0679
8/10/17 10:30 P
Truth in just a few words! MILL0679 4 YAHUBAM
8/9/17 10:50 A
1st week done and down 1# πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ˜€ BEACHLOVR12 30 BEACHLOVR12
8/9/17 10:29 P
Emotional eating again. Destroys all the hard work I put in at the gym. How do I curb this and get MILL0679 5 AGRIFFIN33
7/26/17 6:06 P
On September 2016 I set out on an amazing journey for self love and happiness. At the starting weigh THEJACKIEDEAN12 323 ANNDANDY
7/11/17 2:24 A
Finally passed 250! LOSETHISFAT32 173 LOSETHISFAT32
7/1/17 5:04 P
It's been 44 days and I'm now 20 pounds down. I'm working so hard and I just wanted someone to be p CGILGER1 360 BREEZYK
7/5/17 12:43 A
Ahh! I haven't seen the 180s in over eight years!! Almost 30 lb down! MAGLITE7 251 MIRAGE727
5/25/17 6:34 A
Happy Monday everyone! Got this week started with a great workout with my hubby at 5am! Wooohoo! MISCH42 104 MSLOUIE3
5/22/17 2:35 P
WHOOOO HOOOOOO 100.4 pounds gone forever.. I just had to share this, I'm so very happy :) LMCBEE61 190 PEEDLE
9/21/17 11:25 A
Share your challenge goals here! COACH_NICOLE 11720 GAGAFEMINIST
5/19/18 8:22 P
actual single parents like no bfs/gfs?? LOVEOSHUN 155 BSTOBIE
9/26/12 5:29 P
16 feelings that EE's confuse with physical hunger PATRICIAAK 1042 4THELOVEOFDOLLS
9/24/11 3:54 P
8/17/11 9:07 P
Hello Everyone MILL0679 17 STRAWBERRYLASS
11/27/10 2:39 A
Hello Everyone MILL0679 6 KIMKAMS
11/22/10 10:47 P
Hello Everyone MILL0679 3 MOMMYFITNESS
11/22/10 10:40 P
Hello Everyone MILL0679 4 PJGABRIEL
12/16/10 12:19 A
Hello Everyone MILL0679 14 PJGABRIEL
12/16/10 12:19 A
Hello Everyone MILL0679 3 RUBIEAGLE
11/22/10 3:58 P
Hello Everyone MILL0679 2 CHYRL_C
11/22/10 3:51 P
Hello Everyone MILL0679 1 MILL0679
11/22/10 3:15 P