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Today I did it!! CONNIEMUNIZ100 21 MJ7DM33
6/20/18 10:34 P
Good afternoon Sparkers. Great NSV I wanted to share. Yesterday I was walking in front of my friend PAMBROWN62 113 CAMONELLIE
6/21/18 2:10 A
I don’t have many before pictures because I used to hate getting my picture taken. Now I am down 64 ISLANDGIRL49 170 ELISAGAL1
6/18/18 8:04 A
I fell into an exhausted heap last night and forgot to close the bedroom shades. Waking up to this v J2002HEIDS 204 DLDMIL
6/16/18 7:51 P
The journey begins tomorrow. Short term goal: Be 1 PLUSSIZECHANGE 68 TKFRIEND
6/15/18 9:02 P
#snackattack Saved calories by using Brummel and Brown and Fat Free cheese! Added tomatoes for somet DANCEMAMMA 9 GEORGE815
6/15/18 6:15 P
Yesterday evening was a rough one, my husband and my daughter were in the car with me when a man dec MOMOFATODDLER 20 DLDMIL
6/10/18 7:23 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 108 GEORGE815
6/9/18 6:13 P
6/8/18 9:29 P
Starting back on track after bruising my hip in a car accident two weeks ago. CHLOE044 4 LKEITHO
6/8/18 8:32 P
I'm ending 46 with a smile!!!! Praying that 47 will, be as productive as this year has been. Thank y F5-FURY 22 JAMER123
6/9/18 10:32 P
Here’s a pic of me at the mountains with some friends I so want to look better and feel better BECKYFLOYD3701 10 RAZZOOZLE
6/8/18 8:47 P
Survived My first 10k! 1:18:00 rounded up! πŸƒπŸ‘ MC_DOWELL_BETH 35 ISNESS
6/9/18 6:44 A
Okay... so I am in shock. I have been running around wearing clothes that are SUPER big on me becaus KGOBLE423 238 BOOKNUT52
6/9/18 4:42 A
#BeforeAndAfter 11 months difference! It has been SLKIRK487 85 DIPAFRODITA
5/28/18 11:16 A
Lost my job of 19 years because I couldn't keep up. I've dropped the weight many times before. Now t NANTASTIC64 14 GEORGE815
5/23/18 6:51 P
New to the app. So far love it. Thanks to my cuz'n for sharing the info. LAY-D-BUG 5 GEORGE815
5/23/18 6:49 P
My first pick from the garden! The squash are gigantic! More squash and lots of peppers and tomatoes LORI_LIFTS 55 TIGERSEYEHEART
5/25/18 6:28 P
I'm new on sparks people but I hope it helps me to lose some extra pounds 123-WORKOUT 21 123-WORKOUT
6/6/18 2:58 P
Went to dinner with my hubby, and while it isn’t hard for me to choose grilled fish and broccoli, it KAIMAGUS22 8 ALICIA214
5/23/18 7:02 P
I bought one of those vegie things that makes "pasta" out of vegies. Already ate today, so tomorrow, SERENA_BISHOP 4 GEORGE815
5/23/18 6:48 P
Beautiful day to walk around the wildlife sanctuary today. 3 miles. Seen a family of geese with six MSMITCHELL2696 26 ZRIE014
5/23/18 7:29 P
#BeforeAndAfter only 6 weeks in and I can definetly tell a difference in my face DYSERT 11 ALICIA214
5/23/18 7:01 P
I never took a picture when I started, but I'm down 13 pounds now. From 345 to 332 as of today. #Bef KRISTYKAY28 49 ISNESS
6/14/18 5:40 P
Posted a photo FINNICUS 15 RAERAERAE62
5/23/18 7:42 P
I am being brutally honest with myself. I never have pictures taken and I’ve got to say I’ve been cr TIFFANYCH27 273 ELLEYANNA
5/24/18 1:57 A
Almost 7 miles today πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ KEENA47 15 1DAY-ATA-TIME
5/23/18 8:43 A
I do really good to start and then something happe MKPARKE77 8 KOSHIE1
5/22/18 9:52 P
First post! Started March 13. Down 27 lbs since first weighing Ard March 23. And surely down 35 +/- KCHILDY 65 CHRISTINEBWD
5/23/18 1:05 A
Well, it's official!! I'm both excited....and nauseaus lol! I'll be running my first 5k in July. MISSISSIPPIMOM3 13 GAILTALIAFERRO1
5/22/18 9:54 P
I snapped a quick, no-thought, no-makeup selfie in the car after a Royal Wedding-inspired workout be MUFFIY831 87 MNEME2
5/19/18 4:56 P
Holy butt πŸ˜‚ not where I wanna be but what a difference 😊 I'm so proud of me and thankful for all o TMP0418 180 ISNESS
6/5/18 2:02 P
Green light from the doc for activity! First walk in 101 days! What a beautiful evening for it. Look AR185165 24 AR185165
5/19/18 8:46 A
Posted a photo SWIFT6913221 9 STR458II
12/30/17 5:47 P
Posted a photo STAN_CALIFORNIA 10 SOOZIE12
12/30/17 8:35 A
Posted a photo TIKISTORM04 29 PWILLOW1
12/30/17 11:17 A
Wow haven't been on here in awhile! I hope to keep up with this site as much as possible! I have los KPGETSFITIN209 67 KPGETSFITIN209
12/31/17 9:50 P
12/30/17 7:47 A
290 calories... Yummy Baked chicken, pineapple, raw baby spinach, black beans, and a little pinch o FREEZE2B 7 WESSBERGERON
12/29/17 3:45 P
Been a while. Glad to be visiting back on SparkPeople! MICKEYMAX 4 LUNA_IS_MY_HERO
12/30/17 1:04 P
Went walking at the Cumberland Falls today. Had a great time! Here's a pic. SLOGANRON8 11 BECCA5090
8/7/17 10:32 A
Posted a photo PPARKER2214 13 MSANN59
8/6/17 7:56 P
Had a great time Hiking a The Cumberland Falls park in McCreary County Kentucky. BLUEGRASSGIRL38 22 TCANNO
8/6/17 10:48 P
8/6/17 7:54 P
Wow it feels good down from 16 to 8 MYJERR4ME 144 GOIN4IT233
8/7/17 3:27 A
First day of school in the books. Successful day of eating + good day with kids = good start to the SB0901 4 LKEITHO
8/2/17 9:41 P
In one month I lost 25 lbs feels great FLORESRANDY4827 69 GORDONED
8/3/17 2:09 A
My brother Jordan is a fitness Guru 😍😍😍 KEENA47 20 CHELLNJOHN
8/7/17 3:09 P
Day 1.....its going to be it this time. I will achieve my goals for myself and family...i hope. JESS14331 251 CHUBBYGIRL45
8/3/17 1:31 P
Comparison shot! After dropping 130 lbs! QUEENJOAN124 230 SASYPHRAS
8/4/17 7:20 P
Getting it ! TNELSON316 34 DARRINISM
8/1/17 11:34 P
I have been going through some hard times but I ne ALBIZU55 4 LKEITHO
8/1/17 9:14 P
In what ways do you guys squeeze a workout in during the day? I've been using a kettle bell at lunch MRSKLAUSSNER 7 APLAWHORN
8/2/17 7:00 A
Kinda use eating as a means of coping with stress and anxiety, so bad for my health and weight loss, ALLYCOMER 6 REEDSKI
8/1/17 10:01 P
πŸŽ‰ Big deal! Two weeks until my classes start and I'm 5 pounds away from reaching my goal that I fir KATIEJADIE17 4 MICKEYMAX
8/1/17 9:11 P
I need to revel in my moment of success. I am currently doing "low-carb" and when I came home from w MICKEYMAX 16 GRACED777
8/3/17 1:15 A
My before pic it's really hard for me to post this honestly but my friend said you are a badass and SEXYSARAHLOVE 254 SCYANKEE46
8/2/17 9:47 A
An Open Love Letter to SparkPeople: I hope you all know how personally integral you are to my succes MICKEYMAX 40 KEKEIKO
8/1/17 2:09 P
I'm back! Been away too long. Need to put myself first again. MILANMOM1969 2 MICKEYMAX
7/31/17 9:21 P
I'm visiting and enjoying every minute with this little guy😊 TBOYD5000 15 STAR135000
8/1/17 8:11 P
Bleep! I ate donuts. Not just one, no. Six donuts. What in the Sam Hill is the bleeping matter w ALLNEWSUE 8 STILLTHEFATLADY
7/31/17 10:14 P
Have gone on a slow journey from 210lbs to 165lbs. I'm finally getting off my butt and to the gym. H KIWIWOLF 18 MEFATAGAIN
7/31/17 11:38 P
Posted a goal AWPLEMMONSSR 16 KAGE5209
7/31/17 9:27 P
Posted a photo CLARKLISA33 19 MSGO72
8/1/17 12:14 A
This is my boy. Young man. 😜 Here, we were enjoying a day at the Mall. We held off on partaking in LYNXMYNX 3 LYNXMYNX
8/1/17 9:15 A
Celebrated being down by 8 and a half pounds with a three mile one hour walk! SNHADLEY 7 STILLTHEFATLADY
7/31/17 10:12 P
Stressful day at work, come home to kids fighting about ready to throw in the towel for the day but SUMWITCH 12 MIRAGE727
8/1/17 12:47 P
Did great all day until I saw the m&ms, sugar is my absolute downfall. It's like someone addicted to JUSTSTICKWITHIT 67 VIRGINIAGIRL
8/2/17 4:45 P
Sparkpeople is awesome but wouldn't it be great if there were live chat rooms like there were on AOL JUSTSTICKWITHIT 18 LUANN_IN_PA
7/31/17 10:13 P
I hate the scale with all my heart but Monday morning selfies to track my goals ... still better the CASEY 209 LILYSTARTSOVER
7/31/17 11:20 P
On the right is my start in April at 223lbs on left is today at 191lbs not much difference but i fee H54958 192 -WRKNG2ABTTRME-
8/1/17 7:10 P
Pretty disappointed in myself that I can't get into the grove of things right now 😒 feeling like a MAMARIAH 75 LILY326PAD
7/22/17 6:53 P
7/20/2017 Ran three miles at the gym then went to a power yoga class. Feel GREAT. It's been a long STINAPAG 23 RBVRE565
7/21/17 5:27 A
For breakfast I had Strawberries and watermelon. Lunch was pork chops and broccoli and for dinner I CBRAMWELL 12 SLEEPWATCHER
7/21/17 5:31 A
Struggling like hell to keep on top of my weight loss right now. Losing all motivation. CMARIE497 11 SLEEPWATCHER
7/21/17 5:27 A