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For all those worried that i "drink my walk" when i stop at Starbucks half way through my hour+ wal CHANGING-TURTLE 12 MIAMI_LILLY
6/18/18 7:15 P
It’s so nice to get out for a hike! Notice my husband is trained to hold the camera high up so I loo TESSWILDFLOWER 19 AMYINTHEWILD
6/18/18 8:30 P
What is your best advice for someone just starting out for the millionth time, who feels overwhelmed JESSSSSIE 9 ONETHM
6/18/18 2:20 P
Spicy Thai Peanut Hummus in baby peppers MIAMI_LILLY 13 CHASEANN2018
6/18/18 6:26 P
I've been missing coffee lately (gave it up due to all the extra calories in the tons of creamer I w KERRIBERRI86 7 CINDY247
6/18/18 5:09 P
Celebrating my birthday by hiking all over the Florida Keys. ❤️❤️🐞 KIMLADYBUG 30 ROCKYCPA
6/18/18 1:49 P
I was in this group a while ago but left now I'm back and I'm bigger than before. I am so ashamed of CARDH8TR 33 CARDH8TR
6/18/18 7:29 A
Sky after the rain AFWWTX 35 BRLEE165
6/17/18 11:27 P
Over 1.5 hrs of doing exercises in the pool!! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 19 LILIWHEELER
6/17/18 3:54 P
So we bought a scale today. After seeing the truth and allowing myself about 15 minutes to wallow, m AWESOMEAMANDA87 8 CODYBOUDREAUX41
6/16/18 6:55 P
5 minutes? It finally dawned on me after like, an hour. MIAMI_LILLY 13 FUNNYFACE101002
6/18/18 9:53 A
Funny MIAMI_LILLY 10 TMP0418
6/16/18 3:50 P
So yesterday I spent all day outside doing this; digging a hole! LOL it took me about four hours but ANTHROPOLOGY201 22 BCHARIE
6/16/18 2:22 P
Better than eating: Watching ferrets play 😍😍 ANNAJUNE1218 10 JULIENSMITH
6/16/18 10:24 A
PICNIC Kick Your Weekend Off Right! Blue Crab Dinner Throwdown! PELESJEWEL 15 CATHYSFITLIFE
6/17/18 2:01 P
Dinner...a big ole Southwest turkey burger on a salad MIAMI_LILLY 30 WHYTEBROWN
6/15/18 10:10 P
Drove myself to the grocery for the first time in 2 weeks or so. It was a bit scary and I’m exhaust ANNIEANNYANNEE 8 SCOOTERTVRPV
6/15/18 5:30 P
Found this Keto Pink Drink on Pinterest. Interesting. Doesn’t taste like anything else. But I’ll be MIAMI_LILLY 5 NANCYNIEMEIER
6/15/18 8:18 P
TAI CHI with ME Remember: Fitness Happens Where and When YOU say so!. Body is a work in process, PELESJEWEL 32 I-AM-TITANIUM
6/16/18 1:59 A
I’ll take it! MIAMI_LILLY 7 TMP0418
6/15/18 1:40 P
Happy Friday, peeps!! My goal today... to run a mile in 13 minutes. Have not been able to for months MIAMI_LILLY 25 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
6/15/18 10:09 P
Walked 4044 steps today... CLO333 3 KIPPER15
6/14/18 8:14 P
Hi 👋 Spark ⚡️ Friends - cat’s give great examples of resting chilling out well!! AOKDIET21 18 4CONNIESHEALTH
6/15/18 11:53 A
This big guy and rabbit in front of the tree were trying to find a way to keep cool in the heat toda CATHYSFITLIFE 20 CATHYSFITLIFE
6/15/18 1:29 P
Because it was either not exercise and cook so I can also clean before bed or do everything and not LAM200514 11 SADIEMYERS
6/14/18 11:06 P
Posted a photo SMITTY-B 15 AFWWTX
6/15/18 1:30 A
I am looking for a friend that can help me on this weight loss journey. I have no motivation and nee MOOSMOM68 5 REVMIKE10
6/14/18 10:03 A
Just bought a new water bottle to help me with my challenge of drinking 8 glasses of water everyday! LEXI3727 22 YMWONG22
6/14/18 9:29 A
My son’s band is playing in Indiana tonight. Getting close to having their name in bright lights. Bu MIAMI_LILLY 13 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
6/15/18 7:25 A
Posted a photo TIKITAMI 21 LADYARTIST41
6/13/18 9:53 P
Found this recipe on Pinterest and couldn’t think of anything else. Hibachi steak lettuce wraps. For MIAMI_LILLY 9 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
6/15/18 7:25 A
Back to my grind. I fell off after my accident. I’m going to continue to persevere... JCASTADIVA 10 GEORGE815
6/13/18 6:44 P
My dad dropped off the first pick of fresh strawberries this morning. I cannot wait to dig in! KATBRUNNER 136 DOLPH79
6/13/18 8:47 P
Posted a photo TINABEANA16 32 FELICIA1963
6/13/18 11:36 A
6/13/18 11:33 A
Chicken-bacon-avocado-ranch lettuce wraps and a sm CMCLIFTON06 101 CMCLIFTON06
6/13/18 4:38 P
Hi friends, got the steps in but the diet was only 60% successful. Tommorow I aim for 75%! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 16 WLHOPE
6/18/18 7:17 A
Walked a ton today. Felt like giving up about half way through, but pushed myself. #moveit KAITLYNKING853 15 KAYAHSLOANE1
6/13/18 12:08 A
I don't ever have the hiccups....and now I do. What's going on? Can't get rid of them. GLASSHUNTER 5 GLASSHUNTER
6/13/18 10:50 A
My eye lids are ready to drop. So trying to not skip a workout but I might FITBY2016 4 SPINECCO
6/12/18 8:53 P
I love walking in nature. JENNIFERBR51 17 PWILLOW1
6/12/18 9:36 P
Not the best photo 😂, but Steak n Cheese stuffed peppers are delish! CKATT3 13 LOVEKOLE17
6/12/18 10:29 P
97 lbs 👇🏽 SWEETHEART4321 148 NANAOHMEN
6/12/18 11:03 P
Good 1st day, trying to get off to a 10000 step start, currently at 7400. Let's do this!! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 42 JOCELYNH711
6/12/18 7:14 A
Stir fry chicken and lots of veggies to fill me up! MIAMI_LILLY 22 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
6/11/18 10:52 P
Working on my BODY IMAGE - Part 2 My Body Image still lingers on the beach with the old me, I am w PELESJEWEL 31 HEALTHYBARB1
6/12/18 6:32 P
#BeforeAndAfter but now I have started to gain weight again. I am back up to 230 and so scared I wil POLISHANITA52 22 POLISHANITA52
6/12/18 2:43 P
I made myself a delicious Greek-inspired salad. With chicken and feta, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, MCASKEY6 8 URBANREDNEK
6/11/18 11:52 P
Today stats. 553% of goal. ISNESS 10 TMP0418
6/12/18 6:36 A
Started my vegan diet yesterday. Working with a nutritionist to keep my goals in track. CABINWRITER 8 LEANNA50
6/11/18 1:58 P
Having the SparkPeople app on my phone has opened my how many people have friended me! I h SHIMMYSHAKER 2 MIAMI_LILLY
6/10/18 10:00 P
Today I went to North Jersey Pride Festival to celebrate being an open bisexual woman, and be reinvi BANDCHICK182 10 TCANNO
6/11/18 3:32 A
Note to self.... RHOOK20047 18 MRS_KAS
6/11/18 3:21 P
Just putting this out there..... JAY61 23 ANDREAGZZ145
6/11/18 11:00 A
It’s never too late to work on you. I’m turning 55 this month, and haven’t seen muscles on me, PELESJEWEL 47 IAN2409
6/12/18 6:47 A
Healthy almond joys. I made them with coconut butter (not oil) shredded coconut, dark chocolate and MIAMI_LILLY 61 MJ7DM33
6/10/18 10:11 P
Goodmorning my friends. Have a great day. JUSTSTICKWITHIT 21 FFWONDERWOMAN
6/10/18 9:11 P
Note to self: Do NOT participate in challenges with people who are super-human. Any Fitbit owners th MIAMI_LILLY 10 FUNNYFACE101002
6/16/18 4:42 P
My granddaughters just found out were going to Disneyland tomorrow. They ran in the house to pack. O TIKITAMI 22 VIRGINIAGIRL
6/11/18 12:36 P
Cooked on the grill. Huge meal. We finally have food after a good friend gave us a ride.... Thank Go OPTICALXILLUSIO 9 MIAMI_LILLY
6/9/18 8:42 P
Rice bowl: Brown rice, broccoli, cucumber, red pepper, tomato, grilled chicken! Bonus: Made enough f LISSAM1210 9 MIAMI_LILLY
6/9/18 8:41 P
I took this picture of my son and his friend. Sweet kids!!! AMYMBUNCH 10 MIAMI_LILLY
6/9/18 8:40 P
Shock & Awe - Went shopping for business suits today, an PELESJEWEL 118 CATHYSFITLIFE
6/11/18 7:37 P
Hi everyone, hope you are having a great day! Getting my steps in but eating horribly. Trying to sta JUSTSTICKWITHIT 27 LINZHORN
6/9/18 4:42 P
Some humour to begin the day... BOOHOOBEAR 7 LIZZIE138
6/9/18 11:06 A
Hi, This is probably my third or fourth time trying to lose weight. I have always failed on the pas LISSAM1210 30 ALLYLIZZY
6/9/18 2:54 P
Too funny... MIAMI_LILLY 25 BERRY4
6/9/18 9:26 P
Ready for the Niantic Bay 10k, CT MC_DOWELL_BETH 16 MIAMI_LILLY
6/8/18 7:25 P
Just introducing myself. I went to a foot surgeon on May 1 he told me I was too heavy and needed to STAHLY104 26 MOMMAKW
6/9/18 2:28 A
Okay... so I am in shock. I have been running around wearing clothes that are SUPER big on me becaus KGOBLE423 238 BOOKNUT52
6/9/18 4:42 A
LOL! LOL! (Not my picture) SARA-SMILE128 155 CHANGINGDEDA
6/8/18 5:37 P
Green enchilada chicken casserole. MIAMI_LILLY 14 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
6/8/18 8:40 P
Exercise:Weights today. 63% fat burn 87 min. 376 kcal💪🏻 Lunch: 111g pork tenderloin on a salad ma ISNESS 17 J5311956
6/7/18 4:45 P
6/8/18 5:54 P
Ready now...yes! SISSYFEB48 19 CHEIVOUS
6/7/18 8:49 P