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202 as of this morning! 58 pounds down! Two pounds away from being my pre pregnancy weight! JRKESTLER 102 CSROBERTSON621
4/13/18 9:33 P
Today is my 3 month change-a-versary. Down 35 pounds and I'm so excited!! Only five more pounds to m PAMMIESUE81 111 TCANNO
4/14/18 4:10 A
Love the views I get on my local nature trail. One side is beach the other is marsh. Plus the differ ATLANTICBEAUTY9 9 TAMMYJO18
4/12/18 5:09 P
4/12/18 10:48 P
Making progress. The before pic isn't even my heaviest but the only one I could find when I was larg ANNIM80 42 DCWILLIAMS831
4/12/18 8:14 P
#BeforeAndAfter 47 pound difference in the photo, 57 pounds lost so far. I’ve nearly finished phase JRKESTLER 48 ANNAMARIEPRICE0
4/13/18 5:28 P
Holy moly and I thought I looked ok ugh #BeforeAndAfter TMP0418 183 ANNAMARIEPRICE0
4/13/18 5:29 P
101 pounds down the drain! 99 to go! WooHoo! KWEENIE1971 246 MICHAELPACH
4/13/18 5:51 A
Well I hit another milestone in weight loss today!! So excited. May 2017 started me at 271 pounds an ARTASONG 304 NANCYA8689
4/12/18 6:31 P
So I have been slacking the last few weeks. Really lacking some motivation. 😞 SAGARLAND91 5 FRISKYCRITTER
4/12/18 9:23 A
4/11/18 10:46 P
Personal best at the 5K this weekend! Still not running the whole thing yet, but I've got another pl TINIESTONE3921 7 VICKICHICKI123
4/11/18 10:07 P
4/12/18 12:00 A
BLISS. So grateful for the sunshine. Warmer weather. No snow. And a later sunset. #getoutside!!! B_RAZORSHARP 36 CGARR442
4/12/18 6:20 P
Enjoyed this beautiful day!!! Took full advantage of the towns new walking trail and I found my new SARIESUE 69 LWLAR7
4/12/18 12:52 A
So proud of me went from size 17 to size 5 😁 CRISTALO321 180 ADRIENALINE
4/12/18 12:12 P
Hiked 2 miles around Niagara Falls State Park HAWKTHREE 86 EVILCECIL
4/11/18 6:25 A
Weigh in Monday - a day late! 😬 down another pound! Getting so close to my first goal of 50 lbs g TEXASHSMOMOF3 184 TERRIC853
4/11/18 12:02 P
So lost for words very flattered and excited 😊 I won this today from the place I get my produce. Th TMP0418 71 TMP0418
4/8/18 10:40 A
“Excuse me human ,but I am fairly sure you need more steps tonight and I would like to point out tha SCHMUNZELN 24 SCHMUNZELN
4/6/18 7:42 A
The photo below is after i went from 196lbs to 152lbs my goal is 125lbs im am 56 yrs and i do feel a PHILLIPSPAM49 21 NOCALORIES
4/5/18 6:25 P
I tjust weighed myself this morning and im at 178.6now. Ive passed the 180 mark finally. I started MMATHEWS1515 189 PWILLOW1
4/5/18 8:59 P
Today's walk on the treadmill paid off by burning LYNN_BROWN 12 REDBIRDFLY
4/5/18 7:51 P
So true!!! God bless you all!! We can make it.. We just need to keep on pushing and not giving up!! STARTGOODHABITS 13 FITNFABMOMMY
4/5/18 7:10 P
Tracked All food and with in calories: steak since Sunday. And down another half pound! GRATTECIELLA 17 LAPPEROO
4/11/18 8:56 A
My birthday photo!! Woo Hoo!! EBLOOMING 29 PWILLOW1
4/5/18 8:57 P
I hit my first big goal. #BeforeAndAfter AJS747 158 NEWJANN2DAY
4/8/18 1:48 P
I lost 3 pounds I feel happy about that. KRISTINA_SLEE20 177 SUSIEMT
4/5/18 9:52 P
This is a quick look at my progress in 2018! I started my new lifestyle on January 8th, 2018 decide CHRISDUNNSON 118 JENNIFERQUINLAN
4/5/18 4:47 P
Look whose getting stronger on the Stair Master!!! 46 of those minutes was at level 6!!! #goaldigger MERCEDESMCCALL 17 MERCEDESMCCALL
4/4/18 10:12 P
I went on a ten day cruise and lost two pounds. Still plenty to go, but I am proud of that! SHINTEETAH 28 YJNANA
4/4/18 7:45 P
I don't know about anyone else but when I was 57 pounds heavier I never treated myself to anything b TMP0418 57 DIALYSISCHIC1
4/6/18 11:35 A
#BeforeAndAfter I used to be so a shame of my size, that I deleted every Photos/ Evidences that I ha ZO3EYDOLL 53 THORNBUB
4/18/18 9:30 P
Down 55 pounds, another 20 to go till goal. ISLANDGIRL49 125 TEXASHSMOMOF3
4/5/18 11:43 A
Lost 165 lbs since my heaviest 4 years ago. From a size 30 to a size 14. Still have a ways to go, b MANDA2091 288 PATSYGO
4/5/18 5:10 A
9 years ago today, I joined the gym. I can't really remember the driving force that led me in the gy KATBRUNNER 88 CINDY247
4/4/18 10:43 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 24 RICHE38
4/3/18 12:16 P
So true! Keep going. Don't give up!! Remember why you started this journey in the first place! ESTEVES02 38 KZOSCIN
4/3/18 12:04 P
#100daysoftransformation day 92. The photo on the left was me about two years ago and I was actually WILDHUNTRESS 63 MDOWER1
4/3/18 6:13 P
I am now down 15 pounds! Wahooooooo! MILLYMAE1 132 NOCALORIES
4/3/18 8:12 P
Tuesday's happy little reminder! SKEMERICH 96 GEORGE815
4/3/18 4:15 P
55 pounds down today! DARAELISE 125 DLJONES50
4/3/18 5:35 P
I Have to Remember this !! Keep on Tracking... WE CAN Do This !!! DARPALMIERI 140 DARPALMIERI
4/3/18 5:05 P
No way! The 14 was comfortable but the 12 fits better! 25 pounds and 2 jean sizes! Hello booty, glad WILDHUNTRESS 17 FLUTTERFLI
4/2/18 7:59 P
I am 4lbs from the goal weight that I set for myself and almost to the date. Im not done yet but ha TSEHYNESH 12 LSMITH2017
4/2/18 9:08 P
Holding this Mona Lisa smile is so difficult when I step on the scale, only to see that digital disp FFWONDERWOMAN 11 VIRGINIAGIRL
4/3/18 3:56 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 13 NANASUEH
4/3/18 11:46 A
Day 1 of fitness training. Rough but it's a start N260SNFIT 16 MANDY_ROSE
4/2/18 9:23 P
March was not a good month for me but I am shaking it off and plan to keep moving forward. Here I a PAMBROWN62 174 MRSFANCYLADY
4/4/18 12:16 A
This is me before and after. Keep up the good work and stay strong. The results will show up slowly DOLLYIII 107 GOINGFORSKINNY
4/2/18 2:37 P
My male work out partner wants to know my weight... I don't know why I'm making such a big fuss abou PEREZJPRZ19 13 PEREZJPRZ19
4/1/18 12:02 A
208.4 lbs progress 😜 RAMONADRURY2017 8 TMP0418
3/31/18 4:22 P
3/31/18 3:25 P
#BeforeAndAfter I already posted that I'm down 21l MRSFITPANDA 68 COMMUTERRAIL
4/2/18 5:26 P
#BeforeAndAfter 21.6 lbs lost, 49.4 lbs to go 25% of 2018 over, 30% of goal achieved ELF41978 31 ADRIENALINE
4/1/18 7:30 P
This cute little grill fits on my apartment patio and folds up to the size of a carry on!!! Gamechan SEAOFCARNAGE 17 CHRISTOPHER63
3/31/18 6:41 P
Anything is possible when you put your mind and heart into it 😊 Keep sparking you will get there on TMP0418 152 845379
4/5/18 9:02 A
Whooo.. We did it. He is too cute and I am dying f VICKICHICKI123 95 SHELLEYMCELROY6
3/31/18 8:41 P
Posted a photo LPORTER2015 16 MAYIE53
3/30/18 11:23 P
Posted a photo LINDAG2018 18 MSTINA0519
3/30/18 10:45 P
Beautiful short walk to this magical reflection pond! I am blessed beyond. God is Great! CATHERINEKIRBY 12 MIYAMO
3/30/18 9:19 P
3/30/18 8:27 P
#BeforeAndAfter im still not at my goal weight and i started at 171lbs to becoming 151lbs im happy a TAYLORMDAVIS 17 ADRIENALINE
4/1/18 7:33 P
It certainly is a GOOD FRIDAY! Reached my goal 70 lbs gone and new size 8 Levi's zipped! I am stro LME412 210 I-AM-TITANIUM
4/3/18 4:37 A
Joined the gym yesterday and today i got my hubby to go with me. He hasnt been supportive at all dur BFOSTER616 9 CINDEQUIZ
4/7/18 2:37 P
Posted a photo CINCMAC 65 GRAMMYEAC
3/30/18 12:35 P
4/2/18 10:25 A
Woohoo!! I’ve lost 20lbs! KSPLASH79 29 EO4WELLNESS
3/30/18 8:34 P
"Your life is a result of the choices you make. If you don't like your life, it is time to start mak NANASUEH 8 ELHUMLEKER
3/30/18 1:12 P
My treat to myself for all the hard work I'm doing and making it to onederland woo hoo Don't forget TMP0418 80 -POOKIE-
3/31/18 3:12 A
Still have a ways to go but 67 lbs down and still more to go! JMSKREDE 105 MIYAMO
3/30/18 9:26 P
I joined the spark people family last Thursday and I weighed 216lbs and today I jumped on the scale VICTORIAKLING 147 ADRIENALINE
3/30/18 4:23 P
My first goal was 20 lbs, then my second was 10 and I'm keeping my goals 10lbs each. Here's to my ne PAMMIESUE81 205 PAMMIESUE81
4/1/18 7:37 P
In December my hips measured at 147 cm I can't bel NEKOMINI 36 NANAOHMEN
3/29/18 10:38 P
I've only been here for 29 days, but I've found myself saying lately, "No, thank you. I'm not hungr DJAYBX 34 TESSWILDFLOWER
3/30/18 6:19 A