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Weight stayed exactly the same this week. As long as it’s not going back up, I’ll take it! Plan is t MARTARU 4 GEORGE815
5/22/18 5:48 P
Hello i am very new to this i am donnie weight loss is my goal i am 220 looking for 190 have you see DONNIEPIE 2 MCFHARPIST
5/21/18 6:30 P
I was a Professional athlete in my twenties and had a steroid epidural go wrong and caused excruciat DAVIDKNOLL63 18 MARIAN326
5/23/18 5:48 P
Oh and I got my watch today from Invicta and it's huge!! GPALMER29 14 CHERIRIDDELL
5/22/18 1:32 A
A very messy lunch of whole wheat spaghetti and meatballs. I gave him a fork, but he prefers to use KERRIBERRI86 14 LILIANN400
5/21/18 3:46 P
Good Sunday Sparky's!! Well I kept a mustache and a goatee shaved the sides off, they were itching m GPALMER29 25 DRINKALOTH2O
5/21/18 10:55 A
#BeforeAndAfter Hey Sparky's flashback time!! I can't stress this enough, when you hit a wall, when GPALMER29 38 TBRYAN-LU
5/19/18 7:27 P
Just joined my journey started over one year ago was able to loose 144 lbs in 11 months COACHTANK2000 102 COACHTANK2000
5/15/18 10:31 A
Does flower gardening count as exercise? I spent 4 hours or so pulling up weeds, carrying mulch, r LAM200514 125 STALBOTT48
5/14/18 2:42 A
211 calorie lunch! 2 cups of fresh spinach and arugula salad with green pepper, carrots, celery, tom KIBBGIRL 18 GONTOP22
5/8/18 5:17 P
26 lbs down since Jan 29/18 :) 64 to go! LUVDIO 80 ALLYLIZZY
5/8/18 5:38 P
Chicken crust pizza I use ground chicken. I mix it with parmesan cheese and Italian seasoning and pr SHARONB76 7 ANNAMAY2018
5/5/18 8:43 P
So proud of my son graduating college with a bachelors degree in science DEBSANKS 30 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
5/5/18 11:17 P
Posted a photo QUARTERMASTER3 10 LAH1222
5/5/18 10:37 P
#BeforeAndAfter I use to be 400 pounds now Im 239 ..My a1c was 6.8 now its 5.9 ..I hope I help someo SHAYSHAY6444 246 RSSSLHB
5/6/18 2:15 P
I made a commitment to myself that for the month of May I will eliminate all sugar and alcohol and t GAYLEP1957 28 IAMAGEMLOVER
5/3/18 11:08 A
Had to have a rest day - aching and super tired, having trouble moving enough to keep everyday thing SOVEREIGNA84 9 BONNIE1552
5/3/18 9:28 P
Posted a goal MPLSKEN 12 COMEBACKKID12
5/3/18 8:43 P
#BeforeAndAfter start 247 lbs (Not Kilos) Now 226 lbs (Not Kilos) Still have 86 lbs to go.. But he BERTHIAUME83 180 MJ7DM33
5/1/18 7:13 P
Walked to bank supermarket and Starbucks 43 minutes, lifted weights and have a date with the exercis CHANGING-TURTLE 18 BONNIE1552
5/1/18 9:07 P
4/30/18 2:01 P
Trying this again. Always hated my body because I have always been a bigger girl. I find myself havi SUPREME_ONE1988 12 HEDSTS58
4/28/18 2:15 P
I am trying to loose weight. I am 18 and have struggled with an under active thyroid and stress eati MAKAYLALEIGHHAL 10 SUE5007
4/27/18 8:06 P
this is me at my heaviest 386 pounds completely miserable with no hope at all I plan on updating ph SIS_GALLAGHER 22 SIS_GALLAGHER
4/27/18 5:05 P
Treadmill or outdoor walking BEACHLUVER4 52 KRISUA
5/23/18 7:19 A
Woke up this morning to a gift for my 20lb weight loss, the Fitbit versa with an encouraging note. οΏ½ PURPLELOVER0214 15 MCFHARPIST
4/26/18 7:37 P
Time to get going. Last fall I started walking with a friend 2 miles twice a week. I would also wa LAHTAH28 131 JOC36BROWN
4/27/18 3:05 A
I took my bike to Goleta yesterday to ride, but, my lower back hurt from my last strength workout. SUITTANG 6 BONNIE1552
4/30/18 8:44 A
August 2017 - April 2018 JOCEN86 29 PGHMIMI1
4/26/18 7:07 P
100 pounds difference KWEENIE1971 42 KWEENIE1971
4/27/18 4:56 P
#BeforeAndAfter seeing changes... He has lost 50 and I’m down 15 since January 1st πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ NAZYTEACH 120 LVMS61516
4/28/18 12:07 A
Decided since i lost 25 pounds that it was time to a hair change....went from hair to my butt to sho CAROLJORDAN49 28 JAYNE3013
4/24/18 5:51 P
After 4 weeks of dealing with the same 3lbs, I saw a new, lower number this morning!!! Patience, ha STACEYAKAMAMI 216 CHER2SHINE
4/30/18 8:40 A
I'm almost at my 299 goal, the pounds are slow, but I'm getting there. I'll be when I get out of the MAMACHANGED37 304 MAMACHANGED37
4/27/18 11:27 A
What a difference 10 Months & 80 Pounds make. I couldn't bring myself to document it then, but my he POGIRL17 138 LIL1IAN
5/5/18 12:07 P
I’ve taken two walks today, an hour walk and a half hour walk, and now I’m on the elliptical! I’m fe COURTNEYTITUS 5 NMESANDY
4/23/18 4:59 P
Beautiful day out!! Went for a 65 minute walk since our temp was 58!! After the subzero temps this DIANEDOESSMILES 12 GLASSHUNTER
4/23/18 5:46 P
Outside enjoying the sunshine! 🌞 This boy is ALWAYS on the go, which means Mommy is too! πŸ‘ Happy M KERRIBERRI86 17 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
4/23/18 6:42 P
Lost over 20lb.... now on to the next 20lb. CHRISTINEBREWST 31 LTRINH9
4/21/18 2:27 P
Off to the farmers market for fresh eggs and strawberries. Also going to the bank and Starbucks a ov CHANGING-TURTLE 11 TCANNO
4/21/18 5:06 P
I got this to remind myself not to look for love in the wrong places. I need to love myself before a EPSTAR2016 16 FITEXCELLENCE
4/22/18 9:53 A
Progress, progress, progress..don't give up on yourself. That time is going to pass anyways, make su LRJUSTUS1 166 HOLLEY18
4/26/18 10:32 A
Posted a photo BOOHOOBEAR 113 MJ7DM33
4/21/18 4:39 P
I've changed!😊 #nevergiveup FITSISTA79 129 JOANNEJI
4/20/18 8:54 A
140 lbs down in the last 14 months. (167 lbs from my heaviest 4 years ago). Keep sparking. We can d MANDA2091 154 DEERLADY45
5/21/18 5:13 P
Lunch time. Baked salmon w/sauteed mushrooms and kale CUPCAKEQUEEN29 16 PWILLOW1
4/16/18 9:25 P
It is seriously never too late for oatmeal!!!! TIFFANYCH27 11 EVANS1848
4/16/18 6:27 P
Tomorrow is my birthday. Today, I took a picture to show what I look like now, so a year from now, I HOCKINGMA 14 GEORGE815
4/16/18 6:13 P
Small snack: 1/4 cantaloupe & a small handful of unsalted cashews! #cleaneating FITABULOUSJJ 16 TICIASPLAN
5/20/18 3:45 P
Another ten bites the dust! #TenPoundsAtATime SUNSPOT_BABY 102 ALLYLIZZY
4/16/18 5:15 P
Down 2.4 lbs this week for a total of 45.6 lbs gone!! Guys, I feel so much better!!! I have energy TEXASHSMOMOF3 122 ANNIESADVENTURE
4/22/18 7:36 A
#BeforeAndAfter I lost 12 pounds this month for a total of 59 pounds less in 5 months, Thanks to al OLIE07 129 BONNIE1552
4/17/18 7:49 P
From 10/16 to 12/17 i feel so much better TORIEA 227 FIDDLISH
4/16/18 9:05 P
At least I stayed the sameπŸ˜ƒπŸ™ TBOYD5000 4 MUSTANGMOM6
4/14/18 2:57 P
20's verse 40's wow what a difference TMP0418 68 TMP0418
4/16/18 3:50 P
Hubby standing upright Lol. He fall and broke his neck June 3,2016 and could not use his arms and le CHANGING-TURTLE 31 KSNICKER
4/16/18 10:34 A
Good morning β˜€οΈπŸ˜ƒ KEENA47 10 HAPPYCPA1965
4/15/18 7:41 P
Slow and steady, but still in the race. So inspired by so many on the SparkPeople site. ALBERTSMOM 18 MUSTANGMOM6
4/14/18 2:52 P
Walked my first 5k!!! 52:31.....just happy I finished! FHQWHGADS86 37 MUSTANGMOM6
4/14/18 2:54 P
Here's my dinner Ranch Veggie Straws and ham & salami and cheddar cheese on 100% Wheat thin bread KRISTINA_SLEE20 5 EXPLORER2988
4/13/18 9:02 P
Today is my 3 month change-a-versary. Down 35 pounds and I'm so excited!! Only five more pounds to m PAMMIESUE81 111 TCANNO
4/14/18 4:10 A
On Oct. 27, 2017, I weighed 311 pounds, and this morning I weighed 266. I am smiling and saying Yes! GIAARNOLD 10 PGHMIMI1
4/12/18 12:29 P
My newest reading material. ETCH12 4 ITALIANGAL44
4/11/18 1:23 P
Holy Macaroni! This is a 15 pound kettlebell. In the past 2 1/2 months, I have lost more than 15 pou WIZZLEWOLF1 19 SPEDED2
4/11/18 8:33 P
One year ago today, I married the most amazing man. He waited for me for to come to my senses and s CRYSFOOTE 152 PIPPAMOUSE
4/11/18 11:39 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 13 CLO333
4/12/18 2:25 P
I need to begin new every day and that is ok. ILOVEOCEANS 7 GEORGE815
4/10/18 5:44 P
I don't throw around super heavy weights anymore. I don't get cray with the cardio workouts either. FITSISTA79 12 JOANNEJI
4/11/18 8:00 A
Weigh in Monday - a day late! 😬 down another pound! Getting so close to my first goal of 50 lbs g TEXASHSMOMOF3 184 TERRIC853
4/11/18 12:02 P
It's been a raw weekend both emotionally and literally for Saskatchewan with the heartbreaking loss WALKN4WARD 10 JOANNEJI
4/9/18 8:40 A
#BeforeAndAfter still have a long way to go, but TMOODY84 301 TICKLEBEE
4/8/18 5:47 P
Good morning everyone!!! JAY61 79 JTHEALTHY1
4/5/18 4:38 P
Okay. Day one of tracking what I eat. This is more important than looking good for my husband. This MIMI3KEE 75 CAMPINGFAN
4/3/18 9:42 P
The photo on the left I call the epitome of letting myself go- as I was comfortable enough to post i GARDENOFARDEN 139 ABTRACK
4/3/18 6:15 A
It may not be super noticeable, but today I hit the 20-pound weight loss mark since I decided it was SHAYNEAJA 27 EVANS1848
3/30/18 1:46 P