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I'm starting to stress over things, I'm trying my best to stay focused and motivated MATTSLADY 9 SADIEMYERS
9/23/17 11:07 P
Today I am officially down 20 pounds. Back in August 26 I weighed 290. As of today I am 270. I still COSBYDAD 176 KITTYF54
9/24/17 1:23 P
Happy Friday Everyone, here's to a great weekend !!! MATTSLADY 18 MATTSLADY
9/22/17 2:00 P
Smiles .... MATTSLADY 12 DIGIT00
9/22/17 5:48 A
Day 2 at breakfast in Varadero SLIMHEALTHIERME 5 MATTSLADY
9/21/17 12:28 A
Yes😍 TIFFY30 18 LASTDIET2017
9/21/17 1:50 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 24 KILTORE
9/21/17 2:43 P
Banjo the Dog slept and slept while I finished up my StepBet steps on the treadmill. TOPHATBANJO2 22 RBVRE565
9/21/17 4:13 A
If I have to walk/jog at least I can enjoy the view SHAWNAFROG 22 DAWN1830
9/21/17 3:42 A
It's 11:45pm. And I should be sleeping. But, no........I have to get on SP one more time.....rollin NETTER61 7 VIRGINIAGIRL
9/21/17 9:56 A
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 19 JAMER123
9/21/17 10:09 P
Almost the weekend YAY !!! MATTSLADY 3 LASTDIET2017
9/21/17 1:48 A
Finally getting a few cooler days in So. California, I had a great day, looking forward to what tomo MATTSLADY 2 DJ4HEALTH
9/21/17 1:33 A
I've hit some sort of plateau that I can't get past, any suggestions? MATTSLADY 5 MATTSLADY
9/19/17 2:14 P
Went back to Curves, and did my workout, signed up for Curves Complete, and their Zumba class. I can MATTSLADY 9 COWLEEN1
9/19/17 4:39 P
Good Afternoon everyone. I have been trying to g DOLLIPS 48 KILTORE
9/20/17 1:32 A
Happy 2 years Sober to me!! BLESSEDMIRANDA 38 COMEBACKKID12
9/19/17 11:57 P
Just a little reminder for myself as well .... I tend to be a stress eater MATTSLADY 4 SHERRY666
9/19/17 2:41 P
Not feeling very good again, today, it's my newly diagnosed Asthma! No fun! I just feel discouraged, ANNETTECAN 4 ANNETTECAN
9/19/17 2:12 P
My lunch was the last skewer of the veggie kabobs. I chopped the veggiez and sauteed with black bea MOMRSLY 17 ALOFA0509
9/18/17 7:25 P
Started at 263 pounds... now, my weight is 226 pounds - much gratitude! And, looking good for a 51 JANZDIET2014 47 JANZDIET2014
10/23/17 5:51 A
I've sporadically posted my daily reports here for my 100 day challenge and thought it would only be WHYTEBROWN 99 -RUBIES-
9/20/17 2:02 A
Happy Monday, Have a great week! MATTSLADY 5 HOTPINKCAMARO49
9/18/17 5:33 P
9/18/17 3:34 P
9/18/17 3:34 P
I haven't been to Curves for about 2 weeks I had some kind of flu bug .... ugh going back today, hop MATTSLADY 1 MATTSLADY
9/18/17 2:39 P
What are you reading? ACHRISTIANGIRL 9227 DHBEST
6/19/18 7:11 P
What made you smile today? MARINERSFAN 66674 BIKE4HEALTH
6/20/18 1:56 A
what music are you listening to RIGHT NOW? OBIESMOM2 306 FISHGUT3
12/28/17 1:17 P
I am NOT going to let ________ get me down today! ANDREWMOM 12105 JIACOLO
6/19/18 9:34 P
CLICK if you love Spark! SONYA_J 109756 _CYNDY55_
6/20/18 12:24 A
#deliciousdailymoment SPIRIT42017 9 DGRIFFITH51
9/4/17 7:23 P
Dont like where today is going.... LELIADCOTE 3 FRISKYCRITTER
9/4/17 6:41 P
I started the Curves Complete Program today...I'm on Phase 1. It consists of 3 300 calories meals MATTSLADY 1 MATTSLADY
9/4/17 6:33 P
Everyone grilling out but my lunch was 2 black bean burgers with no bun, spoonful of guacamole with CURVYFIT516 16 AOKDIET21
9/5/17 9:37 A
Thoughts and prayers going out to the state of Florida in the wake of Hurricane Irma. Please be prep MATTSLADY 1 MATTSLADY
9/4/17 6:26 P
We finally had some rain over the weekend, and this was the end result.....made my day! MATTSLADY 5 CHRISTOPHER63
9/4/17 8:12 P
Did you get outside today? KZLENKA93 20 JAPANGURL17
9/7/17 12:40 A
I'm down to 409!! Just 68lbs being gone has already improved my quality of life. I'm so thankful f AWALKER83 301 FARAHI1955
9/5/17 7:31 P
This picture was taken of me on Friday at work. I didn't see how large I had gotten. First 2.4 lbs g RISEUPMARY30 152 MISSKMFORTHEBET
9/4/17 8:51 P
Enjoy The Day MATTSLADY 14 SUNSHINE99999
9/4/17 9:57 A
Happy Labor Day Have a wonderful week everyone! MATTSLADY 16 JULIEA7201
9/4/17 8:07 A
8/28/17 3:39 P
My Thoughts and Prayers are with all of our Spark friends that are going through Hurricane Harvey. I MATTSLADY 8 TOCONNER
8/28/17 5:43 A
Good Morning! Hope everyone has a wonderful week full of progress.... MATTSLADY 12 ETHELMERZ
8/28/17 5:48 A
It still amazes me how when you put your all into this the results that can be achieved. The first p JEMMSIE 81 JEMMSIE
8/25/17 11:37 A
Hope your day has been great! GARDENSFORLIFE 9 GLORYB83
8/25/17 7:54 A
I started the day with a bowl of triple berry oatmeal, and coffee then I went to curves and did a do MATTSLADY 12 WONDERCUTIE
8/24/17 5:24 P
Trying to come up with a dinner idea for tonight. It's hard when everyone else around me is going to MATTSLADY 5 MATTSLADY
8/23/17 10:13 P
Posted a photo JOHN_EXON323 9 LRJUSTUS1
8/23/17 8:59 P
Hey spark people how yah doing today comment below 😍😘😘😘 HOLLEY18 4 HOLLEY18
8/24/17 8:41 A
Posted a goal ASHB88 4 JTHEALTHY1
8/23/17 6:41 P
Couple,of my kids won't eat cod but its my husbands favorite. So #keto "fried" fish two ways. Flound KSTEVERSON 13 MOMMACASSEY
8/23/17 8:59 P
4.36 miles had company on this walk. SHERRIAR75492 7 CSCOTT_06
8/23/17 6:36 P
I tell this to myself every day!! MATTSLADY 8 KJWITT
8/23/17 8:42 P
Posted a photo MATTSLADY 7 LUANN_IN_PA
8/23/17 7:42 P
After 2 weeks at curves, and changing my eating patterns, I am down 8 lbs! I feel great, and I know MATTSLADY 8 JTHEALTHY1
8/23/17 6:50 P
What's your favorite non gym activity? MRSCORNY2015 162 FLORADITA
9/5/17 4:11 P
What do you drink most frequently during the day? TRI_BABE 32450 ROBBIEY
6/19/18 11:18 P
Good morning or afternoon everyone!!!! So today is THEJACKIEDEAN12 307 NATASHA_D1
8/24/17 5:44 P
Good Morning thought I'd share this with you.... have a wonderful day! I had my first session at Cu MATTSLADY 10 MATTSLADY
8/15/17 2:06 P
My son, Justin, getting ready for the hospital for chemo treatment for testicular cancer. He is a sw KARENWILL2 34 KARENWILL2
8/15/17 11:50 P
Burning 400 calories today #deliciousdailymoment BRENDAJ1818 2 MATTSLADY
8/10/17 3:13 P
I did it! I finally got up the courage to make a decision to do something just for me. I need help s MATTSLADY 20 LRIEG
8/10/17 4:35 P
Yesterday was my birthday so I sort of cheated for the day.... I felt so guilty. So today I woke up MATTSLADY 2 DAXXDAY
7/19/17 6:28 P
7/19/17 8:23 P
Posted a photo MATTSLADY 3 KBOUGHE1
7/19/17 6:27 P
I had a protein pac and cottage cheese and apple slices for lunch MATTSLADY 1 MATTSLADY
7/19/17 5:35 P
I bit the bullet and joined a gym for the first time in my life yesterday. And signed up with a PT - AMYFTW 7 MOTIVATED36732
7/10/17 5:48 A
Joining Curves this week I need the group support MATTSLADY 6 KACEYSW
7/10/17 4:28 A
Leslie Sansone 1 Mile, 100 day Challenge - April 5 to July 13. Day 96: 1 mile via various workouts PAMBROWN62 6 LILYSTARTSOVER
7/10/17 5:42 P
I'm new here. And would like to find some friends here. STORMYNIKKI78 5 LILYSTARTSOVER
7/10/17 5:39 P
Happy Monday Have A Positive Week!!!! MATTSLADY 7 NOCALOVE1
7/10/17 4:45 A
I am so excited I have to share my news! My boyfriend just asked me to marry him today! Now I have a MATTSLADY 10 MATTSLADY
7/9/17 3:18 A
I wish I had a walking buddy, it would make it so much nicer MATTSLADY 9 MATTSLADY
7/7/17 12:42 P