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60th Birthday Panama Cruise with my wife. DAVIS414 111 DEBIGENE
6/4/18 7:42 P
I know it creeps some people out when men post pics on here, but I haven't felt this good in a long HIVOLTFATMAN 272 ANGIEMARIEMALON
6/18/18 4:09 P
A nice fruit bowl with breakfast this morning, cantaloupe, strawberries, blackberries and red grapes SONSHINE2402 7 BILLTHOMSON
6/1/18 7:04 A
I loves me my healthy food porn! Veggie omelet with 3 slices of avocado. Mmmm. (just for the recor MARIAJESTRADA 10 SADIEMYERS
5/31/18 1:11 P
4/29/18 10:35 P
4/29/18 10:49 P
Beautiful beach bike ride today and almost no knee pain. So grateful! GRATTECIELLA 31 NATALIEF6
5/2/18 10:20 P
4/30/18 1:24 A
What have you learned since tracking your food? MY__JOURNEY 121 TBRYAN-LU
6/18/18 1:58 P
Leading a healthy lifestyle prior to pregnancy has made a HUGE difference during this pregnancy!! On SIMPLYKEN32 109 PWILLOW1
4/20/18 10:02 P
So I am allergic to exercise but have been on a streak of doing 10 minutes of yoga stretching even b CFRAPPE 9 BONNIE1552
4/20/18 8:09 A
Can't remember the last time I saw the 100's. I am amazed and thrilled to have found spark and see t LRYAN0696 285 TH3PH03NIX
9/13/17 8:03 P
This Is My Family 👪 The Reason Why I Am Trying To Be A Healthier Person. My Motivation, There Are ANASITALEKI1315 7 ALALADY
9/2/17 2:20 P
When I crave bread for a sandwich, this bread helps me stay in my calorie range! Oh sourdough, how I SMUSSER1 27 ANGELA-105
9/1/17 9:46 P
Who needs bacon when you got mushrooms? MARIAJESTRADA 17 LEEWORD
8/26/17 10:53 A
I've reached my goal weight! 2 weeks early. My BMI is in the normal range. No longer obese or overwe NEVERQUITGETFIT 311 BOHEMIANCHICK7
8/31/17 12:34 P
It's a means I'm up early! Getting in a short power walk. MARIAJESTRADA 4 KAREN_EDMONDS
8/24/17 7:40 A
Ive just started this diet called 17 day diet its book and it tells you what to eat for 17 days and ANGELARODGERS45 6 ANGELARODGERS45
8/17/17 11:28 P
Affordable headphones AMCCMA05 27 SIMPLYKESSHIA
8/30/17 2:27 P
Goodmorning friends, hope you had a great weekend, had a heart to heart talk w Mom yesterday, we bot JUSTSTICKWITHIT 249 EVILCECIL
8/15/17 6:48 A
Back home in Chicago and did a short 30 min. walk, but speed walked it! MARIAJESTRADA 11 BJAEGER307
8/14/17 4:21 P
My last baby trying to enjoy every minute bc they grow to fast LSUGRL04 22 MYTIMEOK
8/12/17 2:33 P
This morning I'm at my goal weight. When I checked the emoticon I was so shocked at the number I go KRAZZYLEGGS 305 MARIANNMC
8/27/17 10:47 P
Last vacation walk in AZ. I didn't beat the sun today. :( MARIAJESTRADA 4 BJAEGER307
8/9/17 3:55 P
Vacation pancake, sans syrup. :) MARIAJESTRADA 9 LOSER05
8/5/17 12:03 P
Beautiful morning for a walk! Perfect weather today! TTBUTTS-CP 5 JJOHNSON393
8/5/17 11:51 A
Off topic, but going to a wedding solo next week. First dressy event since I lost the weight. I boug FIBROMITE87 266 DSJB9999
8/8/17 3:57 P
Starting day 2 of the 30 day fitness challenge, can't wait to see the results at the end. Day 2: 2 SHENTE 9 MAZUR157
8/3/17 12:35 P
8/3/17 1:41 P
Hm. I'll take it. IAN2409 151 LIVEDAILY
8/3/17 4:29 P
Officially 70 lbs lost today! I'm also down from a size 24 to an 18. KITKATPOUNCE 292 WFTGATL
8/3/17 9:31 P
I've been at them at 5 AM today; did one-hour morning walk. MARIAJESTRADA 9 CHEETARA79
8/2/17 1:33 P
This is the breakfast that has helped me with my lifestyle change. SBLACKWELL93 163 PWILLOW1
8/1/17 5:57 P
Up closer to 6am today! MARIAJESTRADA 7 MNGLORY1
8/1/17 10:45 A
Nothing makes you feel like you have your life tog GSANGHERA 33 HICKOK-HALEY
7/31/17 2:34 P
Going for my first vacation walk in AZ. 6:30an is not early enough. MARIAJESTRADA 16 SLINKYREDDRESS
7/31/17 10:49 A
Look OUT. Chunked another 1 1/2 pounds. Down 97 1/2 pounds. So close to breakin' the sound barrier o MTN_KITTEN 63 JEANKNEE
7/31/17 4:33 P
Keep up those positive posts! They are really inspiring me! MARIAJESTRADA 2 MNGLORY1
7/30/17 11:32 A
WOOOO! Started in Dec 2014, had regains and stalls, but, FINALLY REACHED MY GOAL WEIGHT TODAY!!! 114 OVERDUECHANGE 285 JEANKNEE
7/31/17 4:28 P
What a difference a yr makes!! DIANEPAG 206 _LINDA
7/30/17 8:07 P
Jason's Deli Salmon Pacifica Salad for Dinner. The family made great food choices! MARIAJESTRADA 11 JENARUL
7/28/17 11:19 A
After three weeks of Sparking, with renewed love and commitment, I finally can rock 3 miles on my wa MARIAJESTRADA 5 BJAEGER307
7/23/17 5:45 P
A few short months - 4/4/2017 to 7/4/2017 A trip to the gym EVERY Mon,Tues,Wed,Thurs 30-45 minutes DLROBINETTE 8 SMOOTHIEDANCE
7/22/17 2:28 P
OMG i did my first 10 min walk today and heaven help me 😭😥 i hurt so bad but im doing 3. 10 min wa DOINITNOTGONNAS 308 BELLACUDDLES
7/23/17 9:14 A
Posted a photo ADUKE6 9 CLOCKWORK1290
7/21/17 12:23 P
Posted a goal RAERAERAE62 7 1CRAZYDOG
7/22/17 12:00 P
Sometimes the scale isn't the only thing that counts, these pants use to fit me like a glove. #losin MOUCHE 105 KBOUGHE1
7/21/17 6:04 P
I come home from a walk jog, and my husband has made breakfast spaghetti for my daughter. MARIAJESTRADA 11 BJAEGER307
7/21/17 12:08 P
Good Morning Friends! Day 2 of walking until I cant. I sure am looking forward to the day my back no BIGGIRLFEDUP 33 ELJAYBOLAY
7/22/17 3:51 P
Going solo this morning for a walk truck. So glad it's not raining. MARIAJESTRADA 8 LINDASOUTHER
7/21/17 9:14 A
I'm doing some bed time yoga, and she's playing London bridges. MARIAJESTRADA 13 EVILCECIL
7/21/17 6:35 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 10 KATHYJO56
7/21/17 12:08 A
I'm not normally a fan of three sixes in a row but I'm down from 174 so I'll take these. CORNSHELLY45 137 _LINDA
7/19/17 8:13 P
2 eggs, zucchini, mushrooms, and half a small avocado. 1/4 tablespoon olive oil. MARIAJESTRADA 10 MNGLORY1
7/19/17 12:23 P
Love yoga first thing in the morning. Need to wake up earlier tomorrow so I can finish this whole vi NEWBUTTERFLY76 15 YMWONG22
7/19/17 9:57 A
2 miles in, one to go! I'm off to a good start today! How about you? NHEMBERGER 42 BJK1961
7/19/17 11:51 P
The one on the right is from a year ago today and I recreated that picture today on the right. I thi MRSCHUNKYNOMORE 124 IGOT2START
7/18/17 1:25 A
Evening walk buddies! MARIAJESTRADA 16 UMUCGRAD
7/16/17 10:48 P
My great grandma has made me jelly of her air fryer. Anybody have a recommendation for a good one? MARIAJESTRADA 1 MARIAJESTRADA
7/16/17 11:00 A
Happy sunday morning! : 40 min of LS mix and match before church. 2890 steps 243 cals burned. MIMIGEE2 27 1DAY-ATA-TIME
7/17/17 9:14 A
Adopted this cute little boy yesterday. Let's hope he likes long walks! TRACEE5 229 GLMOM2
7/19/17 8:16 A
My other walking buddy. Thank you little sister for the bottles of water! MARIAJESTRADA 5 LINOVER
7/15/17 8:54 P
Newbie to Sparking - feeling motivated! INSHENAPARROTT 80 MRSROBERSON09
7/15/17 12:58 P
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 220 REGILIEH
7/15/17 10:26 P
Time to loose that newborn baby fat! I'm at a whopping 200 and am going for 130. I hope this app hel B3RRY1 3 SPARTANJAI
7/14/17 4:48 P
Tracked breakfast and lunch. Big deal for me really LYSEESTAR 3 MARIAJESTRADA
7/14/17 4:48 P
Everyone here is saying that they are losing weight, but noone is saying by what method. Counting c FAYELP1 14 MARIAJESTRADA
7/14/17 4:45 P
Just tracked my lunch and the app laughed at me,lol. JUSTSTICKWITHIT 8 BRENDA_XOXO
7/14/17 6:59 P
Any good ideas on how to bounce back after overdoing it? Just did too much yesterday and felt awful AGRIFFIN33 9 AGRIFFIN33
7/15/17 12:13 A
Walked and shopped Khols for 2 hours - exercise however you can!! BREEZYBOO79 4 MARIAJESTRADA
7/14/17 4:37 P
Im just starting this app i need to lose 60lbs... Im determined LADYGLAZZHOUZE 51 DCWILLIAMS831
7/14/17 6:53 P
I absolutely love eating fruit in the summer! What's your fav summer fruit? FITSISTA79 250 ADORENE
7/17/17 5:26 P
New sign added on the wall in my office. RHOOK20047 16 MARIAJESTRADA
7/14/17 11:30 A
Did you have a good Thursday? My highlight was a quick swim in the ocean in Carlsbad, CA on a busine SPARKGUY 47 JEANETTE404356
7/16/17 5:40 A
I found my walking buddy! We are almost done. MARIAJESTRADA 6 MARIAJESTRADA
7/14/17 10:50 A