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Hey everyone KEENA47 23 MAHEDAGO
11/14/19 7:56 A
New low on the scale this morning. 1.2 pounds to lose to get out of obesity. THETROUT 7 SUZIEEQ91
11/13/19 10:58 A
I wake up every morning with the joy and excitement of wanting to go directly back to sleep. DAN1964 13 MUDDYFOOTS
11/12/19 11:28 A
65 pounds gone! I'm past the halfway point to my goal and I feel great. Ready to tackle another 5 po KNITTINGKITTY 111 THINKFLOWERS
11/22/19 10:49 A
Posted a photo CD24912514 19 QUADCMOM
11/11/19 7:08 A
Posted a photo CD24912514 16 TABATHA_CAIN
11/11/19 7:18 A
Dropped into the 140s today!! HIKINGGIRL16 109 EVIE4NOW
11/7/19 10:41 P
Boy, I tell you Sparker friends, I've been trying to eat low carb (not no carbs) just low carbs. It TOUGHGIRLIS70 7 MAHEDAGO
11/7/19 3:58 A
I've lost 3 inches off my waist since the beginning of Oct! SPOKANPHOENIX 7 MARINEMAMA
11/7/19 6:02 A
Maybe this would help ๐Ÿคท ABBY-ETHIE 40 TRIMNUP
11/7/19 7:49 A
11/3/19 I have decided to use Sparkpeople more to help me journal and track my weight loss journey. GAY_LOPES 46 MAHEDAGO
11/6/19 5:56 A
6 lbs in one month. Yes! LCAREY58 9 MAHEDAGO
11/6/19 5:56 A
#BeforeAndAfter look at me now DIETRISHA69 38 MAHEDAGO
11/6/19 5:54 A
Weigh in day for me! Little goal met finally! Been trying so hard to get under 200 pounds! Today is MILMOM2000NEW 10 MAHEDAGO
11/6/19 5:52 A
Tummy feeling good today, don't know if it was a little virus or something I ate but it got me. Did JEANUT 12 ALLYLIZZY
11/6/19 12:42 P
Have a great day, everyone! My weightโ€™s down another lbโ€” more than 12 in two months! Iโ€™m pleased and TEXINPA 5 ALLYLIZZY
10/22/19 12:57 P
A great Tuesday. Down another 0.8 pounds which makes a total of 7 pounds down. Baby steps but I got HOPEBLOM 8 ALLYLIZZY
10/22/19 12:56 P
Yay 36.5lbs lost TINALOUCHIC 12 CHEIVOUS
10/20/19 10:50 A
10/24/19 9:11 P
15 days into this new fitness journey. Down 2 lbs SUPERMOM_13 28 1CRAZYDOG
10/19/19 12:06 P
Posted a photo DOIT4ME2017 57 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
10/19/19 8:18 A
#BeforeAndAfter RANDERS33 19 PICKIE98
10/18/19 12:09 P
Hit my goal 3 weeks early. Down to 150 this morning. Onto my next goal of 140 by Christmas. What a g BECCA_62283 12 MAHEDAGO
10/16/19 8:44 A
That's about right! RD03875 26 JLPEASE
10/16/19 9:24 A
Starting again. Before graduation May 2018 I'd lost 30 lbs using spark. I've easily gained that back DAKOTAGRL1985 16 ARNETTELEE
10/16/19 6:57 A
Posted a photo FAYFITZ 20 MAHEDAGO
10/11/19 2:25 P
Progress so far after 11 weeks IGOT2START 8 CD12282919
10/11/19 7:36 P
10/11/19 11:47 P
#BeforeAndAfter wow God truly help me get this far, and continuing going further. This is crazy and CD24115281 119 123THERESA123
10/16/19 9:51 P
I always said I'd never be that chick in tights and big boots. Well look at me now.๐Ÿ˜‚ Will live in t DOUBLELSMOM 41 SMILEY82
10/13/19 1:32 P
#BeforeAndAfter The first photo was taken last year a month into my journey, the second was taken ye TARDISGIRL1 64 ANNEARIAS
10/14/19 3:00 P
I weighed myself this morning. A day of celebration. Iโ€™m under 200 lbs!! We just spent 9 days at o KPINAZ 24 MJ7DM33
10/10/19 10:31 P
#BeforeAndAfter ANNEARIAS 30 123THERESA123
10/16/19 9:52 P
#BeforeAndAfter JANIMAL45 145 CONNIET88
10/11/19 7:40 A
Intermittent Fasting is accelerating my progress, almost effortlessly. Emphasis on the almost - ha. FRENCHPETALS 15 MAHEDAGO
10/3/19 3:12 A
GOAL MET! 181 to 145 pounds from March 21, 2019 to Sept 22, 2019. (Well, it took 2 extra weeks, but NEWBARBARA2017 138 MAHEDAGO
10/3/19 3:11 A
Took my 30+ minute walk today in two walks of 15 minutes each. I have a hurt knee so have to take wa CHANGING-TURTLE 19 DUCKTURNIP
10/4/19 1:31 A
Posted a photo MIMAWELIZABETH 70 CINDY247
9/20/19 5:15 A
#BeforeAndAfterMoving slowly towards my goal but this is where I'm at as of today! It may not be a s JLAPARRA 58 MAYDAY62
9/21/19 8:39 P
Good morning Sparkers!! DAD_AINT_HIP 48 NANHBH
9/19/19 6:42 A
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Wednesday!! ๐ŸŽ‰ So yesterday was my one year BoxFit-aversary and I TEXASHSMOMOF3 209 JRDUPREE
9/19/19 9:57 A
Am I the only one struggling with losing inches vs actual weight? I wanna say โ€œhey Iโ€™ve lost 20 lbs! GILLIAN1913 7 MAHEDAGO
9/18/19 10:59 A
Smoke free for 12 years! AMYBRO1 37 JERSEYGIRL24
9/18/19 10:06 P
The engagement ring had to be moved to the middle finger. It kept falling off. Need to get it resize DARLINGD1970 18 ALLYLIZZY
9/18/19 11:26 A
#BeforeAndAfter K76512 64 ARLENE2019
9/19/19 11:33 P
Another pound, slow and steady!!! BEAUTIFUL14YA 7 RYCGIRL
9/16/19 7:41 A
The moment you know your doing good losing weight when the clothes u never could fit finally fits! I CD24115281 25 TMP0418
9/16/19 10:41 A
Hi! I'm new and just wanted to wish everyone a happy, safe and successful week. Don't forget to smel CARINGKAJIRA 23 TABATHA_CAIN
9/16/19 6:55 A
So post road trip update: After being on the road 3 weeks with a goal of not gaining weight but losi ASHLIE_STRONG 21 ALLYLIZZY
9/16/19 1:12 P
Today is a new day! I have gained an additional 10 pounds since my shoulder replacement surgery. I MRUNGE54 6 TABATHA_CAIN
9/16/19 6:49 A
Gained 3.2 lbs. ugh. Thankful for a new week to get back on track. CONRAAMY74 5 ALLYLIZZY
9/16/19 12:49 P
Down 74lbs in 2 months short of 2 years! Slow going...but going! SARAHCAMILLE198 24 ALLYLIZZY
9/15/19 11:20 A
Down first -100 pounds 340 to 239.8 JOE_ANNE2 149 HEALTHYMOM241
9/11/19 8:29 A
You know what just struck me. People say food can never taste as good as skinny feels. Thatโ€™s a lie. EPHANY84 16 FRISKYCRITTER
9/9/19 8:07 A
I have lost another pound. KERRI112 8 GEORGE815
8/29/19 2:50 P
The closer to goal I get the more the weight loss slows down. But I'm happy to say I'm down 183lbs!! HELLOHOLLY76 202 123THERESA123
9/7/19 11:21 A
UGH! Calling Myself OUT!!! First it was my old nemesis ๐Ÿž๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿฅ–๐Ÿฅž ...... now I am eating sweets..... c STILLSPARKLEIGH 47 ROSENYLUND
8/31/19 9:51 A
Happy Transformation Tuesday! I see everyone else is doing it so I feel I should do it too lol! 71.8 CD24115281 18 TMP0418
8/28/19 6:04 P
Tomorrow is ONE MONTH! I can't tell you the last time I stuck with anything for an entire month. Let TINAPHILLIPS215 42 MAHEDAGO
8/27/19 2:14 P
Down 20lbs as of today!!!!!! EMTGJM8 12 MAHEDAGO
8/27/19 2:12 P
Not been doing well, but I appreciate all the well wishes and hope to be back on the wagon with you AUTIEJ 18 MAHEDAGO
8/27/19 2:09 P
Heeey ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹ KEENA47 21 MAHEDAGO
8/27/19 2:07 P
Transformation Tuesday MANONAMISSION73 12 AIYANASMAMA
8/29/19 11:23 A
35-40lbs down jest a few dozen more to go! TENDEREDGE 15 GEORGE815
8/27/19 6:36 P
Another year older. Life is good!!! SHIRLEYABAGWELL 38 SHIRLEYABAGWELL
8/27/19 11:14 P
#BeforeAndAfter Progress, 60 lbs down. I am holding steady but feel that I am gaining muscle. I am EROMP2000 27 KERRIBERRI86
8/27/19 7:26 P
8/28/19 1:23 P
Happy Transformation Tuesday!!! AND I AM!! This journey is so worth the while!! DIANEDOESSMILES 68 PAT48RIC36
8/30/19 4:54 P
8/27/19 8:50 P
Posted a photo UNDEADMOMMY31 97 PWILLOW1
8/27/19 8:47 P
Transformation Tuesday. Had a rough week this past week with my eating and Iโ€™ve been feeling badly a CMURPHY121 145 29WINEGAL
8/27/19 7:57 P
Happy Transformation Tuesday! Who knew almost a year ago that I would be here? I have done better TARDISGIRL1 149 ANNEARIAS
8/29/19 12:15 A
#BeforeAndAfter 8 months later 231lbs to 180lbs -51lbs gone.... MAHEDAGO 38 ANNEARIAS
8/29/19 12:17 A
I've come a long way. For over a year I've stuck to my healthy new lifestyle, and I'm down 82 lbs so CANDY_ANNE 92 ALLYLIZZY
8/23/19 12:55 P
Weekend breakfasts that I get to look forward too! NVRGIVINGUP 12 DAWNWATERWOMAN
8/23/19 11:12 A