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I didn't track anything but water today-- but I know how off the charts my food intake was. I could LKMANNING7 11 ZOOMTHOM
2/3/18 1:29 P
Hi there down 2 more lbs. So darn happy.Nice pretty warm day today...for Ohio...Have a good day ever SCHRADER5 7 --CHERYL--
1/23/18 10:17 A
I lost 4 1/2 pounds this week but I know some of it will come back by next Sunday. The only reason I LUDDYP 6 GERRTIE
1/21/18 8:59 A
Hard to believe dad has been gone for 6 days now. ๐Ÿ˜” Final paperwork that is required in order for c GLORYTOHIMALONE 9 ALATONA
1/21/18 2:44 P
For the first time in forever (or what feels like it) I got my steps in! And WAY in, at that-- this LKMANNING7 21 WOMANOFLOVE
1/21/18 8:58 P
So today, Iโ€™m fighting getting a cold. My body is achy, my throat is scratchy, and my sinuses are bu LUDDYP 1 LUDDYP
1/20/18 4:12 P
Had a good breakfast tacked.Weighing in Monday..Hope I have a loss.Haven't been eating as healthy as SCHRADER5 7 SCHRADER5
1/20/18 10:48 P
First time since surgery one month ago that I've run. I walked a good bit because I couldn't go very LKMANNING7 34 DIALYSISCHIC1
2/4/18 8:19 A
#BeforeAndnearingAfter PK-HOUSTON 304 STARDUST53
2/9/18 10:53 P
Cold, but cute ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Good walk at Mirror Lake State Park. SPIFFYRIKI 7 LOSING_FOR_LIFE
1/17/18 3:39 P
The white top is back in August or September and the blue is today, i don't really see a difference CPHILLIPS64 5 LUDDYP
1/14/18 10:49 P
Day 14 in a row of 10 minute workouts. Had a wonderful day celebrating my daughters 16th birthday. I LUDDYP 9 TCANNO
1/15/18 5:10 A
Good Morning All I just weighed myself and I lost another 3.4lbs!!!!! I can do this!!! DENNISBANS 14 MYTIMEOK
1/14/18 11:06 A
Day 13 in a row of at least 10 minutes. Was an exciting day. My daughter turns 16 tomorrow so we got LUDDYP 10 TCANNO
1/14/18 4:07 A
I have struggled in the past to drink enough fluid, but today is the 8th day in a row I've had 8 gla LKMANNING7 28 ALOFA0509
1/13/18 11:13 P
Phew! Went on quite the walk this morning. My feet are definitely sore, but it was great to get out! SPIFFYRIKI 8 GVIARS43
1/13/18 8:41 P
Does Sparkling water (Like LaCroix) count towards water intake? LUDDYP 10 CINDYTW963
1/13/18 4:30 A
Way overweight will my tiny efforts make a difference? ####felling worthless FITAFSAH 14 FITAFSAH
3/4/18 12:22 P
Did you have a good Thursday? My highlight was exercise bike. How about you? SPARKGUY 36 _LINDA
1/14/18 11:42 P
So along with losing 27.4 lbs my resting heart rate has gone from mid to high 70 to 62 bpm, which is CPHILLIPS64 4 LUDDYP
1/12/18 11:01 P
Good day, I worked out for 77 minutes. Really added to my program. Felt good, but wow I am pooped. A GIAARNOLD 2 LUDDYP
1/12/18 11:00 P
Down 1.5# this morning! Pretty happy to be on the move again after several weeks of a gentle 3-pound LKMANNING7 27 LUDDYP
1/12/18 10:58 P
Iโ€™m alright with people knowing that my depression and anxiety has been โ€œ killing โ€œ me. Iโ€™ve felt d KOOKI140 32 CINDYTW963
1/13/18 4:33 A
Day 12 in a row with at least 10 minutes of exercise. I stayed within my calorie range today. Took m LUDDYP 5 ENGELKUH89
1/14/18 7:44 A
How frequently do you take your measurements? Do you do it weekly with your weigh in? Monthly? Scale LUDDYP 4 BANEWLAND
1/12/18 7:09 A
Day 11 in a row of completing at least a 10 minute workout. Had a good informal observation. Tomorro LUDDYP 1 LUDDYP
1/11/18 10:01 P
I'm a binge eater. Well, I used to be. And for m THANKFUL2THRIVE 10 NOCALORIES
1/11/18 12:46 A
Started my journey once again after two years. Feeling determined! LTAPIA81 3 UTAHCOUNTRYGIRL
1/10/18 10:54 P
I need advice! Tomorrow I'm hitting the gym for first time in years. I have been working with a GETBACK2015 9 UTAHCOUNTRYGIRL
1/10/18 10:53 P
went planet fitness for orientation, and planned fitness program, then rode stationary bike for 15 m GIAARNOLD 2 LUDDYP
1/10/18 9:55 P
Day 10 in a row of doing at least 10 minutes of exercise. I went to dinner with my family at Longhor LUDDYP 1 LUDDYP
1/10/18 9:54 P
Someone asked me if I lost weight today! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŽ‰ -21 lbs woohoo! TEXASHSMOMOF3 10 LUDDYP
1/10/18 9:38 P
I lost 2 inches off my hips since I started spark.and 21 lbs.Feeling really good about taking care o SCHRADER5 8 JULIENSMITH
1/11/18 12:48 A
Very tired today - might partially be because of the dreary weather outside - but forced myself to d LUDDYP 5 LUDDYP
1/9/18 9:45 P
As of today, I am officially down 40 pounds! I know I still have a long way to go, but this is the m SPIFFYRIKI 93 LUDDYP
1/9/18 6:52 P
I weighed in yesterday and Iโ€™m down 7 lbs my first week!! Yes! LOMAREN 5 LUDDYP
1/9/18 6:52 P
Going to start this tomorrow. Pray for me. My daughter is getting married in July 2018 and my just KAS13PEBS 6 MAJESTY8
1/9/18 6:55 P
Not so good on the calories but I will start over right now. Thank you God for another great day. SCTT123 3 LUDDYP
1/9/18 6:40 P
Today has been a full week for me of no pop and very restrictive on my calories and carbs. Have only NEWTAMN2018 5 VIRGINIAGIRL
1/9/18 1:28 P
1/9/18 7:55 A
How to change the yellow goal line? I think it was set as 100 by default in the beginning by error, JENNY_NG 4 JENNY_NG
1/8/18 9:26 P
I am happy to say that my first weekโ€˜s weigh-in was very good. I lost 7 pounds! LOMAREN 6 NOCALORIES
1/8/18 11:36 P
Anybody have tips for combatting emotional eating? I struggle to control what I eat when I am stres ROSETTE04 8 NVITRO
1/8/18 10:15 P
Day 8 in a row of doing an10 minute workout. Also went on a walk with my husband. It may only be 10 LUDDYP 1 LUDDYP
1/8/18 9:19 P
My first day starting and I am having awful cravings for sweets! So bad I just want to eat melted ma CHUNKYGURL 6 LUDDYP
1/8/18 6:52 P
I cheated on myself. I just ate 3 gummy bears. Am almost had a perfect day. (But damn they were deli PRETTYUNLIMITED 11 LUANN_IN_PA
1/8/18 7:29 P
Fell off the wagon for a while. Had some eye awakening moments. I need to make a change! Sometimes I IRONBUTTERFLY_7 7 IRONBUTTERFLY_7
1/8/18 7:54 P
Update on M: We will be here at least another day or two. With a history of severe asthma, she is mo ENGELKUH89 15 MWARNER211
1/9/18 6:10 A
I really need some hood thoughts and vibes sent my way, a co-worker caused me to injure my neck and CPHILLIPS64 5 CINDYTW963
1/8/18 8:03 P
One of my family's favorite concoctions starts with loads onions and Vitamin C rich peppers - great LKMANNING7 38 CONSTANCE067
1/8/18 11:23 P
I started my journey on Friday. I am at 210 and I want to be at 160 for my starting goal. My biggest FLYBIRD2298 4 FLYBIRD2298
1/8/18 7:36 P
NSV, my doctor called today - after three years in remission from cancer my PCOS is now in remission GOODFELINE 8 KILTORE
1/9/18 12:51 A
God Iโ€™m struggling. I donโ€™t remember it being this hard. If I donโ€™t eat anything bad this will be my KATIEJADIE16 7 CINDYTW963
1/8/18 8:00 P
I logged everything and worked out a bit today. I'm taking it one day at a time. LALAJ84 4 HOLKAY2017
1/8/18 7:01 P
Is it bad that it is only 7:00 and I am ready to go to bed? I start back to work tomorrow after the LUDDYP 2 ANGELBETH76
1/7/18 7:05 P
I finally got my pics done. I started back on January 2nd! I'm down 5 lbs so far! My boys are 14 and ANGELBETH76 82 IAMAGEMLOVER
1/8/18 7:33 A
This is apx 83 lbs lighter since Jan 2017. BRENDA_XOXO 128 FUNNYFACE101002
1/8/18 7:15 A
Have a happy sunday. SCHRADER5 3 LUDDYP
1/7/18 5:11 P
Day 7 also added a 30 minute walk with my husband. Iโ€™m officially a sweaty mess. LUDDYP 6 PRAIRIECROCUS
1/7/18 5:39 P
2 lbs down... on my way SHUNDA76 13 CATHERINEKIRBY
1/7/18 11:00 A
Please keep my precious M in your thoughts and prayers. She was hospitalized yesterday with double p ENGELKUH89 313 MBLANKFORD
1/8/18 9:37 P
Starting tomorrow on my 100lb weight loss journey PERRYA4 22 ZRIE014
1/7/18 1:02 A
Day 6 in a row of staying within my calorie range and working out for 10 minutes a Day! Hopefully th LUDDYP 5 TCANNO
1/7/18 4:39 A
Went to see the movies. Had popcorn with no butter and diet soda. Was tough! IBMEUBU77 4 LUDDYP
1/6/18 10:21 P
Victory! Drank all my water and recorded all my food -- even stayed within calorie limits! First tim LKMANNING7 12 TMP0418
1/7/18 10:34 A
I need to lose 20 pounds. Any tips to help me? I used to be skinny, and now I am having to get new c LITTLECHEF14 3 SUSANSKI
1/6/18 12:02 A
I managed to get my 10 minute workout in before mi LUDDYP 2 MUSICNUT
1/6/18 12:19 A
After months of die-hard dedication and 45 pounds lost, I hit a wall. I start every day on track, bu LKMANNING7 26 TMP0418
1/6/18 8:44 A
#techsupport I need your help again!!!! I can't figure out why my 5% Winter Challenge Team (Weight W CARLI_TDG 10 TCDRAGON54
1/7/18 8:06 A
Hey I'm down 20 lbs.Been doing really good with tracking.I will get to my goal! Thanks for being on SCHRADER5 9 ALLYLIZZY
1/5/18 11:29 P
I'm proud of myself this week. Monday I started my lifestyle change. Goal is to ultimately lose at l NEWTAMN2018 10 SEMIJEWLAVL
1/5/18 10:26 P
Did something for myself today. Got my hair done. Hoping to brighten up my day. Iโ€™m hungry even thou LUDDYP 20 LUDDYP
1/5/18 8:04 P
Lost 4lbs this week! JENN53888 8 WHYTEBROWN
1/6/18 6:05 A
I went to doctor and I have off 17 lbs since my last visit! I'm truly excited and determined to keep LWHITE5975 5 RETAT60
1/5/18 4:35 P
Anyone else have trouble staying off the scale? I swear itโ€™s harder to do that between weekly weigh 75DOWNIN2018 6 KATIPOOH
1/5/18 1:53 P