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Walked on the beach at low tide. Found a boulder at Drakes Island. GGRSPARK 18 BLUECAFE
6/7/19 3:13 P
Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend! 💜 ALLYLIZZY 18 JRDUPREE
6/7/19 10:51 P
Vietnamese noodle soup for lunch. So good & filling DIZEIMAGE 14 DIZEIMAGE
6/7/19 4:53 P
Lunch 2 eggs, spiniach, sauteed onions, bell peppe JASMINEFAT2FIT 8 KAYDE53
6/7/19 5:41 P
Mexican Nopales in Chile with 1/3 cup Jasmine rice FORESTGIRL0418 13 MUSICNUT
6/7/19 3:48 P
I still have more to go but it’s a big difference and I feel wayyyyy better#BeforeAndAfter EVYLOVESRUGER 119 JDB50177
6/13/19 7:22 A
Before and after so far. NEVAPATE3 12 NEVAPATE3
6/7/19 4:31 P
The picture on the left was at the beginning of what I call "my heaviest time." I have no idea how m WINDMILLS18 144 TESSWILDFLOWER
6/8/19 3:37 P
At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities. ~Jean Hou DGFOWLER 38 PWILLOW1
6/6/19 10:15 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Thursday!! First, I want to say thank you so much for all the bi TEXASHSMOMOF3 39 POGIRL17
6/8/19 5:53 P
Just for kicks ~ DGFOWLER 57 HAPPYSOUL91
6/6/19 6:00 P
Quick few miles to start my day! Happy Thursday Sparklers 🌺 OUTSIDEJOJO 43 TMP0418
6/6/19 10:59 A
Today went for early morning walk. Feeling exhausted but determined. SWEETGABROWN1 13 MJ7DM33
6/6/19 2:46 P
Posted a photo SWEETNEEY 6 YMWONG22
6/6/19 10:01 A
And don't you forget it! Happy Thursday! STARVING__POET 17 MJ7DM33
6/6/19 2:44 P
Currently working through some depression; and this is the worst it’s ever been. RANDERS33 51 MJ7DM33
6/6/19 2:44 P
My new badge #goalfeats CKEYES1 30 BONNIE1552
6/7/19 5:46 P
Don’t forget to water your grass today 💧 LAURIEANN0906 28 LOS101
6/8/19 6:12 P
It's roast vegetable dinner day! Easy to do and 5 servings vegetables in one meal. We all love this -POOKIE- 109 DEM-TOM
6/7/19 5:23 P
Doing my best to incorporate exercise. Can’t go wrong with Sweatin’ to the Oldies! #agedmyself CHRISTINE1913 19 GEORGE815
5/21/19 5:20 P
To join our private childless life support Spark team, send a Spark Mail to TREKPURRSON. We can lift TREKPURRSON 3 GEORGE815
5/21/19 5:22 P
OK @tmp0418..... repurposed leftover sockeye salmon over a bed of spring mix for a tasty lunch!!!! SPARKLEIGH61 22 TMP0418
5/22/19 7:18 A
253 calories lunch. WW chicken and vegetables froz FNIGHT 12 GEORGE815
5/21/19 5:20 P
Okay Spark Friends....I am sorry I been able to post any messages on some of your pages, and I am no HAPPY-CATHE 19 FAITHP44
5/23/19 1:43 P
i’ve really come a long way. 1 year and 6 month difference MALTMANN 108 YMWONG22
5/22/19 3:31 A
Four years ago, I dreamed and imagined that I would become a smaller size to be able to feel confide ALLYLIZZY 147 OPTICALXILLUSIO
5/24/19 3:05 P
Here is another victory!! I went down another pants size yesterday!! 24-12 😬😬😬😬 the last time I OPALLYNN16 275 QUILTANDKNIT
8/16/19 10:49 P
5/17/19 7:23 P
Posted a photo PIXIEDUST04 18 GEORGE815
5/17/19 7:21 P
Good afternoon spark friends. A picture is worth a thousand words. I feel the same way some days, st CARLOSLAKELAND 20 _RAMONA
5/23/19 4:01 P
Finally It's Friday! MSROZZIE 9 MSROZZIE
5/17/19 10:11 P
Did not want to go out today and walk...made a million excuses. But Ms. Holly wouldnt hear of it. Sh LOSINITALLOVR19 23 CLOUDWALKING
5/17/19 10:24 P
I lost 4lbs!!! 😅😁 My face definitely tells it! Lol LUPO1134 21 HELLOHOLLY76
5/17/19 11:47 P
A year from now you'll wish you started today. I s DOUBLELSMOM 146 GEORGE815
5/17/19 7:16 P
Fast food just a smidge over 300 calories: rotisserie chicken, 1 T shredded parm, carmelized peppers MOUNTAINFARMER 12 CLOUDWALKING
5/17/19 10:22 P
I did it!! 100lbs gone forever!!!!!!! OPALLYNN16 234 OLIE07
5/22/19 4:24 P
Any day can be the start of something great! Have a wonderful day. KURTZIE1998 17 STAR135000
5/17/19 11:26 P
11/21/19 7:29 A
On my walk I saw this beautiful flower. Gave me hope that I too can be beautiful. CALLENBURGM 24 DLDMIL
5/3/19 7:54 P
Good morning all. Rainy day here. But will be nicer and warmer on the weekend. Have a great day MISTYPAWS 3 YMWONG22
5/3/19 10:24 A
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 9 STAR135000
5/3/19 11:03 P
I agree. It's all in the journey ♥️ TWEDEE777 6 VIRGINIAGIRL
5/3/19 3:34 P
5/3/19 7:44 P
Add a healthy breakfast and a trip to the gym and my day is on its way to perfection. CONNIET88 26 ALLYLIZZY
5/3/19 11:45 A
Ah ha! I knew it! 😋🙃🤣 PIXIEDUST04 59 SLASALLE
5/3/19 12:45 P
#BeforeAndAfter KHATHAWAY0505 33 AMYDEES
5/3/19 3:58 P
Posted a photo LT3AG4S 39 AMYINTHEWILD
5/3/19 1:03 P
Time to share my goals for May. I’m trying to keep it fairly simple for May and I want to focus on g DRBENGSCH2021 12 LOUISE979
5/1/19 3:48 P
Ok so its not Monday but I needed this today! INCREDIBLE_EM 10 _RAMONA
5/2/19 12:07 A
I enjoyed the Grand Canyon tremendously! God’s wonders of the world! Amazing! SPOKENWORD 23 EO4WELLNESS
5/2/19 3:27 P
Today is great, have had 3 #NSV today and I gotta HALSEY2824 18 EOLIAN_WOMAN
5/7/19 10:47 A
No excuses healthy eating cleaned, weighed and seasoned chicken and pork chops all I gotta do is pop TMP0418 38 123THERESA123
5/3/19 7:09 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Wednesday!! I finally took the pic!! Do you have any idea how l TEXASHSMOMOF3 305 JANA58
5/1/19 10:13 P
I have hit another weight loss milestone, I have shed 80 pounds. Don’t let anyone tell you slow and PAMBROWN62 150 123THERESA123
5/7/19 10:14 A
Posted a photo HARROWJET 30 HAPPYSOUL91
4/25/19 9:46 A
4/24/19 8:36 P
Just for kicks ~ DGFOWLER 151 JOCELYNH711
4/25/19 7:59 A
I need to remember this quhote today thankful the Easter candy is out of the house! SPARKFRAN514 15 ILOVEROSES
4/25/19 9:25 A
Found my new favorite breakfast! ICANDOIT982 9 TESS56
4/24/19 7:33 P
😂😂😂😂😂😂 LOS101 13 TMP0418
4/25/19 8:34 P
BBQ time with homemade sauces... Delishness under 350 calories, and 5 net carbs I wish I could share DEM-TOM 25 MAUREENESTER764
5/5/19 10:05 P
Bye bye 30 lbs! Let’s knock out the last 19 #BeforeAndAfter MISSYJ0507 46 PAMBROWN62
4/28/19 3:46 P
Ground Turkey, Red Kidney Bean and Corn Chili for dinner tonight. COROCKYMTNS 16 KERRIBERRI86
4/19/19 6:08 P
Y’all forgive my awful hand writing ( stroke is no joke) I found this cute dry erase board today and MISSYJ0507 14 CONNIET88
4/20/19 8:46 A
Weigh in day! Not sure I'm going to make my goal weight before vacation like I had planned to but I' VEG_GIRL04 15 SMALLERMELORIE
4/27/19 4:44 P
Posted a photo ADDISONLJONES 24 LOUISE979
4/19/19 1:15 P
Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow. ~ Ronald DGFOWLER 21 LOUISE979
4/19/19 1:15 P
4/19/19 12:06 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 17 TEENY_BIKINI
4/19/19 9:19 P
Got a wake up call this morning. The left is today; the right is 2 weeks ago. I've had a lot of "spe REBEKAHFAIRLEY 9 JIBBIE49
4/19/19 8:19 A
Posted a photo LT3AG4S 38 _RAMONA
4/19/19 12:03 P
Beautiful red clouds at Tanglewood Resort last night. This was as the sun was setting. My husband an QUADCMOM 26 DLDMIL
4/19/19 1:27 P
Sleep is important to restore your mind, body, and spirit. BELLENGLISH 26 ERIN_POSCH
4/19/19 10:08 A
I am finally really working my life for me. I feel good. I have lost 9 pounds since April 2. Been go TREESPLACE 84 ALLYLIZZY
4/19/19 12:47 P
Posted a photo DEEDOO5 39 ALLYLIZZY
4/19/19 12:56 P