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Yesterday’s Fitness Foto All I can say is, “LEG DAY”! Whew! 15, 12, 10, 8 reps of squats and Deadl LOTTALOX 13 MOOKBALL
1/26/21 10:56 A
It’s never to late to Transition towards the best version of You Be tenacious, keep working on You GO_GAL_GROW 152 OPTICALXILLUSIO
1/29/21 12:47 A
I felt like being fancy! LOTTALOX 26 SDJESS77
1/25/21 12:16 A
I died a little today. But it was an awesome death thanks to that guy in the picture with me. 😂😂😂 LOTTALOX 6 JEN_BOOKDRAGON
1/22/21 3:27 P
Today’s Fitness Foto: Last week I was deadlifting 225lbs. Today I could only lift 205lbs. I was feel LOTTALOX 22 JLPEASE
1/20/21 3:02 P
Its been a while since I've posted but I'm still here maintaining. It took about two years to lose 1 JCARROLL712 243 USMAWIFE
1/20/21 8:24 P
My read for the week. Debbie from Ebbo’s Spiritual Store here in Memphis, TN recommended this read t LOTTALOX 4 MCJULIEO
1/19/21 11:13 P
Tonight’s Fitness Foto:. We were elliptical-ing this evening Lol...We did upper body today. I’ve go LOTTALOX 25 MARCIE_ELAINE
1/19/21 2:05 A
#FitnessFotos Legs and butt day! LOTTALOX 5 BARCLE
1/10/21 12:24 A
This machine has always frightened me because I have seen so many videos of people breaking there le LOTTALOX 10 DORINAKT
1/10/21 12:28 A
This morning’s Fitness Foto with my trainer/brother. He had me increase my dead lift amount. I lifte LOTTALOX 9 LOTTALOX
1/8/21 10:49 A
Please pray for my 92 year old Mother who is now being tested for Covid. She has symptoms and my sis SISSYFEB48 305 TREKPURRSON
1/6/21 2:28 P
My trainer, who is like a little brother to me, is helping me reach my health and fitness goals. We LOTTALOX 11 GEORGE815
1/5/21 4:22 P
Have a happy Monday. LOTTALOX 10 JULES1795
11/23/20 2:46 P
Happy Saturday I’m done for the week. I skipped Wednesday because I was exhausted so I was a day b LOTTALOX 21 JANTHEBLONDE
11/21/20 11:35 A
Happy Friday LOTTALOX 18 MJ7DM33
11/20/20 11:30 P
Day 4 #InsanityMax30 LOTTALOX 6 MOMOF4JDRS
11/19/20 10:54 P
I wore a fitted shirt to work out in. Normally I shy away and usually kept my clothes loose fitting. JANNER.VIC 10 JULES1795
11/18/20 1:53 A
Haven’t been posting the workout pics much lately but I’m still on it. #PrettySweaty #PrettyandSweat LOTTALOX 6 JULES1795
11/18/20 1:37 A
I saw this little fellow during my 5 mile walk today. In war, there are always casualties. 😂😂😂� LOTTALOX 16 WHITEANGEL4
11/14/20 11:02 P
I work for from home for an awesome company and wonderful supervisor. I am grateful for that. I have LOTTALOX 21 ALLYLIZZY
11/13/20 1:17 P
White Chicken Chili LOTTALOX 12 CD26267938
11/7/20 11:57 A
Finished my 8 weeks of strength training with #LIIFT4. LOTTALOX 18 DLBEASYRIDER
11/3/20 10:13 A
Happy Hallow’s Eve everyone! LOTTALOX 13 ARNETTELEE
11/1/20 5:25 A
Oooooweeee. Can one of y’all come move me into the kitchen so that I can fix me something to eat?! LOTTALOX 10 TM403J
10/21/20 10:08 P
Made me LOL this morning but I do tend to do lots of walking and stairs everyday. Wishing everyone DM2020 82 GEORGE815
10/16/20 3:24 P
More chicken soup 🥣 LOTTALOX 16 1BLAZER282005
10/16/20 9:57 A
Posted a photo LOTTALOX 12 MDOWER1
10/13/20 12:38 P
I wanted it. Didn’t think I’d get it! And was okay with that fact. But I did get it. Mommy and Sis s LOTTALOX 25 GEORGE815
10/12/20 6:30 P
I was born on this day many moons ago! It’s been one hell of a journey. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️ LOTTALOX 25 1BLAZER282005
10/12/20 12:42 P
1/22/21 7:05 P
Posted a photo LOTTALOX 21 YMWONG22
10/8/20 11:32 A
My baby brothers, my Sun and Pops. LOTTALOX 9 SLIMMERJESSE
10/7/20 12:28 A
I felt so guilty taking off a week from working ou LOTTALOX 9 MARKSMOM3
10/7/20 12:23 A
My Sun ☀️ and daughter-in-love LOTTALOX 16 1BLAZER282005
10/6/20 10:30 A
Mothers and the bride LOTTALOX 13 BARCLE
10/6/20 2:17 A
Posted a photo LOTTALOX 5 GETULLY
10/5/20 8:47 P
My Sun was married today! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ LOTTALOX 29 1BLAZER282005
10/4/20 9:50 A
"I never panic when I get lost. I just change where it is I want to go!" NANASUEH 31 CD4114015
10/3/20 12:40 P
I took a week off from working out. Something was LOTTALOX 11 EISSA7
10/2/20 6:27 P
Still going. Losing a lot of fluid down 7 lbs so far this week and have beem doing my 10 mins of l GA11K3RR 53 GRNEYEDSPANIARD
10/2/20 5:26 P
Posted a photo LOTTALOX 13 LOTTALOX
9/28/20 11:30 A
On my way to my band mate’s wedding. LOTTALOX 27 MJ7DM33
9/27/20 9:49 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 30 CD4114015
9/28/20 12:50 P
I got to facetime with my son and granddaughter yesterday...she is still in NICU, up to 3lbs 8oz. S SWALLIS7 161 PWILLOW1
9/26/20 9:12 P
I am moving again. Pictures of late last night and tonight. My shoulders are through. Strength train LOTTALOX 26 CD26334021
9/26/20 5:21 P
I have been on bed rest. I guess I did over do my workouts. I can walk now. The other day I could ba LOTTALOX 9 1BLAZER282005
9/25/20 8:49 A
Beet and celery juice! LOTTALOX 9 -POOKIE-
9/24/20 5:04 A
Good morning. I feel so guilty because I was unable to work out yesterday. When I'm extremely stress LOTTALOX 5 DLBEASYRIDER
9/23/20 9:50 A
Thank you all for the positive energy. It's been a LOTTALOX 25 NAVYWIFESKI
9/21/20 8:51 P
I need positive vibes and prayers sent to me because I'm not doing emotionally or mentally. LOTTALOX 10 BEWELLMOM3
9/21/20 3:50 P
My sweet son left this world on February 9, 2018 at age 16. Sean Adams at Memphis East High. He was MZADAMS 47 ALLYLIZZY
9/21/20 12:41 P
Brunch: Protein pancakes topped with almonds, blueberries and Greek yogurt whipped with fried eggs a LOTTALOX 12 1BLAZER282005
9/21/20 10:49 A
Celery. Strawberries, blueberries, broccoli, beets and beet stems, watermelon, #Youplenish protein LOTTALOX 4 LOTTALOX
9/20/20 12:51 A
Almost forgot. Week 4/Day 6 #Insanity. Sunday=Rest day. Next week is Insanity recovery week. Lookin LOTTALOX 15 _RAMONA
9/21/20 1:41 A
I just happened to have on the same shirt too. Wow! On the left side, 2018 this time. I was so miser LOTTALOX 41 CHERRYZMB60
9/19/20 11:40 P
Today - I hit a personal best for steps in a week and just barely cleared 200,000. Slow and steady JCURL1978 27 JCURL1978
9/23/20 4:18 P
Spring mix, beets leaves and stems, shredded beets and carrots, black and green olives, cucumber, ce LOTTALOX 10 1BLAZER282005
9/19/20 7:06 A
#Insanity and #LIIFT4 I'm so exhausted! LOTTALOX 11 1BLAZER282005
9/19/20 7:08 A
Good evening Sparks Family. I want to say thank you for always being encouraging and uplifting on my LOTTALOX 7 HAZEL2278
9/19/20 1:46 A
Weighed 300 down to 238. 78 more pounds to go to goal weight. JOANNAFRANKLIN9 17 RETAT60
9/18/20 11:24 P
is this considered a healthy dinner 3.65oz pork chop baked, 1 cup cauliflower, 1 cup eggplant and 1 OUTDOORGIRL-76 11 OUTDOORGIRL-76
9/18/20 8:43 P
I did my workouts today. No pictures or activity to post cause I just did not feel like it. #Insanit LOTTALOX 11 1BLAZER282005
9/18/20 11:10 A
Red stuffed pepper stuffed with stuff. Lol LOTTALOX 21 1BLAZER282005
9/18/20 11:10 A
I am struggling. I can not seem to be able to find a rhythm. I feel like i am starting over every ot MSLITZ1946 9 GEORGE815
9/17/20 7:34 P
Posted a photo KENDRACON 15 CD26404757
9/17/20 9:01 P
A small portion of salmon, Brussels sprouts, and yellow pole beans (that I snapped this morning). Yu LESLIELENORE 28 WIZARDHOWL
9/19/20 9:13 P
Laila Ali’s Youplenish Protein Powder is what I used for my pancakes. Topped them with blueberries a LOTTALOX 19 GEORGE815
9/17/20 7:27 P
I feel sad and angry because a serving size of almonds is only one ounce and it just feels so unfair LOTTALOX 5 1BLAZER282005
9/16/20 8:34 P
Week 4/Day 3 #Insanity Week 3/Day 3 REST #LIIFT4 LOTTALOX 13 GEORGE815
9/16/20 2:38 P
Enchilada pie/casserole recipe. I took some libert LOTTALOX 7 ZRIE014
9/16/20 12:29 A
I forgot to show you all the low carb enchilada pie I made Sunday. I am still eating on it. It is so LOTTALOX 30 1BLAZER282005
9/16/20 9:34 A
Week 4/Day 2-#Insanity Week 3/Day 2-#LIIFT4 LOTTALOX 12 GETULLY
9/15/20 10:48 P
Heeeeeyyyy! Weight lifting. Then cardio. Then abs. LOTTALOX 9 1BLAZER282005
9/15/20 10:55 A
33 lbs lost since June 23. If I can lose 7 more, I'll be under 200 for the 1st time in over 20 years BREE78 98 RAMONA1954
9/13/20 10:04 P