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Alphabetical Movie Titles #-Z SEASONS_CHANGE_ 2997 LOSER05
6/25/18 10:37 A
Horror Movies A to Z! OHANAMAMA 3364 LOSER05
6/25/18 10:37 A
Classic Horror Movies...A-Z LOSER05 2715 LOSER05
6/25/18 10:31 A
Now to just maintain. MARITHOMPSON 27 NEED2MOVE2
6/25/18 1:13 P
Trying to make myself accountable. I have rode my stationary bike for 30 minutes this morning. Have LEGSNAZ 10 HOLLYBARKER1
6/25/18 10:38 A
Catching one of those captivating sunsets. ALLENJOSEPH 16 LIZZIE138
6/25/18 11:19 A
This was one of the most unusual pets my Aunt & Uncle over the years, a pet Skunk! ALLENJOSEPH 10 COUNTRYCAROL1
6/25/18 11:06 A
New week and setting myself up for success. Brought all my fruits and veggies to work. LANSELMI 14 MIZKAREN
6/25/18 10:33 A
Beautiful day, I walk 2. 5 miles, I’m feeling great!! SPARKY2211 60 RSTEINER1313
6/25/18 11:36 A
This is the view from my yoga mat as I wrap up the morning practice. It's pretty. Birds and frogs ma CONNOLLY2018 130 DAKOPP
6/25/18 1:21 P
did you huddled with your team DOTTIEJANE1 2507 LOSER05
6/25/18 10:14 A
How are you feeling today, use an emoticon!!! AUNTRENEE 2281 LOSER05
6/25/18 10:14 A
Did you Huddle on the Beautiful Beagles team JMO070163 3928 LOSER05
6/25/18 10:13 A
Made chicken and veggie soup in the new pressure cooker today. Tastes pretty good. DAWNMICHMICH 17 RSCHWARTZ2
6/25/18 1:10 A
Good Morning Sparkers ANDYLATG4 12 GEORGE815
6/24/18 2:29 P
6/24/18 1:12 P
#50isepic REBECCAGEE 11 GEORGE815
6/24/18 2:28 P
2 hour workout check and completed! Went to the gym straight after a social gathering early in the a RECENTERED 90 GEORGE815
6/24/18 2:25 P
I'm finally back from trip to Alaska and back at this Spark App. What a fantastic trip! OMG. I'm up DRINKALOTH2O 44 DRINKALOTH2O
6/24/18 8:26 P
Wow.. can't believe I actually did it!! Life is good!! What a journey. I have learned to love myself AKIMBRE1 245 ELLEYANNA
6/25/18 1:48 A
WATER CHALLENGE, are you drinking enough H2O? MONDAYLINS 274 JANICEONE1
6/25/18 7:09 A
Good morning!!! My breakfast this morning is an 1 egg omelette with spinach, ham, cheese, mushrooms, MSPALMR1123 22 MSPALMR1123
6/23/18 5:28 P
30 lbs less...Noticeable? #BeforeAndAfter MS_TEJ 80 FELICIA1963
6/23/18 3:42 P
After a fall of the wagon, I picked myself up and busted 5 lbs for a total loss of 30 lbs! 70 lbs to MS_TEJ 49 FELICIA1963
6/23/18 3:42 P
Good morning Spark Family have a great weekend. ERICALEAHA 8 GEORGE815
6/23/18 1:02 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 17 WONDERCUTIE
6/23/18 1:29 P
Hubby made a huge fruit salad. Was delicious for breakfast today. ☺🍉🍇🍌🍓🍍 Great way for eating DOLPH79 126 DOLPH79
6/23/18 6:47 P
Frustrated. I have lost 180+ lbs over 2 to 3 years. YAY. That's the happy part. My frustration is th MISSB0480 241 MISSB0480
6/25/18 1:30 P
Posted a photo MICKEYCLAUS 15 PWILLOW1
6/22/18 9:02 P
One of my bffs is a manager at an organic farm. She dropped all this off at my doorstep today!! I am AKIMBRE1 22 HOTPINKCAMARO49
6/22/18 7:05 P
A healthy and easy to prepare dinner after more than 2 hours at the gym: Veal entrecôte with guacamo DEM-TOM 27 COOKWITHME65
6/23/18 4:24 A
Went on a quick Costco run during lunch to pick up some new running shoes and magazine. Also stopped NANCYKAYHERRERA 12 RSTEINER1313
6/22/18 6:56 P
Posted a photo RAEJAMES172 28 CSROBERTSON621
6/22/18 9:23 P
Me last day at 200.2 on June 21, 2018 KRISTIZEMAS8 13 BINGLEYS-MOM
6/22/18 9:47 P
I have some exciting news I’d like to share. I no longer wear plus size clothing! Yesterday was the ALLYLIZZY 234 DOLPH79
6/23/18 8:37 A
Posted a goal THROOPER62 3 CHEIVOUS
6/21/18 11:28 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 4 CHEIVOUS
6/21/18 11:27 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 3 THANKFUL2018
6/21/18 5:44 P
I came to a point in life where I realized the way I was doing it was not working. I am not getting BRANDYLEIGH78 6 MIYAMO
6/21/18 11:21 P
After the grueling hike up to the fire tower there was no way I was not going to get a few pictures MSMITCHELL2696 24 TMP0418
6/22/18 8:05 A
Posted a photo XLARSON 8 ROX525
6/21/18 7:37 P
My hardest challenge is staying away from any Italian dishes, grew up on it and love it 😋 I was ask TMP0418 40 CHEIVOUS
6/21/18 11:27 P
Posted a photo MARIAK88 6 YMWONG22
6/20/18 8:57 A
Posted a photo MARIAK88 23 INACAR
6/20/18 10:38 A
Today is my third day of walking in the morning before work. I am also walking at lunch. I am averag LIVINGHEALTHY16 58 VIERGE2016
6/20/18 10:43 A
Posted a photo TINABEANA16 60 LCMAR220
6/20/18 11:20 A
The sunrise view as I sip my coffee... I guess this is my reward for getting up early? LESLIELENORE 147 CHERIRIDDELL
6/21/18 1:17 A
Saw my parents yesterday evening and they had a gift for me because of the progress I've made. I'm k FERALFLOWER 112 RETAT60
6/20/18 5:37 P
So this happened yesterday... a kitten about four weeks old hiding in the undercarriage of a large t MIMAWELIZABETH 188 DEE107
6/21/18 12:04 A
Posted a photo WATSONSL06 6 MOMMY445
6/19/18 12:16 P
Some people just don’t understand we are all different what works for others my not work for you so _KANDY 4 TDICKRN
6/19/18 11:43 A
Posted a photo ALLYLIZZY 8 MOMMY445
6/19/18 12:12 P
Posted a photo LABRYTA358 12 ALLYLIZZY
6/19/18 2:12 P
Almost half way to my goal ... I wish it would come off faster but I’m making progress so I’m happy TAMMYSCHOEP 99 SUSIEMT
6/19/18 4:26 P
3.5 months and 40.4 lbs. 1/4 towards my end goal. GIGGLEZSMITH0 143 SWEETIECAKE2
6/20/18 1:10 A
Reached my goal and then some!!! Now to maintain!! SWORTHING6 264 SAN47BEE
6/19/18 10:41 P
BBQ ribs for Father's Day. These are basted with a sugar free sauce. #lowcarb #keto SADIEMYERS 31 SOUTHTXXRNNR
6/19/18 5:07 P
…::For you my friends a token of friendship. Have a wonderful day and week! 2BDYNAMIC 45 FUNNYFACE101002
6/20/18 2:11 P
Happy Monday keep Sparking keep pushing!! "WDD" 💜💜 GPALMER29 34 CHERIRIDDELL
6/19/18 1:25 A
6/19/18 1:24 A
Tried a new frozen vegetable product and I REALLY liked it! Think I'll blog about it soon and post EO4WELLNESS 19 PWILLOW1
6/18/18 9:33 P
My dinner included celeriac / chive mash with green beans a la provençal and a turkey chipolata saus DEM-TOM 20 BLESSOME
6/21/18 5:37 P
Good morning Spark Family!!! Shhhhh!!!! Tiffany doesn't know yet but,.....i woke up this morning jus F5-FURY 136 TIGERSEYEHEART
6/18/18 11:33 P
Breakfast eggs, broccoli, feta and tomatoes! Fuel for the body NATASHA_D1 25 JAMER123
6/17/18 10:30 P
This is my walk this morning 1 and a half miles up and down the hill BRANDYSHAFER198 34 RETAT60
6/17/18 12:14 P
I only walked him for 45 minutes and he’s exhausted! He’s not a hot weather sort of dog(or a wet we LESLIELENORE 44 CHERIRIDDELL
6/18/18 1:36 A
Breakfast of champions! BONZOBEAR720 18 LINDASOUTHER
6/17/18 6:14 P
I started out as a 305 second week in May. Today I'm 298. I let go many inches. I'm so excited!!! RINAGRAVES 111 TCANNO
6/17/18 5:06 P
Sometimes you gotta stop and enjoy the view. (Not sure how to turn the photo the right way) NUSKA05 17 _LINDA
6/17/18 11:28 A
Walked this big boy in the heat and humidity this a.m and we are both very well done! BCHARIE 20 LILIANN400
6/17/18 3:05 P
Auditioning for Chick-fil-a? 1DAY-ATA-TIME 59 WHYTEBROWN
6/16/18 5:58 P
I wake up at 5:30 am so I can catch the sunrise ov CINDY247 57 LIZZIE138
6/16/18 12:04 P
#Results I DID IT!!!!! My 1st goal was to get be J55253 26 J55253
6/16/18 4:43 P
Good Morning Spark Friends! I wish you all an awesome day! 😊 NANCYANND55 101 BCHARIE
6/16/18 2:14 P
"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you." SWEETHEART4321 94 QSHEPP
6/16/18 7:41 P