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It's Coffee time! NEPTUNE1939 3 URBANREDNEK
9/13/19 11:14 A
Swiss cheese okie-eggo with trader Joe's Bloody Mary salsa and fried avocado! #keto BLESSOME 9 DAWNWATERWOMAN
9/13/19 11:36 P
As of yesterday morning. I am down just over 40lbs. No longer a member of the three hundred club l BENBRYANT888 182 _RAMONA
9/14/19 12:33 A
4.25 mile walk with my dog this morning. Needed to do a bit of low impact recovery for the joints. LORILOVEWELL 8 PBVHCCVH
8/31/19 9:37 A
Gym baby, leg pressing more than my weight. I should be able to press at least my heaviest weight ri LORILOVEWELL 2 LINDA058
8/7/19 6:12 A
3.19 miles of jogging the last bit of my 3.3 mile plan was evil hill and I had to walk it. Longest j LORILOVEWELL 20 _RAMONA
7/9/19 3:25 P
84 pounds down. 183 days into my journey. LORILOVEWELL 184 PURPLEMOON1
7/3/19 10:56 P
6/14/19 9:18 P
Coffee with vanilla protein powder and ice so yummy MCATLEDGE 6 LORILOVEWELL
6/14/19 9:16 P
Rode my bike to and from my PT appointment. Eating a Ham and Swiss on sandwich thins with celery an HWNHMMBRD 7 JHADZHIA
6/14/19 10:09 P
I am so not a morning person. BUT I got up and got my workout in this morning (rocking my TMNT pajam KERRIBERRI86 111 NIKO27
6/12/19 4:32 P
Non scale victory here. While doing my morning workout (dance central 3 on the Xbox) my recorded pix LORILOVEWELL 9 MHUMBERS1950
6/12/19 9:45 A
So we went out to a lunch/dinner at 5 Guys. I coun LORILOVEWELL 7 MSBOOTCAMP
6/2/19 10:09 P
Huge nsv yesterday. I went to Walmart and bought new scrubs. I went from a 3XL to a L! I’m so psych LORILOVEWELL 14 DARCY-B
5/24/19 9:49 A
Just bought my first clothes since losing 54 pounds. A pair of skinny jeans and 2 pairs of capris. I LORILOVEWELL 6 JHADZHIA
4/28/19 12:33 A
Down 52 pounds. This weekend has been awful. Flu and pneumonia so I live in my bed but I’m half way LORILOVEWELL 4 JANA58
4/9/19 8:22 A
My husband and I joined planet fitness. We can’t go together often but we will go on the weekends as LORILOVEWELL 4 SLASALLE
4/6/19 4:22 P
3/11/19 11:20 A
Decided it was time to lose weight after 2 babies. Youngest is now 9 months and oldest 18 months. Ho LOVENHEALTH 32 TAYGRL
3/5/19 8:04 A
I have been loving playing dance central 2 on the Xbox for exercise. It is so fun! Love all the 90’ LORILOVEWELL 2 ALLYLIZZY
3/3/19 11:51 A
61 days in lay weigh in I was down 32 pounds. This is right after 60 minutes of dancing. LORILOVEWELL 10 GEORGE815
3/2/19 3:06 P
Not all green, but not bad! FLABULESSME 11 EDWARDS1411
2/13/19 12:16 A
My Fitbit info isn’t showing up today. Anybody know how to fix this? It has worked perfectly up unt LORILOVEWELL 2 SKMINNY
2/11/19 8:49 P
2/6/19 6:28 A
Introduce Yourself Here! ROCKMAN6797 4037 MILA_K
10/9/19 1:53 P
Carrots with hummus and a mixed vegetable dish I added to my meals today. #eattherainbow LORILOVEWELL 8 RDCAGAIN10
1/27/19 11:04 A
Can I just say that I love the positivity here. So much more refreshing than Facebook. LORILOVEWELL 8 AQUAGIRL08
1/13/19 9:26 A
Outside my front door this morning... it was a good cold walk!😊❄ PRINCESSBLUBIRD 10 PATJOONWW
1/13/19 9:38 A
45 minute walk in 14 degree weather. Good morning. I can’t feel my everything. LORILOVEWELL 13 DLDMIL
1/12/19 7:42 P
I forgot what it feels like to be sore after a workout. I am also sick and have a family member who LORILOVEWELL 6 AZMEMA
1/7/19 5:06 P
Just finished 30 minutes of Dance Central on the Xbox. I’m exhausted and sweaty because I’m so out o LORILOVEWELL 5 GEORGE815
1/5/19 6:54 P