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5/23/18 7:13 A
I still go to Burger King and McDonald' they say "todo con medida" a little bit of everythi NOMASHOTCHEETOS 5 LOREOB
5/22/18 11:36 A
Oh and I got my watch today from Invicta and it's huge!! GPALMER29 14 CHERIRIDDELL
5/22/18 1:32 A
Some many great before/ after pics been posted today. Keep the coming I need #motivation #mobilechat QSHEPP 3 7STIGGYMT
5/19/18 3:14 P
My little squirt WALTSGIRL74 59 ZRIE014
5/19/18 12:54 A
Today i choose happiness DAWNFALLS66 15 _RAMONA
5/16/18 1:50 P
I'm sick AGAIN! Stomach cramps and nausea. Clear l WALTSGIRL74 19 CGARR442
5/15/18 9:39 P
Good news dr is very happy with my weight loss and said I am no longer diabetic. He is concerned wit WALTSGIRL74 25 PBVHCCVH
5/14/18 10:18 P
5/14/18 1:22 P
A loss is a loss ... 2lb off i had wanted 4 but i didnt poop this morning so yeah MISSUSPEACH 2 LOREOB
5/14/18 11:45 A
I'd show you a picture of my breakfast, but it looked so good I just had to eat it. So here is the e DJAY1972 15 GEORGE815
5/11/18 11:41 A
Kinda feeling like I'm going to cry... just weighed myself and I'm 249.4... my depression and anxiet FOXYWINNK 3 LOREOB
5/9/18 3:58 P
My first side profile for my journey... ill send you guys a pic in a week MISSUSPEACH 16 MISSUSPEACH
5/9/18 5:32 P
Hey. New to Spark. DNLGORZ 193 SOVERYBLESSED23
5/9/18 9:20 P
Weighed in today and lost another 1.6 lbs bringing me to a total weight loss of 35lbs! Which doesn't GIRAFFERULES24 302 RAYMOSSISTER
5/9/18 8:27 P
Amazing day just got done at dr I am no longer diabetic all my blood work was normal. #reachinggoals MONI30LBS 146 BRITTNEYAJONES2
5/9/18 8:13 P
5/8/18 3:11 P
5/9/18 12:52 P
Starting this week, I need to get over the hump of weight. I've been stuck between 208-212 for the DJAY1972 3 NOLAHORSERIDER
5/7/18 8:41 A
4/30/18 5:16 P
Sunday morning πŸƒ....DONE! It's amazing what a good pair of running shoes can accomplish....Hope y' LOREOB 6 LOREOB
4/29/18 8:29 P
Celebration time!! Another goal!! 29.6 pounds of s MPGYPSIE1 178 FLOYDPAULEY
4/29/18 4:35 P
Just finished my first 5k! JLJAYNES0529 181 IRONADONIS
4/30/18 8:06 P
My Bella watching me eat my lunch of ham and cheese on a lite multi grain English muffin 😊 She want LOREOB 14 LIZZIE138
4/27/18 4:51 P
Friendly reminder that you don’t have to starve yourself or go on insane diets to lose weight. No ma LAURENN1994 220 60WEEKPEG
4/27/18 7:56 P
Today I went under my goal weight of 148. I weighed 147.8. That means my BMI is in the normal range COLOGRAMMY 307 LIZZIE138
4/27/18 4:39 P
I reached a 30 pound weightloss, but fell off the wagon around easter time. I've gained 8 pounds bac DANYALE_29 4 LEILANI1069
4/26/18 1:41 P
Burned over 400 hundred calories raking these babies. CARRIEMETODAY 16 GEORGE815
4/24/18 5:01 P
I guess drizzly blah day helps speed my old self upπŸ˜‹ LOREOB 12 GEORGE815
4/24/18 5:05 P
Hiked and enjoyed the high desert of New Mexico! Look at that pretty yellow cactus bud. PELESJEWEL 35 PEREZJPRZ19
4/24/18 9:08 P
Posted a photo DAWNFALLS66 10 DJAYBX
4/21/18 3:08 P
A beautiful and warm day here. I can't wait until it becomes more regular. IRONADONIS 5 REDROBIN47
4/20/18 5:37 P
My boyfriend is really supportive of my diet I buy stuff for my diet he eats it and says I just save SKYDANCERFAIRY 3 SASHASMOM1122
4/11/18 6:41 P
I'm sad and depressed the feel real tired just want to sleep don't have no appetite SKYDANCERFAIRY 5 LOREOB
4/10/18 7:22 P
Weigh in Monday - a day late! 😬 down another pound! Getting so close to my first goal of 50 lbs g TEXASHSMOMOF3 184 TERRIC853
4/11/18 12:02 P
Total loss to date 21.4 lbs. #yougoself DAWNFALLS66 5 SWEETHEART35
4/2/18 2:47 P
Had a couple mile run, then cleaned up and actually put on a dress! No running gear on at all! Happy LOREOB 5 EVANS1848
4/1/18 12:08 P
Why am I smiling? 'Cause I stuck to my eating plan and I put in 4.5 miles on the road today 😁 Y'al LOREOB 21 SLINKYREDDRESS
3/31/18 11:40 P
She is my motivation from300.8 to 297 KYKY4ME 42 ALLYLIZZY
3/31/18 2:15 P
Gm..... It’s my 48th birthday πŸŽ‚ πŸŽπŸŽπŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚ KEENA47 307 TEENY2018
4/2/18 9:15 A
Working on deadlifting. Up to 170 lbs now. More than I weigh. Eating is still unfocused though bu SHADOWBRAT 129 SUNSET09
3/30/18 2:09 P
Could really use some accountability... SILLYRICHIE 4 MOTHER_OF_CHONG
3/30/18 12:07 A
I'm starting again. I was 300 pounds at my largest. I lost about 40 lbs probably 5 yrs ago and gaine JONNA64 12 CATSNCOFFEENY7
3/30/18 12:40 A
New to SparkPeople. Excited to start losing weight and getting healthy so i can play with my grandba MFRAME31 3 LOREOB
3/29/18 10:47 P
Posted a photo GYPSYMOTHER76 23 MIZKAREN
3/30/18 3:35 A
Posted a photo DAWNFALLS66 16 MOGLO61
3/28/18 1:03 P
Zucchini Muffins LOVINGCHANGE 13 FROSTY99
3/25/18 10:33 P
3/24/18 6:10 P
Whew! 3 mile run in the WIIIIIIIIND, but at least it was SUNNY β˜€ Y'all have a GREAT weekend! LOREOB 13 LOREOB
3/23/18 6:30 P
I'm a making a lifestyle change has been hard beca CARTERDAWND 10 CARTERDAWND
3/22/18 6:56 P
THINK ABOUT IT THURSDAY Cancer survivor, 100+ lost and counting, and today, I saw my OBLIQUES for t PELESJEWEL 133 TMP0418
3/26/18 3:00 P
Posted a photo LOVINGCHANGE 8 KMF2018
3/21/18 1:49 P
How does one fight and win over night time cravings??? Help DAWNFALLS66 11 GEORGE815
3/21/18 11:15 A
Sweatin to the oldies...done. next thing is mow the yard trying to stay on top of it now that SPRING DAWNFALLS66 4 DAWNFALLS66
3/21/18 9:54 A
This week/month's plan LOVINGCHANGE 8 MUSTANGMOM6
3/20/18 12:18 A
Posted a photo DRAMAQUEEN926 22 SUSIEMT
3/19/18 2:38 P
I weivhed this morning and im down from 236 to 218. I just cant believe it... Way to go me!!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€οΏ½ DAWNFALLS66 20 SUSIEMT
3/19/18 2:41 P
Transformative moment for me, I'd like to share, please. I crossed over to straight size today, I a PELESJEWEL 219 TMP0418
3/26/18 3:20 P
3/17/18 3:14 P
Got in a morning run with some good friends.... Y'all have a great weekend! LOREOB 35 JULIEA7201
3/17/18 3:29 P
Posted a goal DAWNFALLS66 4 GEORGE815
3/16/18 5:14 P
3/15/18 1:11 P
I started my journey at 236. Im down 6 pounds so far. The hardest thing is not eating when i get bor DAWNFALLS66 17 KARISIMA221
3/15/18 9:18 P
40 pounds down and a lot to go. I'm choosing to focus on my accomplishment at the moment, though! TLA0623 302 INCHINGALONG
3/13/18 10:41 P
Lost a chin! I've lost 46 lbs. since June of last year! Wooooooooo hoooooooooo! JPRINCE54 159 FITPT4LIFE
3/8/18 11:11 P
I am so close to 199 I can taste it!!! Let's do this!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š BRANDICOOK 70 RSTEINER1313
3/8/18 1:41 P
#bloom CAROLINAGIRL69 89 AGEE1944
3/8/18 1:30 P
My most recent face pic LMILLER33 14 JENDY3
3/6/18 6:49 P
3/4/18 7:42 P
Enjoying this BEAUTIFUL Sunday morning... Felt good enough to add a little extra time to my run.... LOREOB 15 LOREOB
3/4/18 12:09 P
I am getting SO addicted to these mixed berry/salted caramel protein powder smoothies after my run.. LOREOB 9 SASHASMOM1122
3/2/18 11:54 A
3/2/18 12:56 A
Posted a photo CLIGHTHART78 24 CASCOTT62
2/28/18 6:33 P
#BeforeAndAfter feeling more inspired now that I see the 6 month comparison photos ! Now I'm half w STARFISH1961 86 1CRAZYDOG
3/1/18 3:19 P
Today I received the best news I have heard in a long time. My husband, who was diagnosed with stage IDGEEK87 304 KHALIA2
3/1/18 2:14 P