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Today I took a bag with me and picked up trash I saw during my walk! I didn't get 2 miles before my FITSISTA79 63 HAPPYAT110-113
5/18/18 2:19 P
Welcome to my amazing husband, TruckerHubs :-) SENIMMO 6 1CRAZYDOG
5/18/18 12:38 P
I've gotten rid of 30lbs since March 😊 KEETER4U_09 28 GEORGE815
5/18/18 1:53 P
I jumped on the scale this morning, to find a 4 lb loss. I'm very pleased with that, but that also CARRIEMETODAY 13 1958TMC
5/18/18 8:41 P
5/18/18 12:03 P
I finally hit the 10 lbs lost mark. Now I just have 18.5 lbs to go to reach my goal of 140. SparkPeo ELIZABETHLAKE63 5 ALLYLIZZY
5/18/18 4:05 P
Love capturing the beauty of these beautiful Birds! This little one captured my attention. ALLENJOSEPH 18 ROSALIE28
5/18/18 5:40 P
So I can't do normal pushups because of issues with my knees, so I do modified pushups against the w ANNIM80 6 PGHMIMI1
5/18/18 11:32 A
I get stuck sometimes in the ‘how far do I have left to go’ mindset, and today I still have about 11 PROJECTMH2018 34 ALOFA0509
5/18/18 2:06 P
Spark Streak of 350 days eating a healthy breakfast! RETAT60 5 ALLYLIZZY
5/18/18 4:03 P
Today I met my original weight loss goal - 42 pounds. It is just a number, but I am proud of the ch RETAT60 13 ALLYLIZZY
5/18/18 4:02 P
Back to Sparkpeople after a hiatus. Flushing my toxins with water is fun. #h2whoa SVELKY1 8 SVELKY1
5/19/18 9:30 P
45 min dancefit class, then 45 minute kickboxing class this morning. May try some more exercises ton CCROLLTIDE10 11 RDCAGAIN10
5/18/18 3:00 P
I’ve drank so much water, I’m pretty sure I’m going to start sprouting fins!! Haha, spewed wat BIZZIEE 16 BOLEBRON
5/17/18 8:55 P
My endocrinologist assistant kept calling and calling me. When I finally got around to calling him b MONA330 17 KIMJ01
5/17/18 9:21 P
I am starting this program today. I weight 231. My goal is 120. Let's see how far I can go. RCCKLAHORST 168 FBAILEY24X
5/18/18 7:37 A
Folks,...... I'm Clean, Full and HAPPY!!!!! NO BETTER FEELING!!!!!😉 F5-FURY 25 CHEIVOUS
5/18/18 10:09 A
All time high in the past 5 mths !! JAMIEKRATKY1 9 MYDIETINFO1
5/17/18 8:56 P
Posted a photo MARIAK88 12 MARIAK88
5/17/18 11:40 P
Took my new adventure bike out to explore some trails around the city. It was a perfect day! Sunshin DELTA0933 11 -WRKNG2ABTTRME-
5/17/18 9:39 P
Down to 158 1/2 pounds, first time being under 160 in a long time. Since April 4 down 12 1/2 pounds. J38850 12 CINDY247
5/18/18 10:24 A
My 'fit it in' moments today involved the walk uphill from the bus stop when I dropped the child I b SUSANSKI 2 LKEITHO
5/16/18 9:04 P
Accidentally wore my roomate pants to work and it made my night. My roomate wears a smaller size tha PUPPYTUMMY0 6 CSROBERTSON621
5/16/18 10:35 P
It's the little successes that add up. Chose some sweet baby carrots rather than the handful of mixe 3JSANDANH 12 ASF220
5/16/18 9:42 P
5/16/18 9:16 P
Posted a photo QUARTERMASTER3 12 LAH1222
5/16/18 10:59 P
This journey ! Just numbers but I see there a deployed spouse and a toddler while in undergraduate CARRIELYNNG 8 CARRIELYNNG
5/17/18 5:56 P
Turkey sausage with peppers and onions. Comfort food. MARSHASHADOW 2 LKEITHO
5/16/18 9:00 P
#exhausted JANDLP 18 DOLLYIII
5/16/18 9:47 P
Crabapple tree in bloom. MARSHASHADOW 18 MIYAMO
5/16/18 10:59 P
Since I tore a muscle in my leg last December I haven't done any walking videos. Today, I did Jessic CATHYSFITLIFE 21 CATHYSFITLIFE
5/17/18 11:04 P
Got my 8 glasses in today and yesterday! Feeling hydrated:) #h2whoa SARABLACKWOOD14 4 LKEITHO
5/15/18 9:22 P
Hiking on Saturday!!! Yay for hiking groups. And it is a seven mile one so steady going is the plan CJSM86 7 JULIEA7201
5/15/18 9:33 P
Day 95/6 - I feel I eat well following SparkPeople program. I don't have much problem with my hunger MO-U-GO 3 LKEITHO
5/15/18 9:21 P
I am up to 3 miles walking, and boy is that an accomplishment! BMILLER4540 5 LKEITHO
5/15/18 9:21 P
So glad my Zumba has started back up again. Bests the gym any day. GLENCOE7 2 LKEITHO
5/15/18 9:21 P
**another one bites the dust** Just finished my workout; the wife came to pick me up after her run a JD_BARROGA 3 JHADZHIA
5/15/18 9:50 P
Ok... I'm out from the hospital and this infiltration thing was just as painful as I imagined (a lot DANNY_LCF 12 SADIEMYERS
5/16/18 7:58 A
Still at it and I'm down 8 lbs yay! Keeping it up. Found lots of healthy snacks and dinners there's SHESACOUNTRYSWE 4 JHADZHIA
5/15/18 9:48 P
Sucessful day. Had some kidfree time tonight which was nice. Sweet Dreams. PAMALAMA14144 4 JHADZHIA
5/15/18 9:48 P
Walking with my daughter and her friend tonite. Took my mom to the zoo again today and walked, wal DBETTS68 8 SPARKLEIGH61
5/16/18 1:28 P
Wowzer!! If I wasn't wearing my tracker, I would have never realized my step count today -- nearly EO4WELLNESS 10 CHEIVOUS
5/15/18 12:43 P
Still working hard. Finally saw a decrease in lbs after being on a plateau. Love going to the gym - TXSUNSHINE512 10 QSHEPP
5/15/18 3:08 A
Posted a photo MARIAK88 3 LKEITHO
5/14/18 9:21 P
I haven't done this in such a long time but had a Dr appointment and had very high blood sugar from LOST1956 6 LOST1956
5/14/18 11:13 P
Today stats. 580% of goal. ISNESS 5 ISNESS
5/14/18 9:26 P
Did the Atalanta Victory run/walk with mom, mother MINITURTLE85 9 HELENATILFORD
5/14/18 11:12 P
I really did not want to go to the gym today. I did walk away the pounds and used my rebounder inste MSTJAY1 4 LKEITHO
5/14/18 9:15 P
Posted a goal JANETTU1 3 LKEITHO
5/14/18 9:15 P
I did 70 minutes of exercises today. Burned more calories. #moveit RENEE19671 3 1CRAZYDOG
5/15/18 11:49 A
10 mins done! #moveit ICUC2ONWARD 2 LKEITHO
5/14/18 9:14 P
I ate healthy all day and tracked my food intake. Right now I’m trying really hard not to snack. MELLIEGO 3 DNETHERS
5/14/18 9:21 P
Went for a 4 mile walk today after mother's day br TINAHAYES83237 6 LKEITHO
5/13/18 5:14 P
Mothers Day 3 mile walk! Beautiful day! DIANEWITHASMILE 29 DLDMIL
5/13/18 6:49 P
Poor kitty! She can’t settle down today. I am not sure if another storm is coming or if I have les PGHMIMI1 4 ROSALIE28
5/13/18 8:32 P
I wrote my first blog post! RESILIENTBELLE 5 LKEITHO
5/13/18 5:12 P
40 minutes walking #fitnessfeats AQUASHIE 5 KENTTUPPENCE
5/14/18 3:15 A
Completed kendo workout and went for a afternoon walk today. #fitnessfeats SHADOWDRAGON19 10 EMPEAMCC1
5/14/18 3:17 P
Happy Mother's Day! CHENICSMI3 11 FLUTTERFLI
5/13/18 6:25 P
Walk in Chittagong Division, Bangladesh CGARR442 12 SADIEMYERS
5/14/18 9:15 A
Walk 75 minutes today #fitnessfeats AQUASHIE 8 BILLTHOMSON
5/14/18 8:02 A
Oh hey, guess who finally broke 4:30 in the marathon (4:23 to be exact). CHRISTINA791 8 SCOTIANRUNNER
5/12/18 8:38 P
#beforeandafter 200lbs - 164lbs CRYSTALVT1983 145 OLDSKOOL556
5/13/18 8:21 A
Posted a photo SINDYANA 8 DAWN1830
5/12/18 8:48 P
Going out tonight! Hope everyone had a great week, lost some lbs, and reached some goals! #onedayat H3LL0KITTY1991 8 AMYISSUCCEEDING
5/12/18 8:53 P
Day 12 &13. I am still going strong! Tomorrow is weigh in day, I plan on moving that scale down ea CKOLL22 5 KAYDE53
5/12/18 8:12 P
Took a one hour walk so that I can happily sit on my butt and read a book. MAY_TO_MAY 4 NOCALORIES
5/12/18 8:45 P
Happy Birthday Fido! 9years old today FISHGUT3 15 PANDAJOY
5/12/18 9:03 P
Loving the sunshine, fresh air and an all day gardening workout-I’m whooped! Yay! BEELIEVE40 3 INSIGHT62
5/13/18 12:01 A
#BeforeAndAfter I changed my now photo to a face shot. I am still dancing for joy!! NOLAHORSERIDER 103 MIRAGE727
5/13/18 1:38 P
Went out for cappuccino and breakfast with hubby this morning then picked up my mom's mother's day p CATHYSFITLIFE 5 BONNIEMARGAY
5/13/18 9:05 P
I'm so excited! For the first time in about eight years, I am not in the obese category!! SBABEYTA1 50 TIMEFORCINDY
5/15/18 9:01 P
Sucessful Day. Lost 3 lbs at weighin today. Feeling good. Sweet Dreams. PAMALAMA14144 4 LKEITHO
5/11/18 9:17 P
A great day for water, 64 oz. #h2whoa BRUCELANGLEY 4 LKEITHO
5/11/18 9:16 P
Day 91/2 - Today I'm extremely tired but I fulfilled all my engagements even if it was to its minimu MO-U-GO 5 EO4WELLNESS
5/12/18 1:20 P