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8 again today! #h2whoa SCRAMMER 3 RDCAGAIN10
6/26/19 5:02 P
175 pounds lost. Now if I could celebrate someone giving me a chance and offering me a job. #BeforeA SWEETEMTB 52 ALLYLIZZY
6/26/19 2:41 P
After al lot of tears and feelings of defeat I went walking and accomplished my goal of walking 5 mi AIMEE_PAR76 9 REYNAJUST4KIX
6/25/19 9:50 P
I've been MIA, we went on vacation last week, we went camping so got a lot of hiking and swimming in KEVSHAS 19 MOMMOSA
6/25/19 10:38 P
Posted a photo REBCCA 35 LE_SIGH
6/26/19 7:26 A
Feeling good! Got steps in, exercised, tracked everything, drank lots of water,beautiful weather. JEWELRYLOVER 9 SHOAPIE
6/26/19 10:20 A
When life gets tough... hide in Mommies workout bag🌞🙈 MBLANKFORD 27 JHADZHIA
7/19/19 12:47 P
Great day! Daytime date with my honey. Personal record at the gym. My face not as red after workout, CJSLOVE 23 ALLYLIZZY
6/24/19 11:44 P
Was sitting here, Hulu on my screen, thinking, 🤔 “ I deserve a break... so what if I don’t get my 8 AMINAHRAE 20 FROLICINFLORIDA
6/25/19 1:37 A
Love the crazy sky today. Pouring rain one minute, then sunny the next! 🌦🌞🌧⛅🌞🌩🌫 JEWELRYLOVER 23 HSHEAJ5
6/24/19 10:33 P
It’s been forever since I last posted! I fell off the wagon with my diet for awhile. I’ve kept on tr HIKINGGIRL16 24 ALLYLIZZY
6/24/19 11:41 P
Is starting the new job tomorrow. Wish me luck! GRANDEFILLE 14 NIKOLALALA
6/24/19 10:23 P
Did my exercises today a ttl of 20 mins. AUTISMMOMMA05 7 SWEETGABROWN1
6/24/19 9:31 P
Also got my 10 cps of water in today AUTISMMOMMA05 3 AUDI-47
6/24/19 8:59 P
6/24/19 1:54 A
6/24/19 2:26 P
1/2 he swimming or treading water BANNE85 13 EDWARDS1411
6/23/19 11:05 P
Spent some time this afternoon on the river. Couldn't get my camera out in time to catch the deer sw TIKITAMI 31 DEEGIRL50
6/24/19 9:55 A
Starting tomorrow with my sister Claudia tracking our goals BANNE85 4 LKEITHO
6/23/19 8:07 P
Another great day!! Almost 9k steps!! I’m so excited!! I used another Leslie Sansone Walk at Home vi AMINAHRAE 18 EDWARDS1411
6/23/19 11:05 P
Did something i don't do very often and took the day off mostly except housework and walking big lot TIF 5 1RETSGM
6/23/19 8:35 P
Starting summer camp tomorrow. I'm so excited! Hiking and swimming, walking around town with the kid JESSIEMARIE603 4 DREAM19
6/23/19 8:08 P
Well, storms moving through. No fishing today. Power went out too so no cleaning. Just sitting liste CJSLOVE 7 L_DROUIN
6/22/19 8:07 P
Glad it's summer fruit season! A fresh apricot, just as good as a fresh peach! This one only 29 calo JANETEMILY 22 ARNETTELEE
6/22/19 8:43 P
My little helpers... making tortilla pizzas for dinner! Yummy! KERRIBERRI86 25 MWARNER211
6/24/19 8:13 A
First century ride of the year. 5 hours 38 minutes. Now it's time for some chocolate milk to recover GIANTOCR1 6 HOLLYM48
6/23/19 7:44 A
19,000 steps so far today! I don’t know how you do it all the time, @allylizzy Here I was at Chaos C JUSTME_MRSK 20 29WINEGAL
6/22/19 9:28 P
Goal setting is key for me! I helped me so much the first time I lost 100+ lbs and it will help me a POOKIE187 15 29WINEGAL
6/22/19 9:27 P
finally hit LEVEL 13 GLENDAK72 18 GLENDAK72
6/22/19 10:01 P
6/21/19 9:47 P
My daughter baked cookies. I decided one cookie wouldn’t hurt (but not #Keto) so she brought me one. AMINAHRAE 11 BEEGIRL10PJ
6/30/19 2:12 P
Did NOT want to go to the gym today...but my shirt says the rest! First time on the eliptical in ye AMYJO1967 27 REGILIEH
6/22/19 11:51 A
walked 4 miles today #fitnessfeats CECELW 9 BONNIE1552
6/22/19 11:16 A
6/22/19 6:37 A
Got my nap and now planning an outdoor adventure. Tubing down a river. Maybe a short hike too. Fishi CJSLOVE 6 HEAT730
6/21/19 10:54 P
Pork chops with hassellback potatoes and garlic bok choy. I've never had bok choy. It was very good. LADYGRIMSTRESS1 18 LADYGRIMSTRESS1
6/23/19 10:22 A
This is my treadmill 🤸‍♂️ ROCALOCABRUSH 30 LE_SIGH
6/21/19 9:24 A
I'm really proud of myself! I did not binge eat last night! I am on a roll...driven and ready to suc YISKAMIRYAM 8 MJ7DM33
6/20/19 10:35 P
Grilled shrimp, sauteed veggies, grilled jalapenos. Splash of soy sauce, bit of ginger...yum! RALKINGCHICK 11 MJ7DM33
6/20/19 10:32 P
What a day! HOPE2KIDZ0 14 MJ7DM33
6/20/19 10:31 P
Finally finished digging and replanting a few flower beds and added some additional plants. It has b JMBOX1 7 MCATLEDGE
6/20/19 11:43 P
My very first fruit smoothie I made it’s delicious WORKINGWOMAN31 20 LITTLEWIND53
6/20/19 11:12 P
Fresh pico de gallo for this weekend. Going to grill some chicken after marinating it in pineapple, CJSLOVE 28 BARBIEE52
6/20/19 10:39 P
13 minutes on my rowing machine, 30 minutes cleaning the house, and 41 minutes of walking today! It KIRSTIN816 12 BONNIE1552
6/21/19 11:50 A
I am starting over. I was on weight watchers last year and lost 28 lbs before falling off the wagon GYPCGRL89 36 SUMMERCRAIN63
6/20/19 11:37 P
Today is the 2nd time that I wasn’t able to go to the gym this week. My body needs to recover, espec IAMLMAI 14 MJ7DM33
6/20/19 10:29 P
I had stopped tracking because I’ve been eating #keto and thought I could go without. Decided it bes AMINAHRAE 14 TLV106
6/20/19 10:34 P
Today was my first day to the beginning of my weight loss journey.. An I took it serious an put in W ITSCIEARRA 17 KOALA_BEAR
6/20/19 1:28 A
6/21/19 8:43 A
6/20/19 10:03 P
Dinner after my long walk 😋 ROCALOCABRUSH 16 123THERESA123
6/19/19 9:32 P
6/19/19 10:40 P
How about anyone else? Or am I the only one wanting to make this 204%???? :D #sleepy FOREVER_AGAPE 9 MWHIGGINS
6/19/19 10:05 P
Homemade blackberry glaze/sauce on the tilapia. So KRYSSIDEE 14 LINDA7677
6/18/19 8:14 P
Anyone else feel this way? Lol RANDERS33 15 PICKIE98
6/19/19 8:37 A
Posted a photo RANDERS33 11 REYNAJUST4KIX
6/18/19 10:03 P
Great ride tonight after work... 65 miles. Average speed 23.8 mph, average HR 126 all the extra car GIANTOCR1 8 IBHOOKD
6/20/19 5:34 P
Finally went and bought coffee filters. Just hate going to store. Good thing I needed dog treats. N JEWELRYLOVER 4 SHOAPIE
6/19/19 10:47 A
Hump Day, Make It Awesome! MSROZZIE 14 MSROZZIE
6/19/19 4:44 P
Romaine, bacon, tomato, black garlic mayo, a slice of dill pickle and avocado! #keto BLESSOME 20 COOKWITHME65
6/19/19 10:54 A
35 days into my weight loss lifestyle and I’m down 16.7 pounds.. ARIESJMM 14 TCANNO
6/18/19 9:00 P
You are not your past. You are now and the choices you make to improve your health and your life. SWEETEMTB 5 LKEITHO
6/17/19 8:07 P
Starting next level to my personal health goals ~ because a sweet letter inspired me. CYNDA64 16 123THERESA123
6/22/19 11:58 A
6/18/19 5:44 P
Pretty good on the calories and I had a lot of activity too. Thank you God for another great day. SCTT123 7 EACARLYON
6/17/19 9:18 P
Back to the routine.. loving every minute of boxing 🥊🥊🥊 CECILIALUCIA 7 TCANNO
6/17/19 11:23 P
Goodnight ! I hope I have an "all-nighter" lol! CINDY247 54 1STBUCKETITEM
6/18/19 3:47 P
Really struggling with my Habit of Healthy Motion 4 months in. I've challenged myself. Day 1: Walk LESERLOU 5 LKEITHO
6/16/19 8:35 P
Posted a photo QUARTERMASTER3 31 _RAMONA
6/17/19 2:22 A
Came down with strep last week, feeling better so Made a ride today 2AWESOME4U 15 MCJULIEO
6/16/19 9:11 P
Posted a photo LOUN0318 11 WILLB4ME
6/16/19 11:22 P
cucumbers, watermelon, applesauce, carrots and of course it counts - homemade apple pie (small piece AH_QUIRK 12 ANHELIC
6/18/19 12:48 A
I have had so much going on lately that I haven't worked out in 2 weeks. I need to find my groove ag JESSIEBV 4 LKEITHO
6/16/19 8:33 P
Mini healthy snack horde😋😋😋 DEMONCLOWNZ666 16 BARBIEE52
6/16/19 11:05 P
I kind of unintentionally did a little experiment today. I hosted a fathers day "linner" and bought PEREZJPRZ19 4 NITEMAN3D
6/16/19 9:15 P