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Almost to my mini goal of under 200! Just a pound and a half away!! Went for a run today 😁 HAILEYELISABETH 16 DLJONES50
4/24/18 6:34 P
Got my 10 mins in today!!! #moveit MCANTRELL47 3 BONNIE1552
4/24/18 9:04 A
Got out and enjoyed this beautiful day with my babygurl (27 yo, but still my baby) lol walked in th JACKJACK91 5 BONNIE1552
4/24/18 9:03 A
This is a 600 calorie dinner when portions are don BIGFLABEAR 16 -POOKIE-
4/24/18 6:06 A
My freggies today: spinach, cauliflower, blueberries, red and green peppers, radishes, pineapple. GOLFGMA 5 BONNIE1552
4/24/18 8:00 A
4-23-18 Today I met my goal to be sugar free. Thanks so much for this challenge encouragement! Yeste ANNA4318 19 LENNIEBINO
4/24/18 10:34 A
Copycat recipe of PF Chang’s lettuce wraps. Amazin MIAMI_LILLY 18 JENNI814
4/24/18 4:29 P
My alkaline water pitcher finally came. So psyched to get this to save money on buying smart and fig PEASELOVE 8 SISTERPRETTY
4/23/18 8:29 P
The walk that took me 27 minutes when I started the first round of this challenge took me 18 minutes AMYLOUISE327 13 DCWILLIAMS831
4/23/18 10:46 P
Happy Earth Day #reduce #reuse #recycle #givebacktoourplanet #est1970 #plantsonething #getoutside THETRAVELVISION 8 SHENTE
4/22/18 10:11 A
Posted a photo AARONGABBY 56 KIMJ01
4/22/18 12:13 P
Earth Day 2018. Our lives, children's lives, health and well being depend on our living environment. TUBLADY 10 SPEDED2
4/22/18 7:53 P
Yesterday 4/21 Walk with my daughter 20 mins. Woohoo Happy Earth Day friends. Enjoy it. YELLOW09RED 3 CGARR442
4/22/18 8:57 P
I got a new yoga mate yesterday. It is about half inch thick and purple my favorite color. I'm hopin TLARNOLD1974 3 SOUTHTXXRNNR
4/22/18 9:26 A
Me today. ELF41978 7 ZUZUPETALS10
4/22/18 1:40 P
Down 24.2lbs! Slow and steady... WANTINABETTERME 5 EVANS1848
4/22/18 2:31 P
Trying to get the last bit of leaves out of the fenced in area this weekend. LIL1IAN 10 KACEYSW
4/21/18 7:20 P
Veggie Pulled Pork, Boca Vegan Veggie Burger, Spinach, Bell Peppers, and Mrs. Dash. All 260 calories SEXESHARONJONES 8 FLUTTERFLI
4/21/18 5:46 P
For those of who that have done physical therapy for mechanical pain (as in, not recovering from an BINARYSTITCH 9 BINARYSTITCH
4/22/18 10:53 A
Had a really great check up with my kidney specialist. Don't see her until 6 months from now. ANHELIC 15 _RAMONA
4/22/18 1:35 P
Still a long way to go, but I'm feeling great about the changes I see! LUCKYREDHEAD 31 PELESJEWEL
4/22/18 12:44 A
Weather was nice so I worked in my yard one hour! SENWAJET 7 KACEYSW
4/21/18 7:16 P
4/21/18 6:02 P
Exactly 2 pounds difference without my boot on😃#BeforeAndAfter TBOYD5000 7 SHANTRA7
4/21/18 5:19 P
Not been a good week at all toothaches and my family's busy schedules has keeps me out of the gym an CATHYMICK83 7 TESSWILDFLOWER
4/21/18 6:43 P
Couldn't go for a bike ride today due to injury. So we went sea kayaking! GRATTECIELLA 20 YOYONOMA
4/22/18 3:45 P
4/20/18 9:18 P
4/20/18 9:18 P
Try hard to eat healthy this weekend LEANJEAN6 25 SHOAPIE
4/21/18 9:29 P
Its getting too late, I didn't get my 8, but hopefully tomorrow I will. #h2whoa BARBEQUESUE 8 BONNIE1552
4/20/18 10:20 P
Drat! Should have taken a picture of my dinner tonight! Spinach strawberry salad for dinner. Yumm SHAWFAN 4 SPEDED2
4/20/18 11:15 P
Good Evening, Tommorrow I'm starting on this weight loss journey. I really need to loose 30 pounds. AKINSOLA1 7 ECMSGURL1205
4/20/18 10:02 P
New to the site, trying desperately to not slip up anymore. LAURENLACOMBE25 17 PGHMIMI1
4/20/18 10:41 P
First day let's see how this goes wish ne luck on my journey! MONIQUINHA57 16 GIANTOCR1
4/20/18 11:02 P
Met my water goal for 5 days!!!! STACYDICK1981 8 ECMSGURL1205
4/20/18 9:58 P
Two months with Spark People today and I have only went above calorie range once and that was for a SHELLEYMCELROY6 18 OHMEMEME
4/21/18 10:16 A
Boiled chicken, parsley, green bell pepper, and chick pea salad, with oil and vinegar dressing ❤ MONIQUINHA57 7 TURQUROISE
4/20/18 9:51 P
Did yoga for the first time in a month. Feeling good! NMEFFAH 4 GEORGE815
4/19/18 9:35 P
Had a craving for sweets. Had fresh strawberries. YUM! SASSYBLONDE69 5 GEORGE815
4/19/18 9:05 P
Sick from tooth infection ... dentist wanted to fix a broken tooth in December now infected ... I f GAILANNC 6 GEORGE815
4/19/18 9:05 P
My workout buddy. MARIA7579 16 NOCALORIES
4/19/18 11:43 P
When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world JVANAM 3 LKEITHO
4/19/18 8:56 P
frozen fruit mix, salad #eattherainbow LZIKES 5 BONNIE1552
4/20/18 7:49 A
NSV - Was grocery shopping and ran into someone I hadn't seen in months. She said, "You've lost a lo COMMITTEDTOIT 7 DGRIFFITH51
4/19/18 9:02 P
Finally feels like spring here in good ol` Wisconsin. Got to 59 degrees. Thank goodness. After work DOLLIPS 9 SPINECCO
4/19/18 11:08 P
Meatless meal, this was my daughter - mine was without the egg and avocado. It’s jasmine rice with r CARRIELYNNG 8 ROCKYCPA
4/19/18 11:51 P
I've been away for a while. I broke my collar bone in the beginning of March. I'm not 100% cleared t BECKYVELT 4 KAREN_EDMONDS
4/19/18 8:56 P
Day 2/65 30 min 2 mile fat blast. Leslie Sansone TDUCC15 6 LIL1IAN
4/21/18 1:27 P
No soda today!!!! #foodfeats JEANETTESTING 6 BILLTHOMSON
4/19/18 8:53 A
Our little band of puppies. Two weeks old today. DEANNAHARPER64 41 DEANNAHARPER64
4/19/18 8:14 A
Saw my weight management doctor and dietitian today. I am finally starting to consistently trend dow HWNHMMBRD 7 SMALLERMELORIE
4/19/18 4:32 P
Posted a goal SCHYLURD 3 LKEITHO
4/18/18 9:11 P
Now that's what I call a well balanced meal! 🤣 #Veggies #Yum NEXTSTEP2014 11 JAYLANJACKIE
4/18/18 11:37 P
happy healthy Wednesday everyone TRAILWALKERJO54 10 FLUTTERFLI
4/18/18 10:08 P
Banana, snow peas, red grapes, avocado, carrots #eattherainbow JDOLL6 4 BILLTHOMSON
4/19/18 9:00 A
Priority goal was to eat at the lower end of my calorie range. Did it! #goalfeats BONNIE1552 9 TIMETOGETGOING
4/18/18 1:06 P
Also had 8 #h2whoa VANIEUMRAO 2 LKEITHO
4/17/18 8:05 P
30 minutes walking #moveit MALTY4400 3 BONNIE1552
4/18/18 9:32 P
Cause getting stuck in a rut is difficult it’s fantastic once you rise above & find that mojo!! SHELLLEY2 15 FITDIGGITY
4/18/18 10:53 A
Posted a photo MLBSLK 26 CHERYLHURT
4/17/18 9:37 P
Today, March 17, 2018, a selfie to remind me that I need to focus ZINASP1 9 DMDANGELO
4/17/18 8:52 P
This is me at 237lbs. I am just starting this adventure and am determined to do this. I need to lose SHIRLEYANN13 6 MYTURN215
4/17/18 9:26 P
3 reasons to do this!! SFKRESS 11 KMILLER31
4/17/18 9:12 P
Great day for walking today. 11,314 steps in total. 8.21 km #moveit DINZEL 6 BONNIE1552
4/18/18 9:32 P
I wrote this back in December, I still look at thi ELIJAHSMITH779 19 MOUSE
4/16/18 10:54 P
I have walked just over 10,000 steps today. Still the evening left to go. #moveit PETERMORRIS966 10 TMP0418
4/17/18 8:02 A
just started back with sparkpeople since about 2 years ago. had great success before. looking for so MHAMBLEN50 13 VICKYLYLES
4/16/18 9:28 P
Whew i did it. Feels good to have those fluids in my body. I must have been in a constant state of d FIREROUGH 6 BONNIE1552
4/16/18 9:58 P
This is my son in welding action today! SKDUFORD 11 PATRICIA-CR
4/17/18 10:17 A
Woohoo! 2 miles again! Loving this machine so much more than the other elliptical. There is a fat bu MAKEITCOUNT87 10 DMDANGELO
4/16/18 9:59 P
You can always keep progressing. This 2 week medical setback won't stop me. In 2 weeks, I'll be back SCHNOOKIEPIE 34 SCHNOOKIEPIE
4/23/18 10:27 A
Milo and I :) sun was bright and affecting camera light WONDERWISH1 4 JENNI814
4/16/18 10:07 P
Had a great swim in the pool. Was amazing to be back in the pool. JESNICNIX 6 MOMMALGT
4/16/18 9:36 P
So frustrated earlier. Yesterday I was way under calories (like less than half of what I should have KARIAMBRIZ 6 M63293
4/16/18 9:49 P
Did you walk today? RICK1947 122456 BOB5148
4/24/18 12:55 P