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2018 Chat and Challenge of Intermittent Fasting LINDAF49 1043 KDGIRL
12/31/18 10:13 A
Good morning guys!! So since I’m focusing on #NSV and proud moments here’s a big one for me... I ha TEXASHSMOMOF3 181 GEORGE815
12/9/18 4:22 P
So after my emotional day yesterday I just need to start today off with some motivation and #NSV... TEXASHSMOMOF3 229 REVMIKE10
12/9/18 9:52 A
Dashing December Fitness Minutes Challenge VICKYLYLES 18 STEFFY2016
1/6/19 9:47 P
Dashing December Step Challenge VICKYLYLES 16 VICKYLYLES
1/5/19 6:38 P
3/11/19 1:43 A
A little brightness and color for this dreary, cold morning... dad’s Christmas cactus is vividly blo LESLIELENORE 22 CHERIRIDDELL
11/30/18 1:19 A
Quick High Protein Snack Ideas SMM154 63 CMRKSU12
3/5/19 4:49 P
Celebrating my 46th Birthday Today! Start Weight was 355lbs in 2016. Toady I've been hovering at 239 ALOFA0509 124 GRANDMABEAST63
11/8/18 4:23 A
So yesterday I was sitting in LAX, crying. After TAYGRL 215 LJSHRINKS
11/4/18 12:16 P
It may be just the wine, but Im laughing waayy to long & hard on this one.. *Cheers ALOFA0509 23 LJSHRINKS
11/4/18 12:14 P
ANY Day can be Day 1- have you ever tried a calendar challenge, or a spark challenge with friends? I SPARKLEIGH61 10 FIT2FINISH
11/6/18 8:25 A
Kiddo came home from school with a freebie DQ coupon prize today...took her, sat with while she enjo LJSHRINKS 26 ZRIE014
10/23/18 12:47 A
Posted a photo IAMMSONE 8 CLAIREMC65
10/22/18 11:05 A
My little kitten died this morning. I don't understand what happened!!! 😢😢😢 AMYMBUNCH 48 JOSIEPOSIES
10/22/18 12:46 P
Step by step we've got this. LJSHRINKS 11 MARYM1962
10/22/18 9:51 A
Had my annual check up last week. My doctor said s SGDISIS 46 GOULDSGRANITE
10/21/18 11:55 A
Last night, I ran the Nightcrawl 5K in Newton..... Placed 1ST in my age division..... The Old Chicks MAYDAY62 168 2MORROWISHERE
10/21/18 8:34 P
I am 49 today. Trying to get 5 miles in before a birthday party today DEBSANKS 215 I-AM-TITANIUM
10/23/18 12:15 A
LJ Brings it Together LJSHRINKS 24 LJSHRINKS
10/20/18 9:12 A
Did a live 5K this weekend, and I made it in just under an hour. It's not what I used to do, but it' AREDCURVYBEAUTY 74 DLDMIL
10/16/18 2:04 P
Posted a goal BRITBORN521 22 GRANNIEKAT
10/17/18 5:32 P
Into the 150's. WHOO HOOO!!! Numbers I haven't seen in over 10 years. Almost 1/2 way to my goal. CARRIEB51X 192 MIZKAREN
10/15/18 7:01 P
Haven't weighed myself but down a full size!! ITALIANGAL44 4 ALLYLIZZY
10/13/18 12:02 P
MY SWEET SPOT!! I want to be motivated to participate in my transformation, but have enough self lov SPARKLEIGH61 15 LJSHRINKS
10/12/18 2:46 P
Happy Tuesday 😁 did you know we call it Terrific Tuesday for a reason! FIT2FINISH 10 LJSHRINKS
10/12/18 2:45 P
I'm a snackaholic! I've got to take snacks out of my life because they are getting the best of me! E BIRBKITTEN1234 13 ALLYLIZZY
10/13/18 1:05 P
Bikes and basketball with the kiddo today. #moveit LJSHRINKS 4 BILLTHOMSON
10/13/18 7:34 A
A breath-stealing 21° here this morning but there was no way I was missing the sunrise from the shor J2002HEIDS 104 RENCKEN
10/12/18 10:52 P
6/19/19 11:44 A
#BeforeAndAfter This is a before and during! I'm 6kg away from my first major goal! LIFEISSWEET225 64 ALLYLIZZY
10/10/18 2:37 P
I'm finally in ONEderland! I think it's been more than 15 years since I've been this weight! Yay!!! JULIHC82 150 WHYTEBROWN
10/10/18 3:39 P
Walk and bike day. #moveit LJSHRINKS 6 ECOAXUM
10/10/18 3:56 P
ONGOING... TransCanada Trail Challenge HOMEBODY4EVER1 402 HOMEBODY4EVER71
6/16/19 11:37 P
My first competitive run since 1973. 229 out of a 1000 and 3rd in my age group. 27 minutes for 5K. A MARKKNETZER 152 GEORGE815
10/8/18 3:37 P
Moving mom from rehabilitation therapy to assisted living home. #moveit ALEXTHEHUN 4 LGRIMM66
9/28/18 8:36 A
I’m so proud - I’m 57 and have lost 75lbs AND was chosen to be a yoga model at Kripalu! for their 20 MOMS3KIDS 214 BEACHTIME9
1/15/19 1:43 P
30min bike, 50more incline push-ups in the books, FREEDOMSKEY 27 DJ4HEALTH
9/27/18 10:28 P
Had a discouraging and tense day - and today didn't start off much better...…..but I'm standing my g RASPBERRY56 17 PREMAMEHROTRA
9/26/18 9:31 A
Ok so as I shared yesterday, I'm restarting my weight loss and I started yesterday. I had a lot of e MISSBETH78 8 HIPPICHICK1
9/27/18 6:46 P
Need to start fresh . I was like an ostrich this summer gained instead of lost. Back on the scale ev CMOMMOM42 11 GEORGE815
9/25/18 10:34 A
Watered up and ready to go. Bring it, Tuesday. #h2whoa LJSHRINKS 6 ALOFA0509
9/25/18 7:56 P
"It's never to late - in fiction or in life - to revise."💕 -Spark Coach Hello there, Tuesday!😉 So HAPPILY_ME 20 GEORGE815
9/25/18 10:42 A
Posted a photo RASMUSSEN5 19 LAURYN321
9/25/18 10:50 A
Good morning spark family 😊 today is gonna be a fantastic day!! Take a minute and pat yourself on t TMP0418 200 DREDZONE71
9/27/18 3:17 P
9/24/18 12:30 P
Love our Sunday family hikes. 4 4 miles this morning to welcome fall. LJSHRINKS 15 ALOFA0509
9/23/18 5:09 P
I did a thing!!!! Haven't been under 300lbs in almost 5 years. Is it weird that I feel shocked and n BLAP33 130 JOSIEPOSIES
9/23/18 6:59 P
9/23/18 7:25 P
Infuse away the boring water! Rocking mine today with citrus slices and fresh mint. #h2whoa SPARKLEIGH61 28 LIBR@RYL@DY
9/24/18 7:28 A
9/21/18 5:55 P
I am truly blessed. NANHBH 10 ROCKYCPA
9/21/18 11:02 P
I made it out of the 150's! Start weight 192, Apri MARIAMICHELLE18 148 HARRIETT14
9/23/18 10:01 A
Good morning family!!! I’m drinking coffee this morning and reviewing my crazy day and I’m like when JAME0817 137 QUARTERMASTER3
9/21/18 5:20 P
I reached my weight loss goal of 130 pounds last m JWINTER722 279 GOODGETNBETR
11/11/18 2:29 P
We are in this TOGETHER Spark People! Awhile ago it was just me and the critters on my favorite mult SPARKLEIGH61 27 DBETTS68
10/6/18 10:03 A
9/4/19 1:23 P
January 2017 - January 2018: down around 20+kgs. Not too sure I can see much of a difference though KELLY_NZ 23 XXENDOFREASONXX
10/7/18 6:20 P
how do I deal with my cravings? GWENDAWARNER 26 KRISZTA11
10/13/18 5:31 A
Newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes AHEALTHIERME14 3 VICKYLYLES
9/3/18 9:27 A
Challenge for September, 2018 HOMEBODY4EVER1 53 HOMEBODY4EVER1
10/1/18 2:57 P
NEW MEMBERS... .Introduce yourself here! HOMEBODY4EVER1 100 NANBENT1963
8/22/19 8:08 A
Yesterday I posted that I could finally fit into an XL again. This shirt right here has been in my c JILLIAN48 172 HICALGAL
11/25/18 8:33 P
What lifestyle changes have you made? LOIDAEG 81 CATDUCK1
10/5/18 9:42 A
HOW STRONG IS YOUR FOOD PREP GAME?!? Would love to see how you pack your day’s worth of eats....just SPARKLEIGH61 17 SUSIEMT
12/31/18 5:31 P
Just Do It June Step Challenge VICKYLYLES 22 VICKYLYLES
7/5/18 8:54 A
5/24/18 5:34 P
I've Figured it Out! (Nutritional Ketosis/Fasting) _RAMONA 164 PHOENIXNICKI
5/19/19 12:03 A
5/16/18 9:18 P
Time to Bloom ~ Chit Chat KPACE7 602 SLIMHEALTHIERME
5/29/18 7:28 P
Intermittent fasting yay or nay? ENCHANTEDALANA 96 KDGIRL
3/29/19 4:06 P
Share your challenge goals SPARK_COACH_JEN 2780 DUCKTURNIP
9/13/19 7:29 P
Anyone couple Low/Carb with Intermittent fasting? SKNYMOMWANNABE 70 JWCOLBY
4/5/18 12:36 P
Use emoticon to show how you feel today SYEATS618 27872 IMREITE
9/21/19 12:52 A
My beautiful son passed suddenly a few days ago - my heart is broken - I can’t begin to think when f MOMS3KIDS 309 123THERESA123
12/14/18 1:10 P