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#BeforeAndAfter I have been walking about 4 mile ARIADNE84 6 NOMORESHMOO
2/22/19 8:16 A
#fitbit Didn't get my 15,000 steps yesterday. Terribly cold so had to walk indoors. Not my favourite RCLYKE 15 LISALU910
2/21/19 8:37 A
I called the doctor's office this morning and there is nothing else that they can do for me on me fe AUNTRENEE 6 MYTURN215
2/21/19 10:21 A
Question! I had to stop Keto. Too hard for me. It helped me jumpstart my weight loss, but it couldn' FOREVER_AGAPE 23 MEKAYB
2/21/19 11:46 A
Today starts my journey! BeforeAndAfter baby! 10 months postpartum and I finally feel like I can foc JAMIEFAYW 12 JACQRV81
2/19/19 3:41 P
Tostadas, homemade fat-free refried beans, salsa, sour cream, lite cheese and guacamole. Low fat and XTRALARGEMEDIUM 10 MIAMI_LILLY
2/19/19 5:06 P
When you go to a new doctor for the first time and she says, "Your weight is just right, you don't n LISALU910 4 MJ7DM33
2/19/19 3:01 P
Lots of celebrating today in both USA and Canada for holidays. Nice to do it on my birthday with me SISSYFEB48 81 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
2/18/19 10:33 P
Donuts are talking to me!! AUGGIE1DOGGIE 4 LISALU910
2/18/19 11:28 A
Diet and Exercise are on, Results are not...:-( FEEESH 38 -JAMES-
5/1/19 11:36 A
#BeforeAndAfter thanks to this app I was able to track my calories and successfully took off 22lbs PAULINE1966 141 FUTUREFOCUSED
2/18/19 11:29 P
Posted a photo ALLYSONBETH1 11 GHELBY
2/17/19 9:52 A
Good Morning!!!! I have loss some weight from the last time I was on here. I was 240 lbs now I'm 224 1SMURFIE 12 ALLYLIZZY
2/17/19 1:04 P
Good Morning Sparkies!! WIZZLEWOLF1 31 SPEDED2
2/17/19 10:30 A
Help. My new digital scales are weighing me a lot less than my digital ones I was using. I love that MSJWALKER52 8 MHUMBERS1950
2/15/19 7:36 P
What do ketoers drink in theie coffee? Coffeemate just ate up all my net carbs! KSAGE72 12 MOSSYBEEBEE
2/15/19 8:08 A
2/15/19 1:06 P
Focusing on one goal at a time to make some permanent changes in my life! Aiming for at least 64 oz HAPPILY_C 30 ALLYLIZZY
2/15/19 12:53 P
This is 182 lbs.! ROXONA 12 LILIANN400
2/14/19 7:56 P
Hey all...i need some advice. Have lost 25 lbs in over one year been adding more walking to my daily LUIS1959 3 LISALU910
2/14/19 4:56 P
Looking for some encouragement! I have been working really hard this week food on point, hitting all NORMOR 7 LASOLA1
2/14/19 7:36 P
Back after a long absence JOEYSPOOK 12 LISALU910
2/14/19 4:49 P
So close to my final goal of 80lbs !!!! .06 ounces MOMS3KIDS 236 JEN-JENG
2/14/19 10:44 P
#BeforeAndAfter 14 pounds down, 10 more to go! #sparkin #lifestylechange #lifeisgood MDICKEY95 11 LISALU910
2/14/19 7:57 A
That darn belly ๐Ÿค” INSTANTHOT 20 LISALU910
2/14/19 7:52 A
2/12/19 5:57 P
Once again I am glad I went out to walk in the wee hours of the morning... I slept until about 3:30a LESLIELENORE 13 CHERIRIDDELL
2/13/19 1:16 A
So much harder over 40 GERTMCD 21 ELFISHER56
4/13/19 8:28 A
Morning spark friends! Just wanted to share something with you all because you never know where youโ€™ MZRUTLEDGE 7 ALLYLIZZY
2/10/19 3:16 P
Scrambled egg, spinach, black beans, salsa, wheat English muffin #eattherainbow CRISSYT19 8 ANHELIC
2/11/19 12:15 A
2/10/19 9:54 A
Having nonfat Vanilla Greek Yogurt, a banana, a bagel, and a mug of coffee with French Vanilla cream AUNTRENEE 6 YMWONG22
2/9/19 9:54 A
#BeforeAndAfter I gained so much weight and lost myself within these years... I used to be happy, co MELSUE1999 32 PARISTON
2/17/19 7:43 P
Does anyone know how to track carbs instead of calories with spark? Is it even possible? JULHUNDT 4 LISALU910
2/8/19 9:54 P
Ugh... Motivation needed today. I was only able to get 20 mins on the elliptical today because I ju CUPKAKE137 6 ALLYLIZZY
2/8/19 1:43 P
I started eating 1500 calories or less and exercising more around 2 and a half weeks ago. I kept see SARAALEXTRACY 12 SARAALEXTRACY
2/16/19 7:01 P
Today is my birthday! I am ready for a fresh start. DKIRKSEY1 17 LISALU910
2/8/19 8:26 A
I love seeing the progress!! Down about 30 pounds! MOUNTAINLOVE30 70 RODRIGUEZ41508
2/18/19 11:22 P
I'm wondering how long it will take to train for a 5k?? On my bucket list...I started threadmill in SINGBHAPPY2D 5 SINGBHAPPY2D
2/17/19 6:55 P
Anyone else feel lost at the gym? I recently joined after years of working out at home. I definitely KATHI512 6 KATHI512
2/7/19 10:24 A
Started a running program today...feeling excited! Can't say that my hip is excited...nor my shins.. JW72224 9 JW72224
2/5/19 9:15 A
I may delete this app. Its pointless. I just waste my time to get "spark points" which are worthless ANNE052291 20 ABELAWSKI
2/5/19 10:47 A
I would like to see if anyone here can help me with this. So I track my steps and on the bracelet I JSTITES3 8 ALLYLIZZY
2/5/19 12:28 P
Tuesday Chuckle ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ My plan is #h2whoa and #eattherainbow.....choose your hard ๐Ÿ˜‰ SPARKLEIGH61 43 FLASUN
2/6/19 4:09 A
My husband and I 13 months apart. I was sick, fatter and on oxygen because of my illness. JANISFREE 137 TRINIBEAUTYXOXO
2/5/19 9:17 A
I feel like you really can taste the dif... cage free eggs organic pepper ect... LORI 9 GERRYH2
2/4/19 11:04 A
2/4/19 9:48 A
gained back the 1st pound I lost COUNTRYGIRL6CAT 24 SERENITYSKINNY
2/15/19 8:21 A
I have a serious issue!!! JENNGREGORY 12 MERRYJO1
2/25/19 5:34 P
Up & HITT -big It now โœ”๏ธ Iโ€™ll let ya know how it goes ENNAZUS176 8 ENNAZUS176
2/3/19 12:12 P
I went to my doctors and she was pretty upset with me. I have diabetes and it has gotten out of hand DANIELLESHAW28 9 DANIELLESHAW28
2/1/19 5:51 P
What I have learned during my weightloss journey i TCRANE522 3 LISALU910
2/1/19 8:16 A
Posted a photo SJOYOUS 24 JAMER123
1/31/19 10:13 P
I'm so happy to see that Walmart is carrying zoodles in the produce aisle now๐Ÿ˜€ CHEYNESMOM948 3 ARTSPARK
1/27/19 10:58 A
Hi everyone! So I've been stuck at 178 for quite a while. My goal weight is 160, so I'm getting clos E83872 4 CONNIET88
1/30/19 7:33 P
I stopped running for a few years because of knee issues. Now I'm back again (my knee still hurts, LISALU910 17 DLDMIL
1/26/19 7:31 P
Progress, not perfection. L-RIOT 68 LOS101
2/10/19 3:56 A
Part of my success in reaching my goals is to have meals and snacks prepped and ready to go! This is FITSISTA79 22 WOMANOFLOVE
1/29/19 7:50 A
Who else crochets as a way to keep their hands busy? ๐Ÿ˜„ I made this hat and scarf set for a friend o DARAELISE 35 -_-HELLO-_-
2/4/19 3:13 A
Another delicious meal! I eat better now on #keto than I ever did on a โ€˜well balanced dietโ€™! And ha NVRGIVINGUP 31 BILLIELDANN1
1/25/19 1:12 P
Iโ€™m getting back on track today. I started marathon training 6 weeks ago and my eating plan went out KIMKLEE 9 LISALU910
1/25/19 8:50 A
We donโ€™t have Panera here, but we have Aloha Salads. This is the Hot Hawaiian. It has Kale, mixed gr HWNHMMBRD 24 HWNHMMBRD
1/25/19 6:23 P
I forgot to post this on Saturday. I ran the Rain Run half marathon. It was my first half in over fo KIMKLEE 15 LISALU910
1/25/19 8:45 A
I recommend weighing your food. I always see a huge difference between what the label on the package TCRANE522 6 FIDDLISH
1/25/19 9:27 A
Since watching what I eat and cutting sugar, I really wanted a yogurt yesterday, a sweetened sugary FOREVER_AGAPE 14 GIGIQUE
1/26/19 9:09 A
This is my 56-year-old self. I still have 20 pounds to lose to get back to my "ideal" weight, but I LISALU910 27 MDOWER1
1/24/19 3:45 P
Okay , I started a challenge today due to an invite. Walk every day for 30 days ending up with 35 mi JANISFREE 121 BCMAPGIRL
1/27/19 11:41 A
I lost twenty pounds so far this month. I know the weight loss will slow down dramatically as I go WLLMS1988 33 JUDYBEAR216
1/29/19 7:07 A
TBT #BeforeAndAfter MARIAN326 33 LILIANN400
1/24/19 5:45 P
2200 calories for the day. I see my body transforming before my eyes. WLLMS1988 11 LISALU910
1/23/19 8:33 A
Exercise done 7 km walk Wine time Summer in Oz 35o PETAWELLS 26 PETAWELLS
1/24/19 1:36 A
FINALLY. Ya'll, I was on the struggle bus HARD. Eating as I should, pushing myself in the gym, and ASHENEEDSHALP 7 ASHENEEDSHALP
1/23/19 9:00 A
1/23/19 9:41 A
Overnight oats! 1/2 cup quick oats- 1/2 cup chocolate almond milk & 1TB powdered peanut butter. 224 JBALL21 31 ALLYLIZZY
1/23/19 12:34 P
I got my weight checked at my doctor appointment today and I came to the realization that my ACTUAL BAMFITNESS28 6 LISALU910
1/22/19 3:00 P