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Posted a photo MARIAK88 20 ZRIE014
5/21/18 1:02 A
I rode over 46 miles in the Bike MS: Twin Cities Ride today. Good practice for my upcoming MS 150 in MPLSKEN 10 LASTDIET2017
5/21/18 1:24 A
I completed my first ever circuit training workout.... I still can't believe I'm actually doing this AMARIE224 7 AMARIE224
5/21/18 9:43 A
Posted a goal MPLSKEN 8 ZRIE014
5/21/18 1:01 A
Posted a goal NERDYMAMA2 24 TCANNO
5/21/18 4:42 A
Just as my cousin was pulling up we saw this black squirrel in the front of the house. First time I CATHYSFITLIFE 35 MBPP50
5/21/18 12:35 P
Got the bike out for exercise today. Was doing real well until a city bus pulled out in front of me SANDOMINGO 50 CAP1111
5/21/18 1:57 A
More pics from my Sunday Funday some sweet, some c SCHMID70 13 ZRIE014
5/21/18 12:57 A
#BeforeAndAfter Today is a big day for me! I have officially lost 100 pounds! (I couldn't find my re LINDSEYCHANDLER 187 IRONADONIS
5/21/18 7:36 A
Less then 500 calories and it's all for me 😊 I love healthy eating TMP0418 31 MIYAMO
5/18/18 4:42 P
Lost my first 5! Woohoo! 🤸🏾‍♀️ NAJYAWILLIAMS45 13 MIYAMO
5/18/18 4:43 P
164.8 weigh in.....goal 120.0... im not scared..let the JOURNEY begin.Bring it on. LISAMARIE2018 15 NENE-O
5/18/18 4:18 P
Personal best! 5000 meters on the rower in 27 minutes!!! JTAMSYN 9 RSTEINER1313
5/18/18 3:33 P
Happy Dance time! 😍 I just bought a pair of sl CLO333 20 PWILLOW1
5/18/18 9:51 P
My half marathon pic. I had to borrow a medal because they ran out of half medals. My own medal we FUSCHIA6 264 DLDMIL
5/18/18 7:43 P
We made it! Hope you guys have something that you are looking forward to this weekend! BEACHCHICA08 17 JOYCEHARRIS3
5/19/18 6:29 A
200lbs vs 185lbs ... I guess I don’t really see a difference NAZYTEACH 300 REVMIKE10
5/19/18 7:54 A
Little reminder to myself of where I started and where I am! #BeforeAndAfter KGOBLE423 26 GONTOP22
5/17/18 3:53 P
I did it! Hubs and son are proud of me. 40lb lighter than when i started! SENIMMO 171 CAKAROO
5/18/18 9:01 A
Working hard towards my goal down one size so far. Was in a 18 now in a 16. Feeling so proud of myse KELSEYELAINEALL 80 GONTOP22
5/17/18 3:49 P
I made these goals this week. SUCCESSFULLY I've been keeping up with 2 of them.... UNFORTUNATELY I h KIZZYM 5 LALATIDAH
5/17/18 1:45 P
Pretty much sums it up haha ALLMYMISTAKES 22 HIPPIEMOMMIE
5/18/18 9:55 A
My exercise has consisted of working in the yard instead of the gym over the last few weeks. Trying INKBUD 198 BUFFCOAT1445
5/19/18 11:39 A
After Breakfast workout 7a.m. to 8a.m. Resistance bands and core this morning QUEENMIXXFIT 11 GONTOP22
5/17/18 3:39 P
Been enjoying good food on my business travel, but very much needing to get back on track. So far to GRATTECIELLA 8 GONTOP22
5/17/18 3:43 P
Before at 55 years old. After, I will be 68 on May 25! Yesterday, I celebrated 7 Years of Maintainin MIRAGE727 269 MADEINBRITAIN
5/18/18 3:54 A
Reached Twoderville today! GIRLGETSALIFE 46 MIAMI_LILLY
5/15/18 2:38 P
I'm gonna try to eat more oatmeal..and I wanna know is it such a bad thing if I use 2 tablespoons of MSBATTLE30 14 JUDYANNK4
5/16/18 8:58 A
One of my favorite things to do is make some of my favorite recipes healthier. Orange chicken with 1 DRKUHL2017 7 DRKUHL2017
5/16/18 4:42 P
Been at this for 2 months now, so far I've gotten rid of 26lbs!!! Started at 214. One step closer to ESTEVES02 124 TMP0418
5/15/18 4:38 P
This didn't post right last time, so here we are! Over a year of hard work and some not so hard work YEAROFTHEFOXXX 19 YEAROFTHEFOXXX
5/17/18 6:08 A
I can do this! I will do this! GARCEDJMG 8 LINDAMARIEZ1
5/15/18 1:53 P
French Lilacs blooming in my yard make it so meditative to sit out there! KACEYSW 14 EDLEAR
5/16/18 6:13 A
Calories 383 Carb 55 Fat 8 Protein 33 KG6 12 MNEME2
5/15/18 7:03 P
#BeforeAndAfter I am out of town working at another location and realized yesterday that I had never STITCHWITCH2017 207 DJ4HEALTH
5/20/18 11:00 P
80 lbs lost in 10 months. From size 22-24 to size 14. 😀 "YES YOU CAN!" OOPSEDAISY1 147 DJ4HEALTH
5/20/18 11:01 P
I met my final goal! 125! I lost 55lbs! In 53 weeks.. If I can do it as a single mom of 3... you can CTMOM 105 DJ4HEALTH
5/20/18 11:04 P
Here I go, starting...again. This time has to be different. I am weighing in at 198 pounds and I am LIGHTERLISSA 303 DJ4HEALTH
5/20/18 11:07 P
I met a nice lady today at the pool and we got to chatting while exercising, and exceeded our time a PGHMIMI1 4 ANNAMAY2018
5/11/18 9:29 P
Posted a photo MARIAK88 6 EDWARDS1411
5/11/18 11:20 P
Posted a photo TEAGIRL49X2 6 LALATIDAH
5/11/18 8:43 P
Today: 30 min indoor cycling are better than nothing. I was icing my knees and took it easy. ISNESS 6 PANDAJOY
5/11/18 9:01 P
Holy moly! So I was aiming for time on this ride and did I crush it! PR'ed everything but a downhill 2AWESOME4U 14 EDLEAR
5/12/18 3:32 A
5/11/18 9:00 P
Beautiful end to a very fun day!! This included walking over 7,500 steps!! My journey began with b DIANEDOESSMILES 22 _RAMONA
5/12/18 2:13 A
Happy Friday everyone! NERDYMAMA2 12 _RAMONA
5/12/18 2:13 A
Day 11 & 12. Yesterday was a very rough day! My son had a difficult time yesterday and the stress CKOLL22 8 DLDMIL
5/10/18 9:55 P
Happy Thursday my spark family. Today is my birthday, so let's get up and party like it 1999. Back i EVANS1848 250 PAUTCHES1950
5/10/18 9:15 P
Yum! (Real Food Whole Life’s One-Bowl Harvest Chicken Salad with grapes and spinach). BINARYSTITCH 16 EDWARDS1411
5/10/18 9:28 P
All dressed up and ready to go to my Birthday dinner. Today I've decided to age backwards, so I am FOCUSONME57 38 PICKIE98
5/11/18 4:15 P
Quality CASSKELL2 time= less steppage... had an enjoyable day with my love though...😊 WINGSDREAMS 5 JAMER123
5/11/18 11:46 P
Simple stuffed peppers. Stuffed with: spinach dip, OPTICALXILLUSIO 8 THICK611
5/10/18 8:35 P
I caved the other day, pants fell down while jogging on the treadmill. So.. new workout gear ILARIAMARCUCCI 13 ZUZUPETALS10
5/20/18 3:43 P
So glad my boss let me leave "early" today before I lost my ambition to workout. We've been working 2AWESOME4U 7 B_RAZORSHARP
5/11/18 10:05 A
lower back is bothering me, making me a bit lazy, but I have to get into gear and do at least some w KURTZIE1998 15 75HEALTHYME
5/11/18 7:20 P
What are some “rewards” you give yourself other than food? I need to break free from using food as a COURTPHX 32 ALLYLIZZY
5/10/18 10:14 P
267lbs to 169. 5'2. It's been 1.5 years. I'm not d LIL1IAN 234 TEXASHSMOMOF3
5/14/18 6:27 P
My NSV scale moment. The big weight is now at the 100 marker and no longer the 150... Whooo VICKICHICKI123 16 JAY61
5/8/18 7:16 P
Woohoo! Hello 240’s!!! Finally broke through the plateau. NATASHA_D1 19 CAROLYNINJOY1
5/8/18 1:41 A
Sometimes I get overwhelmed when I focus on losing weight. Refocusing on simply maintaining a health TH3PH03NIX 7 GEORGE815
5/7/18 4:46 P
I will be 39 in exactly a week and I am feeling healthier than ever! FITSISTA79 20 SOUTHTXXRNNR
5/7/18 5:04 P
Left pic : 305 lbs Right pic : 215 lbs SWEETHEART4321 20 BACKATIT2018
5/9/18 2:26 P
Aaah, little boys.. Took my grandson to the school bus stop this morning, left the windows down last LRJUSTUS1 19 DGRIFFITH51
5/7/18 9:33 P
Sitting at 49.6 pounds lost since 11/12/17. So close to the 50 pound halfway mark! Such a tease! Kee AMANDAWHITEAKER 10 GEORGE815
5/7/18 4:44 P
Started my journey November 8th 2017 with gastric bypass surgery I was 310 pounds and have succeede RONNAGRALITZER 87 JOCELYNH711
5/8/18 5:48 A
5-7 Discipline: 1. Slept 11:00pm-6:00am. 2. Prayed & read the Bible first. 3. Walked right after br ANNAMAY2018 10 BETRHO48
5/8/18 7:29 A
So I'm down 50lbs. That leaves me 1/3 of the way to my final goal of 150lbs lost. I'm really excited MILBURNS2008 51 HEDDYA1974
5/8/18 1:35 A
Not every day is a good day. some days it is enough just to get up and do something. 7 months ago my RUBYMICHELLE 310 RSSSLHB
5/9/18 10:42 A
today’s weigh 354.8 I’ve hit a milestone 25 pounds down !!! GLENDAK72 300 KMILLER31
5/7/18 7:13 P
I hope you find this cute, I laughed RD03875 11 75HEALTHYME
5/7/18 12:32 P
Posted a photo CJPLUS3 23 CJPLUS3
5/6/18 2:23 P
Down another1.4 pounds...that makes 26.4 pounds since Feb.8th and 44 pounds since Sept.2017 😀 CAROLJORDAN49 10 NOLAHORSERIDER
5/6/18 2:18 P
Maybe this will help me remind me to drink enough water 😂 now grant it I'm not going to try and dri DEMONCLOWNZ666 9 WLHOPE
5/6/18 2:03 P
I decided to up my speed of 2.5 mph in 50 minutes. I achieved my goal and walked 3.3 mph in 48 minut KWEENIE1971 13 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
5/6/18 2:24 P
Sad to say but this is true sparkle friends don’t give up because I have experience this before the _KANDY 9 MUSTANGMOM6
5/6/18 1:54 P