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One of the ways I motivate myself: stickers on my planner. 1 for 10K steps, 1 for staying within cal LADEYDAY 14 KOSHAUBREY8
10/31/17 9:18 P
#BeforeAndAfter I still got a ways to go... But i JODY0410 12 JAYESAINT1
10/31/17 6:30 A
20 lbs in one month 227 vs 207 RYARE19 121 LINDASOUTHER
10/26/17 6:26 P
Finally breaking through that Plateau after 3 weeks, if only a smidgen of weight loss, makes me feel LADEYDAY 3 KOFFEENUT
10/26/17 11:25 A
Same shirt, four months apart, 25lb down⬇️ MELDAMAY 211 MELDAMAY
10/26/17 11:09 P
Ready to work it’s my Friday y’all KEENA47 35 QSHEPP
10/26/17 3:44 P
My yesterday walk post KEENA47 22 KEENA47
10/5/17 11:42 A
Despite increased stress, progress continues! LADEYDAY 25 _LINDA
10/4/17 1:58 P
Delicious soup love πŸ’˜ my dinner at work.healthy lifestyle so proud of myself ty doing this for me . SIMMON72 5 LALATIDAH
9/29/17 6:43 P
I have now officially left the (1)90s!. Happily finding clothes too big! LADEYDAY 19 JRG208
9/28/17 8:17 P
My visual motivator and tracker! I keep it on my desk and color a petal in for each pound lost. PINKMUSTARD21 166 IAN2409
9/21/17 10:33 P
9/21/17 4:40 P
From 380 in February to 307 today at the Drs off SPARKE77 304 LARRYM32
11/5/17 4:56 A
Gm breakfast time make 🍌 pancakes πŸ˜‹ πŸ’˜ it healthy lifestyle y'alls have πŸ‘ day.ty bless SIMMON72 7 LADEYDAY
9/21/17 10:51 A
Ty lord for this meal amen dinner time healthy lifestyle πŸ’˜ it doing this for me proud of myself .mu SIMMON72 9 LINEISAAC21
9/18/17 9:38 P
It was so hard resisting that late-night snack last night. But I did, and I was rewarded this mornin LADEYDAY 2 NANROCKS
9/15/17 12:59 P
Is anyone else struggling with bad eating habits? MEKABOO317 4 MEKABOO317
9/15/17 9:43 A
This was a rotating diet aid ad that popped up a while ago. It rotated between the "Before" and "Af MCASKEY6 7 NETTIE1235
9/13/17 1:09 P
Two and a half years ago I lost 50 lbs and felt amazing. Then I gained everything back and then some KARMALEETA 101 HIPPER502
9/13/17 2:41 P
I had my week one weigh in this morning and am down 4.5lbs this first week! WooHoo! #mylossismygain C-PFARR 62 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
9/13/17 2:33 P
From 380 to 308 been stuck for.almost 2 months. I am determined to get below 300 by my 40th birthday SPARKE77 237 SASSY631
9/24/17 11:31 A
Can't remember the last time I saw the 100's. I am amazed and thrilled to have found spark and see t LRYAN0696 285 TH3PH03NIX
9/13/17 8:03 P
Gm my suga hunnies. It's hump day I hope u all have a great day πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— KEENA47 13 KEENA47
9/14/17 6:25 P
I've enjoyed reading about people's successes and now it's my turn. Today I'm taking the first step. TADA_POOF 287 MCNULTY2
9/12/17 2:02 P
Thank God for this! HRYAN9 9 SADIEMYERS
9/11/17 10:17 P
Hey everyone! I'm just getting back on track for BRENNA204 33 GREEN_TREES
9/11/17 6:21 P
First time in 9 years I am in onederland!!!! YEAH!!! DAXXDAY 301 VUKONPAU
9/11/17 5:06 P
Progress.... MAMATOOWEN 304 MARIAMC4
9/12/17 9:50 A
My baby always wants to be with me!! Can't do much but sit and crochet with my feet up. I am disable SHERI1536 6 LADEYDAY
9/11/17 12:44 A
Finally came up with a visual aid for my weight loss. KATIE520 75 KATIE520
9/11/17 9:52 A
Was very discouraged today about my lack of progress in getting below 195. Seems like I'm stuck fore LADEYDAY 16 MDOWER1
9/10/17 7:04 P
Late start....but starting right darn it!! PRYTANIAS 21 SHELLYAHNEN
9/14/17 10:08 A
It's going to be a tropical weekend...and I'm not talking about a beach vacation. LOL I'm where the DIALYSISCHIC1 16 RHETTDOG
9/11/17 9:59 A
Seeing alittle change but slow progress LTAYLOR729 43 LTAYLOR729
9/10/17 9:38 P
63 pounds gone and more to go!!! BECKY_US 188 MAIZIEPAIGE
9/10/17 9:18 P
Just found out My sister and her family in St Thomas are safe. Thanks to all who sent their well-wis LADEYDAY 12 DIGIT00
9/8/17 6:09 A
A little difference 14 lbs makes? Maybe I'm my own worst critic but I don't see a whole lot of diffe ROBINLABELLE 246 _LINDA
9/7/17 5:33 P
Worried about my sister and her family in the midst of hurricane Irma in St Thomas. Had a restless n LADEYDAY 4 SASHASMOM1122
9/7/17 4:19 P
A 55lbs loss! I cannot believe the difference. It has been a crazy long ride, but so worth it! If I RANAF222 150 NANHBH
9/6/17 10:54 P
I like visual reminders, so close to 1st goal!😁 BRENDA196122 20 GOULDSGRANITE
9/5/17 5:19 P
I weighed in at 149 this morning!!! First time in years that I've been below, or even near, 150!!!!! MBENGUEGIRLS 262 UMUCGRAD
9/5/17 9:14 P
Posted a photo JENNAE93 186 NOCALORIES
9/5/17 9:41 P
Gm everyone breakfast before work πŸ˜‹ hope y'all njoy your holiday .have bless day healthy lifestyle SIMMON72 17 LADEYDAY
9/5/17 3:52 P
This picture was taken of me on Friday at work. I didn't see how large I had gotten. First 2.4 lbs g RISEUPMARY30 152 MISSKMFORTHEBET
9/4/17 8:51 P
I'm down to 409!! Just 68lbs being gone has already improved my quality of life. I'm so thankful f AWALKER83 301 FARAHI1955
9/5/17 7:31 P
Sick all day yesterday but today I'm going to push through my workout. MEKABOO317 4 MEKABOO317
9/4/17 2:24 P
It's Friday so guess what that means!?!? We keep p ANDREKAJOHNSON 26 IGOT2START
9/1/17 10:20 P
Once I became a mother, I realized how I have to g M2MKLS52516 104 BETHTIM52
9/2/17 12:47 P
Salad on the beach 196 calories #deliciousdailymoment NOT2CREATIVE 13 NOT2CREATIVE
10/6/17 2:19 P
Going from a body fat% of 46 to 40, and BMI 31.36 to 27.80! My Dr's going to love it! #deliciousdai MARILYNRINGO 3 LADEYDAY
9/1/17 7:46 P
#deliciousdailymoment My tasty smoothie! It includes a half a cup of pineapple, 4 oz strawberries, h LADEYDAY 10 TENACIOUS10
9/2/17 1:19 A
Im considering getting the gastric sleeve surgery. My nutritionist suggested this app to monitor my VICKI_BMORE 30 SEWBLESSED5
8/30/17 1:22 P
Well Sparkfriends, I've taken care of that goal for today. :) 303 calories ANAH_ACE 27 VEGGIEPAT
8/31/17 2:20 P
Got some workout time in yesterday! I am officially 160 pounds. Haven't seen that for more than two BLKSISTA 91 QUAIL75
8/30/17 2:34 P
Sw:154 CW:128 These were my goal shorts when starting Spark. Pretty proud of myself right now 😊 CBROUSSARD08 188 GAYLLYNNE
8/30/17 5:54 P
Posted a photo CHERYL4846 282 HAILIES_NANA
9/2/17 1:48 P
oh man..... i did so bad yesterday ..... today on track..... MONIKH 4 MSANN59
8/28/17 4:20 P
Struggling to make good food choices. On a positive not got the .25 package Boston Baked Beans candy JR0736174 6 ADRIENALINE
8/28/17 4:39 P
Adding apple cider vinegar today.. bet my mom I could lose 10 lbs before the next time I saw her.. h DANIELLEFRANK88 4 ADRIENALINE
8/28/17 4:37 P
I always forget my water and when I do drink water I forget to enter in my daily journal. ANy sugg BETTYLOU15 7 SLYDE-GLYDER
8/28/17 7:15 P
I'm skipping the diet stuff, eating healthy is my diet! FITSISTA79 118 PNUGENT24
8/28/17 10:05 P
50 pounds down and just getting started. KCGREEN82 139 PNUGENT24
8/28/17 10:06 P
I can't believe I am about to post this picture, but hopefully it helps as self motivation. I finish CANN43 261 HARRIETT14
8/30/17 11:09 A
Down 21 lbs!! As hard as it is not to eat fried food and fast food. As hard as it is to not have a d NIKKIE430 92 LOVEDABUNCH2
8/28/17 7:31 P
So true. Adjust your goals and move forward. Today I am writing down my new goals, meal plan and w DOLLIPS 27 LWLAR7
8/28/17 1:54 A
Slow go but accomplishing my goal of at least 2 pounds a week. Down 39# since April 24th. Down two d TDUPLESIS1 190 THEONEANDONLYDA
8/27/17 6:57 P
100 lbs ago! Adkins, turbojam,and smoothies! PROTEIN, low carbs, and cardio. DANIELLEFRANK88 147 TORRIESJOURNEY
8/27/17 7:13 P
Wow can't believe this shirt used to be too tight CHERYL4846 249 GONNAWORKIT
8/28/17 8:41 A
Cutting the cord more with my controlling ex... had to make all my social media private. Wish me luc OVERDUECHANGE 218 RADIANTLIGHT
9/2/17 12:59 P
A couple of months ago, I was unable to fit into this outfit. Now I'm ready for my grandson's first LADEYDAY 14 ALALADY
8/26/17 5:51 P
Started tracking my food intake today. Doing physical therapy for several weeks on my knees to get t LADYBUG1019 15 NOCALORIES
8/26/17 10:29 P
My supper: small lamb chops, sauteed spinach with onions, bell peppers, garlic and tomatoes, with br RD03875 14 ALALADY
8/26/17 6:09 P
Went from 293 to 215 & now back up to 235 😒😀 but im back on track.....under 200, here i come!!!! DAMARISA1195 34 JTHEALTHY1
8/26/17 6:54 P
Day #42 and I am still hard at it! Almost a month and a half and I have lost 24 pounds! I can see sm VKEITHLEY 161 JTHEALTHY1
8/26/17 6:59 P
Enjoy the summer bounty SISSYFEB48 7 KATHYJO56
8/26/17 12:45 A