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6/21/18 4:24 P
6/21/18 9:25 P
Walkers, Runners, Joggers & Gadgeters KALISWALKER 35 CERIUSLY
6/20/18 2:23 P
3.5 months and 40.4 lbs. 1/4 towards my end goal. GIGGLEZSMITH0 143 SWEETIECAKE2
6/20/18 1:10 A
Didn't lose anything last week, but seeing how far I've come has given me so much more confidence!! ESTEVES02 44 SUSIEMT
6/19/18 4:25 P
Never have I EVER been able to stop after eating 6 boiled Chinese pork dumplings. But today I DID. GINASPARK3 6 ORTATK
6/19/18 9:44 A
6/19/18 11:53 A
life is very challenging right now VIAFREE 7 JLB2109
6/19/18 9:42 A
Reached my goal and then some!!! Now to maintain!! SWORTHING6 264 SAN47BEE
6/19/18 10:41 P
2.2 pounds down! KRISKECK 7 ALLYLIZZY
6/19/18 2:29 P
Almost half way to my goal ... I wish it would come off faster but I’m making progress so I’m happy TAMMYSCHOEP 99 SUSIEMT
6/19/18 4:26 P
This effort, which I thought had simply to do with limiting food intake, has triggered unexpected mi DJAYBX 15 DJAYBX
6/18/18 12:29 A
GREETINGS .... come and say Hi --DEBY-- 295 KATHLEEN624
6/21/18 2:55 P
Today I will use my anti-craving strategies to help me stay on track. KRISKECK 1 KRISKECK
6/12/18 9:36 A
2 days ago I was at 262. Today I'm at 268. I've stuck to my diet and excercised. How did I gain s SARAHNRICKY1 10 JLDACQ
6/1/18 10:10 A
2 weeks in, going strong!! scale isn't moving much, but I am ! EDENZMOM 8 1DAY-ATA-TIME
6/1/18 8:08 A
Planning and tracking is making a difference this holiday weekend! KRISKECK 2 YMWONG22
5/28/18 8:18 A
Another 1.2lbs. down! I don't officially weigh in until Monday. But, I had a cheaty week last weeken JLLEOS57 4 ALLYLIZZY
5/25/18 4:48 P
#keto planning: In an effort to keep this summer easier, I am planning out some dips, dressings, and PIPPAMOUSE 8 SHELLLEY2
5/25/18 2:43 P
Feeling frustrated. I do well for two weeks and then I feel out of control. It's a pattern that I ne KRISKECK 5 ADELE66
5/26/18 2:22 P
Day 5 doing okay during daytime with water and food no to many cravings but night has me at my worse RAGEFRIENDLY 5 HOBIESLACKER
5/20/18 10:30 A
Tis the celebration season, with graduations and weddings springing up all over. I CAN be discipline KRISKECK 2 RO2BENT
5/20/18 10:00 A
I am motivated! 6 days on track and going for 7! KRISKECK 4 MUSTANGMOM6
5/18/18 1:58 P
Hey folks, I was shocked when I checked my weight day before yesterday, I gained almost 20 pounds in BRAVEHEART777 9 BRAVEHEART777
5/17/18 11:43 A
Two years ago I lost 45 pounds. Have recently started gaining back, even though I’m an avid walker. DUTTONPAM 5 DUTTONPAM
5/15/18 7:22 P
On track for a week now, woo hoo! KRISKECK 2 ROBINVOTAW
5/14/18 5:41 P
Just for you youngins, I'm going to preach for a minute. PUT MONEY IN YOUR 403 or whatever retireme BCHARIE 8 1CRAZYDOG
5/8/18 12:55 P
Working towards an incremental goal of 5 lbs, instead of the whole 25. Now I just need to think of a KRISKECK 5 GEORGE815
5/7/18 4:32 P
I have a trainer and she is helping me strengthen my core and improve my posture and body mechanics. KRISKECK 4 _LINDA
5/6/18 10:54 A
An hour of strength training today - woo hoo! KRISKECK 1 KRISKECK
5/3/18 10:46 A
Proud of myself for staying on track for the past 5 days! KRISKECK 3 AMYG5025
4/21/18 11:09 A
Well counted and worked out for a week and didnt lose anything. Figured i would lose something as i TRINAMANZER 4 NEEDBU66
4/16/18 11:29 A
Has anyone ever heard of this? Is this true? I feel like it explains SO MUCH of how the scale works MUFFIY831 13 ARMETIS
4/11/18 11:00 A
I would be careful with the comfort food but the other suggestions sound good. HARROWJET 7 PATRICIA-CR
4/9/18 3:43 P
I am wondering if I should start this keto diet I hear so much about I am within 9 pounds of my goa FUZZYHAPPYKITTY 6 LRJUSTUS1
4/7/18 2:42 P
PS. My cat has lost more weight than I have! Oh well oh well oh well. Keep trying! KRISKECK 3 KRISKECK
4/5/18 11:28 A
If I workout at home using my own DVD or do other exercises other than spark videos, can I track the TRULYNDEM 4 DIXIE-LUSH
4/5/18 12:15 P
Hey everyone! New to Spark, and using it as a kickstart to get back on track! I lost a lot of weight VB2305 4 ROBINVOTAW
4/5/18 6:11 P
Feeling less stress today, thankfully. ST is done, plan is in place and I am on track! KRISKECK 1 KRISKECK
4/5/18 11:02 A
March was not a good month for me but I am shaking it off and plan to keep moving forward. Here I a PAMBROWN62 174 MRSFANCYLADY
4/4/18 12:16 A
I got enough sleep last night and had a healthy breakfast this morning. Hurray! Working on getting o KRISKECK 2 AMYG5025
3/29/18 10:58 A
How do I recover my day after eating over 3,000 ca ISABEAUSROSE 14 FRISKYCRITTER
3/8/18 1:55 P
Posted a photo FITFORME17 5 GEORGE815
3/8/18 11:08 A
Posted a photo FITFORME17 34 ALLYLIZZY
3/8/18 2:17 P
Yoga this morning and kale salad for lunch. Ommm and yum! KRISKECK 3 GEORGE815
3/8/18 11:14 A
I am beyond sad about my work situation but I have promised myself I am not going to eat my feelin KRISKECK 1 KRISKECK
1/25/18 4:11 P
30 minute run-walk to the river this morning before the sun came up - beautiful! KRISKECK 1 KRISKECK
1/24/18 10:16 A
Hey everyone! I am a #newbie here and my goal is to lose 60lbs by August... I am going on my first c KATRINA1431 9 BSPORTER66
1/22/18 3:39 P
2 pounds down... woo hoo! And another weekend of workouts... body pump class today and yoga tomorro KRISKECK 10 RDCAGAIN10
1/20/18 9:13 A
Taking a moment to appreciate how far I’ve come, but not forgetting that I’ve got more work to do to SWEETEPIPHANY 76 LADYARTIST41
1/18/18 7:59 P
Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred today! Tough work out but it went fast! KRISKECK 1 KRISKECK
1/18/18 2:34 P
Is working on getting back to consistently high calorie burn. So far, 1,000+ calories burned this we KRISKECK 2 NANCYPAT1
1/17/18 11:12 A
I started a diet and isnsantly couldnt fight temptaion I gave in. I gave my self 2 days to get my mi IRISHQUEENXOXO 7 7STIGGYMT
1/15/18 1:02 P
43 years old and 246 pounds. I eat my emotions and am starting to have health issues. I struggle w JOANNA0874 82 MCJULIEO
1/15/18 7:03 P
I had a 1.2 lb gain this week 🙄 I know why..i wasn't TRACKING! I will dust off and keep on going. INKODINKO 9 RDCAGAIN10
1/11/18 1:17 P
Jillian Michael's 30 Minute Shred yesterday (Level 2 - it was challenging!) and a brisk walk at lunc KRISKECK 3 AMYG5025
1/10/18 10:58 A
Did Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred workout before 7 am! I like mixing cardio and strength training! KRISKECK 1 KRISKECK
1/9/18 2:43 P
Got on scale today after one week. No movement. Usually I would be discouraged but I’m not. My stoma JONIAL 3 ROBINVOTAW
1/9/18 1:11 P
Good morning! Starting a new job this morning! Wish me luck! KAYLEEVICTORIAX 303 GRACIE6121
1/8/18 5:58 P
Good morning. I'm back again trying to reverse all the bad habits that I've allowed back in my eatin SUNSHINE0612 14 SUNSHINE0612
1/8/18 7:41 A
Slipped up! But I can do better tomorrow SILVERTOMORROW 5 KRISKECK
1/5/18 5:02 P
So yesterday I bought organic coconut date balls. They only contain dates and coconut. I thought, KATIPOOH 4 KATIPOOH
1/5/18 6:32 P
Just starting out... Day 1... my weight is 233.9.. the absolute heaviest I have ever been... the tim DEBBIE0708 33 TMP0418
1/3/18 7:06 P
Posted a photo ALMOSTAVEGAN 194 MOGLO61
1/3/18 8:54 P
Pilates done for the day... and I'm smiling! KRISKECK 2 NANCYANNE55
1/3/18 10:42 A
Dinners for the week: Tuesday - lentil and ham soup, Wednesday - turkey chili, Thursday - spaghetti KRISKECK 1 KRISKECK
1/2/18 10:04 A
Happy New Year! Wishing everyone a success in all you work to achieve! KRISKECK 2 LEANJEAN6
1/2/18 7:20 A
Working hard and concentrating on my goals this week. Planning and tracking, motivating to exercise. KRISKECK 3 KACEYSW
12/21/17 1:41 P
Four months’ difference. August 2017 on left (185 lbs); December 2017 on right (160 lbs). I can real DARAELISE 177 PWILLOW1
12/20/17 9:14 P
My willpower is being tested today. LOTS of holiday treats all over my workplace. I have to keep rem AMYANN2005 13 NEEDACHANGE4ME
12/20/17 12:25 P
Despite giving in to cravings every now and then I’m still down almost 10 pounds. I don’t know why I HARRINGBONE825 9 KACKLEY5
12/21/17 4:04 A
#BeforeAndAfter 33 pounds different not done yet TCARTER29 28 FISHGUT3
12/20/17 4:39 P
Always best for me to have a plan before breakfast... And today I do! Yogurt for breakfast, salad f KRISKECK 6 LINDASOUTHER
12/19/17 1:19 P
I have a plan and I will stick to it today. KRISKECK 3 ESSENTIALLYME
12/18/17 4:37 P
#mobilechat. OK.. so I don't really know any of you. I'm Julianne from the UK. Liverpool to be exac SANTS77 19 BARRYHAPPY1
12/20/17 8:23 P