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Just wanted to share this super easy and super tasty snack I just concocted for the first time. Plai KPILVER 8 TESSWILDFLOWER
4/25/18 5:29 A
3/29/18 11:14 P
Day 3! I’ve never made it to day 3. I am proud of myself. RCHEESEMA 72 FIDDLISH
2/22/18 7:44 A
got in an argument with the blue dumpster and it kicked me to the curb! literally! got a bruised shi SKMINNY 3 I-AM-TITANIUM
2/11/18 11:11 P
Made shrimp spring rolls with spinach carrots avocado cucumber and onions✨ GOODXCHYNA 30 DAKOTAGRL852
2/12/18 2:43 A
Dinner and Dessert. Macros are a little off today but I still stayed within my calorie range. Not go KPILVER 7 TCANNO
2/12/18 4:00 A
Trying a new addition to my fruit salad. First time eating aloe. Testing out ways to get more B vita KPILVER 8 JO88BAKO
2/10/18 10:23 P
I just like water plain or with a tsp of apple cider vinegar. #h2whoa GRANDMA4U 2 KPILVER
2/10/18 9:43 P
Went out to dinner with fam’ and had a delicious angus beef burger with Swiss cheese, fries & fried JULZ09 6 KATBRUNNER
2/10/18 10:09 P
Thinking of trying intermittent fasting. Does anyone have stories to share? AMYSTERDAM 10 ELYSIAN_DREAMS
2/8/18 12:25 A
Focusing on eating more foods with iron, folate, zinc and b vitamins. Sautéed some pre sliced baby b KPILVER 3 LINOVER
2/7/18 9:09 P
Be proud but never satisfied. PABLO12689 177 BILLTHOMSON
2/8/18 8:41 A
I know I'm always eating weird stuff. Playing with my food is fun! Today I'm getting crazy with my p KPILVER 6 KPILVER
2/7/18 3:32 P
Any exercise suggestions? FOREVERCHERIA 5 FRISKYCRITTER
2/7/18 7:44 P
I really need some advice. I have issues even coming close to my 2000 calories on my days where I'm PHOENIXKISS 6 PHOENIXKISS
2/7/18 2:56 P
Dinner and dessert! Got my macros pretty close today and made my fiber goal! Made my iron goal thro KPILVER 4 TCANNO
2/4/18 11:07 P
Mary's gone crackers (seaweed and black sesame) and a little smoked oyster yogurt dip. I know this i KPILVER 10 ALLENJOSEPH
2/4/18 8:55 P
Ate 2200 calories, but my regular intake ranges from 1500 to 1800. I overate today due to this super MMARTEX1 6 REEDSKI
2/4/18 10:00 P
Second day in a row walking 3.5 miles with my little friend 🐕 my feet hurt but the payoff is worth SPRINGMARY 26 ALALADY
2/4/18 9:06 P
Soup is made for the week! #prepiskey https://recipes.sparkpeople.c com/recipe-detail.asp?recipe=334 METAGODDESS 9 REEDSKI
2/4/18 9:58 P
Definitely need some practice to perfect this guy. Chase from Paw Patrol hopefully better next time! BLUTHER16 9 REEDSKI
2/4/18 9:57 P
I'm sorry to be annoying but I'm seeking help. Has anyone tried this? PAMMIESUE81 9 WLHOPE
2/4/18 8:34 P
Just read an article about taking cold says it can help boost weight loss..has anyone el VICTUSGIRL 7 ANDYLATG4
2/4/18 11:19 P
Squeezed in a quick workout, not too bad. Now to cool off and relax for the night. :) W2GFIT 10 W2GFIT
2/4/18 8:14 P
Doing bad tonight due to game eat pizza drink soda EMPIREGIRL102 6 EMPIREGIRL102
2/10/18 4:55 P
I finally did it! I hiked Mt. Rubidoux yesterday. Took forever but I did it. Also, the tail end of FIREBRTHR 301 NEWGIRL125
2/4/18 10:08 P
So glad when I made a giant salad for dinner last night I put some of the veggies aside. Just had to KPILVER 10 YMWONG22
2/2/18 9:53 P
Tonight's dinner was amazing and healthy. Pan seared sea scallops with southwestern rice. STAGEHAND1634 22 KPILVER
2/2/18 12:48 A
Any one else struggle with tracking on the days they go to Costco and their are samples? What do you SCUDDMISSILE 6 MSMITCHELL2696
2/2/18 7:55 A
Posted a goal KPILVER 8 YMWONG22
2/2/18 1:13 A
Just posted this heavenly Keto French toast recipe on my blog. CTYONIT 19 CKOUDSI617
2/3/18 5:57 P
I work at a pizza place and it can be hard to resist free food as a college kid with rent to pay but FEATHER1239 6 JHADZHIA
2/2/18 12:54 A
Midnight snack. Apples, blueberries, honey, cinnamon and crushed mixed nuts. KPILVER 9 APPEALSTOME
2/2/18 3:28 A
Yummy 110 calories 4 strawberries cut into 4 and half bananna so i messed up yesterday i was -68calo SARAPITCH 9 QSHEPP
2/1/18 5:58 P
Hey guys, what is the least thing you like about going to the gym? NICKIKINNY 8 BILLTHOMSON
2/1/18 5:39 P
Its cold, snowy, and blowy here today so a cup of minestrone soup and big spinach salad is what's fo JEMMSIE 21 QSHEPP
2/1/18 5:57 P
Meal prep MERJOE77 7 PWILLOW1
1/28/18 10:19 P
Can anyone tell me about the SP mobile food tracker? I wished it was more like the computer version. BLANCHE_D 4 LILYSTARTSOVER
1/28/18 9:27 P
Catfish, Collards, Quinoa. Has a nice ring to it! KPILVER 6 LSANDY7
1/28/18 9:52 P
Just refilled my infuser water bottle with some fresh cukes, lemons and a couple strawberries! That' KPILVER 10 HEART261
1/28/18 12:14 P
I upgraded my ios and now this app pops up a jenny craig or other ad every time i add a food to my l SHAJOHNS 10 ARTJAC
1/26/18 5:43 P
Used the honey mustard yogurt dressing I made the other day as the finishing touch on this Salad. Qu KPILVER 3 SYLBA61
1/26/18 6:15 P
Lettuce, green pepper, onion, celery, avocado, tomato, fresh parsley, rosemary and sage, egg and tur KPILVER 7 TCANNO
1/23/18 10:46 P
Made myself a gluten free tuna noodle casserole. First time making a tuna noodle casserole ever. Sub KPILVER 5 FRISKYCRITTER
1/23/18 9:16 A
Not getting home until 9pm required a Plan B dinner. Soup plus extra chicken breast for protein. BEACHCHICA08 8 BEACHCHICA08
1/23/18 10:03 A
120 calorie bedtime snack TMP0418 25 DIALYSISCHIC1
1/23/18 9:28 P
I've lost 120 lbs. 30 more to go! Why is the last stretch SO HARD! 😅 SARAHEERICSON89 304 SARAHEERICSON89
1/23/18 6:56 A
Blueberries, bananas and apples with rice wine vinegar, lemon and honey dressing. Not the combinatio KPILVER 5 KPILVER
1/21/18 10:18 P
Snack time. Gluten free coconut chia cereal with bananas, blueberries and almond milk. KPILVER 6 FITGIGI0102
1/18/18 9:37 P
Just getting back on SP today! Been gone over 2 years. This time I am going to be using the low ca CIN3DEE2 7 CIN3DEE2
1/19/18 7:48 P
Taking a moment to appreciate how far I’ve come, but not forgetting that I’ve got more work to do to SWEETEPIPHANY 76 LADYARTIST41
1/18/18 7:59 P
Finding ways to meet my calcium goal. Second attem KPILVER 2 LEEWORD
1/18/18 3:42 P
At my favorite Greek spot. My server is adorable! KPILVER 6 GERRYH2
1/15/18 6:15 P
Jerk Chicken with Rice and Blackeyed Peas from my job plus my own personal addition of Avocado and a KPILVER 17 YAYOZHIK
1/14/18 11:53 P
#BeforeAndAfter 101 lbs weight loss SHESACOUNTRYSWE 178 TENISWHIZ
1/22/18 9:09 A
Here's dinner. Tuna salad made with smashed avocad KPILVER 17 BILLTHOMSON
1/14/18 9:57 A
#BeforeAndAfter. This before picture is after one TXSUNSHINE512 253 TENISWHIZ
1/22/18 9:11 A
My mother just passed this morning. I’m flying the 1100 miles to stay with my dad. Been passing th NEEDBU66 252 SMILINGBEAR
2/27/18 10:52 A
Trying a new snack food today. Figured cereal would motivate me to drink more almond milk so I can m KPILVER 3 MAZUR157
1/13/18 8:37 P
Homemade chicken piccata! I went easy on the carbs today so I could have this. I couldn't wait for a STEPHI85 13 SADIEMYERS
1/12/18 9:05 P
Not quite as exciting as yesterday's version which was smashed garlic, turkey bacon potatoes with gr KPILVER 6 DCWILLIAMS831
1/12/18 11:06 P
Made myself a little spiced hot cocoa. Only 60 calories, plus protein and calcium. Trying to meet my KPILVER 6 KPILVER
1/11/18 6:18 P
Tired as I am, I still managed to whip up a little something. Griddled Tilapia (with no calorie cook KPILVER 7 AGEE1944
1/11/18 7:10 P
Day 3 of my low fat diet is proving a huge struggle. The possibility of gallstones pain is keeping m SHAPEUPCHELLE 8 CONNIET88
1/10/18 8:56 P
1/10/18 4:06 P
Basmati rice pork stir fry. I think I watch to many Asian food tours. LOL 😄 But they eat a ton of w DIALYSISCHIC1 29 BILLTHOMSON
1/10/18 9:39 P
This is delicious mock wendys frosty. I got from SparkRecipes this is a Keeper😋❤️ CBULLIS1 11 SUESCHINCK
1/9/18 9:25 P
Amari playing in NC snow --- we got about 3 inches plus ice. DBELLE39 4 1CRAZYDOG
1/8/18 9:14 A
One of the best #keto treats! BARBEDWIREKITTY 14 BLESSOME
1/8/18 9:08 A
Last meal of the evening. Gluten Free Avocado Turk KPILVER 3 KPILVER
1/7/18 10:10 P
This sums up my Christmas and New Years. Getting back on track... MEEMERS2010 9 ENGELKUH89
1/8/18 8:04 P
Making some turkey bacon for my bedtime BLT! KPILVER 2 MNABOY
1/7/18 9:00 P
Ok here is the meal that made my pie chart perfect KPILVER 6 MJ7DM33
1/7/18 11:18 P
Did some walking and other exercises....was so mad this morning....exercised helped a little, but co DAWN1830 19 EO4WELLNESS
1/7/18 2:43 P
Was a bad week weight loss wise this week. Still having a problem getting all my calories in. But Iv SWEETEMTB 32 NOCALORIES
1/6/18 10:37 P