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6/24/18 3:27 P
2018 Ruby-lite Chat and Support Place TERMITEMOM 2447 KATHYJO56
6/24/18 11:47 P
6/24/18 10:08 P
NEW- How Many Log In Points Did You Get Today? TERMITEMOM 1169 TERMITEMOM
6/24/18 8:04 P
Happy Sunday! LALAP1012 3 KITT52
6/24/18 9:59 A
Some Motivation to get your Sunday started! #choosehealthyfoods #eatinghealthy #eatclean ALLMYMISTAKES 11 BILLTHOMSON
6/24/18 12:26 P
Bummed...after 196 day streak, I missed checking in yesterday! Busy week out of town twice, busier VICKI27655 6 KITT52
6/24/18 9:57 A
6/24/18 8:45 P
Good Morning & Happy Sunday Sparkers!! Hope everyone enjoys the day! BOOHOOBEAR 10 EO4WELLNESS
6/24/18 1:15 P
I went to the Dr this week.....he was very proud of my progress and is cheering me on (42lbs)! Down MSHIVER 8 BILLTHOMSON
6/24/18 12:30 P
Started easy morning workout routine-10 minutes stationary bike-10 minutes stretch and weights...fee BB50671 5 SEEKINGGIRL
6/24/18 5:39 P
I'm finally back from trip to Alaska and back at this Spark App. What a fantastic trip! OMG. I'm up DRINKALOTH2O 44 DRINKALOTH2O
6/24/18 8:26 P
6/24/18 8:43 P
Been away for awhile. Of course I’m up in weight. Moving forward. CECE2U 2 KITT52
6/24/18 9:52 A
Have a awesome day! LIVINGLOVINLIFE 25 STAR135000
6/24/18 11:20 P
Top O the morning to you! I made the spark people garden vegetable frittata recipe for my family las NORMANELIZAB1 2 KITT52
6/24/18 9:52 A
I am struggling to get my fasting number under control. I was recently diagnosed with type 2 and hav MY05KIDDOS 3 ITSASUNNYDAY
6/24/18 10:28 A
Can’t wait to see the beautiful destination this brings! Have a wonderful and Blessed Sunday! CHICKA40 7 MIZKAREN
6/24/18 11:35 A
Super grainy toast with peanut butter, apple, roasted green beans and zucchini— healthful, delicious LKMANNING7 15 AMYINTHEWILD
6/23/18 3:39 P
6/24/18 9:01 P
6/24/18 6:55 P
1900 calories today, 700 calorie deficit. Never realized how many calories I was taking in until I a JOSHDOC2010 9 TCANNO
6/23/18 3:31 A
Awesome!!! LILBRAT15 18 MLR_00
6/23/18 7:36 A
Busy day doing extra cleaning and moving furniture back in place after remodeling. #moveit MARYGOLD5 4 ECOAXUM
6/23/18 7:56 A
So do a lot of you on here stick to mostly fruits and veggies? I see a lot of post about eating tons HAPPS819 8 K-BOBETTY
6/23/18 6:25 A
Last day of vacation with hubby and grandaughters. Burger king and Dennys. The pig got out of its ca GMAM48 5 XNANNY
6/23/18 12:56 A
Nine fruit and veggies today! Yay! Even tried a new veggie for me, Bok Choy. I might have it again. 1965KAREN 9 EO4WELLNESS
6/23/18 8:36 P
Posted a goal NERDYMAMA2 24 RYCGIRL
6/23/18 8:28 A
Family had pepperoni and mushroom pizza with extra cheese tonight (my favorite) i opted for a fresh NAEBEES31 16 OCIKAT
6/23/18 6:13 A
Posted a photo MEMKEEPR 40 ALLYLIZZY
6/23/18 2:03 P
Whenever you’re pushing through the tough moments, find a way. If something is important to you and DEE107 15 JUDY1676
6/23/18 8:44 P
1.5 miles in 30 minutes #moveit STACIT0571 16 SEEKINGGIRL
6/23/18 2:46 P
We have a birthday to celebrate! PINKNFITCARLA 10 MINDYJ1
6/23/18 11:46 A
6/23/18 9:31 A
Cardio✔ Healthy breakfast ✔ Lunch & snacks packed for the day ✔ No lack of effort, now if i can avoi NESY316 10 YMWONG22
6/21/18 11:21 A
Here's my little walking buddy. A full-fledged service dog now. Way to go Mojo! REBECCAGEE 37 TESSWILDFLOWER
6/21/18 4:50 P
Slowly but surely JOSHDOC2010 3 YMWONG22
6/21/18 11:28 A
HELLO Spark People, This is my first time on the Spark People website and hopefully you can give me JOANNE179 6 GIGIT6742
6/21/18 12:42 P
Weight loss journey has stalled but obviously not stopped thankfully. From 250 lbs in February to 21 SHELLEYMCELROY6 15 JAY61
6/21/18 9:32 P
Hello everyone beautiful day here sun shinings probably gonna get warmer. Walked to work cause it wa SWEETBABYGIRL5 4 HELOVESUS
6/21/18 11:40 A
Posted a photo MARIAK88 5 MAYIE53
6/21/18 11:22 A
Posted a photo MARIAK88 9 MARIAK88
6/21/18 1:28 P
Bloodsugar before work SWEETBABYGIRL5 5 TERRI1458
6/21/18 11:17 A
Hi All. Happy Thursday! I have 2 servings of veggies and 1 serving of fruit with breakfast. :) Hap RECENTERED 15 RECENTERED
6/22/18 6:01 P
Posted a photo MARIAK88 6 LYLA_2015
6/21/18 11:35 A
6/21/18 10:54 P
6/20/18 11:57 P
Worked in the yard for 60 minutes. Now off to the gym. #moveit HEREWEGOAGAIN01 5 KITT52
6/20/18 7:39 P
80 minutes this morning. The scale said - get moving! #moveit TRULYNDEM 4 KITT52
6/20/18 7:38 P
Did a ballet barre workout today! #moveit MYKDSRDRVNMECRZ 5 KITT52
6/20/18 7:38 P
For the first time in my life, when I had extra time picking up my grandson from school, I took a wa ORTATK 11 KITT52
6/20/18 7:38 P
Made it two days in a row so far. Starting small to build better habits #moveit #moveit SGALYON0916 6 KITT52
6/20/18 7:38 P
148 minutes of walking/shopping with my wife in several stores. I accomplished my monthly goal of 10 BRUCELANGLEY 4 LILIANN400
6/20/18 8:04 P
Starting back today on an old habit I used to have: 2 sets of squats and calf raises when I brush my DEVONDRIVER 9 KITT52
6/20/18 7:37 P
I got off track the past few months but I have jumped back on the bus. I am excited to get started MRSPLANTLADY24 6 ALLYLIZZY
6/19/18 2:17 P
I need to lose weight for my health. I am always tired, I struggle with normal activities and findin LISADIANETURNBA 9 SARAHNRICKY1
6/19/18 12:42 P
Emotional eating is tough. And a vicious cycle and hard to break. I have dealt with it since I was 1 C33247 5 C33247
6/19/18 2:54 P
I have gone from size 3 XL to size large. I don't remember fitting into 'normal' sizes since high sc NANAOHMEN 9 FITWITHIN
6/19/18 4:09 P
Spent a long day with my sick sister, came home exhausted. Rested, talked to family and prayed. Feel LIVINGLOVINLIFE 20 CHERIRIDDELL
6/20/18 1:15 A
I wash a full load of dirty laundry while watching my Japanese play in their opening game in the Gro MOONDRAGON29 5 MOONDRAGON29
6/20/18 4:32 A
Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anythin JUDY1676 3 NANASUEH
6/20/18 11:37 A
Was given two giant bags of candy as end of the school year gifts. I put them on the communal break HPOFBC 4 HPOFBC
6/19/18 11:25 A
9yr old son, 3yr old & 5mo old daughter ❤️ My reas LORRAINE9311 13 LORRAINE9311
6/20/18 11:55 A
Good Morning!! This afternoon I am off to the gym.. I am in the 40 day summer challenge and the 100 CFREEDOM10 4 SEEKINGGIRL
6/19/18 4:43 P
Have a great Day, off to Teach my Class, last one today, then Summer Holidays for me.... JUDITH316 6 DEE107
6/20/18 12:48 A
6/20/18 4:22 A
6/24/18 8:04 P
6/20/18 9:58 A
Shoo worked out sanding my deck railings this morning, was easy to get my water in so far! Because MSSMILES65 5 SEEKINGGIRL
6/18/18 6:00 P
Starting a new challenge. 8 cups of water for 90 days! Who's with me? #h2whoa MISSA526 10 SEEKINGGIRL
6/18/18 6:00 P
Sipping will give you more wrinkles around your mouth #h2whoa KITT52 6 SPEDED2
6/18/18 9:51 P
Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. Jim Rohn #h2whoa 1CRAZYDOG 5 SEEKINGGIRL
6/18/18 5:59 P
Great day today being conscious of eating at a church fellowship meal. Brought my own lentils, barle BRUCELANGLEY 7 LIBR@RYL@DY
6/18/18 7:42 P
Had a good food day yesterday. Planned my meals and had lots of veggies and fruits. Have a great day GOLDTAG1 8 CHESTER47
6/19/18 9:58 A
Walked with Bella this morning. Developing a good habit. #foodfeats LADYBUG1943 6 CHESTER47
6/19/18 9:57 A