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NSV: I bought a size smaller jeans without trying them on. Just tried them on. They are just a tad t LADYREBEL75 13 MJ7DM33
2/25/21 8:14 P
If any of you are looking for low-impact walking/aerobic home workouts, I highly recommend Rick Bhul SYZYGY922 5 READY201811
2/25/21 7:43 P
Hello - my name is Karrenlynn and I am a CARB ADDICT. I love pasta, rice, potatoes, bread and anyth KARRENLYNN 16 TLV106
2/25/21 10:12 P
#BeforeAndAfter Working out Wednesday! On a side note have been holding on to this shirt for many ye GREENEMERALDGRL 11 KNEESOCKS1945
2/24/21 11:16 P
Day three of me starting over. Again. But I started. PIPPAMOUSE 4 RETAT60
2/24/21 10:39 P
So happy my blood sugars are back down to normal limits. Tomorrow will be a week since I started bac SKYFLIER49 4 EEJAA70
2/24/21 11:30 P
Slow and steady but got a 15 minute walk done. My health issues are too many to list but I do have t SKYFLIER49 7 GREYGIN
2/25/21 3:32 P
Mindset Reset. So important. SPARKLYEYES71 4 EVIE4NOW
2/24/21 11:25 P
Walked 3 laps in walmart 3TIMESAMOM 5 KNEESOCKS1945
2/24/21 11:10 P
I'm still learning to navigate the feeds, posts, friend pages, and interaction parts of the sparkpe KARRENLYNN 13 TSINSIN002
2/25/21 12:08 P
"I know it's tragic the Wi-Fi isn't working, but let me tell you a story of catastrophic proportions NANASUEH 31 KARRENLYNN
2/24/21 7:41 P
2/24/21 11:02 P
After months of work I finally did a full chin up!!! REJOYCE429 7 GEORGE815
2/24/21 7:53 P
Yes, I have a large weight goal, but since this time around I'm just working on 2 lbs a week and 1 c KARRENLYNN 18 TSINSIN002
2/25/21 12:10 P
This is me before Jenny Craig. I started January 17, 2021. I am almost 20 pounds down now but I stil AMUSICALLIFE 34 WHITECAT19
2/23/21 12:19 A
It is finally getting nice out side. So decided to go for a walk with the kids HAPPYMAMA2020 4 RUTHSHEPHERD1
2/22/21 3:31 P
Late lunch, but back on track. Spinach salad greens, tomato, walnuts, avocado, shredded cheese and QSIESUE1960 6 BARBIEE52
2/22/21 6:22 P
Ok scale, stick to your number, today I don't care because I lost 19 lbs so far and today I went sho KARRENLYNN 33 JTHEALTHY1
2/22/21 8:15 A
Everyone who was on a health journey with me bailed out. I also ended up not being able to afford th PLUSULTRAGOALS 13 CLAIREMC65
2/19/21 8:33 P
I'm curious - do most of you follow a particular diet plan or more just tweak your bad habits? Pers KARRENLYNN 28 MNABOY
2/19/21 9:26 P
Well, just ate my "normal" food yesterday on my 1st day. Yikes, was an eye opener with calorie amoun SKYFLIER49 5 GEORGE815
2/19/21 3:58 P
Gearing up for another weekend at work. So this is really my Monday! Looking forward to getting DANIRENEE2015 3 GEORGE815
2/19/21 3:57 P
527 days streak going on. If you would have told i would still be going strong on losing weight afte SBLACKWELL93 7 GEORGE815
2/19/21 3:56 P
Today I did a 45 minute HasFit Kettlebell workout πŸ’ͺ. I used my 5 lbs weights. Does anyone here do FROGROBYN 12 GEORGE815
2/19/21 3:51 P
Have you ever avoided weighing yourself because you were sure you'd gained a lot of weight? I've bee BIRDLOVER-CJ 33 WHITECAT19
2/19/21 11:52 P
Half way to my 10 day tracking goal! PIESKIN 3 GEORGE815
2/19/21 3:52 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 9 SPEDED2
2/18/21 5:09 P
Vegan β€œbeef” stew for lunch, delish! -KARMA- 8 EMVARGO
2/18/21 8:16 P
I’ve lost 2 lbs since Sunday πŸŽ‰ REJOYCE429 2 KARRENLYNN
2/18/21 11:10 A
So while I was disappointed the scale didn't give me the 1 - 2 lb loss that I hoped for this morning KARRENLYNN 8 LITTLEFLOWERTC
2/18/21 1:18 P
2/18/21 11:26 P
I think I'm going to try intermittent fasting. Just an idea to change things up a bit. Routine a DANIRENEE2015 3 CREAKYCAT
2/18/21 11:09 A
2/18/21 11:23 A
Happy Thursday Sparklers! So glad I was healthy enough to donate blood yesterday! Glad I'm eating KARRENLYNN 22 CHERRYZMB60
2/18/21 5:13 P
Good morning sparklers. You know I post a lot of funny stuff to keep our spirits up. I hope that a DM2020 24 75HEALTHYME
2/17/21 9:08 P
I love how my muscles feel after a workout and how much stronger and toned they feel when going abou KARRENLYNN 7 GETITDONE79
2/16/21 9:25 P
2/16/21 10:47 A
No Sweetheart, you’re just beautiful being YOU! ❀️ YOGA1973 13 PWILLOW1
2/15/21 9:43 P
Happy St Valentines Day EEYOUNG2020 17 FROLICINFLORIDA
2/15/21 12:45 A
Today's stats. I'm proud. Really the first weekend in a while that I've been able to really stay on CALAMITY55 15 DWROBERGE
2/15/21 2:02 A
This is my Great Granddaughter Ava Lee born on Feb 12. Absolutely beautiful. My Dads first great gre RKEKES1968 34 MOMMACAT57
2/15/21 10:48 A
Happy Valentine's Day Sparklers! You're #1 Valentine is you so treat yourself with love and respect KARRENLYNN 13 SWEET_HONEY_BEE
2/14/21 7:49 P
2/14/21 9:04 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 12 ERIN_POSCH
2/14/21 9:58 A
Housecleaning day SISSYFEB48 5 SPEDED2
2/13/21 9:40 P
Pulled into store and had a visitor πŸ˜ŒπŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜ BRAZENRAINBOW 28 ROCKYCATSMAMMA
2/14/21 10:56 A
Any advice on getting off of a LONG plateau? FRAUDIANE 5 YOGA1973
2/13/21 7:36 P
I'm still, probably always going to have a close relationship with my bathroom scale, but I can now KARRENLYNN 7 STARS2000
2/13/21 10:57 P
Posted a photo KRISTIN1868 20 CHERRYZMB60
2/13/21 11:08 P
2/14/21 9:59 A
Big, huge, gigantic snow plows used in northern tier states. USAF-RETIRED 13 DEE107
2/13/21 9:53 P
Got 81 miles walking this week TCANNO 5 QUARTERMASTER3
2/13/21 6:22 P
I didnt think I was going to make it today, but I pushed myself AND I did it!!! 20 minutes on the st CALAMITY55 10 PHATPAT18
2/14/21 8:32 A
Posted a photo MARIAK88 15 EVIE4NOW
2/11/21 11:42 P
I started this journey, yet again January 11 and today it's been 1 month and I have lost 15 pounds! 19TWEETY66 29 TOMATOCAFEGAL
2/12/21 4:41 P
A different kind of accountability post tonight for #goalfeats and #foodfeats.... I was just β€œmeh” o STILLSPARKLEIGH 27 JUNETTA2002
2/12/21 3:09 P
Today was good day. I wasn't perfect, but I had lunch with my friend and I'm learning to eat slower KARRENLYNN 13 JULIEA7201
2/11/21 9:28 P
Happy Wednesday Sparklers! Today I'm going to find some cool new recipes or tweak some favorites an KARRENLYNN 12 GEORGE815
2/10/21 5:55 P
Good Morning Sparklers! Every day is different, but I'm discovering that for me, having a positive KARRENLYNN 23 KAYDE53
2/9/21 5:23 P
Hello Sparkers!! Tuesday morning and it is snowing again. Hope everyone is safe, warm, happy and s DM2020 62 KAYDE53
2/9/21 5:25 P
#BeforeAndAfter little changes can make a lot of difference. One of the changes i made was to give u CHANGING-TURTLE 297 WIDARLING
2/13/21 6:53 A
Lost a total of 120 pounds! Woo hoo! Happy Dance πŸ’ƒπŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈπŸ’ƒπŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ KGUSHUE 44 CHERRYZMB60
2/8/21 10:03 P
Today is day 14. I'm beginning to notice more energy. I think I am sleeping better, too. I have lost LOJE2012 44 NAVYWIFESKI
2/8/21 8:52 P
I haven't posted in months. I'm finely out of the 190's and I want to keep it going. It's hard to lo 77SUNFLOWER3 18 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
2/9/21 6:46 P
Ever have a day when can't concentrate on your work out. It seems annoying and you just can't get it SBLACKWELL93 4 LITTLEFLOWERTC
2/8/21 3:26 P
2/8/21 4:32 P
I was craving oats BLANCAROMERO4 26 GEORGE815
2/8/21 2:50 P
This weekend was not a good one for my 5 commitments - 1. water first - 2. veggies most - 3. Daily KARRENLYNN 11 GEORGE815
2/8/21 2:54 P
Happy Monday! It’s a new week and this week I am focusing on trying to get things back to normal af DRBENGSCH2021 5 GEORGE815
2/8/21 3:01 P
"I'm not much on seizing the day. I just kinda poke it with a stick." NANASUEH 14 TERMITEMOM
2/8/21 10:54 P
Thanking God for that trip around the sun, sobriety, clarity, another day to go harder, give back an MSMOSTIMPROVED 184 FUNLOVEN
2/19/21 3:26 P
THANKING GOD FOR ANOTHER TRIP AROUND THE SUN! Birthday #46 started with my daughter and a healthy sl MSMOSTIMPROVED 222 METAFUKARI
2/9/21 6:30 P
Bedtime Snack... Way Too Many Calories... Planned it, Tracked it, Enjoyed it, No Regrets! Sleep We CATWMNCAT 23 GINNABOOTS
2/7/21 8:27 A
I had someone comment on a post of mine telling me that "based on my profile picture- based on my we KOBRIEN13 19 ALLYLIZZY
2/7/21 12:54 A
Any tips on how to recover after gaining 2 pounds from one cheat day? 😩 CAITWHITE 10 MS_TWISTER
2/6/21 11:57 P