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Working on my BODY IMAGE - Part 1 It's weird when you realize, Your mental image of your body HA PELESJEWEL 100 PEPSAB
6/12/18 6:51 P
I’m working on #9. #h2whoa SEEKINGGIRL 5 1965KAREN
6/11/18 8:23 P
Getting back into the swing of things with exercise has been challenging. I've been biking, but I ne OPTICALXILLUSIO 7 OPTICALXILLUSIO
6/11/18 9:08 P
Today isn't my day. Nothing bad has happen or anything but I am so angry. I dont kno why but all I f SAMMEB17 10 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
6/11/18 10:54 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 4 CHEIVOUS
6/11/18 7:50 P
6/11/18 6:21 P
Had a busy weekend painting and reconfiguring the living room before my mother-in-law arrives in Jul KACEYSW 6 EDLEAR
6/12/18 4:45 A
I’ve gained 25 lbs. I know it doesn’t look like I need to lose that much. I’d be happy with 15. I wo TUBBI816 21 MDOWER1
6/10/18 8:41 P
Planned, ate healthy & drank a ton of water. I’m feeling good 😎 #foodfeats SUZEEQ13 11 TOMATOCAFEGAL
6/11/18 4:17 P
Another week down! Here’s to the next one ❤️ BIZZIEE 8 STEVE4476
6/10/18 5:55 P
I finally got a chance to swim in the ocean today. THEOTHERJENNY 5 4CONNIESHEALTH
6/10/18 5:29 P
#BeforeAndAfter #crushinggoals RAESJOURNEY 196 TKFRIEND
6/11/18 9:10 A
I ran a 5K for a greyhound adoption group this morning. I would love to decrease my time by 15 minu CAROL020 3 KACEYSW
6/10/18 5:12 P
It is amazing how many calories you burn in the water. I did 15 mins of jogging and 15 mins water ar FLOYDPAULEY 4 WEIGHTLOSSMA0
6/10/18 5:25 P
6/11/18 7:13 P
Posted a photo DEBSANKS 21 ZINGIE825
6/11/18 9:55 A
Got in 8 so far today. #h2whoa QUARTERMASTER3 5 INTERWESTCONSUL
6/10/18 6:44 P
Shock & Awe - Went shopping for business suits today, an PELESJEWEL 118 CATHYSFITLIFE
6/11/18 7:37 P
This is probably my last post. This is the first time i looked at of picture of me .an actually thou KEN1237 24 KACEYSW
6/10/18 12:50 A
My first time having cauliflower pizza. I wouldn’t SHOCOSS 19 SHOCOSS
6/10/18 11:00 A
Woke up early this morning to go for a walk in the park with my beautiful daughter and furbaby. It w LINDAG2018 14 KACEYSW
6/10/18 12:49 A
Congratulations to #Justify #Triplecrownwinner2018 SHOCOSS 8 AMYISSUCCEEDING
6/9/18 10:02 P
OMG! I went shopping for some new shorts today and I was able to get size 16! I used to be a 22, som SARAH_ANNE_D 4 MNEME2
6/9/18 9:30 P
I've gone from 260 to 210lbs but have been really having trouble staying on track lately. I just can COUNTRYMUM85 84 COUNTRYMUM85
6/13/18 2:52 A
Tomorrow I run my first 10K! A little nervous but I think I'm ready! Mind over matter, that all I ne MC_DOWELL_BETH 16 MIYAMO
6/7/18 6:37 P
Shut up stomach you're not hungry. ERIKGRIFFITHS 9 HELLOHOLLY76
6/7/18 8:38 P
Last night I was trying to goal set. One was 500 minutes of exercise for the month of June. So until JUST_KAREN 14 DAWNWATERWOMAN
6/8/18 10:37 A
Dr. appointment went well, and she was happy with my weight loss,which I felt was not as significant SCHMUNZELN 4 TMP0418
6/7/18 4:25 P
Be outside in nature is wonderful. GARDENSFORLIFE 20 CATHYSFITLIFE
6/7/18 8:14 P
Smoothie prep! I always add "secret" ingredients that add nutrients! This time I added cauliflower t AGENTPANDA 13 AGENTPANDA
6/7/18 8:21 P
I was just diagnosed with lupus, which explains the difficulties I have had for the last 2 years. On KACEYSW 6 HELLOHOLLY76
6/7/18 8:37 P
We are determined. In our 3 rd week of rain everyday but we are still walking. JMEK1006 9 KACEYSW
6/6/18 1:52 P
6/6/18 1:59 P
6/6/18 2:54 P
Getting back on track - 2 fruits so far today. I do feel a lot better even with 3 fruit/veggie serv MRSJANG 3 ANHELIC
6/6/18 2:41 P
6/6/18 2:10 P
After 2 days of putting my bike together after a pothole incident, I rode 10.73 miles. HAPPY, HAPPY BCHARIE 7 XNANNY
6/6/18 1:16 P
Posted a photo BOOHOOBEAR 7 PRIMROSE128
6/7/18 12:37 P
3 mile recovery run! 3 more days un till my first 10k yikes, then time to continue training for a ha MC_DOWELL_BETH 4 MIRAGE727
6/6/18 9:18 A
My niece Chass graduation 👩‍🎓 she is 4 KEENA47 10 MIRAGE727
6/6/18 9:17 A
I think I might have created a new profile. I haven’t been on in over a year. I’ve gained over 30 po MEGILIN 5 KACEYSW
6/5/18 1:51 P
Nothing is impossible! 2 years ago I got winded walking, now I'm training for a Marathon and Triatha MC_DOWELL_BETH 244 MC_DOWELL_BETH
6/7/18 3:30 P
I've been starting a garden for exercise and fresh produce. Today I see a zucchini bloom! JLLEOS57 6 LANNE6
6/5/18 2:29 P
Surf and turf skewers. Drizzled with mock honey mustard sauce . Mock honey mustard , well call it X-TINAKETOFIED 7 EVANS1848
6/5/18 8:51 P
Almost in one Roland 😍🤗 MSLISAGEE74 7 LALATIDAH
6/5/18 2:15 P
Today: Treadmill gym Fat burn 22% 41 min 527 kcal ISNESS 5 GRAVITYFIGHTING
6/5/18 1:54 P
If the law defines your ethics, you don't have any! (Irving Kristol) OBIESMOM2 2 KACEYSW
6/5/18 1:48 P
I recently found out I have Hoshimotos. Relearning how to eat for my new lifestyle. Excited to se KELSEYMOM96 10 KELSEYMOM96
6/5/18 3:45 P
Posted a photo AC5ME 4 DIXIE-LUSH
6/5/18 2:47 P
Have you tried these? They have been recommended to me. I think I am going to pick some up at Publ THEPURPLEBUNNI 19 THEPURPLEBUNNI
6/6/18 1:17 P
6/5/18 7:24 A
Lunch quick and easy salad! KRISSYVICORY01 19 KRISSYVICORY01
6/5/18 12:49 P
Iam back! Been off the spark grid for awhile life TWINKLE30TOES 5 GEORGE815
6/4/18 3:11 P
Score for this morning! I woke up at the butt crack of dawn in order to have enough time to do this— KATIEJADIE17 20 K-BOBETTY
6/4/18 3:04 P
Two 16 oz bottles down, 2 more to go! #h2whoa SOOKIE 6 1CRAZYDOG
6/5/18 10:59 A
6/5/18 9:43 A
6/4/18 6:00 P
UPDATE: Went to see my GP today. He says its most likely an inner ear thing causing all the troubl ANNIEANNYANNEE 4 PELESJEWEL
6/5/18 2:05 P
I turned to raw vegan its been 2 weeks and i feel great . APRILEIGHT 3 GEORGE815
6/4/18 3:07 P
Today's blog is posted: "Playing the hand I'm dealt genetically." CAROLYNINJOY1 7 I-AM-TITANIUM
6/5/18 5:01 A
The things you see while out walking #nature #walk KELLEYNICOLE30 8 GEORGE815
6/4/18 3:00 P
Only 3 more days of school! It will be a challenge to get in my walking everyday without the routine GMAM48 4 GARDENCHRIS
6/4/18 8:50 A
great job I lust joined and I already feel better now I have to get to my goal #getgoals GOLDENROSE6 5 ZRIE014
6/4/18 12:47 A
I did a dry fast today DDICKSON43 3 KACEYSW
6/4/18 12:11 A
Took a break this weekend, but tomorrow it's ELF41978 17 BCHARIE
6/4/18 1:35 A
Did something different since I was home. with my vegetarian roommate. I made black bean burgers an BIONICMANGO 11 JHADZHIA
6/4/18 1:35 A
Tired of being tired all the time, must push thru geyy exercise in and get things accomplished in an PENONE 7 JHADZHIA
6/4/18 1:34 A
6/4/18 5:40 A
Perseverance is going through the obstacle that is blocking your way to your goal. File that under t HAPPYMEG 17 BCHARIE
6/4/18 1:34 A
Mostly beautiful day but the rain brought cooler air which was welcomed :) MSKIZ69 7 JHADZHIA
6/4/18 1:33 A
Posted a photo TRIO_MOM 13 JHADZHIA
6/4/18 1:31 A
I go back and forth from doing keto(lazy keto) or counting calories. I also do intermittent fasting KIMK87 6 OOLALA53
5/30/18 1:03 A
Chose water over sweet tea. #justsaidno JENTILE3 5 ZRIE014
5/30/18 12:46 A
A very full and sweaty day! Sore but happy!!:) MSKIZ69 9 PRAIRIECROCUS
5/30/18 1:01 A
I met my goal of drinking water and gym. Feel good. one day at a time.😁😁😁 VIRI1024 5 WHYTEBROWN
5/30/18 12:54 A