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A small victory today. I met my water goal and stuck with fruits and veggies all day. No extras!! SMILEY82 7 UNICORN280
4/29/19 8:27 P
3.5 mile walk today. SIMPLY_JAE 31 GARDENCHRIS
4/30/19 1:37 P
Here's hoping Tuesday is a kinder, gentler day! ALASKINI 4 LKEITHO
4/29/19 8:25 P
4/30/19 3:03 P
SOoooooo proud! Almost ordered Baskin Robbins on Door Dash, and right before I hit the "place order" ASF220 45 YMWONG22
4/30/19 11:17 A
4/29/19 9:18 P
Awesome dinner K1TT3N 1 K1TT3N
4/29/19 8:17 P
Started the 21 flat belly fix , the tea does not taste bad , I just don't like the consistency K1TT3N 2 EO4WELLNESS
4/29/19 11:30 A
Thanks Fitbit!! Another 3.9lbs and I'll get my 100 DOUBLELSMOM 61 QUARTERMASTER3
4/29/19 6:57 P
Oh my gosh!!! I flipping did it!!! I’m crying! I made it to onederland y’all!!! I am bawling! TEXASHSMOMOF3 305 BKOIVIS
5/1/19 11:55 A
Enjoyed walking my dog on this beautiful day! I'm blessed! N33D2LOSE50 6 BARBWMS
3/24/19 6:05 P
Finally it's just about making decisions. I have no cravings, I'm rarely hungry and I know exactly BLESSOME 7 STAR135000
3/24/19 10:13 P
Well another day of sun..but snow is rolling in tonight 🙂 got some authentic exercise in taking car GHELBY 15 GHELBY
3/24/19 9:32 P
3/25/19 11:55 A
Broiled teriyaki chicken, vegetables, and rice. What’s for dinner? KITTY5060 24 JUSTME_MRSK
3/25/19 9:28 A
Can we run the world ? ANGDAV45 9 GEORGE815
3/24/19 8:26 P
My helper with the weekly meal prepping DYSERT 9 GEORGE815
3/24/19 8:06 P
2nd lake for the day a total of 6.2 miles #feelinggreat MISSYJ0507 11 DEE107
3/25/19 12:06 A
3/25/19 7:32 P
Ready for the week!!! MISSALISSA1575 53 MISSALISSA1575
3/24/19 8:49 P
Had awesome 3.3 miles walk with hubby doing pokemon go K1TT3N 3 GEORGE815
3/24/19 8:28 P
Want to lose weight to have more energy to run around and Chase my granddaughter as she grows up. To LISACARTERHALSE 12 BONNIE1552
2/11/19 6:39 P
25 today so far #moveit K1TT3N 1 K1TT3N
2/11/19 3:17 P
44 pounds since surgery. FINDING_IVY 25 KAYDE53
2/11/19 3:57 P
Weekly weigh in. I am down another 1.4 pounds. I am 5.2 pounds away from my first goal. 😀💪 KPARTX31 27 ALLYLIZZY
2/11/19 6:59 P
Happy Monday! BETH001DFW 22 NYLAURA1
2/11/19 6:53 P
Vegetable barley soup was lunch today. Filling n healthy. Serving size 3c. Cals 231, fat 1, carbs AKELLY45 18 AKELLY45
2/12/19 1:03 A
#BeforeAndAfter A Before and after of my face it helps to do these sometimes to keep me in check and JEANA45 55 MISSADJUST
2/26/19 7:38 A
Stepping it up K1TT3N 2 HOTPINKCAMARO49
2/11/19 3:13 P
6 months TODAY - and counting! I'm retired from the drinking life and couldn't be happier (and healt HEALTHY4LIFE360 159 EDLEAR
2/15/19 2:58 P
Wishing you all a Great Day ahead... JUDITH316 14 PICKIE98
11/8/18 2:44 P
Another “before” pic. I can’t wait for my after. My kids and I deserve it. TIKISHA_LEI 12 GEORGE815
11/7/18 4:13 P
So glad that the election is over and the political bashing ads have subsided! NEWFLABULESS 7 GEORGE815
11/7/18 4:13 P
Posted a photo SLASALLE 24 GEORGE815
11/7/18 4:12 P
Saskatoons , Evans cherries and blueberries.. shake prep is so yummy 🌸 BUSYBERRY 12 GEORGE815
11/7/18 4:12 P
Posted a photo ASHR0DRIGU3Z 6 GEORGE815
11/7/18 4:10 P
Thank you so much . I am trying so much and appreciate the support. Have you been successful? LAVERNE5050 4 GEORGE815
11/7/18 4:09 P
😏 A Chuckle for your day 😏 CLO333 36 BCHARIE
11/7/18 4:38 P
Got into a size 8 jeans! Down from a size 10 WOO HOO NEWANDIMPROVED 11 GEORGE815
11/7/18 4:06 P
Started this one 5 days ago and just finished it. Used ultra fine tip markers to color this one. #Me ST3PH 7 GEORGE815
11/7/18 4:07 P
A year ago my fiancee and I started our weight loss journey, and it has been so great! After hitting CROOKERS 20 FENELONFILLY
11/12/18 11:30 P
My talking scale must need new batteries. It said I was 30 pounds lighter! Wait, maybe I won't cha HOPEFULHIPPO 7 MRSFANCYLADY
11/9/18 4:59 P
I admit it freely!! Good morning beautiful Sparkers!! Happy Hump Day!! Have an amazing goal crushing JAME0817 194 MEAGOP
11/7/18 8:50 P
I just have to share that I feel so strong today! There is a literal spring in my step & a tightness FFWONDERWOMAN 17 BCHARIE
11/7/18 4:29 P
40 pounds gone praise the Lord!! ECOLLINS117 121 NOCALORIES
11/7/18 6:24 P
Little happy dance as I rush off to work! YISKAMIRYAM 140 IGSBETH
11/8/18 6:34 P
Refused to buy hips are made of soda REMIPOO 22 MDOWER1
11/7/18 5:18 P
Thanks for all the comments! I appreciate it! #tr ALICIA0725 310 ALICIA0725
11/9/18 10:10 A
Posted a photo CANADIAN73 5 ILENEJ
11/5/18 3:48 P
Weekly Weigh In and my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of my re-start! Down a total of 76lbs. I was a little TEXASHSMOMOF3 29 NUMBER1PUMPKIN
11/5/18 8:12 P
This healthy snack contains proteins, fats, and carbs, and will keep me full until my 1 PM lunch slo GRATTECIELLA 22 BOOTYLICIOUS83
11/20/18 8:21 A
Lost 2 inches on my waist this month. Treated myself to super soft robe. My old robe is 2 sizes bigg JULIE8265 114 ATZIONCH
11/5/18 4:40 P
Celebrating my 46th Birthday Today! Start Weight was 355lbs in 2016. Toady I've been hovering at 239 ALOFA0509 124 GRANDMABEAST63
11/8/18 4:23 A
#BeforeAndAfter You can't quite see me in August, but I weighed 420lbs. I've posted my progress befo BIGTB93 213 GRETCHEN1002
11/11/18 2:56 P
Got in exercise early this morning. #moveit MARYGOLD5 11 JUDY1676
11/4/18 10:13 P
Bought a magazine instead of chocolate. #babysteps ALICIA363 8 K1TT3N
11/4/18 7:10 P
Had a hard time leaving the U.P. yesterday. We said goodbye to my Aunt and it was hard, but she live HEATHERMARIE321 21 HEATHERMARIE321
11/4/18 8:11 P
Took an evening walk along the beach. DREAMERSPIRITT 17 K1TT3N
11/4/18 7:09 P
#BeforeAndAfter I FINALLY saw the number 1 on that scale! It's been since middle school, long over d JESSICALEARLY02 253 JESSICALEARLY02
1/20/19 8:16 P
Non scale victory to discover I can walk at a higher pace for longer! MRSPOTATOHEAD83 7 BONNIE1552
11/5/18 5:27 A
Haven't been eating or getting my water in like I should but tomorrow is the start of new week to ge JENNABEAR2020 3 K1TT3N
11/4/18 7:08 P
Happy to be here! TALINA1WASH2 20 CLAIREMC65
11/4/18 10:48 P
Research has shown that people who drink plain water tend to have better diets. In one study, resear SKIMBRO 8 CHESTER47
11/5/18 10:28 A
I am home sweet home! F8CONE8 4 PICKIE98
11/5/18 2:31 P
I've met every goal I had for today - and even some that I didn't have. Feeling proud! CEEKAY2020 7 HEALIN1
11/4/18 7:47 P
40 minutes of yoga today #moveit GINGERMAMAMC 6 BILLTHOMSON
11/5/18 6:21 A
Weigh in 131- still really hate photos of myself! I think I could work on my arms and stomach- an KENNYBARBIE12 35 MARINEMAMA
11/17/18 2:17 P
😴 Good Night, Sweet Dreams! 😴 CLO333 15 PATRICIA-CR
11/5/18 9:23 A
Bragging on my husband!❤ I am so proud of him!😘 FITSISTA79 30 SOUTHTXXRNNR
11/5/18 11:53 A
Back to tracking and being accountable K1TT3N 4 LKEITHO
11/4/18 7:28 P
I am starting my journey to a better, healthier me. Im at 210 pounds and my goal is 185. I do bett ROSIE0804 29 CHERYLLTS
11/4/18 11:11 P
My cousin Jessica and I ❤️❤️❤️ KEENA47 10 KEENA47
11/6/18 6:52 A
Starting point is 250lbs. My goal is 140lbs. I can do this! QUEENSOWNEROS 119 ALLYLIZZY
11/5/18 11:17 A
So so sad that my kitten died. 😢 He used to love laying on my chest, so he could hear my heartbeat. AMYMBUNCH 16 PWILLOW1
10/23/18 4:23 P
I am a Grandma again! Meet Stella, our daughter’s baby girl. Her sisters are 13 and 9 years old. LINDAVB4251 147 COUNTRYCAROL1
10/30/18 8:11 P