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:-) Parker's advice today: Stop & smell the roses. JUSTFURKIDS 28 GMACAMI
5/27/19 12:36 A
I started stair climbing a couple of weeks ago. I could only climb for 10 minutes the first time and MOKACHYNA 9 RAERAERAE62
5/26/19 4:28 P
Posted a photo PATJOONWW 27 PWILLOW1
5/26/19 5:01 P
I made my own low-carb breakfast cereal! The recipe is from Quick Keto - Meals in 30 Minutes or Les GANBA20 22 GANBA20
5/26/19 12:48 P
Been up since 4'oclock this morning... Everything is done & ready πŸ€— The next 2 hours belong 2 ME! CINDY247 13 EO4WELLNESS
5/26/19 6:35 P
Make Time For You Today! Happy Sunday All! PELESJEWEL 31 CHERIRIDDELL
5/27/19 1:20 A
All right back down to 225 lbs 5 more pounds to go. Let's do it no excuses πŸ€ͺ HOOAH19766 17 AMYINTHEWILD
5/26/19 1:44 P
Hi everyone! I'm getting married in April. I want CHACKMAN20 103 LIBERALGODDESS
5/26/19 5:34 P
Hello everyone I’m beginning a new journey in my life. And need to reach my goal weight. Any advice LSANDERS121 7 BYEFATNANNY
5/26/19 2:11 P
Yesterday's batch of mini Crustless quiches might be the BEST EVER! Made with a ton of chard(steamed JUSTFURKIDS 18 JUSTFURKIDS
5/26/19 8:37 A
Had an endoscopy yesterday. Hiatal hernia, nodul SLJ1006 8 GEORGE815
5/23/19 6:19 P
For 2 weeks I haven't eaten a bedtime snack. That's huge for me. I always ate greenapples and peanut TAMMYB605 8 ALLYLIZZY
5/23/19 8:16 P
Another HUGE batch of Dinosaur Fodder picked fresh from the garden. Hopefully I can get around to ma JUSTFURKIDS 14 NDCAROL
5/25/19 11:08 A
Good morning SPARKlers! Harvesting SwissChard, Bok Choy, Strawberries & Purple Carrots. Watering & t JUSTFURKIDS 25 NDCAROL
5/25/19 11:10 A
I have lost 13 pounds so far..have a bunch more to go..but a good start. It has taken me since Janua CHOUSE87 11 CFRAPPE
5/22/19 10:16 P
80 lbs down since Jan 2019 Feeling Great NADIYA07 30 MYJOURNEY2021
5/22/19 10:20 P
good eating 5+ a day #eattherainbow KITTYHAWK1949 5 GEORGE815
5/22/19 6:52 P
Posted a photo FITBUNNY1 12 CINDYLOVING250
5/22/19 7:53 P
Life Lessons from me to you. :-) Whatever works! JUSTFURKIDS 31 1CRAZYDOG
5/23/19 1:05 P
Here is another victory!! I went down another pants size yesterday!! 24-12 😬😬😬😬 the last time I OPALLYNN16 273 PATJOONWW
5/23/19 10:54 A
Today is the day I start my Journey to becoming a healthier me. I have decided it’s time to do somet KAYLA22487 9 ALLYLIZZY
5/21/19 12:58 P
Posted a photo STONNERSWIFE 7 LOS101
5/21/19 10:42 A
Good morning Beautiful SPARKfamily. Back from my visit to FL to surprise Momma for Mother’s Day. Wis JUSTFURKIDS 28 NDCAROL
5/25/19 11:10 A
If you believe it you CAN achieve it. Believe in yourself and you are halfway there. On that note, PAMBROWN62 22 ALLYLIZZY
5/20/19 2:22 P
Congratulations SparkPeople team mates for all that you do to make yourself more healthy. And just k REJOHNSON3 2 JUSTFURKIDS
5/20/19 6:42 A
Posted a photo BOOBERRY 14 JAMER123
5/19/19 11:08 P
Good morning spark family hope you all are having a wonderful weekend 😁 Here goes a side by side ca TMP0418 164 QUARTERMASTER3
5/19/19 7:43 P
Today is the day I finally get all my water... I’m doing this!! #h2whoa GINGERREDGIRL 3 JUSTFURKIDS
5/6/19 12:22 P
Happy Monday. I was off grid a couple days. Was off for my birthday. I didn't do great, but not bad AMMAW_S 4 PATRICIAAK
5/6/19 12:35 P
I’ve been doing Eat to Perform for a few months now, where the goal was just to maintain, but now th CARMEN213 4 JUSTFURKIDS
5/6/19 12:19 P
Got a nice walk in this morning!! ALL-NEW-SARAH 8 FISHGUT3
5/6/19 2:33 P
Breakfast from the garden this morning. Caught some pesky Jays feasting on my Everbearing strawberri JUSTFURKIDS 18 JAMER123
5/6/19 9:59 P
Good morning!!! I hit a major milestone this morning. As of today I've lost 150lbs πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’ͺ Self love HELLOHOLLY76 209 GEORGE815
5/6/19 7:20 P
Good morning SPARKlers! Happy Cinco De Mayo! JUSTFURKIDS 14 JUSTFURKIDS
5/6/19 8:20 A
Good morning SparkFamily! Happy Sunday! I had a great day yesterday. I had one goal to clean my bedr LIVINGHEALTHY16 42 ALLYLIZZY
5/5/19 1:03 P
Happy Star Wars Day and Derby Day! β€œMay the Forth Be With You!” Garden loves these humid overcast d JUSTFURKIDS 16 TMP0418
5/6/19 8:27 A
Established garden beds and the 4 new ones! Now to get it all planted before my week in Florida to s JUSTFURKIDS 47 JAMER123
5/5/19 12:11 A
Day 5. Small bump yesterday, but still on track. Didn't go to food to comfort myself. KWOOD1955 6 ALLYLIZZY
5/3/19 12:00 P
5/3/19 8:06 A
First let me say Thank you all for your sweet comments & wonderful prayers on behalf of my favorite JUSTFURKIDS 11 NDCAROL
5/4/19 12:27 P
Morning my fellow awesome sparkies!! Put some sparkle and laughter in your day!! 2B-ME-AGAIN 38 ALLYLIZZY
5/3/19 11:53 A
Posted a photo 2BDYNAMIC 26 WALLAHALLA
5/4/19 8:19 P
What do you do when your low carb dinner recipe is an epic fail? Stuff a bag of coleslaw in your bag MIAMI_LILLY 12 CHEIVOUS
5/3/19 3:37 P
Afternoon Sparky's, hope everybody's having a wonderful week so far!! Bottom picture not quite at my GPALMER2019 35 CHERIRIDDELL
5/3/19 1:20 A
Positive self talk!! The way you speak about yourself effects how you feel about yourself. KEEPITUP05 12 MJ7DM33
5/2/19 11:34 P
A veggie packed salad topped with 1/2 lb of haddock. I'm trying hard to mix things up so I don't get BUTTERNUTTS 13 YMWONG22
5/3/19 1:25 A
Guys! I've lost another size! 24-18!!!! I'm out of the 20s!!! WHAT?!?!?! THISIS4KELLY 131 THISIS4KELLY
5/3/19 1:19 P
5/1/19 2:46 P
Beautiful Azaleas, Roses, a happy husband and six overjoyed Kitchen Wolves greeted me upon my return JUSTFURKIDS 4 1CRAZYDOG
4/27/19 2:07 P
Happy Day Spark Family! Leaving tomorrow to join my Aunt in a hotel while my Uncle Dan has heart sur JUSTFURKIDS 24 JAMER123
4/21/19 11:43 P
It was a slow week, but I'm out of the 190's. This week I'm working to widen that margin. Down 13.2 JAZZYTREKKER 40 MUSICNUT
4/21/19 12:33 P
A my name is Alice ... A-Z GRATTECIELLA 7172 NEVERORNOW
5/26/19 5:45 P
Three Word Phrases A - Z LIGHTHOUSE0403 46376 PEGJW111
5/26/19 8:35 P
Three Syllable Words A to Z FAITHSTORY 39428 KMMR87
5/26/19 7:44 P
😁GOOD MORNING SPARK PEOPLE 😁..... whatever you believe, celebrate, or woke up to do today.... my w SPARKLEIGH61 28 REYNAJUST4KIX
4/21/19 6:57 P
Happy Easter, Spark People. Have lots of fun Easter egg hunting and exercising. πŸ‡ SANZIENE 15 PLATINUM755
4/21/19 8:48 A
Went into town for a walkabout and saw a Malaysian MSGNIX 10 FREEDOMSKEY
4/22/19 2:43 A
Happy Easter. 🐰 🌼 🌞 🐣 Have a happy,loving day with families DXTECH 19 ALLYLIZZY
4/21/19 11:59 A
I got up and out early this Easter Sunday - to beat the heat! trotted down tranquils lanes filled w SWEETENUFGILL 86 ILOVEROSES
4/22/19 8:42 A
Posted a photo SILVERWITCH59 13 RODC87
4/21/19 8:51 A
Happy Easter! May God bless you Alll! I am so thankful for this group. πŸ’œ SCHOPPEK 33 JANINEG53
4/21/19 10:05 A
Good morning Sparkers Meals planned and tracked. Wishing all of you a amazing Easter , Passover. STEEPERSLOUNGE 21 HOLLYM48
4/21/19 7:53 A
Another Easter smile for my SPARKpeeps! JUSTFURKIDS 20 HOLLYM48
4/21/19 7:53 A
Suddenly I am craving some eggs! Happy Saturday friends πŸ₯šπŸ³β™₯️ LADYARTIST41 33 LIZZIE138
4/20/19 2:09 P
Another day of all rain! Might as well have water outside of me as well as inside of me. #h2whoa KATHRYNGC 6 TOMATOCAFEGAL
4/20/19 11:53 P
Why do I wake up at 4am on my day off? Because there was an overachiever little bird in the tree out BABYBEE8 8 BABYBEE8
4/20/19 12:11 P
Good morning!! #moveit LOSEWEIGHT1212 4 ECOAXUM
4/20/19 1:40 P
Here in Miami for the week (another 4 days) helping my son. Not ready for the body shot yet but doin ICHABODNY 18 JOL1KEY2BOL3
4/22/19 1:36 P
I’m down 6lbs!!! We just got home from a spring break road trip. I planned ahead so I knew the best JENSAND99 17 LIZZIE138
4/20/19 2:12 P
Happy Easter Weekend to all my SPARK friends! You’re like family to me. Blessings to you and yours. JUSTFURKIDS 21 HOLLYM48
4/21/19 7:54 A
Chaneg one letter to make a new word GENCAT 124199 ZOEYBLU
5/26/19 10:32 A
5/26/19 12:04 P
REPLACE A LETTER (but do not rearrange letters) CRUISIN2LOSIN 117043 ZOEYBLU
5/26/19 1:58 P
Two Word Phrases A-Z LIGHTHOUSE0403 42393 JERSEYGIRL24
5/26/19 11:27 P
Word Association DEB62BIE62 2881 SUSANBEAMON
5/27/19 1:14 A