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Just for kicks ~ DGFOWLER 31 BARB4HEALTH
7/24/19 10:50 P
Back on the wagon! Giddup!!! 😏 JMGARDNERSMITH 6 ARTSPARK
7/24/19 11:05 A
A reminder to self! You are what you eat, so eat healthy! HAPPY-CATHE 16 HOLLYM48
5/9/19 6:04 P
Good late Morning β˜€ Got sweat miles in, plus gonna meet with my Run For God group for our last train MAYDAY62 20 MAYDAY62
5/7/19 10:49 P
Reason I work so hard #28! My monthly yummy 'You did so good-Give myself a pat on the back' milkshak JMGARDNERSMITH 7 CGARR442
5/7/19 10:22 P
I start over almost everyday because I am human and I am not perfect 😊 There always seems to be som JMGARDNERSMITH 16 CGARR442
5/3/19 9:55 P
I am not Happy with me at all he will be home in 5months and I'm getting bigger the more I think abo MOMAPATTI 5 FRISKYCRITTER
4/30/19 6:40 A
Hi All! I just logged my weight after about 3 weeks. I haven't moved the needle. BUT.....the bright JMGARDNERSMITH 5 JULIEA7201
4/30/19 9:06 A
Happy Earth Day! :-) SHOCOSS 12 ILOVEROSES
4/23/19 9:14 A
Yesssss lost 30.2lbs I'm currently at 327.8lbs started weight 358lbs JASMINE2019 150 DLDMIL
4/22/19 7:25 P
300 Calorie Lunch 😁 I am a grazer so this takes me about 2 hours to eat it all! JMGARDNERSMITH 30 RODC87
4/22/19 4:07 P
4/19/19 12:34 P
Put in a full 60 minutes at the gym tonight. No lollygagging around to moving slow between sets. Ste JMGARDNERSMITH 4 SPARKLEIGH61
4/18/19 9:18 P
Sorry for getting this post out late, guys! I had another great workout, 30 min cardio and about 10- W2GFIT 9 URBANREDNEK
4/18/19 11:27 A
Meal prepping for the next couple of days. I love fresh Pico de gallo but man this onion is strong. STEEPERSLOUNGE 24 AMYDEES
4/18/19 9:52 A
So this may be a tad unpopular but its my journey JMGARDNERSMITH 6 -POOKIE-
4/18/19 2:07 A
Indoors it was today. Workout videos on YouTube wonπŸšΆβ€β™€οΈπŸ™‚ ST3PH 8 SJH6149
4/16/19 12:37 A
Did the Fitify workouts for Bosu and Kettlebells. Then decided I had enough energy to put away ALL t JMGARDNERSMITH 4 CGARR442
4/16/19 4:35 P
Prepping my fruits and veggies for healthy meals and snacks! Food prep is key in this journey! MARRETTA1980 14 MARRETTA1980
4/16/19 1:05 P
I went to bed 186.7. I woke up this morning to 184.6. Oh to be a Disney princessπŸ‘Έand sleep away the JMGARDNERSMITH 4 CGARR442
4/15/19 9:05 P
My middle kid, who has been workin his tushie off for the last 6 months..... Got the walk on slot f JMGARDNERSMITH 6 CGARR442
4/12/19 9:19 P
Good Morning. 🌞 Whatever you have to face today can be done. Brave you are. Loved you are -here on DXTECH 22 ALLYLIZZY
4/12/19 3:20 P
My 17 yr old son and I have been hitting up the gym for the last few weeks. He is intimidated by the JMGARDNERSMITH 6 KEEPINGITOFF3
4/12/19 12:35 P
Good evening spark friends. I took this picture yesterday after hiking 6 1/2 miles up a mountain and CARLOSLAKELAND 17 _RAMONA
4/12/19 1:59 A
The fam taking off for the weekend which means I get to swim laps all by myself tomorrow! It will be JMGARDNERSMITH 3 MJ7DM33
4/11/19 10:00 P
4/11/19 8:39 P
Not too bad I think 😊 Room for improvement but not too bad 😁 JMGARDNERSMITH 10 GEORGE815
4/8/19 9:57 P
This is why I work so hard! I LOVE to eat!!! πŸ˜„ JMGARDNERSMITH 6 CGARR442
4/8/19 9:07 P
Posted a photo BOWL200LB 25 TESSWILDFLOWER
4/6/19 11:10 A
I hast a plan!! And it is taped to my office wall! JMGARDNERSMITH 26 CGARR442
4/6/19 9:33 P
Today is my first 5k race since my hip surgery in January! I’m full of butterflies! PICKLEFISH7 157 CGARR442
4/6/19 9:30 P
The only reason to look down on someone is to lift them up SIMPLY_JAE 36 MILPAM3
4/7/19 3:50 P
Its the end of the day and everything has gone acc JMGARDNERSMITH 3 KITTY5060
4/5/19 6:55 A
Wednesday is a 'rest day' for me, so what do I do? Spend 2 1/2 hours in the kitchen making southern JMGARDNERSMITH 3 GEORGE815
4/3/19 10:47 P
So my 46 yr old self out-swam two 20-something soldiers at the pool last night. Sore as anything thi JMGARDNERSMITH 15 CGARR442
4/3/19 8:00 P
When you get irritated trying to remember your water count and have office supplies nearby 😁 JMGARDNERSMITH 6 CGARR442
4/2/19 8:16 P
Finally getting back into the gym! I cannot believe how good and deep I have been sleeping! 😴🀀 JMGARDNERSMITH 3 CGARR442
4/2/19 8:17 P
Walking in the rain PINKGLOW9 7 GARDENCHRIS
4/3/19 11:39 A
Learned how to play Mexican Trains tonight with my new neighbors! Found out that they also play Disc JMGARDNERSMITH 8 JULIEA7201
3/29/19 9:04 A
3/31/19 7:59 A
Me and my 17 yr old went to check out the gym and figure out an exercise plan. We have decided on sw JMGARDNERSMITH 7 CGARR442
3/27/19 8:12 P
Okay so its been a minute since I was on here. Too JMGARDNERSMITH 10 KEEPINGITOFF3
3/26/19 8:22 A
Getting my mind focused. GUTZYNGLAM 10 75HEALTHYME
2/20/19 6:12 P
I got really frustrated the last ten days!! Not losing weight, pain level was a steady 8, just hard JANISFREE 25 618LILY1
2/21/19 9:15 A
Funny but true PIXIEDUST04 74 LIZZIE138
2/19/19 5:52 P
Not sure what's nagging at me to post this today....but its in my mind that I have made some not so JMGARDNERSMITH 7 SUNNYBR
2/19/19 9:31 A
Keeping it real and I'm back on the road again! Water and calorie intake is good. Still trying to fi JMGARDNERSMITH 2 KITTY5060
2/18/19 10:14 P
2/18/19 9:44 A
2/18/19 9:43 A
2/18/19 9:40 A
Monday we begin anew...Being sick just sucks but I am feeling stronger each day. JMGARDNERSMITH 17 BABYBEE8
4/3/19 7:59 P
Had to start the Skinny Jeans Challenge over. I am NOT letting it beat me this time!! (Sorry to.pos FOREVER_AGAPE 24 RYCGIRL
2/15/19 9:45 A
Finally feeling better! AND I now have habit formed confirmation!! Totally blew off all of my goal JMGARDNERSMITH 4 ALLYLIZZY
2/15/19 1:24 P
Being sick has really thrown me for a loop. I am struggling to keep on track as much as I can but I JMGARDNERSMITH 5 RAERAERAE62
2/14/19 3:40 P
A migraine has crushed my step streak 😫 Silver lining....kept to water and calorie count but only b JMGARDNERSMITH 5 ARTSPARK
2/14/19 2:23 P
Accountability is brought this evening by The Cure JMGARDNERSMITH 6 LORI-K
2/13/19 12:22 P
So its 9:30pm and I only have 4000 steps and -68 on my calorie count. My husband has to be up for PT JMGARDNERSMITH 4 FROSTY99
2/11/19 10:42 P
Its all about perspective #huntthegoodstuff Vacu JMGARDNERSMITH 7 KITTY5060
2/11/19 1:55 P
6 months TODAY - and counting! I'm retired from the drinking life and couldn't be happier (and healt HEALTHY4LIFE360 159 EDLEAR
2/15/19 2:58 P
This so me! In competition with myself! πŸ˜πŸ€¨πŸ™„πŸ˜„πŸ˜ JMGARDNERSMITH 6 KOSHIE1
2/10/19 10:40 P
Struggled with emotional eating again. After losing weight, now I am feeling guilty for some stupid FOREVER_AGAPE 10 VEGANNATURELOVE
2/10/19 10:32 P
As of Thursday, I am down 40 pounds total! My highest weight has been 235 and I am now at 195! Next ANDROMEDAFIRE 73 ALLYLIZZY
2/11/19 1:24 P
Whoop! I did it! Took me 3 weeks to do it. Now to see if I can do it again?! πŸ™ƒ #huntthegoodstuff ( JMGARDNERSMITH 25 NIKO27
2/10/19 4:28 P
2/9/19 11:56 P
Tough day at work today. Everyone is PO'd at everyone else. All I want is to keep my head down and a JMGARDNERSMITH 5 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
2/8/19 8:12 P
Anyone else use Sparkpoints as their accountability tool? Or is it just me that likes check off list JMGARDNERSMITH 7 ARTSPARK
2/8/19 3:53 P
What my daughter has to look at in the car on the way to school. I am committed to changing that! I TEXASCHIRO 18 REYNAJUST4KIX
2/7/19 1:38 P
T-2 days until we leave for vacation. My body isnt were I wanted it- but HEY life happens. KOBRIEN13 17 ALLYLIZZY
2/7/19 12:35 P
Kinda how I feel but its almost Friday and I am de JMGARDNERSMITH 11 KETHANA
2/7/19 6:31 P
I realized my wt loss journey is serious AF, it’s weight in day and I specifically shaved my legs, w SXB990 15 SCUDDMISSILE
2/7/19 1:24 P
My goal is to try to drink eight glasses of water πŸ’¦ each day. I get to four or five or maybe six, STILLMISSVALL 14 GMACAMI
2/6/19 12:17 P
2/6/19 8:55 P
To all of those who are slogging through and not seeing results. Remember WE are attempting to chang JMGARDNERSMITH 18 DOLPHINAGGIE
2/6/19 8:37 A
2/4/19 1:30 P
Goal is to get everyday checked off but its a start! (Goal is 6000 steps/day) #huntthegoodstuff JMGARDNERSMITH 10 FROSTY99
2/2/19 10:39 P