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#BeforeAndAfter Progress from February. May is almost over and so far I have lost 6 pounds since Ap JORIEFM 109 PWILLOW1
5/25/18 11:27 A
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 18 HAPPYSOUL91
5/25/18 12:31 P
A - Z Boy names JEZRAI 136439 ALFBUNDY
5/25/18 8:35 A
5/25/18 10:21 A
Keep the "PARTY" going............ LMMONTES 947 SMALLERMELORIE
5/25/18 10:31 A
Wednesday wisdom.... RHOOK20047 13 GLORYB83
5/24/18 10:07 A
Note to self... RHOOK20047 12 GLORYB83
5/24/18 10:07 A
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 13 JAMER123
5/24/18 11:08 P
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 14 HAPPYSOUL91
5/24/18 12:29 P
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 13 JAMER123
5/24/18 11:09 P
I have fallen waaaay off track with eating the last two weeks. Between all the life stressors I real DARKESTROSE 9 JEMADE
5/24/18 6:28 A
All sweaty from my one hour workout, but I feel amazing RCCKLAHORST 12 GODSCHILD2_2011
5/24/18 2:12 A
I've been at it a solid 6 months. Gym 5x a week and tracking my food every day. Didn't skip except f MEGGY488 38 TKFRIEND
5/24/18 8:25 A
Updated progress pic - 257-ish to this morning at K8TERTOTS 158 DEB-DEB6
5/24/18 7:10 A
Keep ______ on top here and stop the madness! :P CILLALILLY 43010 WALLAHALLA
5/25/18 4:13 P
5/23/18 11:09 A
5/23/18 11:08 A
The hard part is not overdoing. My challenge was ten minutes of walking a day and I have walked 35 t HONEYBEE648 9 HONEYBEE648
5/23/18 1:44 A
Today 1,325 kcal burnt by exercise ISNESS 12 BETTIDA
5/23/18 9:39 A
car issues today so very late home. Need dinner and walk the dogs and to bed. I need to find a job w AFERRARI 7 WALLAHALLA
5/23/18 1:30 P
I’m on day #2. So far so good, except for my exercise. I have 7000 steps, with a goal of 10000, but FRUITYFUL 14 PATSYGO
5/23/18 4:24 A
Me and my mom on mothers day KRISTINATHATSME 20 PRAIRIECROCUS
5/23/18 2:16 A
Evening run around the lake. Great way to end the day. TIKITAMI 44 VIRGINIAGIRL
5/23/18 11:11 A
I am always a little amazed and a lot grateful that every time I have a chance to read the feed, som FIT2FINISH 12 PRAIRIECROCUS
5/23/18 2:11 A
I was bored and went for a walk... overcheiving my steps today... THECOZE 18 PRAIRIECROCUS
5/23/18 2:15 A
5/23/18 2:15 A
Last person to post wins! BABYNURSE383 86123 WALLAHALLA
5/25/18 4:11 P
Let's keep pushing, little by little I'm starting LUIS 124 LUIS
5/23/18 9:40 P
Love this morning workout combo. STEEPERSLOUNGE 12 MPLSKEN
5/22/18 1:00 A
5/21/18 12:20 P
Gonna be a great week. Have a blessed one. PAUTCHES1950 42 RUBYREDSTAR19
5/21/18 11:40 A
5/21/18 10:14 A
The mist rising out of the vibrantly green trees into the blue, blue sky reminds me wonderful it is LESLIELENORE 40 BONNIEMARGAY
5/22/18 6:32 P
Good morning Sparkers Day 147 and still sugar free Off to physical therapy for shoulder and then Zum STEEPERSLOUNGE 28 MPLSKEN
5/22/18 1:00 A
I rose up this morning and got my 20 min exercise in. So glad, now to get more in the rest of the we BETTERBY40 22 GEORGE815
5/21/18 10:19 A
2lbs lost this week! 51 lbs down , 41 to go. #BeforeAndAfter MARIAN326 240 LOSE72
5/22/18 12:03 A
Down 102 lbs BOWDEA6 202 CSROBERTSON621
5/21/18 3:46 P
For everyone out there trying to make better choices today than they did yesterday. CBUSLIZZIE614 83 ALICIA214
5/21/18 12:40 P
"C" stands for ... DENIBAR 36524 ATZIONCH
5/21/18 11:27 A
A-Z girls names LRIDDLE05 3098 NIGHTOWLKIM
5/25/18 1:11 A
More pics from my Sunday Funday some sweet, some c SCHMID70 13 ZRIE014
5/21/18 12:57 A
Made a Vegetable Tian tonight and enjoyed this healthy and beautiful dish a lot. Find the recipe @ h BECCAEMMELINE 15 DININA48MN
5/21/18 2:59 A
5/21/18 12:33 P
Today’s bento: baked chicken breast, mixed veggies, cucumbers, tomatoes, and blackberries. BENTOBANQUET 24 BENTOBANQUET
5/21/18 11:39 P
Just as my cousin was pulling up we saw this black squirrel in the front of the house. First time I CATHYSFITLIFE 35 MBPP50
5/21/18 12:35 P
Got the bike out for exercise today. Was doing real well until a city bus pulled out in front of me SANDOMINGO 51 JAMESAUBREY
5/21/18 5:23 P
I already ate about half of it lol. Riced Cauliflower medley, red sweet pepper, quorn fake chicken DGON0872 9 LASTDIET2017
5/21/18 1:23 A
#BeforeAndAfter Today is a big day for me! I have officially lost 100 pounds! (I couldn't find my re LINDSEYCHANDLER 186 IRONADONIS
5/21/18 7:36 A
Prayers for my husband in ICU at the hospital with him! RGORNELAS63 11 TESSWILDFLOWER
5/19/18 6:16 A
Have a beautiful day. Down 2.4, with a lot more to go. I will succeed ! πŸ’•β€πŸ’• PAUTCHES1950 10 TCANNO
5/19/18 3:54 A
I completed a "your everyday workout" video and firm & burn workout this morning. #fitnessfeats SHADOWDRAGON19 10 PHATPAT18
5/19/18 8:25 A
Posted a photo ANNEBOO 7 RO2BENT
5/19/18 4:21 A
Posted a photo CJPLUS3 11 BOOKNUT52
5/19/18 4:33 A
#motivate DIVAGLOW 13 LIS193
5/19/18 12:53 P
Posted a photo DIVAGLOW 12 LIS193
5/19/18 12:53 P
A - Z girl names JEZRAI 82598 BEFIT018
5/25/18 2:10 A
Cleaned 2/3rd's of the house today. Later this afternoon hubby and I took our usual 2.83 mile walk/ CATHYSFITLIFE 17 CATHYSFITLIFE
5/19/18 10:37 P
I am finally off the plateau I was on! AMYSUZEQ 8 LOTUS737
5/18/18 8:16 A
I just posted my blog: "See any rainbows today?" Happy Thursday. CAROLYNINJOY1 10 EO4WELLNESS
5/18/18 12:22 P
Final count for the night. Burned more than I ate for once. This wont be a normal thing, however. It COLEYBANANA 6 HIPPIEMOMMIE
5/18/18 9:53 A
Ate half a brownie for dessert. It was delicious, but the other half is going in the tag where it be GRATTECIELLA 15 TCANNO
5/18/18 3:06 A
Ending the day within calories! #priceless GRATTECIELLA 18 EVILCECIL
5/18/18 6:44 A
For about a month now, I've been walking through my neighborhood. At first, I thought I was walking NATIVIDADMO 18 HELENATILFORD
5/18/18 2:13 A
Beautiful night walk around the exotic streets of downtown Philly. GRATTECIELLA 27 GLORIAZ
5/18/18 8:55 A
I am starting this program today. I weight 231. My goal is 120. Let's see how far I can go. RCCKLAHORST 168 FBAILEY24X
5/18/18 7:37 A
Starting to feel great! 30lb loss! #BeforeAndAfter AJS747 123 SQUIGGSIE
5/20/18 5:48 P
Little reminder to myself of where I started and where I am! #BeforeAndAfter KGOBLE423 26 GONTOP22
5/17/18 3:53 P
#BeforeAndAfter Hey Sparky's flashback time!! I can't stress this enough, when you hit a wall, when GPALMER29 38 TBRYAN-LU
5/19/18 7:27 P
Every now and then I like sweets so here's my treat 120 calories per serving made 8 rhubarb apple cr TMP0418 20 ALOFA0509
5/17/18 9:13 P
Girls names A-Z SKEETER45 32139 DINZEL
5/25/18 8:54 A
Posted a photo TINABEANA16 15 JIBBIE49
5/17/18 10:48 A
Lunch: #lowcarb caprese salad with #keto psyllium fiber bun had it with cup of infused tea (ginger/l DEM-TOM 44 PINOT05
5/21/18 10:15 A
Before at 55 years old. After, I will be 68 on May 25! Yesterday, I celebrated 7 Years of Maintainin MIRAGE727 269 MADEINBRITAIN
5/18/18 3:54 A
Gm to you all love u all β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ‘ KEENA47 73 HAPPYCPA1965
5/18/18 9:16 A
I did it! Hubs and son are proud of me. 40lb lighter than when i started! SENIMMO 171 CAKAROO
5/18/18 9:01 A