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8/21/19 11:11 P
8/21/19 10:46 A
Posted a photo RASMUSSEN5 18 PWILLOW1
8/21/19 11:28 A
I AM BACK!!!! It has been a long time. I have not lost anything but I haven’t gained either. Tired o MAMAJENN1313 31 LIZZYMITCH
8/21/19 12:36 P
Recoop day need to bathe my sons pony too... REVENGETIME40 19 GEORGE815
8/21/19 5:45 P
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 16 STAR135000
8/21/19 11:54 P
I knew I had to catch a super early train this morning so yesterday was a double session. The evenin OUTSIDEJOJO 59 DLDMIL
8/21/19 7:24 P
Happy Weekend! 😻 CLO333 20 SPEDED2
8/17/19 10:21 P
up and at-er early LEANJEAN6 39 GRALAN
8/21/19 2:50 P
I kinda took yesterday off from everything and everyone... it helped my brain and my toe. Decided t LESLIELENORE 37 ROCKYCPA
8/17/19 6:45 P
Posted a photo GOLFGMA 28 GABY1948
8/20/19 1:18 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 18 GEORGE815
8/17/19 12:32 P
My new school year resolution is to slow down and pray instead of eating when I feel overwhelmed. JENNIFERBR51 25 KERRESA19
8/17/19 1:18 P
Today is my 35th Birthday AMYMBUNCH 202 DLDMIL
8/17/19 7:54 P
Still going strong needed some self-motivation so HOOAH19766 243 AMYINTHEWILD
8/17/19 10:54 P
Have a great day! JAS-55 8 FELICIA1963
8/16/19 9:28 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Friday!! I haven’t flexed it in a while, so thought I’d give it TEXASHSMOMOF3 51 TEXASHSMOMOF3
8/16/19 11:33 P
Posted a photo LWILKINS60 16 ALLYLIZZY
8/16/19 9:47 P
At Philadelphia Airport having a health snack of Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, seed bar and bottle of w DEBYDOINGIT 16 FELICIA1963
8/16/19 9:27 A
Posted a photo RFREDERICK69 28 FELICIA1963
8/16/19 9:28 A
This means a lot to me. I would say for over 17 years now (since I was in middle school), I've tried THOMPSONK23 17 FELICIA1963
8/16/19 9:27 A
My last swim of the week with my swim buddies. Raining and warm at sunrise . Home tomorrow,early. DXTECH 15 ALLYLIZZY
8/16/19 9:46 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 36 PATRICIA-CR
8/16/19 11:59 A
Coat was tight in March now I have to tuck it #BeforeAndAfter MISSYJ0507 160 123THERESA123
8/21/19 7:57 A
Took the boy for his walk, it's so humid out there that both of us look like a poodle now. APONI_KB 14 1CRAZYDOG
8/15/19 3:49 P
Good morning, Everyone! I’m baby-stepping my way back to the group. After a crazy couple of weeks JUSTME_MRSK 13 ALLYLIZZY
8/15/19 10:45 A
Quick breakfast strawberries, raspberries and black berries with chia seeds and plain greek yogurt ANASITALEKI1315 22 ONEDAY@ATIME1
8/15/19 10:30 A
I was doing so good an the last week an this week I have fell off the wagon been gaining back about NANCYEH64 16 SPINECCO
8/15/19 11:16 A
Discipline is what kicks in when your motivation taps out. TAYGRL 12 STILLSPARKLEIGH
8/15/19 12:40 P
Follow your heart and do what you love! I love to find new places and go walking. Here is a pic of t HOLLYM48 104 LIVINHEALTHY9
8/15/19 8:41 P
This is my starting point. I have a long way to go to get healthy. DONNABEZOLD 48 KHALIA2
8/15/19 12:52 P
You guys, it's my babys first day of Pre-K 😭😭😭 WILD_ONE 52 DLDMIL
8/15/19 7:28 P
My upper body is feeling strong after working out CINDY247 38 EO4WELLNESS
8/14/19 1:26 P
Took a short walk through the village without the Cooper-dog. It was early enough that the lamps ar LESLIELENORE 39 CHERIRIDDELL
8/15/19 1:52 A
“The past is behind, learn from it. The future is ahead, prepare for it. The present is here, live i DGFOWLER 20 REGILIEH
8/14/19 4:38 P
Just for kicks ~ DGFOWLER 15 REGILIEH
8/14/19 4:38 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 23 PATRICIA-CR
8/14/19 12:54 P
Good morning ..our school has started back.. and MHUMBERS1950 23 MSJWALKER52
8/14/19 1:51 P
Posted a photo LALAP1012 18 4EVERDIETER
8/14/19 9:44 A
Last night, at the end of a business dinner, I dec AUNTLYNYRD 138 AUNTLYNYRD
8/16/19 1:53 P
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 21 SPEDED2
8/14/19 11:37 P
Don’t post a lot but had to share today because I’m in the 120s for the first time since junior high TECHERNO 30 BAILE1MA
8/14/19 10:03 P
Just for kicks but oh, how true. DGFOWLER 14 HARROWJET
8/14/19 10:32 P
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 13 GABY1948
8/14/19 9:34 A
“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” ~ Sir Edmund Hillary DGFOWLER 23 REGILIEH
8/13/19 4:29 P
Happy Tuesday, Spark friends! OBIESMOM2 22 MOJOZEN
8/13/19 6:01 P
It was 43 years ago today on Friday the 13th I was discharged from the Navy JIMIPAGE29 41 DLDMIL
8/13/19 7:12 P
Posted a photo JETEVZ 30 ERIN_POSCH
8/13/19 10:14 A
Woohoo 2 more lbs down! HUFFELPOWELL16 121 ALEX3440
8/13/19 4:11 P
Was so fortunate to see the sunset last night at Pere Marquette in Muskegon Michigan. Normally I’m i GINNABOOTS 57 GMACAMI
8/12/19 1:38 A
Had an awesome time at the beach yesterday sometimes you just have to unplug and take a step back an HOOAH19766 58 PICKIE98
8/12/19 3:32 P
Posted a photo HOLLYM48 79 REGILIEH
8/11/19 5:46 P
Self-talk dramatically changes your physical ability! NIKOLALALA 32 GEORGE815
8/11/19 1:49 P
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 11 STAR135000
8/11/19 11:39 P
I received first place for my cross stitched doll at our local Henry County Fair. DGFOWLER 54 GMACAMI
8/12/19 1:38 A
I received first place for my embroidered pillowcases at our local Henry County Fair. DGFOWLER 105 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
8/12/19 9:55 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 33 PATRICIA-CR
8/10/19 8:29 P
Don’t make Ryan cry! TECHERNO 13 GEORGE815
8/10/19 1:01 P
Happy Saturday! HOLLYM48 34 PATRICIA-CR
8/10/19 8:29 P
Happy Saturday friends!! Get up and get out or stay in but whatever you decide to do get it done!! G GPALMER2019 30 MEAGOP
8/18/19 1:20 P
Good morning!!! Today is a busy day for me. My first day of vacation and I will be spending it wit DGFOWLER 27 29WINEGAL
8/10/19 5:26 P
Riding to the market instead of driving today 💖 GYPSYJACQUELINA 72 GYPSYJACQUELINA
8/11/19 10:04 A
Just for kicks ~ DGFOWLER 30 GEORGE815
8/10/19 1:00 P
Made some bee kind rocks for my class 💖 GYPSYJACQUELINA 42 EO4WELLNESS
8/10/19 3:18 P
Happy Friday 😁 HOOAH19766 30 JRDUPREE
8/9/19 11:29 P
Have a great day!!! 2B-ME-AGAIN 20 JENDALL1
8/9/19 8:17 A
yesterday was my best tracked day in awhile. i had over 10.000 of those steps before 10 am, the rest SOFT_VAL67 23 BANEWLAND
8/9/19 9:07 A
Posted a photo TINABEANA16 16 LIZZIE138
8/9/19 11:28 A
Rise and run🏃‍♀️ Good morning Sparklers 🌺 have a OUTSIDEJOJO 22 YMWONG22
8/11/19 10:52 A
Taken about a month ago. Loved this necklace and had to have it, but upset by the chain getting lost DEBBIEMICHELLE 11 LASTDIET2017
8/9/19 8:06 A
Finishing up my workout this morning I noticed I had some company. FITWITHIN 24 GEORGE815
8/9/19 10:15 A
this is my map my walk tracker from my morning walk yesterday. fitbit had already counted me at 10k. SOFT_VAL67 50 GEORGE815
8/9/19 10:11 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Friday!! Yesterday was a good day!!! But it was HOT! I went for TEXASHSMOMOF3 38 TEXASHSMOMOF3
8/10/19 12:06 A
Did you take your Vitamin(s) today? TEA_LADY 66664 KDMOOSE
8/21/19 10:57 P
A - Z ... USA Locations L0LLYGAGGIN 83335 MCFITZ2
8/21/19 6:15 P