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Shout out to my mom for finally getting to ring the bell! #nomorecancer JANETWOOLEY 75 ALLYLIZZY
2/11/21 3:56 P
I am so bloated it's almost painful! I look like I'm 9 months pregnant. My stomach is hard and I'm g DISCIPLINED2021 10 RAMONA1954
2/9/21 9:24 P
Yes! Good advice! JEN_BOOKDRAGON 30 BARBIEE52
2/10/21 5:55 P
So, now what are you reading....? NAN041 4207 HOLLYBARKER1
6/22/21 11:41 A
12 days in and I have not lost any #ā€™s but I am feeling better, more energy, sleeping better, viscer CHARLIHOCUTT 16 GO_GAL_GROW
2/8/21 8:13 P
Torched my 10 mins , telling my dog the whole time "I will do this, I can do this". On day 5 so stil REINBO2 6 JEN_BOOKDRAGON
2/4/21 1:52 P
Today's workout šŸ’Ŗ by Hasfit. 60 minutes HIIT HASFIT!! Iused my 3 lbs. I am sweating šŸ˜… šŸ™ƒ. I will FROGROBYN 5 FROGROBYN
2/4/21 1:49 P
Message Removed CD26054030 17 JEN_BOOKDRAGON
1/29/21 2:22 P
I turn 65 today! Happy birthday to me! #goalfeats JSTETSER 320 ANNA907
4/17/21 10:44 P
https://youtu. .be/wtjro7_R3-4 "Lets just Kiss and say Goodbye" Sometimes we just have to be blue, DLBEASYRIDER 8 JEN_BOOKDRAGON
1/27/21 7:01 P
I'm not a avid excercise sorta lazy in my efforts. Needing topnotch advice. T37533 6 JEN_BOOKDRAGON
1/27/21 6:58 P
Breakfast: Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Banana, Kale and Spinach protein smoothie with almond m ONEMORETIME20 28 MJ7DM33
1/27/21 11:37 P
It's Holocaust Remembrance Day! Today commemorates when, in 1945, the Red Army freed the prisoners o NANASUEH 5 TERMITEMOM
1/27/21 9:59 P
12 lbs down since Dec. 30 šŸ˜ƒšŸŽ‰ It does work to keep track of my food. I do need to incorporate more JERIANNRB 38 JEN_BOOKDRAGON
1/27/21 6:47 P
Today's my birthday. Last year on this date, I was flying back home from a New York City long weeke KATRENIAH 27 KATRENIAH
1/27/21 10:33 P
1/25/21 6:30 P
So ouch this morning. During my exercise this morning (35 mins) i got to sweating and i have a fever SBLACKWELL93 8 ALLYLIZZY
1/24/21 6:45 P
For sure! Exercising boosts your energy levels and makes you feel happier! JEN_BOOKDRAGON 12 EVIE4NOW
1/24/21 11:11 P
33 lbs lost! 66% of my goal complete! GLIMLADYMERMAID 44 BOYMAMA
1/22/21 9:04 P
1/23/21 1:19 A
1/22/21 11:51 P
I'm back. Again. Restarted using SP on January 1 and in 22 days I have lost 5% of my total body we PHOEBEJANE 4 ROSESAREBLUE
1/22/21 3:49 P
I died a little today. But it was an awesome death thanks to that guy in the picture with me. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ LOTTALOX 6 JEN_BOOKDRAGON
1/22/21 3:27 P
My husband just bought me the fitbit Versa 3! I'm so excited about it. I am confused though. This is JEN_BOOKDRAGON 12 AMYINTHEWILD
1/19/21 9:02 P
Earlier today, the FedEx truck showed up while I w J2002HEIDS 29 79PODGIRL
1/20/21 2:33 P
Another wonderful day i focused 3 days in a row #h2whoa ROSEBUD613 5 GREYGIN
1/19/21 11:52 P
Had a lot to do today and thank God was able to get some things done. Dad having health issues so w RKEKES1968 3 WLHOPE
1/18/21 10:06 P
Woo Hooo! Reward day for getting under 170 (45 pou DANCINGGARDENER 33 RAERAERAE62
1/27/21 11:01 A
How do I find people I know? I am excited to encourage others & be encouraged! #newbie TEREKAT 6 YOGA1973
1/24/21 7:42 P
Iā€™m continuing to make progress! #BeforeAndAfter MYCOMMITMENT2ME 35 RKEKES1968
1/23/21 10:09 A
I feel ALIVE again and my favorite part is literally how I feel now. How I can RUN so far and do pus DISCIPLINE1979 49 ALOHAALO
1/16/21 9:09 P
A few photos from the gym today. Iā€™m down 7.9 pounds! Woohoo! TURTLE_CHELLE 18 PEGJW111
1/14/21 9:25 P