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Good morning! Another beautiful day. Happy Wednesday, hump day! Make it a Wonderful Wednesday! BANEWLAND 16 GEORGE815
2/12/20 4:35 P
Thought I’d share something I’ve learned recently. It sounds a little weird but it works. Stand befo JANUINE 12 GEORGE815
2/12/20 4:35 P
Does anyone have suggestions on adding protein and fiber into my diet ? Unfortunately I don't have ASHELYLADY 11 TFAB81
2/12/20 2:41 P
My dinner tonight. Baked salmon with lemon. Asparagus with garlic. It has a drizzle of sauce made wi JANUINE 19 _RAMONA
2/6/20 1:28 A
Down 3.1 pounds since last week. Finally! Back on Keto last week. Worked really hard. Some of it is JANUINE 11 COVDAR9
2/3/20 8:07 P
The first 25/300 days have been completed, or to look at it this way 1/12th of my goals has been met HUFFELPOWELL16 60 GEORGE815
1/30/20 2:22 P
First week and 6 pounds down! Now that’s a start! 😁 BAMAWHITEDOVE 122 GREENIETEANIE
2/7/20 12:45 P
Down about 8. Endocrinologist now wants max 40 g carbs/day...for life. RD not in favor. They will ta WAFINANCE 16 FROSTY99
6/4/19 10:12 P
Feeling very accomplished.... I now weigh less than 300lbs baby! Woohoo 🎉 MZRUTLEDGE 115 GEORGE815
5/30/19 5:03 P
Ribeye, a little sweet potato and salad. My brother is a great cook. Steak was grilled to perfection JANUINE 19 GEORGE815
5/27/19 6:45 P
Been a while.. got out there and walked on this beautiful day with my brother-in-law ♡ #oceanpointma MAINELYLINDA 16 CD12282919
5/25/19 7:44 P
I told the dog to get her butt out of the bathroom, this was her response 😂🐶she got her butt out o ST3PH 21 YMWONG22
5/26/19 8:48 A
5/30/19 1:47 P
Tonight’s dinner. Hearty Pot Roast and Broccoli With Dill Sauce. Yummy! Only about 6 net carbs for JANUINE 5 BLESSOME
5/22/19 12:55 P
I spent the day doing laundry, sweeping & mopping floors, moving furniture around to clean floors. S CJSLOVE 11 L_DROUIN
5/18/19 3:36 A
Starting out today at the heaviest I have ever been at 227 first goal is to get down to 200lbs. I ne AGODFREY23877 17 LYNNBELTONLOSES
5/19/19 8:22 P
It was beautiful out today! Took an amazing walk during shifts!! Hope everyone had a great day!! KENNYBARBIE12 26 CHEIVOUS
5/15/19 10:26 A
Had to put my 12 year old pug down yesterday. Heartbroken! To top it off, I may have influenza. PLANTBASEDLIFE 145 PATRICIA-CR
5/15/19 11:38 A
Strawberries. My afternoon snack. These are really sweet. About 2 g carbs total. Keto Candy! JANUINE 20 GEORGE815
5/13/19 7:38 P
Chicken Pot Pie keto style. Made for dinner last night. Having the leftovers tonight. Pretty good JANUINE 5 ROSALIE28
5/10/19 8:51 P
Last night's dinner. Chicken Pot Pie Crumble. Recipe is from Leanne Vogel's The Keto Diet. Didn't JANUINE 7 GEORGE815
5/10/19 8:24 P
Bernie says to have a good day. Here's hoping he brings you good luck. #goodluck JANUINE 9 GEORGE815
5/8/19 5:07 P
Honeysuckles are in bloom. They are everywhere. Beautiful! JANUINE 16 TALULAHLES
5/7/19 7:14 P
Ready for Church. You gotta feed the soul as well as the body. JANUINE 4 BANEWLAND
5/5/19 2:28 P
Goal since starting Keto journey. Under 170 by my JANUINE 16 JANA58
5/4/19 8:09 P
Help guys! I'm helping host a floral theme baby shower tomorrow. Which dress should I wear? The top KOBRIEN13 21 GIANTOCR1
5/4/19 8:09 P
Decided to mix up my cardio today, variety is the spice of life 😍 MGRANT584 20 MGRANT584
4/30/19 1:18 P
15 minutes of walking before work. And what a beautiful morning too! #moveit HALSEY2824 41 CD12282919
4/28/19 7:14 P
4/28/19 11:54 A
First recipe out of my new cookbook. Leanne Vogel’s Keto Diet Cookbook. Brownie Cake. Really good bu JANUINE 10 HOWBOUTTHISNAME
4/25/19 10:25 A
I wanted to share my celebration with my SP as you all have helped inspired and motivated me to keep REYNAJUST4KIX 158 DAYHIKER
5/15/19 8:18 P
My dad and me. MARIAN326 16 LILIANN400
4/16/19 4:27 P
My breakfast this morning. Have a fantastic bakery that does Keto desserts. These cinnamon rolls are JANUINE 11 CD17997128
4/13/19 4:31 P
Had so much FUN last night dancing! We got in over 13K steps (5 miles) of walking on the boardwalk FLASUN 27 CGARR442
4/13/19 10:22 P
The end of my day yesterday..... MELFISHER20002 16 ALLYLIZZY
4/13/19 1:12 P
Happy Saturday SparkPeeps! I wasn't feeling too well this morning - did not sleep well last night. T LIVINGHEALTHY16 25 JANA58
4/13/19 9:26 P I did something I never thought I would be able to do. All my life I have been overweight LINZY7 303 HEALIN1
4/13/19 8:22 P
Happy Joyous Saturday Everyone! I made it! Infact I am under my goal weight! Goal was 180, I reached MYKDSRDRVNME2 110 MRSROCHELLE
4/13/19 5:48 P
So, had to go to urgent care yesterday after a fall while hiking the day before. I sprained my wrist COLEYBANANA 16 EOLIAN_WOMAN
4/12/19 11:36 P
Tiffany's MRI went well. She even had enough energy left to, do a bit of Little Rock shopping. Now, F5-FURY 10 TIGERSEYEHEART
4/7/19 4:19 A
Keto turkey cream chesse pickle rolls. RENA2016 8 GRAMMYEAC
4/5/19 11:03 P
2 running and 2.5 walking miles done! #makeithappen #noexcuses KEEPITUP05 7 CD12282919
4/4/19 7:37 P
Just getting started. I was at 173 when I started, lost a couple lbs., then a mild bout of diverticu MEGNLYDSMOM 11 GEORGE815
4/4/19 5:56 P
Happy Birthday to me! I turn 33 today and this is the best birthday I have ever had simply because t KERRIBERRI86 192 CD12282919
4/4/19 7:32 P
Oh my goodness!!!! I did it! 100# gone!!! Happy, happy, happy dance. I can't believe it. When I st BEAGLEGIRL79 309 SAMITHESWEET1
5/17/19 3:25 P
It’s my birthday and I had cake for breakfast! But it’s a vegan cake and only 100 calories! GNESGIRL1 208 GMACAMI
3/28/19 8:45 P
This was my belt loop in May 2018 - significant progress I’d say! If I can YOU can! Keep pushing on WARDCHRISTINE 99 GMACAMI
3/28/19 8:56 P
Beast mode! Just did my Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones!!! SHELL1400_85 14 TCANNO
3/21/19 12:59 A
Today I walked but it was more than to get steps in. It was to clear my head, to worship God, to pra RUTHIE2315 205 KRISTYGAL
3/19/19 1:36 P
Finally. First time outside in a long while. Sidewalks clear. 2 miles. I feel rejuvenated. BEVSULLIVAN 21 MWHIGGINS
3/18/19 8:40 P
The gym membership is reinstated, tomorrow's lunch is prepped, the gym bag is packed and I am feelin BUTTERNUTTS 23 ARNETTELEE
3/19/19 7:06 A
My outfit for the leprechaun 5k next week. Still deciding which hat, and if I can tolerate the big e TALULAHLES 28 SAVEDCIN
3/10/19 5:58 P
2 lbs down hooray! Back on track! I’ve gained a couple pounds and was stuck for two weeks without b MARAHEALTHY 16 GEORGE815
3/10/19 5:52 P
Mediums. I’ve now but several different things in a size medium. I have never been a size medium. I MARTINURSE 16 KAS10001
3/10/19 10:01 A
Finally to my first goal! I have been stuck on a plateau for months and finally lost the last 5 lbs. AKIMBRE1 127 FUTUREFOCUSED
3/9/19 5:31 P
I'm down fifty pounds! WLLMS1988 187 JANA58
3/10/19 9:04 P
My Happy Planner spread for this week. Very much a working planner. #happyplanner #workout JANUINE 5 LORELEI781
3/6/19 3:45 P
Huge NSV for me. My real wedding rings fit again! It’s been years! LINSEYBAKER82 157 PEGJW111
3/5/19 7:00 A
#BeforeAndAfter Holy crap! I just bought my first pair of 16s (from a size 22!) and my first medium COCOBEBO42 64 SINGBHAPPY2D
3/4/19 2:51 P
Posted a photo SJOYOUS 27 JAMER123
2/25/19 10:36 P
Happy Sunday spark friends!! So it's no secret that I've been shy about sharing my before pics but I HELLOHOLLY76 88 MURRELLS
5/6/19 2:07 P
OMG I did it!!!! I hit my ultimate goal!!! I lost 80 pounds!! If I can do this we all can!! Happy da MOMS3KIDS 307 MCJULIEO
2/25/19 12:48 P
50 pounds gone as of this morning! I'm wearing clothes I have not worn in decades! I love it but I CD17815051 168 MIRAGE727
2/23/19 8:55 P
Hi. I am new here. I am still getting used to the program. I am in my late 60s. i am married wit CD24218308 292 LULU0809
2/23/19 8:31 P
It's official … had my 7 years check in today and NO cancer!!! MTN_KITTEN 130 FINDINGBOBBIE
2/24/19 4:19 P
Omg I finally did it! I got to see that 1 lol, I've been in the 200's now for over 3yrs!! I know it' LABO2306 306 GMACAMI
2/22/19 9:04 P
Down 2.4 lbs in 1 week! YEAH BABY!!! Finally broke my 190 streaks...back in the 180s! CD23953449 106 YMWONG22
2/21/19 9:25 A
Down to 134.2 today...a little over a pound from my goal weight. I love this app! Have a great day e CD24030391 195 SASYPHRAS
2/23/19 3:31 P
Hello my spark people! Happy birthday to me. I just took a pic of myself. I think I look good and I MSSHAWN33 227 MARYJONES6
2/21/19 10:46 P
Still taking it slow but I met my goals today! CGARR442 11 SPOKENWORD
2/23/19 5:26 P
It is my 64th Birthday today. Spending it being lazy after my run in front of the TV crocheting. Can ELLENANNK 220 MTNGRL
4/22/19 2:31 P
What is your weather today? TEXASGIDGET 129 TXGRANDMA
2/20/20 7:47 P
9/1/18 1:35 P
did you exercise today??...if yes..WHAT did you do BIGPOPPAPUFF 26935 MOTHERBOARDER
2/21/20 5:52 A
How far did you run today? COOP9002 34790 MOTHERBOARDER
2/21/20 5:54 A