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Greatest inspiration yet - I haven't taken a photo from the rear for a long time but I did this week BABYHORSE 3 JORIEFM
2/21/18 5:06 P
Does anyone fear weighing in because they may not see a loss even though they had a "good" week. I' KALAJIJO 10 SLJT23
2/21/18 7:38 P
Okay y'all, this is really hard for me to post, but SP is always so supportive, I'm being brave! I p SHRINKINGLULU 110 COMMUTERRAIL
2/22/18 10:41 A
OMGOMGOMG. I was a size 12 by the time I was 12, and maxed out at a size 22 in my mid-20s. Today, th MUFFIY831 177 MUFFIY831
2/21/18 10:57 A
Posted a photo FABDIET40 6 JAMIES
2/19/18 5:13 P
I just have an announcement to make: these little delicious triangular nacho cheesy chips called Dor MYGETFITMISSION 9 MYGETFITMISSION
2/20/18 6:39 A
2/20/18 7:21 A
Exact same weigh in as last week, and the week before- sigh- at least I didn't gain I guess! KENNYBARBIE12 19 TMP0418
2/17/18 6:39 P
Posted a photo JAMIES 11 MUSTANGMOM6
2/17/18 12:11 P
Really stepped up my game this week. I have been tracking and measuring food as well as went back to JAMIES 4 REEDSKI
2/17/18 10:53 A
1st time back in the gym in months. Feeling proud! JAMIES 9 LUCYSMOM14
2/13/18 8:04 P
Drank water before meals, Tracked Food, ate 3-5 servings of vegtable, walked 11,000 or more steps, 3 JAMIES 2 RDCAGAIN10
2/14/18 4:09 P
I think I need this patch. :) JAMIES 10 JULIEA7201
2/13/18 3:42 P
I am starting a new chapter today. I'm currently 200 and I am 5'7". I have been wanting to start tra LAUREN_CARRELL 61 MDOWER1
2/12/18 6:22 P
Last Fall, I entered some of my photograph in a local photography contest. This morning, I was notif KALANTHA 161 WALLAHALLA
1/23/18 10:43 A
I'm down another 2.6 lbs this morning for a totally of 6.8 lbs gone since January 1st! Woo hoo! MRSPOTATOHEAD83 4 JAMIES
1/10/18 5:26 P
I've come a long way! A total of a 51 pound loss. The left picture was taken in June 2016, and the p ALLYLIZZY 19 PELESJEWEL
1/12/18 11:00 A
Just got home from work. I want to work out but I have a terrible headache. Ugh! I feel horrible. Ty PAMMIESUE81 5 PAMMIESUE81
1/10/18 6:27 P
Baby Jensen and big sister Ryder Vaughn. Jensen was born about 2 yrs after Mom got to the hospital! TVAUGHN57 15 PICKIE98
1/11/18 9:33 A
2017 been a good year for me I came in 2018 down 55 lb GLO4LIFE48 182 NYARAMULA
1/11/18 4:18 A
Hit the gym this morning at 6:30am; 30 on the elliptical, 25 on the treadmill, hit the hot tub, saun PHEONIXRIESLING 5 JAMIES
1/8/18 11:44 A
Finally tried on & purged some clothing out of my closet ~ after over a 50 pound reduction in weight POGIRL17 41 MISTRESSOHORROR
11/14/17 9:28 A
This... -POOKIE- 69 INSPIRED26
11/10/17 4:28 P
Trying to be positive despite a set back this morn KINYA4571 5 JULIENSMITH
8/16/17 8:40 P
I found Nike workout clothes in the women's sizes!!! Cute workout clothes the best! KRISTIEJACOBSEN 12 GOODGETNBETR
8/30/17 10:19 P
I very seldom post pics of myself, but I recently turned 57 years old and I'm feeling kind of sassy MOUCHE 190 TCRANE522
8/16/17 7:20 P
This was sent out on campus for Wellness Wednesday. Made me laugh! Wish it were possible. LOL! JAMIES 3 KINDGIRL56
8/16/17 10:26 A
Last night my co-ed softball team won the North Hollywood division championship. Even though I was a ARI1424 10 MEFATAGAIN
8/14/17 12:29 P
So disappointed that this label doesn't read: "sunflower seeds, salt". #labelreader #healthychoices ARHUNT71 11 REDYNSE
8/14/17 1:02 P
I can definitely see the now 19-20 pound weight loss on my frame! MELTEA43 34 STARDUST18
8/10/17 6:01 P
First 10 lbs gone ✔ It's not a huge difference, but it's a start. As well as motivation for the next GROWINGSOUL 23 JESSWAHOO99
8/2/17 12:06 P
Hard work definitely paying off. Today I Woke 36 lbs less .... it hasn't been easy .... one of the h MANONAMISSION73 121 ANDERSONCH1
8/2/17 4:23 P
The view on my lunch walk today. 💗 CBRAMWELL 13 GREENAMETHYST
7/19/17 4:31 P
First shirt I had to hang up because it was too tight is now the only work shirt I'm not swimming in BANJO_MG 112 REDROBIN47
7/18/17 9:54 P
I left a while a go I started at around 450 I am now 184 .I can't even believe the picture that was SWEETIEPIE32 17 AULAURUS
7/18/17 6:35 P
Me at 330+ pounds, and me at 200 pounds LOFTUSFAMILYOF5 81 MKC2792
7/18/17 9:21 P
Transformation Tuesday Beginning weight 420 pounds Current weight 343 pounds Goal weight 180 77 po CHERYL4846 36 START331GOAL231
7/31/17 3:18 A
View from my office. Those are jars of candy! JAMIES 28 JAMIES
7/18/17 3:15 P
I been struggling at losing weight...i lost 25, regianed 10...i need to lose this to feel healthy!! CITRUSLOSER 4 F39834
7/17/17 5:53 P
Good Morning Sparkers! How are you getting back on track after the long holiday weekend? I had to ASF220 143 MOISESG55
7/6/17 3:28 P
My inspiration for the day!! J38850 32 GEORGE815
7/6/17 9:36 A
Posted a photo MADEINBRITAIN 8 DSJB9999
7/6/17 5:20 P
Posted a photo SJOYOUS 6 JAMIES
7/6/17 3:33 A
Posted a photo ABRADSHAW0 13 JAMIES
7/6/17 3:31 A
Upped my exercise by joining in "The rock painting game". Anyone else doing this? So Fun! Paint r SUESMITH73 19 CATHERINE5300
7/6/17 4:42 A
I am quite young and a bit over weight..With that being said,I am trying to lose weight before schoo SAMMI217 11 BIKE4HEALTH
7/6/17 4:44 A new HERE Went to the doctor a few days ago. Can't believe I'm now 250 pounds. Need to loos REDEDICATE 8 REDEDICATE
7/6/17 6:34 A
Had a knee scope done yesterday and I'm up getting a new ice pack on it. Hoping this gets me back wa JAMIES 15 KARENWILL2
7/11/17 1:17 A
Day one of 100 days of working out. I am determined. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. My ME4ME1981 179 COURROND
7/6/17 7:40 A
Posted a photo AMBERB1231 5 JAMIES
7/2/17 11:49 A
Why doesn't the nutritional content include grams of sugar? I'm trying super low carb/sugar, high pr IRISHCOLLEN26 6 CBELLE02
7/2/17 3:35 P
This is my absolute favorite fruit, next would be pineapple, then apples, mellon . WHAT is your fav SKITTLESNINJA 185 LKMANNING7
7/3/17 1:48 P
First post. Woo! I didn't start up with Spark again until March 2017, but I never really took a "be SPIFFYRIKI 9 CHEIVOUS
6/29/17 11:30 A
I lost one pound before the week is up. Good start aay? MICHIMAN1 14 JAMIES
6/29/17 10:44 A
I'm gettin' mine in. How about you? #sparknation TLDENNIS5 18 TLDENNIS5
6/29/17 12:20 P
Held my plank for 1.5 min today. Feeling of strength! JAMIES 1 JAMIES
6/24/17 3:16 P
Question of the day!#motivationismymotivation A.) YOGIBEAR43 23 DANICONNOLLY
6/24/17 8:49 A
Taking chance I never put my pics on the internet. But here goes. KMBRBN68 8 MADIPA
6/24/17 4:29 P
6/21/18 9:22 P
Did you eat breakfast? If so what? LITTLE-SASHA 95296 BIGPOPPAPUFF
6/22/18 4:14 P
Good morning is weigh in day and I weighed in at 261.8 lbs, which means I lost 8.8 THEJACKIEDEAN12 303 MISSYCAMERON
9/19/17 8:43 A
6/22/18 3:01 P
Word Association Game SHARON632 9224 REDGINGER1
6/22/18 2:33 P
Heartfelt Ramblings NANCYANNE55 11 MYBULLDOGS
3/23/17 9:17 A
A to Z Women name's REDGINGER1 904 REDGINGER1
12/4/17 1:18 P
Positve Quotes LPORTER2015 251 BELLACUDDLES
12/26/17 9:12 A
word association CHARLIE1357 2713 REDGINGER1
6/22/18 1:20 P
5/29/18 12:24 P
If you are from Southeast Kansas say Hey! SEKSUNSHINE 31 LEANMEAN2
10/16/17 9:24 A
Laugh away the weigh! RIZZOTRAINING 259 TERRI1458
3/2/17 12:22 P
5/29/18 12:23 P
A to Z Names of Cities. REDGINGER1 1867 BOREDA
6/18/18 4:08 P
Daily Fun MOMOPWRS 745 EDWARDS1411
6/12/18 11:38 A
7/4/17 1:16 A
Weekly Goal - 2017 - 01/15/17- 01/21/17 ROCKMAN6797 41 RETIREDAT60
1/22/17 4:17 P