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Went on vacation and stayed "close" to my goals but didn't stay completely on track. I came home si IBSHAUN 2 LUCYICANNON
3/1/18 2:23 P
I document most walks with pictures. It keeps me a BONNIJEAN 15 RDCAGAIN10
2/22/18 1:23 P
I just got to work and realized I left my snack at IBSHAUN 5 ROBINVOTAW
2/13/18 4:24 P
I'm still having a hard time getting motivated, although I was recently on a trip and did not gain w THINMD3 6 APPLEVEE
2/13/18 12:54 P
128 lbs lost from June 2017 to Feb 2018 SHESACOUNTRYSWE 77 CHERYLHURT
2/13/18 4:39 A
Me now got alot of work cut out for me but time is all i have ALYSIA7878 130 CHERYLHURT
2/13/18 4:39 A
Worked it even though there was a room full of people πŸ–•πŸ» IBSHAUN 4 BELBINA123
2/13/18 2:51 A
How motivated are you today? Scale from 1-10 OODELETEDOO 46603 SKEMERICH
5/21/18 9:05 A
Well.. went ice skating with the kids ...daughter fell and broke her armπŸ˜•πŸ˜”πŸ˜’ not a fun day at all PRINCESSAMARIE1 13 ANNIEANNYANNEE
2/11/18 3:21 P
My husband saved me from myself tonight. I wanted to order pizza. My reasoning was that o don’t feel IBSHAUN 3 KILTORE
2/9/18 9:39 P
Its been awhile since I posted a pic of my change went from 256 to 146 😁πŸ’ͺ CRISTALO321 237 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
4/11/18 8:59 P
Help! I need someone to help keep me on track :( I keep falling off my diet/healthier eating PINKFIT2011 8 KALANTHA
2/10/18 9:44 A
Loved the quote I saw on Spark People's FB page today! "It's a slow process but quitting won't spee IBSHAUN 5 TASHAV73
2/9/18 6:58 P
Hit my 1st goal weight today. Need to lower my body fat as well but nevertheless, I’m very happy. IDUBRAWSKY 177 IDUBRAWSKY
2/12/18 10:30 A
Today is my birthday! LIVETOEAT70 306 SILVAS7
3/13/18 11:24 P
#newbie I am motivated to become healthy, and I am planning a big trip in the fall. I want to have l CGAIR4 33 REVMIKE10
2/11/18 8:45 A
Posted a photo SLEEPY113 15 PDTB58
2/7/18 2:15 P
Breakfast today: blueberries, cottage cheese, 21-grain toast with butter (yum) and a nice glass of w IBSHAUN 8 -POOKIE-
2/7/18 1:06 P
Still here my baby being admitted. Trying to figure out what’s going on. Never felt more helpless. P NATASHA_D1 244 KERRYG155
2/7/18 10:31 A
I know today is going to be a struggle for many of us! Just keep as close to your plan as possible a IBSHAUN 1 IBSHAUN
2/4/18 1:20 P
2/4/18 1:18 P
2/4/18 1:39 P
305. Long way to go to 200lbs. MARRNE07 35 CHRISTOPHER63
2/4/18 5:36 P
My employers provides a big rack of freshly baked donuts and a big basket of fresh fruit for us ever RMCKITTRICK 17 VIRGINIAGIRL
2/5/18 12:38 P
#BeforeAndAfter I've lost my first 40lbs. 10 too go till my first goal of 50. Then to set my next go JUJULEMKE 125 TNSHELTO
2/4/18 9:30 P
I finally did it! I hiked Mt. Rubidoux yesterday. Took forever but I did it. Also, the tail end of FIREBRTHR 301 NEWGIRL125
2/4/18 10:08 P
Watching my nephews today and it is my birthday πŸŽ‚ and walked in to flowers and a sign my nephew kyl MKPARKE77 176 RAZZOOZLE
2/4/18 5:19 P
Good morning happy Friday KEENA47 30 KEENA47
2/5/18 1:01 P
5 miles at 6am. Warmer than expected, windchill only - 13c. ZORBS13 82 GONTOP22
2/2/18 2:16 P
10.2 pounds. I have tried it all and this crazy little app is my saving grace. I was originally 213 FELITA2002 113 LTRINH9
2/2/18 4:22 P
I have a brand new grandbaby to spoil, born Tuesday, weighing 6 pounds, 7 oz. she is so precious. 😘 PHYLLISHODGES23 134 PWILLOW1
2/2/18 6:56 P
Fail! We came home from the gym tonight starving. I had a plan to make chicken & rice-a-Roni in my p IBSHAUN 2 KILTORE
2/1/18 10:38 P
Just joined i need to lose 100 pounds. I am 265 pounds. Really need to stick to my diet but it is so DANNI313 116 MARINEMAMA
2/2/18 4:13 A
New lowest weight since college (1991)!!! SASRA1 109 TASHAV73
2/1/18 6:10 A
β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️It’s our Anniversary!!!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ It’s been a wonderful 14 years of marriage and sharing my l SIMPLYKEN32 141 SIMPLYKEN32
2/9/18 2:24 P
Posted a photo KATEHOLZBAUR 18 PROJECTMH2018
1/31/18 8:18 A
Day 15 motivation. Happy Tuesday! JENNKING3 6 LADYARTIST41
1/30/18 12:49 P
Down 64 pounds as of today GLO4LIFE48 238 CTYONIT
1/29/18 2:49 A
1/25/18 2:39 P
Last year I began my journey and lost 30lbs but I found out in September I was pregnant but sadly I BECKYPRICE2 8 CSROBERTSON621
1/25/18 10:10 P
I like morning a when I have it together enough to go for a walk and make something delicious and he IBSHAUN 12 JANTHEBLONDE
1/25/18 2:29 P
Slacked a little this weekend with permission from myself. Time to get back to it! IBSHAUN 4 TEXASGIRL994
1/23/18 8:47 P
Getting back on track after having the shingles. That was not fun. Today is a new day!! FITSTER9 5 MTN_KITTEN
1/22/18 5:43 P
I am jealous of all of you that have weather, you know snow lol. I live in SoCal and I am moving to WOODBENICE 4 SISTER0614
1/21/18 1:18 P
Hello everyone. I just joined today. I am bound and determined to lose the weight this year. Anyone KAYAKLUV 11 JENDY3
1/21/18 1:59 P
Starting today off better than yesterday! Looking forward to my breakfast! IBSHAUN 22 HOLLYBARKER1
1/21/18 2:57 P
I'm new. I'm 62 with a recent broken hip. I've been stuck at a weight for several years and decided ELERIEC 95 PRAIRIECROCUS
1/19/18 12:59 A
327 to 265 - I’ve lost 62 lbs since my heaviest tw WILDFLOWERSGROW 219 ANGIEN9
1/20/18 9:45 P
Posted a photo DEWADDICTNOMORE 10 JUDY1676
1/17/18 10:54 P
So I've reached a dilemma. I have, for the last six years, been trying to lose weight. I have be MCASKEY6 24 BERRY4
1/18/18 12:23 A
Downloaded the app today! Id call this Day 1 but ive already messed up today :( NURSEMJ 25 FIDDLISH
1/17/18 4:53 P
45 pounds gone. And this shirt was NOT purchased from the plus size section!! I am closer to my goal WHUTTAQT 93 PATSYGO
1/17/18 3:52 A
New workout leggings 😁😁😁 2AWESOME4U 28 MYGETFITMISSION
1/24/18 12:42 A
Got an hour of walking and other activity in so far today. Had to wait a half hour for the shuttle t SQUIGGMOOCOW 6 SADIEMYERS
1/16/18 4:13 P
I feel like the little engine that could. I can do this. I know I can. STALBOTT48 5 7STIGGYMT
1/15/18 11:46 P
My new sweet treat at the end of the day. Swiss miss hot cocoa. 😊 IBSHAUN 7 WOMANOFLOVE
1/15/18 11:51 P
Went for water a day instead! πŸ€— LOSING_FOR_LIFE 2 IBSHAUN
1/15/18 10:23 P
Zucchini boats with ground chicken and sun dried tomatoes AYLAH-MAY 24 SUESALLA1
1/16/18 6:26 P
Fifteen days later than I was gunning for but target weight achieved. Not sure where I'm going with RONFOXX58 30 BEBAUGH1
1/15/18 2:31 P
Down 45 lbs since July 25th 2017 DOM924530 275 SHERRITT1
1/17/18 11:22 A
I'm nervous about doing this, but this is the only way anything is going to change. HEYITSCRYSTAL26 3 IBSHAUN
1/15/18 12:01 A
I lost my Fitbit dongle, so bummed. How am I going to charge it now? SWEAT2LOSE 5 SWEAT2LOSE
1/16/18 9:40 P
#BeforeAndAfter 101 lbs weight loss SHESACOUNTRYSWE 178 TENISWHIZ
1/22/18 9:09 A
I've done it started at 301 March 2017 lost my 50 pounds January 2018 I hit my goal now to set a new HJUDIE1 62 BIGRENTMAN
1/15/18 8:37 A
Do you drink a meal replacement shake? If so, what kind and why? IBSHAUN 7 JOCELYNH711
1/15/18 7:19 A
My body is tired today. Think today will be a rest day instead of tomorrow. Have a great day everyon IBSHAUN 2 BEBAUGH1
1/13/18 2:28 P
Hello everyone. Today is my first day on here. I am starting 3rd semester of nursing school Tuesda KORNY14 85 ZZSUSAN
1/13/18 5:42 P
Well this will be my diet for the next few days ugh 😣 feel free to sing soft kitty 😹 TMP0418 101 -POOKIE-
1/14/18 2:50 A
Down another pound this week! That’s so much progress for me! It doesn’t come off easy for me - that IBSHAUN 3 ROBINVOTAW
1/12/18 1:01 P
#BeforeAndAfter Before - Probably around 285lbs on vacation i KATB86 45 DRMOM95758
1/19/18 12:59 A
Hold on to yer Boots Texans! We are a gettin' Flurries! Land sakes the whole state is gonna shut dow STACYTEXAN 10 JAWATKINS
1/15/18 8:59 A
I like Honey Nut Cheerios or pancakes and sausage for breakfast but am trying to find healthier opti KILTORE 19 WOMANOFLOVE
1/12/18 5:05 P
I started this journey with my best friend one year ago today. I managed to lose 70 lbs last year, t HOL1218 306 EO4WELLNESS
1/12/18 1:34 P
Dinner tonight: πŸ¦ƒ sausage, 🌢, onion, and πŸ§€ JENCT76 12 JENCT76
1/13/18 4:34 P
1/11/18 10:03 A