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Info/commonly asked questions about transition SP_COACH_DENISE 11 SIMPLY_JAE
7/17/21 8:05 A
This is Miss Lilly! 1CRAZYDOG 122 1CRAZYDOG
6/25/21 7:00 A
SparkPeople Closing Article SP_COACH_DENISE 18 MARTHA324
6/24/21 1:52 P
Fran, wishing you a great Tuesday! (((HUGS))) IAMBLESSED103 1 IAMBLESSED103
6/15/21 10:39 A
Message Removed CD9436376 13 IAMBLESSED103
6/9/21 3:56 P
I'm hanging in there Fran, still sparking along as best I can. I hope you can do the same. Hugs. IAMBLESSED103 1 IAMBLESSED103
6/9/21 2:28 P
Good Morning Spark Family Happy Wednesday!!! So many many moons ago I made the comment that I wasn TEXASHSMOMOF3 38 WALKRUNFUN
6/11/21 4:55 P
happy healthy Wednesday everyone still in the anger stage ATRAILHIKERJO54 34 LSIG14
6/9/21 2:48 P
my sweet boy, Blue (i call him bluebird because he brings me so much happiness) GLENDAK72 27 GLENDAK72
6/15/21 4:38 P
Does anyone have a comparable app to this one? I'm so disappointed they're closing it down I've been XMOONCHICKX 5 IAMBLESSED103
6/9/21 1:53 P
Before knowing what was available, I said I was switching to something that wasn't great. Then I rea NANANANA 7 IAMBLESSED103
6/9/21 1:48 P
Day 4 - #10daysaladchallenge My attempt at Cobb Salad with air fried catfish SOOKIE 20 DININA48MN
6/9/21 5:04 P
Good Morning!!! Here is my little girl Pumpkin...They had Ice Cream for dogs at the market !!!! She DIANER62 31 ALLYLIZZY
6/12/21 2:00 P
Posted a photo SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
5/31/21 10:58 P
Happy Friday from the two of us lets make it great day “We need a backbone, not a wishbone.” SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
5/31/21 10:57 P
hi we send hugs and snuggles wet nose kisses have a great Sunday SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
5/31/21 10:57 P
Happy Friday, Sis and Racey!! (((HUGS))) IAMBLESSED103 1 IAMBLESSED103
5/14/21 9:59 A
Happy Mothers Day Sis SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
5/9/21 4:30 P
SP REQUEST: Please increase #Fitness Feat Minutes IAMBLESSED103 5 IAMBLESSED103
5/8/21 10:09 P
Fran, my heart is with you today. Hugs. IAMBLESSED103 1 IAMBLESSED103
5/4/21 8:24 A
Good morning Fran.... I know things are stressful right now but hang in there, sis! Wishing you and IAMBLESSED103 1 IAMBLESSED103
5/3/21 9:00 A
Spa days call for a nap when you get home. and i had some water and a snack we sent you pict SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
4/30/21 7:19 A
Good morning Fran & Racey! Hope we can get out there and get our walks in! Have a great day! IAMBLESSED103 1 IAMBLESSED103
4/16/21 10:59 A
we found some Spring in the yard thanks to Racey digging in the grass. SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
4/12/21 9:43 A
hope you had a great day we are looking for our spark today SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
4/11/21 4:08 P
Happy Easter Monday love Racey and sis SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
4/7/21 10:49 A
Happy Easter weekend Fran & Racey! ((HUGS)) IAMBLESSED103 1 IAMBLESSED103
4/3/21 5:50 P
Happy 1st day of April, Fran! IAMBLESSED103 1 IAMBLESSED103
4/1/21 11:22 P
This is Amoura; she was giving her Daddy the serious look. CHERYLSCOTT54 39 ONEKIDSMOM
5/27/21 5:30 P
Hi Fran, I'm going to try to add more activity to my days as our roads are finally clearing. Can't w IAMBLESSED103 3 IAMBLESSED103
3/25/21 9:44 A
You've got to accentuate the positive Eliminate the negative Latch on to the affirmative Don't mess SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
2/14/21 11:46 A
Crazy 3-day winter storm and another 24 hours to go... expecting possibly 25 inches. Will be getting IAMBLESSED103 19 NANHBH
2/2/21 8:15 P
sparking along . Racey is slowly getting back to his old self SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
1/29/21 11:27 P
tomorrow going to be better I can do this SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
1/23/21 5:18 P
need to get moving SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
1/22/21 9:59 P
thanks be watching your regular e mail i sending you some fun pictures love Racey will mam SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
1/18/21 10:58 P
1/18/21 7:43 P
Good morning Fran! Have a wonderful Thursday! Sending lots of hugs for you and Racey. (((HUGS))) IAMBLESSED103 1 IAMBLESSED103
1/14/21 9:38 A
I needed a smile today a fun memory is always fun to share today and thought I would shar SPARKFRAN514 15 IAMBLESSED103
1/13/21 2:07 P
to day I am enjoying fun memories to remember we will have adventures again You’re off to Gr SPARKFRAN514 17 IAMBLESSED103
1/13/21 2:06 P
Hey, thanks for inviting me! NIKEGIRL500 2 IAMBLESSED103
1/11/21 12:37 P
You don’t have to go fast. You just have to go. SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
1/10/21 11:13 P
The best way to be happy is to turn the negatives into positives. Don’t let anyone steal your joy wh SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
1/10/21 10:18 A
Good morning Fran & Racey! Have a great Saturday - we can do this!! ((HUGS))) IAMBLESSED103 1 IAMBLESSED103
1/9/21 9:28 A
Old school house near Hubbleton Wisconsin. JEWELRYLOVER 26 CATHYSFITLIFE
1/8/21 10:09 P
7. “It’s always to soon to quit!” – Norman Vincent Peale Happy Tuesday SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
1/8/21 10:23 A
Good morning and have a great day ahead Kindness is like coffee it awakens your spirit and improves SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
1/8/21 10:23 A
Racey and I did get out and walk it was nice but house walking is warmer ! You will never find t SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
1/4/21 11:00 A
“Every time you tear a leaf off a calendar, you present a new place for new ideas.” – Charles Ketter SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
1/1/21 11:05 P
“Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
1/1/21 11:05 P
enjoyed a me day since its New Years Day SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
1/1/21 11:05 P
Happy Sat Karen for us taken Friday night we both were tied SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
1/1/21 11:05 P
In the spirit of spreading Christmas cheer, I posted a blog yesterday (Dec 24) where I created a Vir IAMBLESSED103 18 IAMBLESSED103
12/31/20 9:51 P
Wishing all my sparkfamily who celebrates a Merry Christmas! IAMBLESSED103 24 IAMBLESSED103
12/31/20 9:49 P
Merry Christmas everyone Don't forget to check the sky tonight for Santa SPARKFRAN514 26 IAMBLESSED103
12/26/20 10:45 P
Merry Christmas Racey and hope its a peaceful one and you enjoy a special meal and remembe SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
12/24/20 6:24 P
Hi Fran, it's time to burn off those extra Thanksgiving calories! :) Let's get walking! IAMBLESSED103 1 IAMBLESSED103
11/28/20 9:29 A
I am thinking about joining this group, but am scared. I’m scared about missing the taste of soda an LEAHSPRINKLE 11 ZIGGYGAL
11/27/20 9:03 P
My Thanksgiving 2020 Hanging out with DH Enjoying each other and loving our cats! MIMAWELIZABETH 14 PATRICIA-CR
11/27/20 8:28 P
Seriously, what is it about TP and paper towels that causes them to be hoarded? MIMAWELIZABETH 31 PATRICIA-CR
11/27/20 8:26 P
Have a great day! NEPTUNE1939 10 FISHGUT3
11/27/20 9:45 P
Small Thanksgiving dinner at our house yesterday just my hubby, my brother, & me it was nice! 💞 #l CINDY247 26 PATRICIA-CR
11/27/20 8:28 P
For my fellow Americans, with wishes for a wonderful day to everyone. MIMAWELIZABETH 16 NAVYWIFESKI
11/27/20 4:18 P
Ummmmmmmm... smells like BACON! MIMAWELIZABETH 27 PATRICIA-CR
11/27/20 8:26 P
11/27/20 8:25 P
Wishing a wonderful U.S. Thanksgiving to my Sparkie family! God bless! IAMBLESSED103 13 IAMBLESSED103
11/27/20 7:06 A
Remember to keep on smiling :) TRINITY133 17 SPOKENWORD
11/23/20 7:58 P
It's going to be one of those days. EVIE4NOW 30 _RAMONA
11/26/20 11:22 A
Posted a photo 1HAPPYSPIRIT 236 CH9554142
2/17/21 8:32 P
C'mon Fran, let's get our fitness steps today! How many can we do? IAMBLESSED103 1 IAMBLESSED103
11/19/20 11:18 A
Hi Fran! Wishing you and Racey a great Sunday! HOpe you didn't get too much snow. IAMBLESSED103 1 IAMBLESSED103
11/15/20 8:01 A
Happy Wednesday Fran and Racey! Sending love and hugs! IAMBLESSED103 3 IAMBLESSED103
11/11/20 10:40 P
Posted a photo DAN1964 32 CHERRYZMB60
10/5/20 8:14 P
"I Didn't Come This Far" SONG (as opposed to the motivational speech, which is also very good) is my TH3PH03NIX 12 GEORGE815
10/5/20 11:14 A
I am so happy! I started this weight loss journey June 12th and my goals were tiny, setting them low WIFEY90 52 PHILLIESFAN2
10/5/20 6:29 P