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Does anyone knows how to log full body strength ex CANELA27 3 HWNHMMBRD
6/18/18 10:11 P
2 days in and both days ruined by eating after work... and I wonder why I have 120 pounds to lose... JCARVER322 3 CATDUCK1
6/15/18 12:22 A
June Word game RSC KRYS210 14 KAYDE53
6/13/18 11:54 P
Day 1 of BLC Cruisin' and Losin' and I started off okay. I did A SP video work out (Total Body Scul HWNHMMBRD 8 HWNHMMBRD
6/6/18 11:38 P
Posted a photo HWNHMMBRD 5 GEORGE815
6/6/18 8:02 P
Hi sparklers! What are differences between the free SparkPeople and the paid one? SANDYGG75 6 GEORGE815
6/6/18 8:13 P
Quick and easy dinner tonight. HWNHMMBRD 6 GEORGE815
6/6/18 8:08 P
I'm so grateful for 24 hours Fitness Center. I'm up and off for my 2 a.m. workout. FITWITHIN 8 BONNIEMARGAY
5/23/18 2:40 P
3rd letter starts a new positive word LOSINGLINNDY 96 AMYSUZEQ
6/18/18 11:45 P
I caved today. I went to Mc Donald's and went way over my calorie count. It was so hard just to type CAP1111 9 MSMITCHELL2696
5/21/18 9:23 A
Finished the BL Spring Challenge on Wednesday. Only lost 4.8 lbs during the 10 week period, but look HWNHMMBRD 11 SMALLERMELORIE
5/22/18 8:11 A
Beautiful day for taking my sweetie to his happy place and getting some vitamin D and 🌊 HWNHMMBRD 27 HOTPINKCAMARO49
5/18/18 11:19 P
For the three months I have been doing this, my husband has been my rock. Encouraging me and praisin MCOOPERMOM 12 MCOOPERMOM
5/19/18 3:37 P
Why does the Daily Calorie Goal raise when you add excercises that you've done? 580ROSE 12 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
5/17/18 9:20 P
Hey all! Before I get started on my weight-loss journey - I wanted to introduce myself and get some HYGIENICMERMAID 9 HWNHMMBRD
5/17/18 12:10 A
After looking at my daily food intake. I now see what needs to be cut out. I am a coffee drinker in MICHICASA 4 WLHOPE
5/16/18 11:13 P
Looking to hear stories of people that switched from keto to a more balanced diet. Ive been doing ke MRSMORROW9 11 MRSMORROW9
5/16/18 10:29 P
My grandfather passed away on Sunday and I am an emotional eating wreck. I went to the gym and pulle VMCDONALD7 6 VMCDONALD7
5/17/18 8:17 A
Not only did I get in my water, but this is day 3 of #nosoda! #h2whoa HWNHMMBRD 11 BONNIE1552
5/6/18 9:27 P
Huge NSV for me tonight. I haven't been able to shop anywhere except Lane Bryant or Dress Barn plus ELF41978 159 ZUZUPETALS10
5/4/18 11:39 A
Day two, half way there and I still have 10 hours left to my day! #h2whoa HWNHMMBRD 6 NATALIEF6
5/4/18 2:56 A
Gotta do better today! Missed the mark by 2 glasses. If I’d drank that last bottle of water🤪 The te KIYYASMOM 10 BONNIE1552
5/3/18 8:34 P
Playing with my new camera, and got photobombed. HWNHMMBRD 9 OPTICALXILLUSIO
4/30/18 2:16 A
Do you reward yourself when you achieve a goal, or stick to your plan to reach your goal? How do you LYDIA1414 10 LYDIA1414
4/28/18 10:05 A
Five glasses of wine later...Well the shins still hurt... Glad I have my buddy here next to me. She' OPTICALXILLUSIO 8 LUANN_IN_PA
4/26/18 7:37 P
The Spark tracker kept sending me a message to adjust my exercise goal to better reflect my higher w MSMITCHELL2696 6 MSMITCHELL2696
4/26/18 6:36 P
My poor baby is in the cone of shame to stop him from licking/chewing his paws. He has a yeast infec HWNHMMBRD 18 SMALLERMELORIE
4/27/18 1:04 P
Hilly walk with the wife and the Labracadabrador BONNIEMARGAY 20 MBPP50
4/21/18 1:52 P
I always buy tofu that's already prepared, but the store hasn't sold it that way in months. Had to b OPTICALXILLUSIO 8 OPTICALXILLUSIO
4/19/18 10:12 P
Saw my weight management doctor and dietitian today. I am finally starting to consistently trend dow HWNHMMBRD 7 SMALLERMELORIE
4/19/18 4:32 P
I tried to do a plank. It didn’t go well CINDYSDAY 6 JVANAM
4/17/18 10:54 P
Dammmmm salad is expensive 😭 ( i bought a head of lettuce instead ) TIFFANYHAWKS 13 HEALTHYWRITER
4/17/18 5:57 P
Hey guys! Does anyone have any easy breakfast ideas? I don't really eat first thing in the morning a JANIEBLACKSTON4 9 FIDDLISH
4/17/18 7:08 P
Guess what today was? HWNHMMBRD 11 LIVEDAILY
4/17/18 5:32 P
I am stronger and making progress every day. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 8 KITT52
4/17/18 11:17 A
Was tracking everything every day. Forward movement, but time became an issue. Hoping I can reduce JANZOOM 4 WLHOPE
4/16/18 9:30 P
Waiting for the bus at 2 am so I can go to the gym before work. #noexcuses HWNHMMBRD 7 LIVEDAILY
4/16/18 8:57 P
I remembered to pack my breakfast and lunch today. Yay! No excuse to go to McD's for lunch. AKYOGALOVER 5 LOTUS737
4/16/18 8:10 A
Good Monday to everyone 😄👍. Well only down 1/2 lb this week. Inpatient with myself! Keep wanti TDICKRN 3 IWANNABE_ALICE
4/16/18 8:15 A
Come to Mamma...eggs and oven baked parmesan zucchini for breakfast today MIAMI_LILLY 18 ADVENTURESEEKER
4/16/18 11:30 P
Bikestyle, for realz! SEAOFCARNAGE 10 BOLEBRON
4/14/18 8:54 P
Inspired by my weight loss last year, I set aside my nice (and now over-sized) suits and work separa *GINA* 21 ALOFA0509
4/15/18 1:32 A
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 16 JAMER123
4/14/18 11:44 P
You know it get you going! HWNHMMBRD 21 JENNI814
4/14/18 6:36 A
I know we've all said it. HWNHMMBRD 18 LIVEDAILY
4/14/18 6:35 A
Weighed myself yesterday. Down 2 lbs. Weekend here.worst time for me. Any suggestions on how to get VIOLETPETTELS 7 VIOLETPETTELS
4/16/18 7:03 A
Buying hydro therapy massage tub -🛀. Can walk in and get spa treatment at home. Bought cheap new $1 AOKDIET21 9 I-AM-TITANIUM
4/14/18 5:15 A
So, I’m currently on Weight Watchers, but I am finding it to be very restrictive. I’ve lost roughly CLIMBING_ROCKS 8 MILANBOO3
4/13/18 8:38 P
Do you link your fitbit to your sparkpage? Do you find it helpful in eating your calories if it adju STARGAZER838 11 SHADOW2SOU1
4/12/18 3:20 P
Did a little ice fishing yesterday so dinner tonight is fresh crappies with asparagus- delicious! KENNYBARBIE12 25 CMCHWK
4/11/18 11:02 P
22 more minutes until the end of my shift, then it's the bike and the gym. HWNHMMBRD 5 LIVEDAILY
4/12/18 10:10 A
I heard it's national pet day, but it's every day OPTICALXILLUSIO 8 PBVHCCVH
4/12/18 7:26 A
another sunny day with temps getting to mid 60's hubby getting a bit more outside work done MARILYNS70 14 MOMMY2JJ2
4/11/18 10:07 P
Does anyone log like ketchup, mayo, sauce type things? CBOYER42 13 TMP0418
4/11/18 2:59 P
Getting back on track. Managed to stay on food program yesterday but went to bed hungry. Tell myself RUFFERTA 2 HWNHMMBRD
4/11/18 1:43 P
Breakfast daily... healthy start lots of protein and fiber ❤️ WAMOGO88 8 RHONNIE07
4/11/18 12:40 P
Makua says happy #nationalpetday! Don’t forget our furry babies need exercise, too! HWNHMMBRD 11 LIVEDAILY
4/11/18 3:10 P
Took a bike ride to Mākaha beach. Beautiful day for a ride. HWNHMMBRD 21 LAKENDAL
4/13/18 9:50 A
Thank God for rotisserie chicken because it makes for a quick meal WALTSGIRL74 17 SMOKESMOKE
4/8/18 8:30 P
I am staying in my daily calorie intake but not hitting my maximum protein grams. Any foods high in LMURPHY072 11 MYTURN215
4/8/18 11:29 P
I am going to do this so I can add healthier foods and this is an attainable goal. Can the 5 fruits CMA0209 4 INSIGHT62
4/7/18 12:59 P
Ok frustrated .... been following everything I have done in the past to loose weight and have gained KITTYN77 15 KITTYN77
4/7/18 10:33 A
Forgot my Hydro Flask at home and had to buy bottled water for my work out. I hate doing that, not j HWNHMMBRD 4 HWNHMMBRD
4/7/18 7:03 A
Active recovery day, so took Makua to his happy place for a walk. Just over 1.5 miles in just under HWNHMMBRD 11 SMALLERMELORIE
4/7/18 12:19 P
Having a rough day. At least I’m eating healthy. Quinoa tabouli JANINEM768 9 MIAMI_LILLY
4/6/18 1:24 P
Tomorrow my mom turns 96! She still lives in her own home & is living the life!! JSTETSER 93 MADEINBRITAIN
4/7/18 3:22 A
There's a special kind of demotivation that comes from knowing (because you weighed and measured) th REVALLYSON 9 GEORGE815
4/6/18 10:38 A
My husband is the greatest, this is my newest gifts to the house. Feeling loved, blessed, and spoile SQUIGGMOOCOW 18 MUSTANGMOM6
4/6/18 12:46 P
Time to Bloom ~ Chit Chat KPACE7 602 SLIMHEALTHIERME
5/29/18 7:28 P
The gym is my happy place!! PHDGRAD2018 7 RAPUNZEL53
4/5/18 5:09 A
My rewards for a brisk walk are a cup of coffee and cuddles with my Cooper-dog. LESLIELENORE 8 BONNIEMARGAY
4/5/18 4:57 P
Is anyone familiar with OrangeTheory Fitness? I’m weighing the pros and cons of joining a gym again JOYSMITH803 8 JOYSMITH803
4/5/18 4:20 P
Hey all!! Im new here just started my fitness work out and healthy eating literally yesterday. Im 23 AMANDASAN12435 7 HWNHMMBRD
4/5/18 2:15 A
Hilly walk with the wife and the Labracadabrador BONNIEMARGAY 15 CATHYSFITLIFE
4/5/18 1:03 P
I turned a 40 minute mile into 34 minutes I hope to keep it up ECMSGURL1205 3 HWNHMMBRD
4/5/18 1:55 A